Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Garden by Night and a bit more in the day

Tex and I hung out in the garden last night.  The evenings in summer are grand, when the sky is so dark it is almost black, there is a sprinkling of stars, the breeze is cooler and it is very quiet.  In all of the darkness the plants are closing up shop until dawn and all sorts of magic goes on that we are unaware of. So like a plant paparazzi I stalked some of my flowers before I turned in for the night.

Absolutely gorgeous is what I think it is!!!

Today both TOF and I spent a big part of the day out the back pottering about in the garden.  A while back I got some cobble stone pavers to do a garden edge, mainly to make mowing the lawn easier in this spot,  and also it ups the survival rate of the buxus hedge if the mower cannot chew at it's feet.  So I dug away and laid my cobbles and then felt the desire to plant a patch in front of the box garden.  We headed off to Bunnings as it is the closest and I came home with Livingstone Daisies, Alysum, and Dianthus. ( spelt horribly wrong)  I had a couple of Lavender plants so popped them in one end.  Fragrance and a bee attraction which is all good.  TOF got some more Corn, Silver beet for the girls,  Cabbage, and more beetroot, as he wants to fill the space now vacant in his garden where the spuds have been harvested.
I wore the short dress, or is it a very long top that I got the other day.  Well either way I wore it with under wear and jandals as it was that dam humid AGAIN!!!  Not sure if growing my hair over summer was one of the best ideas I have had.  Resorting to using a hair band to keep it out of my eyes, but I am still a bit of a Swetty Betty with the stuff round my neck.  I haven't had long hair since the boys were little. But I made myself a promise a long time ago that I would grow my hair long again when I was over 40, (because that apparently breaks some unwritten rule) own a small dog, (tick) and drive a small car like a very cool Mini Cooper (that is on my wish list, may need to get me a job).  Anyway, me and TOF did a photo shoot because we can, and self timer and tripod equals photo shoot.
Yahoo, I can hear RAIN glorious RAIN to cool things down and water my beloved garden.  We were supposed to have a storm today but that never turned up.  Very happy to hear the rain tho'. May do a dance I am that happy!!
With New Years Eve tomorrow, me and TOF may be heading out to our friends place at Raglan.  Something about some band at some club or bar or pub or something.  Will let you know how that all goes if we go out there.  Hope you all have a safe and happy NY, and kiss good bye to 2012.  Not the best year for this household so very  much looking forward to 2013 and what it will bring.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

A shopping we will go, and I might just mow the lawns

Yesterday I went out to this shop called Eleven which has some quite lovely clothes.  The lady goes on shopping trips to Bangkok and Thailand and brings back some pretty cool stuff.  Some of it I gag at but she ain't shopping just for me!!!  I know you can get the stuff for next to nothing over in these places but I'm not planning a trip to any of these countries anytime soon so happy to have a spend in her shop every now and again.  So I treated myself to this strapless dress with the most amazing embroidery on the front.  Now with boobs the size of my girls I will have to make some straps as my girls are not designed for strapless bras or going bra less. Those days are long gone for me!!!  So a trip across the road to Spotlight will be in order to find some white fabric that I can scrunch and put elastic in to make straps that will hide my bra straps.  This was only $45 which I don't find particularly expensive.  I also bought a top that was half price due to me buying the dress, so it was only $10.  Tis orange, and I don't do alot of orange but I quite like this one.  You will see it later on in this post.  TOF worked this morning so I decided on a wee outing out to Save Mart a huge recycled clothing barn which is usually over priced but for some reason or another the owner must have got bitten big time by Christmas cheer because I walked out with a bag full of goodies and only spent $44.  I think I was there for 2 hours but it was not very busy so great to just mooch amongst all the racks and racks of clothing.

A few tops, couple of shrug cardies, a dress, $2 bag, and another Happy Hen for .99cents.

I came home or a quick lunch and a sit own with the fan on.  The temp has been hovering in the mid to high 20s today and for some reason I thought mowing the lawns with my new hand mower was a good idea.  Bloody enjoyable but freakin' hot!!!
I rewarded myself with a nice cold beer from the fridge!!!
Oh look, there I am in my orange top. (worn with my long black culottes)

Lastly TOF dug up some of his spuds, not a bad yield but he has gone for the novelty spud this year, they have extras!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Road trip with my boys.

Poor old TOF had to go off to work today and in Auckland where he will be staying the night so won't see him until tomorrow.  Pretty sure the pets will look after me well enough.  Today I had to drop Jak over at Waihi Beach as his mates where all meeting there and then heading to Mount Maunganui for the New Years revelry. To my surprise Max decided he would come along for the ride.  Both were mortified at the selection of music on offer but settled for an old Joe Walsh CD I had, "The smoker you drink the player you get".  Music from my younger days!!
We stopped in at the Waikino Tavern on our way for a drink, lads got a jug of beer and I got a Lemon Lime and bitters made up.  This Tav is so cool as you can sit outside on the balcony and just about touch the cars as they all go screaming past rushing to the coast.  Many years ago when I was a teenager there were some awesome shops opposite the Tavern.  We always stopped on our way home from the beach to get a whole meal scone and some russian fudge.  One year there was a huge flood and these shops all got washed away in the river behind them.  But not the Tavern, she stood hard and proud and lives to tell the tale.
From the Tav we headed off and with in half an hour or less we were greeted with the sight of the sea!!  I love that first view of the ocean, it just makes me all warm and fuzzy!!  We dropped Jak off at his mates place, whose father just happens to be the coach of the Welsh Rugby Team.  Bloody nice beach house too I might add and really down to earth people.  Decided Jak wouldn't take the car as there are enough young men on the road this time of the year and zillions of police ready to give them a ticket for the slightest misdemeanor.  You only have to get caught doing 4kms over the limit and you get stung with a speeding fine, I was conscious of this all day!!

Waihi Beach is gorgeous, kind of reminds me of Whangamata when I was young.  No Apartments, traffic lights or ques.   We popped in briefly to see my cousin Annette who has a new beach house.  They pulled their quaint old one down and re built last year.  We had many a good holiday in the dinky old one, its piles were knackered so it was all on a lean which made for alot of fun.  It was a true batch.  Not that the new one isn't nice because it is beautiful.  Quick trip to the beach to get sand in between my toes and breathe in some of the positive irons.  Totally refreshing and recharging for the soul. I suggested to Max we drive over the hills to Whangamata another 20 minutes to another favourite beach of mine.  And that is what we did.
I have been going to Whangamata since I was a teeny tiny 4 year old and it is like a second home to me and will always have a special place in my heart as I have years of memories of good times had.  Over the years it has grown from a sleepy beach place to a full on busy beach place over peak season.  I don't care for the crowds any more so having a holiday here at this time of the year is not for me but a day trip is enough to wet my whistle.  The Pohutukawa Trees are all out in full bloom which is supposed to be a sign of a long hot summer, so fingers crossed this is what gets delivered.  It was certainly hot today but over cast and slightly dull.  Beautiful as ever tho'.

My sister Helen lives at Whangamata but was working today in a fashion shop she manages, the parking was worse than town so I didn't catch up with her.  My eldest sister Diana and her husband and family have rented a batch for two weeks so we called in for a drink.  Max and Uncle had a few beers while my sister and I had tea.  Jade and Mark had the kids at the beach but came back while we were there.  They are having a fabulous time.  That is what this time of the year at the beach is all about, FAMILIES!!!  We also called in on my dear friend Leonie who is up from Wellington but they hadn't arrived at their batch yet so maybe next time.
Leaving Whangamata to head home we ended up checking out Whiritoa another beautiful golden sanded beach.  Max needed a loo after drinking a half dozen bottles of beer with the unk, so I took the opportunity to take photos of the beach.  I was totally fascinated with the dog shaped rubbish bin next to the ordinary rubbish bin.  My guess it is for dog poos that you have to scoop up in a plastic bag to dispose them.  What a great idea!!!  Max said I wasn't allowed to open the dog head to see if I was right or not!!!  Fun Sponge!!
We were ready to cut a track and get back on the road so we left this beautiful spot for the windy roads that lead us back home.  It started to rain by the time we made it to the gorge where another potty stop was required.

The Karangahape Gorge is where the Waikino Tavern is and with all the rain the river was fare traveling.  You can go on a long as walk or cycle track if you are that way inclined.  Apparently it is amazing, but I am not that way incline so cannot confirm or deny this information.  But judging by the amount of people out and about even today it must be good.
Next stop that was planned in advance was the big Lemon and Paeroa Bottle in Paeroa.  Iconic if you are a kiwi and I guess a bit of a tourist attraction.  Dam fine soft drink too, and very nice with a bit of the old Jim Beam.
I haven't had my photo taken at the base of the big bottle for such along time so today it was the day to re live the past.  Max just hung out the car window and zoomed in.

Ok so we haven't got far to go now and we will be home but I still had one more stop to make.  With a promise of buying Subway for our missed lunch and an early dinner my co pilot humored me by letting me stop at my favourite old church that I would love to pick up and move and turn into the cutest dam house you have ever seen.  The fact that it is still used and under the historical places trust is a minor technicality at achieving my dream.  But dreams are free so I shall continue to have them about this sweet little church.
 Yes we finally made it home after having our Subway at Morrinsville, a small farming town out of Hamilton.  It was such a nice day and even better because it was spent with my boys and we had fun.  So now I am home alone and dam tired so it is a shower for me and off to bed which I guess I will be sharing with 2 dogs and 1 large cat.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Yes the Pav was GREEN

Apparently we were supposed to have crappy wet weather yesterday, as in traditional Christmas day weather of previous years.  Some one forgot to tell some one obviously as we had good weather.  Well it didn't RAIN!!!!
Back when the boys were small our day would start super early and it made for a verrrrrrry looong day!!  I got up at 6am to feed the animals and then slid back into bed where I stayed until waking at 8:30am which is late for me.  Dragged my sorry arse out of bed, got dressed and faced the day.  We had a late breakfast round 10:30am of bacon, poached eggs, sausages, croissants, and other bits and bobs, washed down with Earl Grey for me thanks very much.  As we were having a low key day we didn't have many presents, as in none for me and TOF just something for the lads.  We all basically filled in the day just chilling out doing whatever we felt like and if that meant snoozing, then snoozing it was!!  TOF and I made a few deserts, and he cooked a chicken, carved up some ham and I whipped up a couple of salads.  Oh and there were spuds from the garden that got roasted!!
I decided we needed more colour on the desert table so added green food colouring to the cream for the pavlova I made.  I am head pav maker in this house so I did have artistic license.  Topped with hundreds and thousands and of course strawberries from TOFs garden.
He made a Trifle, and dipped some of his strawberries in chocolate.  
I made a raspberry jelly that I added some of our Raspberries to.
We had far too much food so needless to say we will be eating this for a couple more nights at least. I think most people over cater on this one day of the year, for the life of me WHY!!  Today being Boxing Day has been another pretty laid back day at home.  Jak is off on his holidays tomorrow and poor old TOF has to go back to work.  I am convinced I will find something to do to fill in my days while home alone.  I do have a pile of books and a very un-spare, spare room!!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Lights

When my boys were small and got into the whole Christmas spirit I would take them on a drive round the houses decorated with Christmas lights.  Over the years one suburb in particular, Harrowfield, puts on a pretty good show with most of the houses going all out.  We haven't done the drive by for a few years now but tonight Jak suggested he take me, his old mum!!!  Armed with an apple each to eat and my camera off we went listening to his Ipod hooked into some massive speakers in the back seat, all music with that chest thumping beat!!  Occasionally a song from my time zone came on, like Hotel California by the Eagles. Phew!! So we did the Harrowfield experience in the drizzle and the dark, windows down so I could take a few photos.  What a good boy he is, could have gone with some young bird but decided to take the mother out instead.

We even went and saw a house not far from our neighborhood that does a very OTT display.  TOF said he would hate to live across the road from a house all done up like that!!!  But whatever you think about it, plenty of peeps drive past and go wow!
The teenager thought a drive through town was in order, both of us forgetting it is Monday not Friday so not alot going on in town.  But the huge tree in the middle of town in Garden Place is pretty ok and photo worthy.  And I quite like the lights all down the main street.

Here's hoping the weather is dry  in the morning and that everyone has a nice day celebrating Christmas how ever they want to.  Merry Christmas to you all and may your day be filled with love, laughter and good memories!!

Happy Birthday TOF for yesterday!!!

TOF had his birthday yesterday and I even made cake!!  Well cup cakes to be exact, and if you really want to get picky they were a packet mix.  I am not a great cake cook so went for sure to work method, ie the packet.  Being a tit man from way back I went for giant Jaffas on top!!!
We had a family dinner of Sweat and Sour Chicken with rice, followed by a desert of Apple and Raspberry crumble with French Vanilla Ice Cream and raspberry jelly, and finished of with Mocca's and cup cakes!  Full is the work that sprung to mind immediately after all of that.  TOF was chatting to his mum on the phone so I took advantage of him being normal.  My freshly groomed Max and the as per tidy Jak were chilling out in the lounge also, great time for photos.  Trying to get this lot to behave in front of the camera is nigh on impossible as you will see with what follows!!
I kept taking them  until they stopped faffing about!!  Told them it all happens again on Christmas day so strike the normal pose first and it will be a short photo shoot.  Poor TOF took a whack to his head, see cut in between his eyes, and he is in desperate need of a hair cut.  Sense the clippers will be dragged out tonight.
The girls are competing with the strawberries for size and quantity at the moment.  So far the strawbs win on quantity!!  I forgot to share the pie I made to take to he family lunch the other day.  A bacon, egg, feta, mushroom and tomato pie it was and it went down a treat. Decorated with Nasturtiums from my garden.
Well Christmas is just round the corner now, I can hear the sleigh bells ringing....or is that another emergency service vehicle off to attend to a last minute shopper!!!!

Merry X everyone

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hello all, still here in the world that didn't END!!!

How many times has the end of our earth been predicted and failed.  Mind you I think people got their wires crossed this time, as far as I could figure out the Mayans were talking about great change not the end.  Anyway, due to the fact that I can still post I shall!!

Last weekend TOF and I went out to Webbers for a party.  Their road is a gravel and dust bath near the last part and our red car came home with a dusting of country BROWN.  TOF has been on at me ever since about washing said car.  Even suggested I threw on a bikini and washed the car in front of the house.  Now I know a bikini will not fit me so how in the hell was one ever going to fit the car???
We have had the most humid weather of late with rain so I thought sod it all, lets just drive through a car wash.  Awesome idea and so much fun until I realised that the back window on the drivers side was slightly down and the interior was getting a super supreme mega wash for $12 also!!  Have you ever tried to lean backwards to wind a window up while water is pistalating in???  Funny actually!!  As my wee camera is always in my bag I am treating you to CAR WASH CAM!!
Of course as Murphy's law is Murphy's law, a bird will fly past within the next few days and shit itself all over the nicely clean red car so it will end up with white spots.   I like spots I do but not on my clean car.

Also during the week that didn't END I took the eldest son out for a haircut, a long over due haircut!!! No money for such things when flatting, once you have paid rent, paid other bills, purchased loads of booze, gone out all weekend, eaten takeaways, well hell there is just nothing left!!!  I am sure we have all been there at the same age.  This photo is of course pre clean up while he was taking my new chair for a test drive.
While out cleaning up his act I went to get Sheba a new ball and the lovely guys at the Lotto Soccer Shop gave me two that have slow leaks for FREE.  I kept offering to pay but they wouldn't have it. Sheba is beyond excited and needs both!!

Eldest son also got treated to 2 pairs of new jeans and 2 t-shirts.  Thank you Hallensteins for letting me put it on my account and for having some sterling deals to boot.

While out amongst the shopping mall that morning I visited the shop TYPO a bit of a favourite of mine.  Cheap and Cheerful it is.  I grabbed these post it note  flags for $2 which will be ideal when trawling through magazines and usually ripping paper to mark pages of interest.  Mine from now on will be FLAGGED!!

They also had a great deal on cards, mostly of the Christmas variety, 10 for $5 and let me say it was hard to choose!!  These will take me a good few years to get through as I don't send alot of cards but do like to put them with a gift.  I also photographed them and face booked some of them to friends.  Yes I too am  Cheap and Cheerful!!!

 I laughed quite a bit reading these, so perfect for so many people I know!!!
I am pleased to say I do not have to set foot near a shop or mall for a while so will happily be away from the crowds of panicking last minute shoppers and crazy drivers!!!  TOF and I have agreed not to do Christmas for each other, just the boys this year.  We shall think of other things to do instead of giving gifts. ?? Today was a Christmas lunch thing at my mothers place with part of my family.  According to my mother we are dysfunctional, sure we are, I say we are normal!!  Show me a family that gets on ALL the time.  One of my sisters lives at the beach and never comes over to join into Christmas or family stuff, and my other sister goes all out and loves it.  Me, I can take it or leave it.  I would rather we could get together during the year and get on.  Is that too much to ask??
And me being the most dysfunctional member at the moment went to the family lunch by myself today.  TOF poor lad is working away in Auckland all weekend, and tomorrow is his birthday.  Jak was working at the supermarket today and Max was major hung over from a late night out on the tiles.  My mother gave me that sucked lemon look but I just smiled and carried on.  My lovely nephew was there and my great nephews were there also.  Little kids make the silly season fun.  They certainly lighten the mood and make it more normal.  I gave my mother an assortment of things from a plant to snacky food things as in dried fruits, ginger etc the sort of stuff the old girl likes.  My sister and niece and nephew I gave home made by me jam which they were well made up with but protested because they had nothing for me.  I just don't see that as an issue.  Also gave the girls one of my pottery brooches each which they wore so I guess they liked them.  All I can say is thank god that is over.  Roll on Christmas day when I can chill out with MY FAMILY and we can and will be as dysfunctional as we want because we can!!!  Might even do some gardening!!

Certainly hope that where ever you are you are prepared, not panicking or stressing and have a lovely few days before the big one.  That would be Christmas now as the other Big one didn't happen.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

SuesDay finale for 2012

To think this year is all but over.  The older I get the quicker the dam things fly by, and I am sure I am being ripped off because sometimes my weekends seem alot shorter than usual!!  Anyway, today was our last ditch effort at SuesDay for the year.  Plan was to head off early, and like all good planning, it WORKED!!  We did our usual round of shops wishing the folk we knew a Merry something or another!!
My assortment of goodies from today.  The most expensive thing was the shoes for $7 but they are almost brand new and awfully Kumfy!!  Everything else ranged from $1 to $5, but I seemed to be on a roll with $2 and $3 for reasons unknown to me.
The photo shoot took place on our return as time did not allow for it in the morning.  I wore some old as Paua jewellery that I have owned since my late teens.  My mullet dress had petticoat skirt under it, and crocheted shrug over it.  Teamed with sandals scored last week that I have cut the back strap off to make into slip ons.  The wind was blowing so we have ended up with that wind swept look!! My hair has a mind of it's own at the moment as I am in the process of trying to grow it, so it is at the not short, not long stage, awkward like a teenager!!
I won this chair off Trade Me and picked it up this evening.  It is either a mamasan or a papsan chair.  But what ever it is it is so comfy and perfect for reading a good book on the deck during the summer holidays. 

I stayed up very late last night wiring all the hangers onto my art work.  The red hearts are hanging on the grubby white poles on the deck and the rest are on the fence behind my gardens.  Pretty pleased with how they have all turned out and happy to have them scattered about the back yard.
I have already had a friend ask via face book if I wanted to sell the red hearts.  Sorry!!  But no.

I put together a posy of flowers from my garden to go in my new vase.  I added an assortment of beads on it last night.
I have a draw full of beads all sorted into colours and sets so I have plenty to chose from.  I have always made jewellery and faffed about with wire and beads.  All started back at high school when I would sit at lunch time with florist wire, love beads and pliers and make everyone anklets and bracelets.  I have got close to parting with all my beads but quite glad I have been a magpie and kept them stashed!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Arty Fartiness cup runeth over

My pottery was ready to collect today so don't ask me twice, I was GONE!!!!!  I am pretty stoked with it all.  The hearts just need wire hangers and then they can dance along my garden wall.  The salad bowl will be put to use tonight!!!  LOVE IT!!!  And my darling spotted vase is going to have copper wire, beads and crystals added to it, I will show it off when I have done it.  So glad Dawn insisted I play with the clay!!
When TOF cut down trees a few weekends ago I rescued some big branches to make the edges of my new garden.  I also saved some small bits to make into candle holders.

I managed to get TOF to get his BIG drill bit out and drill me some holes!! WHOA!!! Just the right size for my citronella tea light candles.

Super Duper!!!  Bless TOFs little cotton sox!!

Before I sign off, I hope you are all coping with the build up to Christmas.  I have this on my fridge.

I don't stress!!  I have drugs for that!! (from my doctor, legal like!!)  I don't really subscribe to the whole Christmas thing either, very low key and relaxing around here.

TOF has his birthday on the 23rd, dam inconvenient time for a birthday.  And his sister's is on the 20th.  Trust the Irish to do it twice at the same time of the year!!  Went and got TOF a nice old bottle of McKennas and some jox today for his happy day.  Far more worth while celebrating that one.

SuesDay tomorrow, last one for this year.  Not sure if we are mad or not as the traffic is bordering on dangerous in town.  But we shall give it our best shot and report in tomorrow if anything is report worthy!!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

R.I.P. Iggy Poop

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work I went to visit my girls and gather their eggs.  Sadness!!  Ms Iggy Poop had passed away while I was not home.  The sweet thing was that Ms Casie, my 1/2 chook or the Bantam was in the coop on the perch watching over her.  We never knew how old Iggy was as she just arrived over the fence from the school via the care taker one afternoon.  She wasn't well earlier on this year but we nursed her back so this probably wasn't unexpected.  She was a source of amusement because she was so cheeky, basically you could not keep her out of the house or in her designated area.  So I say farewell Iggy Poop and thanks for all your fabulous eggs, may you free range for ever in Chicken Heaven with all the others!!
On other things that happened yesterday (Friday), I worked!!  I know Friday is for Frocking up but I wore my beloved crocheted Maxi skirt and went all animal like in the top department.  Slapped on some chunky heels and I was off!!  
Due to the humidity, menopause and no air con, the shoes were discarded by lunch time.  The freedom of bare feet!!!!  
I am working again today and have a desk fan already packed in the car and some flatter very summery slip on sandals on my feet.

They say as one door closes another one opens.  Same goes for things and people.
As Iggy Poop left, my Tui Gnome arrived.  He is happily sitting on patrol in the garden down by the girls area.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  So far the sun is shining ever so brightly here and we have a gently breeze, my kinda weather!!!  After work me and TOF have a party of the birthday variety to attend out at Webberville.  Camera will be packed to capture the moments from the evening!!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Working out the Beetroot!!

What a perfect morning to.............pull out some of my lovely Beetroot and bottle it.   So pull some I did. Not all tho'.

Of course I then needed to find the "how to do it" my sister had emailed me.

Best find some suitable jars, and make sure I have enough of the required ingredients.  How many times do you start something to only find out you have something vital missing.  Well not today!!!  I was prepared, and as the saying goes, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail", something the teachers at Boys high love to remind the lads  round exam time. Yeah they listen and take it on board too!!

Back to the Beets!!  Top and tail them, wash and put  in a large saucepan and cover with water.  


Then bring the suckers to the boil and simmer until tender.  Sounds so nice!!!


Remove from their spa like environment and put in colander and rinse to help cool them off.

Bit like being in a Sauna I  and then heading for the cold plunge pool.


While waiting for them to cool off a bit (all red and flustered by now), prepare labels for jars.


Also during this time of cool down the leafy bits of the Beetroot also known as their clothes, were delivered to the girls to sort through to see if anything was suitable!!!

I think they would have preferred to have gotten out of their enclosure and free ranged over to where the Beets had been growing and turned over the soil themselves.  Of course they would have helped them self to seconds, thirds and anything else that was in the vicinity and edible.

Not on my watch!!!

Right back to the Beetroot that had cooled down sufficiently to be sliced.  I love how the look all sliced up, just like slices of tree with all the rings to count, except they are not years!!!

So Beets all sliced and ready to be packed into hot jars.


Now set aside 3 cups of reserve.  Reserve?? What the fark is reserve?  Oh yeah that's right the watery stuff the Beets were bathing in.

4 cups of Malt vinegar.


1 and 3/4 cups of white sugar


All this back into the large saucepan for a good old fashioned boil up!!!


And stir until sugar has dissolved.


Remove from the heat and pour over the Beetroot nicely packed into jars, seal and stand back and look at what's been made and feel virtuous!!  I can just feel the Domestic award for 2012 coming my way soon!!