Friday, 30 October 2015

Do you suppose she was a wild flower

Hello to all of you out there in Blog-land! Have you had a good week? Excellent!!  Mine has drifted along beautifully, as most of my weeks do.  There has been work of course, faffing in the garden, op shopping, visiting and visitors.  Tell the truth it has been a brilliant four days!

Sometimes you find some written words that sum you up and those ones above fit me well don't you think.  

Remember how we had a lost dog turn up on our door step a while back now?  Well we had another lost soul arrive the other day.

TOF and I were out the front of our place say toodle pip to a friend that had called in.  We could hear a baby bird, so we looked up, down and all around and finally found this little fella behind some wood.  We moved it so he could escape.  Thinking game over, job done we went inside.

Our highly trained security dogs started to bark at the front door so I went to see who was there. Baby bird was sitting at the front door.  I caught it and placed it up in a tree thinking it's mum, who I could hear, would find it.  But it decided to give flying a crack and floated back to the ground.

It managed to get itself around to the corner of our house where mum was sitting low down in a tree.  I left them to it and hoped that they managed to stay together. No sign of them the next day and because I like a happy ending I am believing the reunited and are living happily ever after, not eaten by a cat!

On my trips home from work I have managed to pop into most of my favourite haunts and seem to have come home with some new to me things for Summer.  I also dropped off a huge bag of clothes to sell via a recycling shop. The joys of second hand shopping, have served me well this week and it would seem I am prepared for the good weather.

Now I am going to FLASH you all from the garden!!

So many more of my beloved plants are budding up all ready to add more colour in the garden for me.

It appears that it is Florence's turn to be clucky, and she hates being disturbed when I slip my hand under her hot body to search for eggs!

My elderly next door neighbour has a lovely old established garden, I do appreciate what pops up over our fence.  Appreciated it when she had a huge Fejoia tree that used to drop it's fruit over our side of the fence, but that got a very low pruning.

 Oh just look at my sweet peas!!!

More of my op shopping sharing.  The embroidered house slippers are too big for me and should fit my sister perfectly so off to the beach they shall go.  I was pretty stoked to finally find a piece of Clarice Cliff and at a very cheap price too.

Even when a Poppy has finished flowering it still manages to look good.  All I need to do is save the head full of seeds for next year.

Another strategic planning meeting took place at the local watering hole.  The hiding of the eggs continues.

Picking and eating our strawberries already!

As annoying as flies are, they are colourful.  I am not sure what Mother Nature had in mind when she created them tho.  What purpose do they serve? Anyone know?

Guess who I went and saw?

Huge jars, glorious brass bells, a good read, Kiwi Tea Towels and a wicked silver bangle that has not come off my arm since finding it, a good find at only $4.  The heir took the 5 pack of socks.

We used to have one of those fancy cat doors but Sheba tried go through it one day and broke it.  We then had toughened glass and a dog door installed. Yep she broke that too.  So all we have now is a beautiful large circle in the glass.  Easy access for Joan who I am constantly shooing out of the house.  Guess I could make a curtain/flap thing to stop her visiting so much.

My little Snowball shrub is covered in Snowballs and looking gorgeous.

It is still flowering!!

Our garden is starting to green up.  We had rain today and more to come, and for once I do not mind.  The garden will love the drink.

Before I go, I forgot to share a little something my friend and I found last weekend in one of those $1 shops in town.

If TOF and I get invited to any sort of fancy dress do I am going to buy him this to wear!! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!

Well have a lovely weekend everyone, TOF is off fishing tomorrow and we have a 50th birthday party to go to.  Oh and the Rugby World Cup final is on, Us, the All Blacks against those dudes across the ditch, Australia.   There is really only one thing to say about the game:

(Just realised this is my 700th post!) 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Happiness is as simple as a long weekend

So our long weekend has come to an end, and it has been lovely.  I know, I always have a long weekend but when everyone else gets to share it with me it is kind of fun.

Saturday it rained off and on so we spent the day mooching at home, and of course time was spent in the garden.

Droplets of rain clung to the plants, flies had sex, and I even ate a couple of Strawberries.

On Sunday my good friend Diane came in from Raglan and we went into town to the Diwali Festival that was on.  We thought it was going to be a big affair, and the day was amazingly sunny.

borrowed from the web

We were thinking along the lines of Bollywood style dancing, stalls of Indian clothing and food.  But unfortunately it was not to be.  There were only a few stalls as in about 3, and we only watched a couple of lovely young girls perform a traditional dance.

I was keen to get a Henna tattoo but there was a line of people waiting and only one Henna artist.  Amazing work for free hand.  So I ended up buying a tube of Henna and I am going to give it a go myself.

Late afternoon TOF and I drove out to Raglan as we had been invited to a BBQ at Diane's home.  

We went for a drive to check out the beach first because that is what you do when you go out to Raglan.  The main street was chocka block with people all enjoying the glorious weather and being at the beach.
This is just one of the beautiful views from our friends deck.  I love just taking in the endless vistas on offer.  

While dinner was cooking the sun started to set
It looked so amazing, so magical.

Sunsets are just another one of Mother Natures
divine gifts she delivers to us.

After an amazing meal and a great evening of laughing with friends, we were sent home with some fresh White Bait that was gathered that morning, and a crayfish from their freezer.  I love this time of the year as it means dining out doors, and good old fashioned Kiwi BBQ with family and friends is my favourite.

Directly across the road from our house we have a park.  There is an  entrance way  in between a couple of our neighbours.  Today we decided to wander over, it has been a while.

 TOF and I took the dogs for a play

We let Sheba off her lead for a run,
she just has endless energy to chase her ball.

Oscar on the other hand can not be trusted so stays on his lead.  He has a tendency to wander off into people's gardens and turns deaf when called.  I cannot be bothered chasing a small white dog, so on a lead he stays.  He is happy to roll on the grass and pee on the trees!

The park is edge in big trees and numerous homes back onto it so lovely plants hand over fences.  Our kids spent many hours in the park while growing up, playing sports or hanging with their mates.  It was like having another back yard but across the road.

I am wondering if I can grow some of the Clematis and Wisteria from cuttings?   There is an abundance of both growing over the fences on the walkway back to our place.

 From the road our house is tucked up behind a row of Conifers.

We feasted on White Bait fritters and salad tonight for our dinner, takes quite a bit of beating does a feed like this.

Note how all three animals decided sleeping on my lap was the ideal place to be this evening.  Can you see Tex, he is on my shoulder.

He got the hump with having to share and moved to his own chair. 

Well it has been a lovely three days, and it is time I showered and headed off to bed.  Hope where ever you are you have enjoyed your weekend be it a long one or not.