Sunday, 14 September 2014

I have been Coast to Coast

Having been to the East coast on Friday, today me and TOF drove out to the West coast.  Our plan was to go to Raglan to visit some friends that live out there, which we did, but first we headed further along the coast to Ruapuke.  I haven't been there since I was about 19 and that was with some old surfing boyfriend, so a surfing trip not a sight seeing photo taking trip.

The drive along the coast is amazing, and also somewhat scary in parts as you are quite high up above the ocean.  The road quickly turns into a narrow gravel one that winds up and down through bush but close to the coast so you get fabulous views.

Our destination wasn't actually at Ruapuke beach but before it at a viewing platform that is suspended out over the cliff side.  OMFG!!!!  I just could not get close to the edge like TOF, but I did take photos of the view a wee way back where I felt safer.  In the end I did get down and crawl closer to the edge with TOF rolling his eyes and calling me a pussy.  You betcha, I am a PUSSY that doesn't like heights.  Meooooooow!!!!

 The platform is perched up there!
And it was blowing like a bugger today.
Judging by the trees
I would say it blows like that every day as
they all have a serious lean going on!!

 Gorgeous scenery!
The rugged wild West Coast never disappoints.

Native bush and glimpses of ocean everywhere.

My friend Diane that lives out at Raglan (hello Diane) had told us about a boat that we had to look out for, and I found it!  I also found a Goat.  A Boat and a Goat?  Oh yeah a Boat and a Goat but no Moat, Stoat, or Float!  Sorry, we were having a rhyming thing going on  while we were driving, call us odd but we were amused with our game.  Small minds and all that! It's what you do when you get old and you have no radio reception.

We stopped off at Manu bay before heading back into Raglan.  The surfers have to jump in off the rocks to go out for a surf.  Are they mad?  Today it was like a giant washing machine stuck on agitate.  I was tired just watching.

It was blowing there too and the seagulls were having a ball flying around high above us.  The houses on the hills must have the best views ever, and ones that are constantly changing.  I guess it would be like having Live Art, that would be way cool.

The dudes that were out in the waves
were having plenty of fun.

Of course we had our bog standard walk on the wharf before we went visiting.  The Marlin Grill has an amazing view straight across to the harbor.  Nice place to sit and have a cold beer and some fries.  But not today.

The colour of the ocean is lovely.
The wharf is a must for us,
so peaceful even tho' there are always
people fishing or sitting watching the world slowly pass by.

My favourite place in Raglan is Cliff Street as it runs along the edge of the harbor heading down to the wharf.  The cutest old beach houses are down this road and I could so live there, but I hear it is pricey.  We grabbed a very late lunch and a hot drink and sat in the sun in the car on the waters edge.  Zillions of birds hung around waiting for a crumb, which they finally got.

This bird was having a fine old time in a puddle,
drinking then bathing.

Before we knew it, it was time we headed home.  The scenery was looking fabulous today, with the contrast of dark sky and lovely green paddocks. 

Now to confuse the bejezus out of you all
I am going to go backwards
and talk about Saturday
because I can
and I will.
Hey, it's my show after all!!

Remember my planter box?  Well TOF and I went to a garden centre in the morning as he needed compost and I needed dirt and plants.  Our needs were more than met, just look at my wheelbarrow!!

The side facing toward the house has flowers, as in bottom tier has Livingston Daisies, next one up has Sweet Williams, and the next one up has Lobelia.  It sure is going to be pretty when it all flowers.  On the top and the other side it is all edible.  Bottom is Lettuce and Spring onions with a Marigold either end, next up is more Lettuce with some Italian Parsley.  Next level up is Micro greens Asian Salad, I grew this last year in a pot and it is divine, oh and a herb is at the end just cannot think what one right now.  On the very top there is Celery and Spring Onions.  In the box garden by the fence where we used to grow our Strawberries TOF dug in some compost and I planted rows of Beetroot.  Thanks to that darling Mother Nature I didn't even have to water it all as it started to rain as I was planting the last things.  Thanks Love!!

In the afternoon I went off to visit some friends, the owners of the very gorgeous Ralphie.  Seriously need to take Sheba around for a play date.  It will be love at first bite sight!

My friends two week old niece Scarlett was visiting so it was a bit of an oooh ahhh time for me.  You forget how small babies are and how darn cute they are.  This little sweetie is just gorgeous.

So that was my weekend,
hope yours is or has been, fabulous!!

And remember...

And you thought it was bad luck!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Lets go to the beach but you can drive!

Well that's what I said to Jak this morning!!

After all I had no work
and he is off work on with his busted hand.

So once we had done breakfast I threw some things into his car (I had a basket of goodies for my sister), I paid for the petrol in Jaks car and we went on our merry way out of town towards the East coast, destination - Whangamata!!

The Waikato countryside is looking rather lush and green
even in the dullness of a stormy grey sky.

As we got closer to the coast there was
lots of mist in the hills.
We thought it looked quite

We turned off and went to Whiritoa a beautiful beach in between Waihi and Whangamata.  It was so nice to get out of the car and stretch our legs and cop a whiff of that perfect sea air!

Beautiful even though the sun wasn't shining.
I think any day is a good day to go to the beach!!

We headed back to the car to continue on the last little bit of the drive.

The hills!

I used to hate the hills
when I was a car sick child
but now I love them!

We arrived at Whangamata dead on lunch time so grabbed some food from one of the bakeries and went to my sisters place.  She had all these lovely things for me that she had found at her local op shops.

After lunch we chatted and basically just enjoyed each other company.  My nephew was there as he didn't have work today (rained off) and Jak and him hadn't seen each other for a few years like about 5.  We left the lads to their catch up and wandered about outside.  Helen's garden is small but colourful, the Rhododendron is in full bloom likewise is her Orchid and Magnolia.  Miss Febe is loving the cane chair I gave her to sleep in, and the taxidermy Peacock is looking awesome on the wall.

From my sisters place my darling lad took me to the St Johns op shop while he went across the road to the skate park, yes I know, he has a knackered hand already, and yes we went down that road and he said he would be fine.

Meanwhile in the op shop I found a cute cane basket bag.  

You may think it really is a basket but I told you all I had enough baskets and would not be buying anymore, so it is indeed a BAG!!  When I went to pay for it I found a brooch I had bought a couple of days a go, so sweet and sparkly.

We had a wander on the wharf and reminisced about all the times we fished off it when the lads were small and both of us enjoyed the aroma of salty sea air.  A baby shark swam past on the out going tide and we had the entire wharf to ourselves. 

Yay for the off season when you get the beach to yourself!

I love it down at the wharf.  Lots of little dinghies lying in the sand, fabulous views up and down the harbor, and the fishing club/restaurant has prime position on the sand hills.  

We have enjoyed a few family meals there over the years.

 We checked out the boats moored in the Mariner.
This is the rich mans playground.

 I posed in front of our Island.
Clark Island that is.
And got blown about quite a bit.

 This is the main beach and it was totally deserted today.

Harem pants and leopard print in the wind!
Worn with my $5 'Swimming with Sharks' shoes
and my great uncles Vesper box
which is now 107 years old
that I finally found a chain for.

My dad built this beach house back in 1966 when I was 4.  We had many years of family holidays in it and it holds so many good memories for me of very happy times.  He sold it 20 years ago, while I was cooking Jak so he never got to go to it, well he did but he didn't get to enjoy it if you know what I mean.  I am pleased it still stands and looks well loved even now.  It is only two roads back from the main beach so in walking distance of the sea and sand and when we were teenagers this meant FUN!! and boys that surfed!!

Before we drove out of Whangamata we went to the other end of the beach, the Estuary, another lovely spot.  It still looked lovely in the light rain that by then was falling from the sky.

When we got back to Waihi we went to the SPCA Op shop for a look.  Across the road was a bunch of cats that someone had put a bowl of food out for.  Of course they did, opposite the SPCA! (Society for prevention of cruelty of animals)  We had a slow drive down the main street so I managed to take photos of a couple of the lovely old buildings in this old gold mining town.

It was so nice to spend a day out with my son, and I think I am incredibly lucky and blessed that at 19 he still doesn't mind being seen with his mother.  I must have done something right when raising him.  I must admit that I very much enjoyed not having to drive. I could get used to that.

Yes it is!!
I plan to be in the garden.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Just another Wednesday

I like Wednesday's, it is the middle of the week and  it means the week is half gone or the week has half to go, depends on your mood as to which you chose.  For me it always means half to go, one more day of paid work until four days off.  

I remembered after all my mouse antics
that I hadn't shared yesterdays little collection of finds.

The plate I was drawn to because of the colour, probably used for cakes but I think a salad sarnie (sandwich) will look perfect on it.  Two nice summery things to wear from my favourite $2.50 racks. Then of course the very divine feather quilt.  Mmmmmmmmm!!  The op shop had $50 on it!! Fuck off I thought, and entered into some light banter with the lady behind the counter.  She said the people that do the pricing 'have no idea' and she would have put $10 on it.  So seeing an opening I responded with 'would you take $10?' and she said 'sure'. DEAL!!  Trust me it is so nice and cosy to get under, in fact I am under it now, the quilt that is.

A certain small dog thinks it is perfect for sleeping on.

This afternoon was lovely.
There are trillions of happy birds in my garden.


After three blocks of rat bait
these bastards are still
Either that or there is a shit load of them
living down the back.

Yeah good on ya Tex for coming down the back
but it is time for another plan of attack!!

I bought two of them.
With rat traps all set,
the rest of us just went about our business.

Oprah and Aretha were spending time with Lily, Tex was rolling around in the sunshine, and Autumn is clucky so was keeping everyone's eggs warm.

The plum tree is looking promising, the lemon tree is still covered in fruit, and when these buds grow up they are going to be blackberries!!

 Spring is the BEST!

We all had a siesta.

Sure did!

My entire outfit today was second hand.
Do I look like a Cat-cha-rat
kinda person?