Sunday, 15 July 2018

What made me happy this week - 28/52

A drive out to the coast made me more than happy!

With a tank full of fuel and all my chores done I took a drive out to Raglan as I was in need of some coastal air.

I sat in the car up on the hill overlooking Manu Bay and enjoyed a hot coffee and a salad sandwich. I am not a huge fan of bread so most of that got fed to the bird life.

It was one of those light drizzle rainy days but that will never stop me from enjoying a day on the coast.  The tide was low so huge rock pools were everywhere and the sea gulls were floating effortlessly in the sky.

When the sun attempted to poke through the grey the light changed on the sea, the breeze was light like the rain, in fact it was rather mild in temperature.

At the far end of Manu Bay I wandered round the boat ramp.  Raglans Loch Ness was playing in the water.  More large rocks and drift wood and nothing but the peaceful sounds of the ocean moving.

I love my alone time at the beach just breathing in the air and wrapping myself in being there with all the raw natural beauty that is the west coast.

Every time I drive past this Bus Shelter I admire it's position. There it sits on the windy road  out to the bays.  To the left is the ocean and I imagine sitting waiting for a bus thinking maybe I should just stay at the beach.

With a low tide rocks were exposed on the sand leaving patterns scattered like art.  Who said Black Sand wasn't beautiful?

Fences that reflected in puddles, and weeds that grow tall, the bliss of being in Raglan on a grey misty day kept on appearing in my view.

A colourful and rather grumpy looking fish got hooked by me @ Monster from her seconds shelf, and two more Tony Sly plates were found on his seconds shelves.  Remember this non perfect person prefers the not so perfect pottery.

A visit to the very talented Sandra back in Hamilton from 'Go Hell for Leather' found me purchasing one of her very beautiful hand crafted cow hide bags.  Support your Artistic friends!!

With a lack of colourful flowers in my garden I settled on a collection of leaves.  I remember when I was in my last year of school how my large English Lit book was full of pressed flowers and leaves.  Good use of such a large book for sure!  

Wisdom this week comes from my
Angel Cards


Sunday, 8 July 2018

What made me happy this week - 27/52

Finally starting to feel well again after being home with Winter Bugs!!  That is what made me happy this week.  Oh and having such an awesome Boss that did all the things that needed to be done while I was away. I sure told him how much I appreciated that too.

On a sun filled day I was happy to see these flowering. Both full of fragrance, both so very welcome in the garden.

Of course this sight always makes me happy!!

Short and sweet this week, but these words come from a little book I have on well-being called 'Creating a life of prosperity'.

Think of what
a precious privilege it is
to be alive, to breathe, to think,
to enjoy, to love.

Monday, 2 July 2018

What made me happy this week - 26/52

After another busy week we have finally hit the half way point in this year.  So on Saturday as we had a beautiful sunny day TOF and I went to the Hamilton Gardens.

This is Turtle Lake and part of the walk around it is a board walk above the water. How beautiful are the reflections.  The white building on the left is a cafe, our destination.

I asked "are you smiling"
to which he replied
"of course".
We all know that means in on the inside!!

What a glorious Winter Day!!

But with Winter comes those dreaded BUGS!!  So I have welcomed July under a duvet for the last two days with Flu.  Fingers crossed it is gone by tomorrow as I have an incredibly busy week at work.

Monday, 25 June 2018

What made me happy this week - 25/52

It has been one of those weeks with so many happy moments for me. But the highlights have been catching up with people. I have been out for lunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

Yeah there is nothing quite like sitting down to lunch in a cafe with your girls.  Friday was me and the Webber Woman as we had a bit of a SuesDay.

Saturday I met these two, my cousins Jan and Annette.  We had lunch at the Cafe at the Hamilton Gardens.  After our catch up Jan had to bail on us so Annette and I took a wander around the magnificent gardens as the day was glorious. 

Today I met up with this bunch of lovelies and we had lunch then we went to see the stage show Sister Act that was on in our Cities Theatre.  OMG it was fantastic.

But earlier in the week this lovely young man was back in the country for a week, so I went and caught up with him at his grandparents home. He is a good mate of my eldest son and his family call me his other mum.  So awesome to see him after five years!!  And he is still the same.

So I have been feeling pretty good.  There is nothing quite like a good old catch up with people that make you happy!!


 A bit blurry but you have to sing it to the tune of 
'these are a few of my favourite things'.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

What made me happy this week -24/52

When you were a child did your mum, grandmother or even an old aunt have a tin full of buttons, carefully saved from old clothing?  Did you spend many a blissfully happy moment playing with them, lining them up or making patterns? Well I did, funny how discovering a discarded old tin of someone else's old buttons brought back that memory for me.

I wonder if small children are still doing this or has modern technology taken away such simple pleasures. I could still happily line up old buttons, how about you?

Another thing from my childhood memory bank was loving the intricate designs on my mother/grandmother's old thimbles.  I was super stoked to get these three off Trade Me the other day and rather enjoyed cleaning them up to their former glory.  So much nicer than the ones on offer today.

Last week in the Waikato it was Feildays, which is like 'Big Day Out for Farmers'.  For you non New Zealanders it is a huge Framing Expo that is held annually and the weather always falls apart and RAINS.  In honor of this Farming get together Toebee and Oscar donned the checkered flannelette.

I have a re-newed interest in Crystals and very happy with a selection of New Zealand ones I got the other weekend at a Spiritual and Wellness show I went to. (it was amazing and I had the most incredible reading done to)

Above are: Jade or Greenstone, Citrine, and Amethyst.  I love them in their raw form better than highly polished, but that is only my preference. 

Going clockwise: New Zealand Quartz, a very cool book, Rose Quartz and the most amazing pendant.  Fossilized shells in stone, it is like wearing the earth and the ocean all at once!!

After an incredibly busy week at work and play me and TOF had one super lazy weekend which has been wonderful.  Big is outside somewhere being a Big Cat while the others have all had their pre sleep snuggles.



***Enjoy the coming week***

Monday, 11 June 2018

What made me happy this (last) week - 23/52


Any day that doesn't rain in Winter is a good day in my book.  I do not mind it being cold as long as I can see the sun in the sky.  And after some very wet days we squeezed in a couple of beautiful sunny days.

The Chinese Toons that are normally pink 
are yellowing off and will be naked soon,
but my word they look stunning
against a pretty blue sky.

I have Daffodils flowering now, 
I think my garden is some what confused, 
but I welcome the colour.

Everything in the Hamilton Gardens
was showing off 
 in the sunshine on the weekend.

Oh how that sun made the ocean glisten
out at Raglan.

Loads of guys were out enjoying
the surf and that SUNSHINE like me.
Except I was not in the water!!

While out visiting my friend Dawn
I set up a display of her creations on her lawn
in the glow of that sun. 

When the sun disappears the curtains get drawn and the heater goes on much to the delight of our pets.  Every evening there is a jostling for best position on the floor for maximum heat!!  Sheba will share with Toebee, but if Big is first no one goes too close.

And when it all gets too much and they have been sufficiently cooked all pets retreat to higher ground to continue with their slumber, usually next to me on the couch. 



Monday, 4 June 2018

What made me happy this week - 22/52

I've done it again, I'm a day late!!  Guess that is because we are on the last day of a long weekend in my neck of the woods.  NZ is celebrating the Queen having a birthday.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liz, and thanks for the day off work.

My last week has been full of happy moments,
and little day trips for me. 

On the Monday my youngest son and I went out to Raglan as we both had the day off work. We saw the cutest lost baby seal on the wharf, enjoyed lunch out at Manu Bay and watched dudes out surfing. The waves were pounding those Rocks we love to sit on.  My eldest son's girlfriend and I went back out to Raglan on Saturday, another lovely little trip which included visiting some SHOPS!!

It finally got cold enough to wear long sleeves and more layers,
so frolicking outside in the garden took place.

Well I was also celebrating the arrival of some BOOTS!!

More Boots??!!

Cool mum!
Boots are made for walking AYE??

We had a death in the coup but I am happy that I got to have some farewell hugs with old Joan before she gave up.  

The Blackbirds are happily feasting on the last of the berries on offer.

And on Sunday TOF and I hit the road and headed north to Auckland to catch up with his mother.  While he was in hospital she had a stroke and ended up in Hospital.  So now that he is well on the road of recovery we managed to get up to check in on her.  She is doing really well and managing back at home. Phew they are all on the mend!!!