Friday, 17 April 2015

A Book Fair SuesDay

We get some excellent Book Fairs in Hamilton at our Horse Racing Club which just happens to be down the road from my place.  They are run by organisations like Rotary, The Lions, Red Cross and the likes.  Today was the second day of a four day one so me and Mrs Webber decided to go check it out.

We managed to find a few books between us so left pretty pleased with ourselves.  Most books range from 50cents to $3 so awfully affordable.  Once I am done with mine I donate them back to a Charity, I love that they continue to be on sold and raise money for some Charity.  I feel saintly!

I forgot to say, we had to empty the boot in Sues car at Habitat before the book fair as she had been having a sort out.  We of course went in after donating to see what was on offer.  I found this Annah Stretton suit at a very good price.  Of course it won't look like a suit when I wear it, there will be things under and over it to zhoosh it up and give it more colour and my spin.

From the book fair we headed to Frankton to check out the op shops, where we ended up wandering in to the most spectacularly colourful Indian shop.  I always walked past thinking it was full of traditional Indian garb, but there are harem pants, tie dye, embroidered, patchwork, skirts, pants, tops, dresses and scarves.  So much on offer to tempt a massive spend.  Sue bought three things, but I refrained.

Walking through Frankton to a coffee shop for lunch this Chaise caught our eye.  Holy crap cakes Batman, $1299.00!!  Bloody gorgeous but far too pricey for either of us gals.

As we ventured further towards the coffee shop I saw this gorgeous young man who just happens to be  MY nephew.  Yes he is very tall and I am some what short, but isn't he just lovely.  Nothing like a snuggle with someone you love.

Time to head home, part company and say toodle pip, and spread out my books to have another look at what I found.  The Chronicle is amazing, very cool to read of things that happened before and during my life.

This is one that Sue got but I am going to read it first as she has a Gazillion books to work her way through.

Someone is very happy that Winter has arrived.
TOF is home so the dogs are well made up.

The good Doctor should know!!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

That inbetween season dilemma.

Today was nothing short of lovely, sunny, clear blue skies, and a slight breeze that was cool.  So welcome after a couple of days of freezing my tits off and getting wet!!  But the dilemma at this time of the year is how to dress.  Yes, dressing for the season is awkward!!!

I started the day with a cardy over my double layer dresses and boots.

But by the middle of the day the cardy was ditched!

My hair stayed up and the
boots got the boot
when I got home.

Look what I found Oscar at the SPCA Op Shop,
he is stoked!!!

 I also found
Nun Bowling.
 Might have to play this at work!!

Last night while checking Trade Me on the internet I found the above cane furniture.  Two seat couch, two chair and coffee table, all in fabulous condition with good squabs on the seats.  It was listed for starting bid of $60 or buy now of $80.  Why wait, I hit the buy now and picked it up this afternoon, took me two trips tho'.

I changed everything on the deck to accommodate the new furniture.  Lots of stuff landed on the trailer and I moved my plants into their Winter positions.

We get hearty frosts in Hamilton so some of the plants need to be in more protected spots or I will loose them to frost bite!!  The cane furniture is super comfortable and so nice on a sunny day like today as the deck is quite sheltered.  I would like to get some of those roll up and down plastic screens for the edge for Winter, make it more water proof.  Best I look on Trade Me!

 Told you it was Comfy.

Learned a new word so thought I should share it:

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

While TOF is away the Chickens will play!

A weekend of mixed bag weather is what we had.  Sunny, warm, then wet and cold.  Guess that is Autumn for you.  But I think it is nearly time to pack away the summer clothes and reunite myself with my Winter Wardrobe!!  In fact I wore boots and socks to work today after a quick scratch around in the top cupboard to unearth a pair of suitable wintery shoes.

Speaking of scratching about, I let the girls into TOFs sacred Vege garden now that most of his crops are finished.  I covered his broccoli and other greens with a netting cloche so they were safe and picked a good bunch of Chillies.

Beautiful hot red Chillies that now need to be turned into something wonderful.  Thanks to a bit of googling I have found a chilli sauce recipe,  so this week these will be turned into sauce.

I discovered I have other lovely red things in my garden.

I love being able to line dry my washing in sunshine, and it added colour to the back yard while it was out there.  I miss doing this in winter, sunshine makes the laundry seem fresher.

Sunday afternoon I drove out to visit Sue W for a cup of tea.  This is her dog Max, such a hard case wee dog, a real little snuggler.

This arrived on Monday morning and needless to say I have watched the entire season over the last two afternoons and evenings.  So very very good, like having a book you cannot put down.  Now I have to try to find Season four.

Getting out of bed in the morning is getting a little harder now that it is getting cooler.  These three are not pleased when we have to vacate the warmth of the bed!

The Temple is in place and housing a baby house plant of course!!

 Mother Nature you fabulous woman your creations are the best!!

Thinking of getting him a DO NOT DISTURB sign.

TOF is home tomorrow for a little while which will be good.  He hasn't finished the job in Auckland just the part they were working on.  At least we get him home for a few days, he is so over being up there.

It is currently only 7* C and going down to 4 over night, time for that extra blanket on the bed.  Two of the lads at work already have the sniffles, they would have me believe it is the beginning of the dreaded Man Flu but I know it is just the sniffles!!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Watch this video.

If you are as old as me
you will remember this song.

Well yes thank god it's Friday! Why does a long weekend followed by a short week always seem longer??  Maybe because I worked today and didn't get to laze in bed with the paper and a hot cuppa while everyone else was hurrying off to work.  What ever, it is finally the weekend, hell yeah!!

So before Friday of course there were other days like

I called into the Hospice shop on my way home from work to tell them I wouldn't be there today because I was working and I found the quilted wall hanging just hanging about waiting to be bought.  At $8 and being of the chicken theme I grabbed it.  The very cool wooden temple I got off Trade Me on the weekend and forgot to do a show and tell, so here it is, show and tell.  Has frosted glass in the sides and it is pretty fabulous.

All dressed in layers of Blue but not at all feeling Blue and about to take on the Supermarket shopping during the school holidays!!!  My timing was perfect, the kiddie winkles must have all been at the Mall or the Movies across the road, nailed it.

With the odd bit of rain I have lawn again!!  My garden is lacking in colour at the moment but it is definitely GREEN.

I lied, I found some colour, the Fairy door and some flowers, and me.

Well spotted to those that found the wombat sitting on the ladder in my last post.  This is Shebas new toy called Baby and she hasn't de-stuffed as yet which is something of a miracle.

Today after work I popped into the shops in Frankton.  There is a great little recycled clothing shop there and the woman gets in some pretty good stuff, and prices are reasonable.  The mossy green cape is a blend of Merino and Possum with a pinch as in 10% nylon.  So nice and perfect for the Winter that is getting nearer by the day.  The Hand of Fatima necklace was from the same shop.  The Jacket actually was waiting for me when I got home, another Trade Me purchase.  The fishy thing is another Splashy pottery piece, a loo paper holder.

Today it rained off and on all day but it still wasn't cold, but light weight layering was going on.  Loving my new pants, the lads at work think I have swag.  I'm like, yeah I got me some Swag alright, watch me swag.

The remnants of the rain looked pretty in the garden.  See I did lie, there is a bit of colour still hanging in there.

I snuck out and bought some indoor plants today.  Obviously it has been a while since I have done this because my word the prices have gone up.  Anyway my $22 fern does look super bloody duper in my old pot doesn't it.  Something as lovely and old as that needed a worthy and fitting plant.

Baby house plants for my spotty cups and saucer that I no longer use.

Might take a couple to work to sit on my reception counter.

Look who called in tonight to kill a few hours.  Kind of like a SuesDay at night so I guess that makes it into a SuesNightDay.  I made her a cheese and onion toasted sandwich and a cuppa because I am like that.

Happy weekend all!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I have a new favourite thing!

I love a long weekend and last weekend was a four day one, Easter.  Yeah there was a little bit of eating chocolate, and there was some eating of hot cross bun toast, but there was also other things.


The very sweet little Giselle (my friends grand daughter) turned two and it was a Frozen Party.  I was tempted to arrive with some frozen peas but went with the real theme and got a Frozen game.  She is such a cutie, and I seriously have my order in for a grand daughter one day, girls are so cute!

I finally got around to watching the first two seasons of 'Game of Thrones' and I  love it!!  Totally hooked, in fact I have just bought season three off trade me.  I so get why people are obsessed with this, it is my new favourite thing!!

TOF managed to get home on Monday for a couple of hours but I had to fight to get near him, Sheba is very persistent and usually wins!!!

Then he was gone again and the dogs just didn't get it!  

Yesterday I went to Morrinsville with the Heir who had a thing to do, so while he did his thing I did mine.  Op Shops!!

Everything but the Gerber plants came from the Hospice shop that has moved to a side street but I still found it, thanks to a local.  The wooden step ladder was only $5, I know, bargain!  The plants are from another plant lady that sells on Trade Me and need to be re potted.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.

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