Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Donating to Charity and such stuff

Somehow another week has passed me by and I haven't got my A into B and blogged, so this is a bit of a recount.  I think between going to work, and the humidity my brain seems to go mushy after mid day and I seem to float through the rest of the day not knowing which way is up.  I will do my best to recall what I have been up to for you.

One thing I do know is the cycle of life continues in the garden.  There are so many of these blue ladybug, which by all accounts could be lads but I am not in the know on such things as sexing a ladybug.  Look close tho' and you might just see my reflection in this ladybug.

My large sunflower had to be cut as it was having a major droop in the garden and I want to collect some of the gazillion seeds in it, and then the girls can have a peck.

I remember going all black and white on Thursday, and totally loving my cropped and frilled pants.  I am on the hunt for more to pimp out.

I even managed to call in to a few charity shops that day and had the good fortune to run into mother of five gorgeous children the one and only Linda.  So lovely to have a chat to a fellow local op shopper and be reminded that  we are supporting good charities. To True!!  I get miffed sometimes at the prices being asked, but at the end of the day I don't have to buy what is on offer.  The above scores ranged from $6 down to 10 cents for the hand embroidered cloth.  I have enough Swiss cow bells to strap onto the girls now, imagine how funny my flock of chickens would look and sound!!

Especially my Houdini of the hen house little Miss Autumn, who by the way has been running courses on escaping the pen as at least four more of the girls know exactly how to sneak out when they feel like it.  I guess that is why they are called Free Range Chickens.

My Potato Vine is in full bloom and looking beautiful.

On Friday I drove out to Webberville for a Deck Inspection as it now goes both sides of the house and let me just say it is FAB-U-LUSS!!!  Jinx the minx decided to be a dare devil and walk near the edge.

Max is rather partial to living life on the edge and has already jumped off the 2 metre high off the ground deck in pursuit of a bird.  Apparently Foxies do fly!!

It was raining on Friday so there was no walking around the garden but while I waited for Sue to get her face on I did go outside and Smell the Roses!  After a cuppa Sue screamed "I'm a celebrity,  get me out of here" or words to that effect so I brought her back into town with me.  We visited a few op shops then retired to mine for another refreshment break.  Us gals lead busy lives remember and her husband was picking her up from mine.

Twas a good shopping experience as I found Miss India for 20 cents and the above pair of silky black harem pants for $5 which I wore on the weekend, so comfy.
I also found the black ruffle trimmed jacket and spotted top in the ops but the Sari patchwork pants I found at the best Indian shop in Frankton, only $25.  Run by the nicest people with reasonable prices.

Our weekend was a three dayer, with Monday being a public holiday, so on Sunday TOF and I went over to Whangamata to catch up with my sister and family.  We had a boot full of stuff she had bought that I had picked up and then needed to get over to her, and I need to reclaim my garage as the spare has returned and he has stuff to store, whole other story.

We did our normal, go check the wharf out, and then drove back into town to get ourselves some lunch.  The day was overcast but still very warm. Plenty of people swimming, fishing, and in town shopping and eating, beach life is good.

With a golf ball of fat (mince and cheese pie) each and a drink we settled down at the harbour and it wasn't long before the sea gulls arrived.  Jonathon Livingston and all his mates!!

Cheeky buggers even sat on the bonnet of the car and looked at us through the windscreen.  The tide was low and we watch people digging for cockles, something I have not done since I was a child.

My sister text me to sway meet her and the fam dam at a Gypsy Fair that was happening.  TOF had never been to one so he was a virgin to such events and probably will never go to another one.  So not his thing, like Hunting and Fishing shops are not mine!

I love the house trucks and could easily go traveling.  This adorable old dog was having a snooze until we came along and patted her which she loved.

One young trader had her pet rat down her vest, called Humus and pretty darn cute.  Not cute enough for me to wish to own one myself.  My little great nephews were fascinated by it.

We spent a few hours catching up with the family at my sisters home and before long it was time to hit the dusty trail and head home.  I managed to get TOF to stop at Waihi so I could go into Givadi a very cool shop.  Amazing what I managed to see and purchase in my 5 minute allocated window of opportunity.  I will have to go back for a proper look before April when Connie closes up for Winter and goes house trucking with her stock.

 We passed paddocks of green crops under fluffy clouded skies.

Other paddocks were sun scorched, but the clouds were grand.  The drive from Hamilton to Whangamata is a scenic one, mostly rural, then coastal.

So from Givadi I bought this fabulous bracelet of many coloured seed beads and jingling bells.
I bought two of these felt ball hair ties one for me and one for the spares girlfriend who wore it as soon as she saw it.

A bone Mala caught my eye and was purchased as well, not a bad haul for my limited amount of time.  Oh and a small book called The Buddha which I have nearly read and enjoyed immensely. Such wisdom, such lessons!

We dined on take aways, fish and chips, hot dogs and burgers, that was me and TOF, and the spare and the girlfriend.  Oscar guarded the chips.

Monday was spent catching up on washing, watering the garden, and watching our Black Caps play cricket, oh and yes we won!!  Sorry Australia!

Back to work this morning I went and straight home after like  a good girl!!  The Koru garden has remained weed free so far so my re soiling and planting has paid off.  The plants will eventually spread low and have tiny white flowers.
A muggy old day so my hair went up!  Used my bun sponge and felt hair tie. So hard to get a photo from behind but I think I may have just nailed it!

Something thought provoking:

I saw this sign and nearly bought it:

But then I realised that I don't have visitors I am glad to see the back end of!

Now for giggles:


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Slip, slop, slap, slurp, sleep and swim!

Wow has it been warm of late, and am I glad I put our little pool up.  There has been a lot of afternoon napping, eating of ice blocks and generally lazing about trying to keep cool.  I don't think I would survive in the tropics!!  I like warm weather but struggle in the hot, and for little old NZ it has been HOT! 

I know I said the Vardon Aquatic was open but I did not mean for the BUGS!  This one survived as I scooped it out before it drowned and required some CPR.  I suppose if I threw a handful of that breakfast cereal called fruit loops in more bugs would live as they would have little life support rings for a while. Hmmmm?  So I have been dunking in the wee pool daily, and it is divine to say the least. 

Thursday last week Sue W came into town so we could do what we forgot to do the week before.  Go to the big Hospice that is only open on Thursday.  Sue had never been and spent quite some time down the back among the books.  The place was full, we had forgotten about school holidays still being on.

I love the quirky displays they have done high up where most people wouldn't even think to glance.  We went to the Hospice shop above the warehouse but found nothing.  But I did like the huge cage display.

This was for sale at the Salvo in town for $60.  If my lads were of the age where they could use this I could have been tempted.  It folded up!  Never seen anything like it.

I came home with a few bits and bobs.  Small cane pram was $4, crazy cow was $2 and the basket was $2.

This old man caught my eye so I bought him home with me, along with the cool old suitcase, both only $4.  The old man is German and when I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised.

He had his own little box of incense cones so I lit one and......

 ......he's a SMOKER!!

I was so taken with the swirling smoke that I decided my Dragon need to join in and have a puff.

He was made by a clever couple of potters years ago that I know, and it turns out they have decided to get back into it.  My new Macro lens really picks up the swirling smoke.

I have been having a play with the Macro all week, nothing and no one is safe from my camera now.  I love the expression on Denuce's face as I eye spied her through the gate.

This is what my Grandmother always called a climbing Lily, and the colours and curls are amazing.  These climb their way up among other things in my garden and appear at this time of the year.

Looks like something small has made themselves a super hero eye mask from a leaf!

A rain drenched Gerbera was stunning.  The rain was hard and fast, and then we were back to hot. It was lovely while it lasted tho.

Some birds are real, and some are not!

There are plenty of Dandelion seed heads making wishes all around the garden.

Water droplets hanging around like big mirror balls.

I watched this huge Spider in it's web yesterday.  The bee that was trapped freed itself making a bit of a mess of the web.

So old Incy Wincy just got stuck in and re built.  So fascinating to watch, by no means perfectly symmetrical, but perfectly perfect for the job required of it.  I don't think I will be able to break a web after watching the amount of effort that went into the repair job.

When I got home from work today all hot and bothered I had a brain wave, and shortened some long pants into shorts and added  lace to the hems.  They remind me of Witches Britches. 

 They so need to make a come back!!
I'd wear them again!!