Sunday, 17 June 2018

What made me happy this week -24/52

When you were a child did your mum, grandmother or even an old aunt have a tin full of buttons, carefully saved from old clothing?  Did you spend many a blissfully happy moment playing with them, lining them up or making patterns? Well I did, funny how discovering a discarded old tin of someone else's old buttons brought back that memory for me.

I wonder if small children are still doing this or has modern technology taken away such simple pleasures. I could still happily line up old buttons, how about you?

Another thing from my childhood memory bank was loving the intricate designs on my mother/grandmother's old thimbles.  I was super stoked to get these three off Trade Me the other day and rather enjoyed cleaning them up to their former glory.  So much nicer than the ones on offer today.

Last week in the Waikato it was Feildays, which is like 'Big Day Out for Farmers'.  For you non New Zealanders it is a huge Framing Expo that is held annually and the weather always falls apart and RAINS.  In honor of this Farming get together Toebee and Oscar donned the checkered flannelette.

I have a re-newed interest in Crystals and very happy with a selection of New Zealand ones I got the other weekend at a Spiritual and Wellness show I went to. (it was amazing and I had the most incredible reading done to)

Above are: Jade or Greenstone, Citrine, and Amethyst.  I love them in their raw form better than highly polished, but that is only my preference. 

Going clockwise: New Zealand Quartz, a very cool book, Rose Quartz and the most amazing pendant.  Fossilized shells in stone, it is like wearing the earth and the ocean all at once!!

After an incredibly busy week at work and play me and TOF had one super lazy weekend which has been wonderful.  Big is outside somewhere being a Big Cat while the others have all had their pre sleep snuggles.



***Enjoy the coming week***

Monday, 11 June 2018

What made me happy this (last) week - 23/52


Any day that doesn't rain in Winter is a good day in my book.  I do not mind it being cold as long as I can see the sun in the sky.  And after some very wet days we squeezed in a couple of beautiful sunny days.

The Chinese Toons that are normally pink 
are yellowing off and will be naked soon,
but my word they look stunning
against a pretty blue sky.

I have Daffodils flowering now, 
I think my garden is some what confused, 
but I welcome the colour.

Everything in the Hamilton Gardens
was showing off 
 in the sunshine on the weekend.

Oh how that sun made the ocean glisten
out at Raglan.

Loads of guys were out enjoying
the surf and that SUNSHINE like me.
Except I was not in the water!!

While out visiting my friend Dawn
I set up a display of her creations on her lawn
in the glow of that sun. 

When the sun disappears the curtains get drawn and the heater goes on much to the delight of our pets.  Every evening there is a jostling for best position on the floor for maximum heat!!  Sheba will share with Toebee, but if Big is first no one goes too close.

And when it all gets too much and they have been sufficiently cooked all pets retreat to higher ground to continue with their slumber, usually next to me on the couch. 



Monday, 4 June 2018

What made me happy this week - 22/52

I've done it again, I'm a day late!!  Guess that is because we are on the last day of a long weekend in my neck of the woods.  NZ is celebrating the Queen having a birthday.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liz, and thanks for the day off work.

My last week has been full of happy moments,
and little day trips for me. 

On the Monday my youngest son and I went out to Raglan as we both had the day off work. We saw the cutest lost baby seal on the wharf, enjoyed lunch out at Manu Bay and watched dudes out surfing. The waves were pounding those Rocks we love to sit on.  My eldest son's girlfriend and I went back out to Raglan on Saturday, another lovely little trip which included visiting some SHOPS!!

It finally got cold enough to wear long sleeves and more layers,
so frolicking outside in the garden took place.

Well I was also celebrating the arrival of some BOOTS!!

More Boots??!!

Cool mum!
Boots are made for walking AYE??

We had a death in the coup but I am happy that I got to have some farewell hugs with old Joan before she gave up.  

The Blackbirds are happily feasting on the last of the berries on offer.

And on Sunday TOF and I hit the road and headed north to Auckland to catch up with his mother.  While he was in hospital she had a stroke and ended up in Hospital.  So now that he is well on the road of recovery we managed to get up to check in on her.  She is doing really well and managing back at home. Phew they are all on the mend!!!



Sunday, 27 May 2018

What made me happy this week - 21/52

Nothing makes me happier than being beside the ocean.  I am not fussed about what the weather is doing especially when I go out to Raglan, which is what I did the other day.  I enjoy the drive and spending time mooching about on my own, calling in to the shops I love, grabbing a coffee and some lunch to eat at the beach.  This time I sat in the car as it was wet and wild.  I shared the crusts off my sarnie with the bird life.

 Like this one footed seagull that swooped in and hopped about.

The waves were crashing and smashing onto the rocks
sending the spray of ocean into the air
getting me wet more than once,
while the sun tried to break through the stormy sky.

 I sat high above Manu Bay watching the rain getting closer and closer.

Because I know you will ask what did I buy, here we go with the show and tell.
Going clockwise: Recycled sari woven into a blanket from Zinnia, Faces from the seconds table at The Monster Company, A good old fashioned kiwi book full of fabulous tips from the shop next to Monster, and three pieces of Pottery from the seconds table at Tony Sly.

And some very naughty Pencils!!
Also bought from Zinnia.

I also ordered and paid for some very nice shoes at Soul
another of my favourite shops.



Sunday, 20 May 2018

What made me happy this week - 20/52


I love watching pretty much anything Royal on the TV so I was quite excited about the nuptials of our Harry and the lovely American Megan. I knew it wouldn't be a typical Royal Wedding and I wasn't disappointed.

I made sure my Tiara still fitted and I dragged out all my Pearls!!  

Like most females the dilemma of Tiara or Hat,
Tiara or Hat?
(worn with slippers of course)

TOF buggered off to bed so these were my viewing companions, and they either left the room or fell asleep, it is so hard to get good company for such events!

So with the very best seat in the house (as somehow my invite didn't arrive in time) I settled in for the SHOW!

Once the pre chat things had ended Megan left the hotel with her mother in a posh English car for the 30minute drive to the venue, where Harry and Wils were patiently waiting.

The weather was outstanding and the venue Windsor was magical.

Queen Liz and Phillip were the last Royals to arrive before the bridal party and Liz looked stunning.

And that bridal party was just so adorable. I would have been a Bridesmaid but apparently 10 small children are easier to handle than me!!!

"Here comes the bride.......not fair fat or wide,
but GORGEOUS!!!"

I think it was a lovely mix of Traditional Royal and Traditional, the American Preacher got slightly wound up and caused some looks in the crowd but it was great. Both choirs were amazing.....the list goes on.

There was a mix of British and American Celebs,
even one of Harry's ex girlfriends was there?

When it was all done and dusted the happy couple walked out into the sunshine and had a quick snog on the steps!!

Then it was time for the long horse drawn carriage ride past all the adoring fans (Queens royal subjects) to the after do.

We all know that the Brits do Pomp and Ceremony the best, it looks so well organised but, "user friendly", although I did see Police with big GUNS.  I guess these days you have to be prepared for anything or anyone.

The Reception would have been positively Grand but I bet the "After Do" would have been FANTASTIC, with some very sore heads this morning!!

A Funny to end on:

Too soon??