Friday, 25 July 2014

Op shopping with the sister!

Friday was booked as the day to take my sister around the op shops of HamilTron and we managed to get around pretty much all of them.  We even went back to a shopping mall for her to buy some shoes she saw yesterday so a spot of lunch happened in a lovely little cafe.

I only came home with three things.

The quilt which is more than fabulous was made by the lady that manages the Hospice in town, so I coughed up the $40 for it. One, because I think it is beautiful and two, because I know it would be worth a hell of a lot more!!  The super duper bright bag was $2.50 from the Dump Shop and there was a little dish exactly like one that was in our house when we were growing up that was $1 so I grabbed it.

Did you know Brum is in the window of the Salvo shop in our main street??

I wore my patchwork summer frock with a long sleeve t shirt and leggings under it and a lovely jubbly warm shawl on top!! With my purple Moroccan shoes.

It was a perfect day for swinging
on my garden chair.

 Tex and I had a snooze in the sunshine
on the deck
because WE CAN!!

Yeah we all pretty much just
chilled outside
for the afternoon.

My little boys bonding.

And the chillaxing continued.

So my sister has gone home, and it was really lovely to hang out with her for the last three days.  She stayed the nights at our mothers place and then we played during the day time.  I never get tired of her company!

How do you explain to a wee dog
that Aunty H has gone home
and Dad isn't coming home this weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend.
I intend to!!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Oh yeah that frock rocks!

Last night I made it!

and today I wore it!!

How delicious are all the colours??
Worn with purple and red.

In fact the plan is to make another one tomorrow for my sister.
We were  shopping mall whores this afternoon.

I bought sunglasses
buy one
get one free!!

Tomorrow is Op Shop-a-thon time!!

Here we go again!

So this morning (as in 5:30am) TOF left Hamilton to go back up North to work, but first he has to spend two days on a man course in Auckland, then he is back to that job that is keeping him away from HOME!  But if all goes well this is the last leg of the job so possibly only two weeks.  Should fly by, shouldn't it?

Anyway when I finally dragged myself out of my lovely warm bed I threw on this lot, sort of went animal.  Even my boots have fur inside them, yes my feet were toastie as.

Do you know how hard it is
to take a photo of
the boots you have on
from behind?

After work I hit the op shops that are near my place of employment, so that would be Frankton and there are four of them.  Not a lot jumped out and grabbed my attention except this roll of contact, well that is what I call it.  Like vinyl, sticky on the back.  Anyway a total bargain at $1 and there is shit loads of it.  Have a few old baskets that could do with a bit of pimping on the inside so this should be perfect.  Oh look it has SPOTS!!!

 My sister is over from the beach for a few days, staying at our mothers place.  But we went out for a bit this afternoon.  Of course we checked out the op shop near me and these paintings have appeared over the last week on the walls in the car park.  Finally remembered to take photos, I rather like them all.

We went into Spotlight, huge home and living/haberdashery type of place which is also across the road from where I live.  I have had my eye on this fabric FOREVER and it never goes on sale.  So today with some prompting from my sister I bought some and even sewed it up tonight.  Might even wear it tomorrow!!

A long singlet style dress.
Perfect for a layerer like myself!!
The colours are

Do you remember the black and white paintings I took photos of, of famous dead people? Well the artist has been at work again and now Frida has been painted.  This is huge, on the side wall of a hairdressers.  I drive past it every day on my way to work, so on our way into town I stopped to snap it.  Then I showed my sister the black and white ones.  So much fun having her in town, we are planning on a day out amongst the op shops on Friday.  Woo hoo!!!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It has to be snowing somewhere

It sure ain't here
but we have had an icy as wind
the last few days.
Oh but the sunshine
bless her little cotton socks,
She just keeps turning up every morning
and shines her butt off!!


..I went out to Dawns place in the afternoon.

Sitting in the warmth of her cute gallery/studio we chatted while she potted, drank tea, while Taz sat in the window teasing the dogs, as in nah nah nah nah nah I'm inside and you're not suckers!, and before I knew it a couple of hours had disappeared.  The view out the french doors is so lovely, from the garden behind the hedge then on to the house.  I photographed what she had as it gets packed up and shipped out as fast as it comes out of the kiln.

 Caravans with birds on the roof
and washing hanging out!

 Just a very cool selection of colourful goodies!!

Tea pot totem pole toppers, I made the red and white one.

Even weeds look great!

Funny thing is I wasn't planning on going anywhere yesterday as my car was at my mechanics.  On Friday it started playing up when I had the most insanely busy day ahead of me, so I dropped it off at my lovely mechanic and it was good to go yesterday by mid morning.  Apparently the starter motor was knackered, his words!!  Lucky I had TOFs little car to use or I would have been up shit creek!!

Today the sun was shining brightly
but the wind was decidedly
I wore a full length boiled wool coat
to work and kept it on
all day.

Being all wrapped up and toasty warm I called in on half a dozen op shops on my way home from work.  The little shelf is going to get pimped, tester paint pots here I come!  The bag was only $1 and it is the handles I want only, the doilies 5 in total all very cute $1 each.  The embroidered dress is way too small for me but I have a cunning plan that involves SCISSORS!!  

75 floral blocks to knit,
and aren't they just all bloody gorgeous??!!

Don't you love it when you spy something you like out of the corner of your eye, but not only once, this happened twice today.  These brooches were both only $5 each and in different shops.  I nearly died when I saw the mosaic one!

Yeah baby I was warm!

I am off to watch the final of
Britain's Got Talent!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

You asked, so you get!!

So some of you wanted to know where my wedding photos were, well fasten your seat belts, have a potty stop first because you shall get a good laugh.  Now this was 1992, a Thursday night in our own back yard at our first home with four friends and a seriously old Justice of the Peace with a dodgy stutter.

We listened, TOF put a ring on it, so I gave him a SNOG!

Our entire wedding party/guests.
One Black Forest Gateau for our Wedding Cake,
A low key, inexpensive fun evening.

Sure some people got their noses out of joint because it was so small, in fact we phoned our parents after we had got married to mixed reactions.  But it is what we wanted, it suited us and hell we are still together after 22 years so we must have got something right!!

In true Goody style this is what I say to those who got pippy!!
And I wouldn't do it any different.
Now here are some of the photos
I took on Friday.

So there you go!
I am pretty chuffed with the results
and so to are the Bride and Groom.
But NO
I wouldn't want to do this for a job.
I just enjoy taking photos
for people I know.

Backing up to Friday morning....

I forgot these were taken on my little camera that lives in my handbag of the hearty frost we had on Friday morning.  My bird bath was officially closed as a bath and reopened as and ice skating rink instead.  When we get one of these good old Waikato frosts we always end up with a ball terror of a day, and it was bloody gorgeous let me tell you!!

Today I went out to collect the small box full of fabulous TG Green and Co china that I had purchased off trade me.  I love this stuff, my dinner set is the pale green with white spots, also a trade me score.  The seller said I got a good deal as she put the wrong buy now price, (sucker) so I played super dumb and went 'Really', of course I knew I had scored well, I may be blonde but I sure ain't DUMB!  I then went to a shopping mall nearby to get TOF a stash of his favourite Aniseed wheels, (remember he is home again for a few days) and then I found these to kick arse necklaces on sale in a posh shop.  Why have one when you can have both!!

It has been a very lazy weekend at home just chilling out, of course I get to continue with the chill out program tomorrow while TOF and the son toddle off to work.  TOF heads off up north again on Wednesday for another two weeks and THEN he should be home for good again.  Bloody better be!!

Have a great week!!
and if you are still on your weekend
then have a marvelarse one!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

It sure was a nice day for a White Wedding!!

Yesterday I was a Wedding photographer at my friends beautiful youngest daughters wedding.  I will admit being slightly nervous at being responsible for the photos.  I am so not a professional, in any sense of the word!!  I spent the day with the most amazing bunch of fun loving gorgeous young people, experiencing the before antics of both sides of the wedding party.  As a mother of sons I will not get the frou frou experience of make up, hair, and all the pre wedding girl stuff.  So I feel truly blessed to have been a part of such a lovely event. I was rather pleased at my photographs too.

The gorgeous young newly weds.

Photo booth fun!
An absolute must at any wedding.

Anyway, Weddings stir up all sorts of emotions.  It made me reflect on my own very lovely laid back affair 20 something years ago at home in our very own garden of the first home we owned.  Then I got looking back even further and found this collection of beautiful old family Wedding Photos.

Not sure who in the family this is but just look at those 
glorious bouquets of flowers 
and gorgeous hats.

This is my great grandmother Gladys Mae's Wedding.
(my Grandpa Bills mum)

My Grandparents
Lilian (Lil) and William (Bill)

My sisters and I playing pretend wedding
in Grandmas wedding dress.
(that is how cool grandma was)

I love this one.
My Nana (Ada) is the little girl standing 3rd in on the left.
This is her oldest sisters Wedding
a huge family affair.

Horace and Ada's Wedding
(my dads parents, my nana and pop)

Horace's youngest brothers wedding. 

My Parents on their big day.

Weddings have certainly changed over the years but the one thing that stays the same is the reason people get married I guess.  To have a bloody good big party!!  Joking.  The thing I like now tho' is that you do not have to get married, it is not frowned upon to not go ahead and plunge into it.  You can, well in New Zealand, marry your same sex partner.  What ever or who ever, you get to have one fabulous day surrounded with friends and family, so that in itself should be a great thing.  All I know is it doesn't matter how big or small the wedding is, or how much you do or don't spend, it is what you do that counts the most.  At the end of the day a marriage should be how you want it to be, it is after all your day.  And for those that choose not to marry, that to is fine, the world would be such a boring old place if we were all the same and did the exact same things!

Oh and I get to do this wedding photographer gig
all over again in another 10 weeks
as the other daughter is getting married.