Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Slim pickings on SuesDay

Yes today was SuesDay, but for the rest of you it was Wednesday!!  Me and Sue did a total of  10 op shops today and I came home with very little.  I did see alot of things that tempted me but some were a little pricey, so they are still in the shops for someone else to have.

I got this gorgeous Green boiled wool hat at Hospice for $4 which I ended up wearing as the wind was one of those nasty icey buggers today. 

The Anne Geddes book was from Habitat and I coughed up $7-50 for that, only because it is mint, signed by the author and, well, actually I just love it!!!  Best reason to buy something really.  The fabric is from Spotlight and they were having a sale and I got taken over by the fabulosity of fabric and went for a half meter of each of these.  Thinking along the lines of a seriously wicked apron, but I would quite like it to be worn as a over top sorta thing.  Have to see what I can come up with.

We went into this amazing gallery today.  We drive past it most SuesDays's but today we were walking so we headed in.  We go "oh look at that" to each other all round the place.  I am going to try to get TOF to come in with me, but that doesn't mean he will be as excited as me, but I did do the Bunnings tour so it works out even.  There was the most amazball sculptures, one in particular was of Calla Lilies made from copper and clay and seriously farkin great.  Only $1500!!!!   Might have to take my Potter mate Dawn in to inspect.  Speaking of Dawn, I was at her place playing in her Studio yesterday.  I was under glazing a sheep I had made which is going to be like a rainbow so I am calling it my Rainbow Sheep as in Rainbow Youth, so it is the wee gay one in the flock.  I also under glazed a dolly that will be called "Helga"  and when you see her it will all become obvious if you know the lovely Helga Von Trollope.  Photos will be blogged when I have finished these artistic delights off.   Such fun playing with clay!

Big thumbs up and thanks to Sue for another successful fun filled day of op shopping and laughing till I cry while driving.

Tomorrow I go to my real grown up job so you won't hear from me for a couple of days because it sucks the life out of me having to be so grown up and all.

So enjoy the rest of your week, and wrap up warm if you are experiencing the winter blast like me.

Take care and remember this:
Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened.

I saw that on a coaster the other day and like it so much I wrote it down so I could share it.  I am that type of person!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The weekend and Monday!!

Hello there!!  The weekend came and went like they all seem to do these days.  I toddled off to my great nephews soccer game on Saturday morning.  I forgot how cute small people playing soccer was.  He was pretty tickled that his old Graunty Sue ( Graunty = Great Aunty) had rocked up and with her camera.  He was on fire!!!  This was when he was about to score a goal, and the jubilation after was down right hilarious!!
As for his little brother, well some what bored on the side line, he discovered a juicy old worm!!

We spent many a cold winter Saturday with our boys at soccer when they were way small.  Back then we used to run a sausage sizzle to raise funds for the club.  We all took our turn cooking snags on the BBQ and it was ok because you kept warm doing that.  Not sure if they do sausage sizzles anymore, think OSH got all up in arms and deemed it unhealthy or something.  Sad really because there was nothing like a BBQ snag in a bit of bread with onions and tomato sauce after a game!!

TOF needed to go to Bunnings so I was invited to go along.  Bunnings being a MAN shop, big hardware/gardening place, I was keen as to go.  He was after more strawberry plants and we spent ages looking a things like, Spades!!  And power tools!!  Yeah I was beside myself with excitement!!  Anyway he got me these daffodil bulbs which I will plant when it stops raining long enough to get them into my garden.

TOF took me to Bunnings once and bought me lunch he did.  We had a sausage in a bit of bread with all the trimmings, and parked near a garden.  He spoils me!!

On Sunday I decided that my newly acquired funky little cabinet was going to be my new jewellery cabinet.  It fits perfectly on the wee shelf part of my dressing table.  Still have my small camphor wood box but it only  has spare car keys in it now.  I set to and sorted my jewels into the draws and even got rid of some I no longer wear.  I used to make jewellery so I have shit loads, and don't get me started on all the gorgeous beads I have.  I know, I shall take a photo of the draw that they all live happily in.  I just cannot bring myself to  part with them so they are nicely hidden in a big as draw, because one day I may have grand daughters that want to make things.

My gorgeous friend Lou-lou-belle was down from Auckland visiting her parents and she and her family called in on their way home.  She came bearing gifts!!  Honey comb for us and weeds for my girls.  Chickens were well made up with their feed of Auckland weeds.  And we have Honey from her bees!!!

Sunday night I found Tex being a typical bloke.  He was actually asleep with his paw on the remote, but woke when he sensed me coming in to take it!!  I think he was watching a fishing program with TOF!!!  Boys aye!!

So the weekend was pretty much officially over for another week and I realised I only left home on Saturday.  I quite like hanging around home on the weekend chilling out.

Winter turns me into a bit of a stay-at-home gal.  And no op shops were open on Sunday so no reason to leave the comfort of my couch!!

Monday turned up and I was up and ready for my fabulous Monday job.  What to wear, what to wear??  It was a grim old day, grey and wet so I went for a splash of colour and my purple boots!!

Had a great day with lots of lovely people stopping in to browse or fill the counter with the treasures they had found.

I enjoy wandering around the shop and discovering the newbies that have turned up to be sold in my absence.  I get so tempted to spend but I some how managed to control myself yesterday and just looked and droulled.
close up of my boots for Sarah!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pippy-long-stockings and a SuesDay

Yes today was SuesDay, my favourite day in the week after Mondays!!!  Today was one of those days where the weather could have gone either way so it called for some strategic layering, and a touch of colour in case the day went dark on us.

So I started with my black and grey striped  (Pippy-long stocking) tights, my long turquoise merino, with my black dress on top, and my favourite winter cardy that is black but zhooshed up with gorgeous crocheted flowers with dangley  bits and ceramic flower buttons.  Oh and my trusty old black and brown pointy toed ankle boots.

I was all ready and waiting for my wing-woman Sue W to arrive so our day out could begin.  Jak was home from school because he is full of snot and has a boil on his leg, quite frankly I was keen to escape the germ infested teenager sprawled out on the couch!!  Sue called him "puss boy".  He didn't find either of us remotely funny so we left!!  Boys huh??

We scored a park right outside Jenny Craig's place and the kind person before us had left time on the parking meter, so THANKS to that kind soul.

The building is on the River bank like a lot of the main shopping/business district.  So I grabbed my wee camera and went for a wander along the paths while Sue was busy doing her thing.

I like the stone stairs, the cobble paths and all the lush greenery that is everywhere.  This is probably one of the best things that our City Council maintains and I don't mind paying my rates for it.  Don't get me started on what I do mind!!

It is amazingly quiet along the river bank considering you are smack bang in central city.  The sun was shining and it was rather pleasant just wandering along breathing in the air and taking in the sights!!

I can remember riding my bike along these paths when I was a young girl with my friends. Back then it was considered safe to go for a bike ride on the river paths, but trust me we got flashed by the odd old man and we would flee quickly giggling like mad.  What is it about beautiful parks and walkways and old men that want to flash their bits at young girls??

The Sky City Casino backs onto the River and has some awesome views from its decks.  I know this how??  I have been known to have the odd flutter and drink in this establishment!!

There are a couple of fancy Hotels nearby and flash Restaurants.

This Maori carving is in the garden out front of the main entrance to the Novatel Hotel, and I had a suspicion that our All Blacks (Rugby Team) could be staying there.  

I saw the Adidas All Black Ute and trailer thingy in the car park which confirmed it for me.  

So I planted my butt on a post in a good viewing spot but not too obvious so I didn't look like some weird old lady stalker and watched.  Bugger me if two of them wandered along in their training gear and went into the hotel.  One being Ma' Nonu.  Would have love to have got a photo with him but didn't have the balls to ask.

Anyway, by then Sue had finished her weighing in thing so we headed off to check out some op shops.  First was one she had heard of that we hadn't been to and probably wouldn't go again, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

Sue spied this sign hanging on a fence when we went to Hamilton East.  This place was next to a pub so I guess they had cause to hang a message.

We didn't find much in the shops which was a little disappointing.

But we were parked by the Park and the old trees are glorious, well they look a tad naked but their bark is impressive!!!

I made Sue pose under this bill board seen as she is heading to Rarotonga soon.  Tui is a brand of beer in NZ and the bill boards always take the piss out of something going on.  I love them, and even have one of their calenders.

I had to stand on the road for this and Sue kept saying hurry up coz people were in their cars at the intersection watching, and probably wondering what us old birds were up to!!!

After that little bit of fun we went to the Salvo in town and walked out empty handed.  Stink!!  So we decided to head back to my place for lunch and a cuppa and a potty stop.  I needed to check in on the puss boy who had gone off to buy himself some lunch.  We stood at the door with our hands on our hips tut tutting when he came in.

We ventured off again and did another three shops.  Sadly not a lot to report on.

I did find this gorgeous wee cabinet that I coughed up $20 for but I lusted for it and just had to have it.  It's 45cm tall and 29cm wide.  Behind the doors are 3 draws to fill with treasure.

This may end up as my jewellery box or in my sewing room, not sure which yet.  But it is fricken fabulous isn't it???

See, doors open!!!

These doilies I got from the Salvo in Hamilton East and the little Asian pot.  I have 2 of these now and the matching pin cushions.

So that was all I got today, pretty unimpressive amount but I am well pleased.

Tomorrow I go to my other job.  Hoping Jak will drop me off in the morning on his way to school so I don't have to leave quite so early and faf about finding a park and having to walk in the cold, and possibly the rain.  He isn't overly keen on getting up early but I reminded him of the early morning drop offs I used to do for his cricket training before he could drive.  Nothing like a little guilt trip!!  Won't have much to blog about over the next few days so I will see you all over the weekend or early next week.  Have a fab old time in the mean time.

♥♥  Toodles ♥♥

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Plug For My Monday Job

I don't think of my Monday job as a job really.  More like being a kid in a toy shop!!  I am surrounded with amazing things and the people that come into the shop are a bloody good bunch as well.  I thought today would be quiet as due to the weather being totally miserable, BUT NO!!!  Really good day and loads of fun. 

From a rather comfortable chair behind the counter this is part of my view of the inside of the shop.

If you have never been to Remains To Be Scene in Hamilton, then you jolly well aught to!!!

The shop is full of everything your heart desires if you love vintage, retro, or something that will remind you of going to grandmas, and especially if you don't want to wear what everybody is currently walking around town in.

The furniture and bits and bobs are fabulous also.

I actually love the changing rooms!!  You have to visit them to understand that one.

Nina the lovely lady that owns the shop made this amazball play area for kids, and it is used often.

All shops should have one of these, so nice for the big people to have a good old poke round the shop while the little people are happily in their little ultra cool space.

Even I would like to play in this space and would quite like one at home but in my garden!!

How fabulously cool would that be, actually a spa pool in one would be frigging great!!

Actually everything in this shop is great.

Do you like the big hand we use for displaying stuff on???

So come in on a monday and visit me next time you are in town!!!

Now I have two days off to do whatever takes my fancy until I go to my other job which is like a job.  I like the work but I'm not that interested in the office politics.  Why do a bunch of women have to be so bitchy behind each others backs.  It's not that I don't care I am just plainl not interested.  I will be doing a lot of reading in my lunch hours!!!  I live in a house full of blokes and spent the last 6-7 years working with only blokes so this is slightly foreign to me.  Silly me, I thought as women got older they gave that crap up!!

Anyway, YAY for Monday Jobs!!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

These boots were made for......

...walking, except I managed to trip up and fall over.  But I was graceful in my fall and placed my shopping perfectly to the accompaniment of Sue W nearly wetting herself laughing and then telling the Warehouse trolley boy that I was PISSED!!!  Thanks mate!!

Dam fine boots they are too.  Fabulous Red Leather on a black wedge sole.  Like wearing slippers they are until I canned over in them.  I still love them tho'.

Today was the weekly SuesDay so I went for colour as tomorrow and Friday I will be in my mourning clothes, I mean my corporate stuff.  Might slap a skirt on and wear my Red boots on Friday tho'.

After Sue had been to see Jenny C we shot round a half dozen or so op shops.  Not a lot grabbed me this week and I also didn't have a lot of cash on me due to being scalped by youngest son for a haircut.  His school is so annal about hair, and it is costing me a fortune.  $25 a time.  But I am getting him to  do some housework for me on Friday when he has the day off school, so we could be even.

You know the Cliff Richards song Devil Woman, well I have new words for my friend here :

"It's just the Webber woman, with evil on her mind, beware the Webber woman, she's gonna get you from behindddddd.......".

From St Vinnies I got this little assortment of goodies.  The black fabric is quilted and I think wee Oscar dog will get a polar fleece lined coat out of this.  Lots of lace and trims, small wooden Balinese mask and a nice crocheted doily.  I also scored a brand new Speights (brand of Beer) sun umbrella for my brother in law for $15, it is his choice of poison and my sister is stoked.

But this is my supreme score, a brightly coloured crocheted ghan cardy.  The colours didn't photograph as nice as they are and it will be super duper over something black for my Monday job, which did I mention, I LOVE!!!

I have photos on my phone of the very cool play area in the shop to share with you all, just have to figure out how to get them off my phone and put them here.  Kids just love it, mind you I wouldn't mind a quick play in there myself!!

On the weekend my youngest son Jak went to a school ball in Cambridge.  Not bad considering he played a game of rugby that morning with a massive hang over!!  He scrubbed up alright too.  He is the skinny dude in the middle at the back doing a hand signal.  His date was the chick to the left.  Long story that I shall not bore the arse off you all with.  Lets just say it wasn't really his thing.

As for my eldest son Max, well him and his mates went to town and got up to what you get up to when you are their age.  He's in the check shirt with Sues son next to him with the tat on his arm.

Quite a contrast in events!!!

Well that's it for now.  Really need to read over my folder of notes and info from my serious job before I go tomorrow so I look like I remembered it all and they will all be super impressed with me.  Hope you all have a fantastic week.  Think of me walking in the brass monkey weather tomorrow morning, won't you. -2* this morning and it just didn't really warm up, but the SUN shone as best as she could, so it was a lovely day.  Big thumbs up to the Sun for coming out today!!

♥♥ Toodles ♥♥

Friday, 8 June 2012

This week went missing!!

This week went by in 5th gear I think.  My poor old brain is overloaded with new information so I am rather glad the weekend is here, well for me it is!!

Monday was the first full day by my little lonesome at the shop (RTBS).  Being a public holiday it wasn't overly busy but a good day to be a first flying solo.  I had the best time, and was quite pleased with how the day went.

I wore my favourite old crocheted skirt with another favourite top.  So nice to be able to wear what ever grabs my fancy in the morning and just go with it!!

On Tuesday I was out and about most of the day.  It was good to have a day to catch up on things, buy what needed to be bought and generally have a look about some of the shops.  I went back to RTBS my Monday job to see how Nina thought I went and she was stoked.  While I was there I found these 2 gorgeous little pictures so I purchased them.

My mum had a huge one of these on her bedroom wall and my sisters and I loved it.  We would prance about doing what we thought were ballet moves.  My grandmother even made us all a tutu each, even tho' my eldest sister was the only one to take up ballet.  Might have to see if I can dig up that picture for a laugh.

On Wednesday (SuesDay) Sue (Jenny Craig) Webber came into town for her first weigh in.  I parked the car and while she was doing her thing with Jenny I went to my friends shoe shop.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  I put a pair of delish red boots on lay by, that I will no doubt go and get on Sunday.  She is so nice because she gives me discount, which made a $349 pair of boots an easier to swallow $260.  But to TOF they were on sale and an absolute BARGIN!!!!  Anyway after Jenny had done with Sue we did loads of Op Shops and Sue managed to fill my station wagon to bursting point.  Solid effort by her.  This is her eating her Jenny lunch, farking huge!!!  But oh so healthy!!

Thursday was my first day at my other new job.  Sue and I had done a park and walk the day before so I knew where to go and how  long it should take.  THANKS SUE!!!!!   I managed to hit the kerb in the car park building and try to unlock the wrong car when leaving.  And someone employed me????

They have a uniform of sorts that looked nothing short of disgusting on me.  White fitted shirt over my bumps, humps and boobs was not pretty.  So I got two of these tops from good old Farmers and asked if that would be ok as my uniform.  Answer - YES.  Worn with black trousers, yesterday was black shoes and today I decided on red.  The people are all lovely,  and it has been great learning something new and different.  Just hope by the time I go next week I haven't forgotten what to do.  Great only being 2 days a week.  Work 2, weekend, work Monday, take 2 off.  Sounds like a great plan to me!!!

So now it is time for my slippers and some comfy lounging at home clothes.  Tomorrow I have my great nephew's soccer at 10:30am, then Jak's rugby at 11am then Michael's (Sue W's son) rugby at 1pm.  So just call me the ultimate sports fan why don't you!!!  Good day for my colourful Sloggers to be worn.

I found it, Yep that's me, front and centre!!!

♥ Have a lovely weekend ♥

Sunday, 3 June 2012

You win winter, I give up....

Today I have spent nearly all day swapping over my summer clothes for my winter clothes.  Always a good time for a cull.  So I have a black rubbish bag full of stuff for Habitat, a huge pile to go on trade me, and I feel exhausted!!!!  But somewhat cleansed now!!

Good bye colourful lovely light weight, carefree and happy summer clothes.  Keep safe over winter and DO NOT SHRINK!!!

Hello winter woolies and all you fabulous fluffy things!!  Get ready for some new friends to join you in the wardrobe soon, we have lots of empty hangers to fill.  But alas, no room for more gorgeous shoes of all colours!!!

I'm working tomorrow in the shop which shall be nice, especially as rain has been forecast for here and it really isn't like working.

PS:  Happy Birthday Liz for tomorrow, and thanks for the public holiday even tho I shall be playing shop keeper/seller extraordinaire.  Have a great day!!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

getting ready....

..for my new job.  The other ladies at my new job have this volunteer uniform thing going on, and I thought I should at least try to fit in to start with rather than stand out as more than just the "New Person".  Boring corporate gear of black pants or skirt and a white shirt.  Me and white shirts just do not go together.  Trying to pack my boobs into a fitted shirt just doesn't happen and I look like all collar.  I tried on new ones and even did the rounds of op shops trying to find  something.  I FAILED!!!!  So I decided sod it all I will just get something reasonably plain that I am comfortable wearing and say this is "my uniform".

This will do and looks fine, swing style, black with tiny white spots, and will look all good with black pants so I have got 2 of them. I need to be comfortable and it really should be more about my work ethic than a white shirt.  But I shall try my best to blend in to the corporate world.  How Dull!!!!  Luckily I still have the rest of the week to add colour to my world.

Sue and I had planned to have a SuesDay, and by the time she had arrived, and on time I might add, I had already had 2 visitors so she had to wait for me to get ready.  Threw myself together in record speed and we went op shopping.  My collection of goodies was rather insignificant in comparison  to her haul.  But I was pleased none the less.  We have decided that Wednesdays will be our official SuesDay from now on.

Last night I was getting settled into a nice chilled out evening on the couch when I remembered I had a Tupperware Party to go to.  I couldn't not go as it was my eldest sisters one and she would have whipped my arse and bitch slapped me for years if I didn't turn up.  

They have some rather cool stuff but it is pricey.  Then again it has a life time guarantee so I guess it all works out in the end.  

So due to the new job and all I ordered these cool little lunch box things (that look like travel soap containers) that fit a sarnie in. (Sandwich).  I thought I would do my bit for the planet, make my own lunch and not wrap them in landfill gunk but use these joyfully colourful and not very corporate containers.  I can cut up fruit for one and put my sarnie in the other.

Also got me a travel mug.  I had an epic fail with my one I have as it fell over on the way to my other job the other day and spilled all over my passenger seat.  This seals so no spillage when I drift around corners or do handbrake slides into my car park!!!

When I finally got home I found my dear old Tex out for the count with his tongue hanging out in front of the heater.

I suspect I looked similar when my head hit the pillow and I crashed out.  So sexy and I probably had a pool of droull!!!

Hope you all end up having a lovely weekend.  I am off outside to make the most of the sunshine before it disappears as we have rain predicted for the rest of the weekend.

♥♥  Toodles  ♥♥