Thursday, 8 October 2015

Happiness blossoms where seeds of kindness have been thoughtfully planted

I have busy with work the last couple of days and trying hard to stay away from the shops as I am heading off to the beach tomorrow for a couple of days.  But those that know me, I break my own rules often.

Well yesterday, I couldn't get all gussied up just for work could I?  Layers of blue with some red underneath was the order of the day.  I love this coat, with it's huge spots and ruffle cuffs, and I have been waiting for the right temps to wear it. Very much an in between seasons bit of clothing.
I found these two coffee mugs at the Hospice and had to bring them home with me, and I found a red and white striped bangle which I forgot to photograph, so I shall just have to wear it soon.  The Beer handle was given to me, well we all got given one at work, they are the latest commemorative handles celebrating Willie the Waiters birthday, 70th. For you non kiwis google Willie the Waiter and hopefully you will get Waikato Beer and understand the celebrations.  If you get something else from your searching I will not be held responsible!!!  Ha ha ha ha mwa ha ha!! But do tell.

A couple of the girls found a good place to have a dust bath, there was dirt flying high and they jostled for the best spot in the hole that had been made by the others.

Cheeky chicken off to lay an egg in a secret part of the garden for me to try and discover.  I did!

If it's not flowering it is fruiting!!
Check out the size of my lemons.

Be it in colour or black and white 
I constantly marvel at the glory of Mother N.

After work today I went to Spotlight to look at patterns as they were advertised at only $7 each.  I found these three but didn't end up buying them as my choices weren't in the sale. BUGGER!!  Vogue patterns were still full price and at $30 a pop, yes you heard me right, thirty-fricken-dollars, I took photos only. When did patterns get so expensive? I shall wait until they get on a half price deal and then I will only probably buy one. But which one?

Broke my no shopping rule again today, but the Fun Ho grader more than likely will go to one of the blokes at work who collects them.

Hair down, hair up!  Sometimes I think I should just chop the lot off, but when it is long I can have either looks.  I dress like a plant today, green pants being my stem, and my floral dress were my petals!!

Thought provokers:

this next one made me laugh!

Snigger, and very true!!

See you all when I get back from the
Oh Happy Days!! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.

Hate to brag but our glorious weather continues to turn up.  It is so nice not to have RAIN and dull gloomy days that just drag on forever, I think we had our quota.  I am a lover of the warmer weather for sure, it means more time outside and in the garden.

I witnessed a meeting taking place under one of our lemon trees on Sunday.  I am pretty sure they were plotting and planning something to do with egg laying.

My self sown sweet peas are racing up the netting, I cannot wait for the flowers to arrive.  Sweet peas are one of my most favourite fragrant flowers of all time.  I am going to mass plant under them as there are some flat patches where the girls have been chilling out.

Because TOF and I were out in the garden Sheba demands play time. Note how one of her balls is now a flat, and a pretty scuzzy one at that.

I re used some timber we had and made a shelf on my old ladder in the garden.  Must admit to feeling pretty stoked with the result.  TOF helped with the cutting and drilling, but I did the screwing and decorating. All my variety of Lavender plants are together on the ladder, much easier for the bees to get about their business, and the smell will be divine.

Pink Lavender.

I am so glad I planted the Kaka Beak, it just keeps flowering!

Sunday was a wear my hair up day, and comfortable tye dye dress.  I don't do track pants so this is my casual mooch about at home stuff. I re dyed my hair later on that night as it was fading.

Yesterday (Monday) the sun came out and as the day progressed on the layers started to come off.  I think we got up to 18* and then it dropped off to 4* over night.  You have to be strategic about what you wear on these days.  Not hot enough for Summer clothes but not cold enough for Winter. Could be time to fake tan the arms and legs very soon!!

I went out to visit Sue W and take her some of my chicken shit and wood shavings for her garden.  The job I was supposed to do on Friday but got side tracked.  Her cat Jinx the minx lays on her back with her legs spread, so funny, and Max just snuggles up next to you on the couch.

                                             I love SPRING!

A farmer was busy plowing his field, the sun was shining, the cows were mooing, birds were singing..... you get the picture!  It .was just perfect.
Some how this old barn has survived another year.

Time spent in the countryside
is time well spent.

There is something magical about a rickety old building.

I arrived home to a rather innocent looking Sheba cuddling a toy while others seemed to have 'exploded', apparently it wasn't her. 

Caught in action.

I went to check out the egg production and only found little Coral busy at work, I got suspicious.

Then I spotted Joan and her tail feathers under one of the trees.

Next I found Maybelle among the Winter Roses.
I was so right about them all plotting and planning after all.

Maybe I should put Oscar into an Intensive Egg Sniffing Program (IESP) and enlist his help in my daily search for eggs.  No doubt he would rather lay about in the sunshine.

I guess I will have to just carry on spying on the girls!

Me and my freshly dyed hair retreated inside for refreshments.

my favourite! 



Saturday, 3 October 2015

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them

I don't mind weeds, in my garden or with people, it's all about not being judgmental at the end of the day don't you think.

Do you see a weed, or do you see a beautiful bright yellow flower?


So how has your week been?  Fun? Interesting? Same same?

Thursday was a colourful day, layers of lovely orange and reds with basic black.  The weather was glorious again!!  A day of taking off the top layer and putting it back on again if you know what I mean.

Maybelle follows me around when it is egg gathering time, she is the one that lays her eggs in the garden for me to find.

Yay for awesome weather!!

That evening I went to the opening of and Exhibition at The Garden Arts Gallery as Dawn was one of the Exhibitors and her good friend Jo was the other feature artist.  The spares girlfriends mum came and picked me up and off we went to the Gallery.  The girls had worked hard and a nice sized crowd of people turned up for opening night.  It was lovely and you may not believe this, but I forgot to take photos!!  It was a really pleasant evening.

Jo's is a talented painter but her paintings are well out of my budget, so I bought three of her cards that I can frame instead.  If you want to check out her work then look her up.

Friday I felt hints of Orange was required, so hints of Orange it was.  

I went to pick  up a Yellow Lavender plant from my plant lady and she gave me the lovely bright Petunia for free.  I buy loads of plants from her so that was rather nice.  The tunic I found at Habitat while out and about.

I went to Ngaruawahia (pronounced, Na-roo-a-woh-he-a) to pick up these two green swans for my sister.  The lady was out so I had to put the money through the mail slot in her door.  She had the most cutest house with the loveliest garden, hence the sneaky photo.  Check out her box hedging.

I had a look in a couple of charity shops but found nothing so stopped off at a church in the main road because of this.

Apart from Mary having a sweet little place to hang out the flowering tree was stunning.  Messy but stunning.  I think it was a Rhododendron.

On my way home I got side tracked by horses grazing in a paddock.  I was supposed to be heading out to see Sue W but time got the better of me.  I think horses are so graceful.

There was this little old wobbly shed 
with grass growing on it's roof. 

I fell in love with the little horse, who wouldn't.  Pretty cute.

I finally got home late afternoon.

I made myself a cafe style lunch.

I have so many things flowering in the garden at the moment and it makes me so happy.  My garden really is my happy place.

These guys love the garden too.

This morning TOF and I went out for a while and ended up in town to have coffee at a friend of TOFs coffee shop.  While we were waiting for our drinks I had a wander across the road to a new ANZAC memorial in our main street.

This dude came up to me and asked to have his photo taken with me, just before he asked if I had any money.  Makes me wonder what his life has been like and what has lead him to where he is now.  I had no cash and he was polite, but we watched him stop everyone walking along the street.

TOF and I sat outside and had CAKE with our drinks.  He had the one on the left, Lemon cake with a berry topping and I had Carrot cake with a caramel sauce and yogurt.  Needless to say, they were divine and I don't think I will be needing any lunch.

I planted the Yellow Lavender in a pot and planted some other things out in the garden when we got home.  Think the rest of the day is looking pretty cruisey.

Things to make you think:

***Have a lovely weekend***