Friday, 6 March 2015

I was born in 1962

The swinging sixties,
the time I made my entrance into the world.

That is me on my christening day.

My god parents and their eldest son, with my parents and my two older sisters.  My god parents are the parents of my life long friend Leonie.

1965 with my sisters.

I got my hands on this 1962 magazine and  found it both intriguing and funny, and totally loved the fashion.  Unfortunately the patterns are not there anymore, that would have been the ultimate find.

Amazing that even 50 odd years ago us females were still being tormented about weight!  Apparently we just needed to have a good shit.

 Lots of gorgeous feminine frocks.

The advertising was hilarious.  I so worry about what my friends think about my loo, and my hair care when on holiday is not a fabulous up do like this one.  And of course exercising outside in the fresh air keeps you slim! Duh!!

I love this frock.  I remember when I was trying it on being told by a woman that it made me look bigger.   Some people really need to engage their brain before their mouth.  Anyway her opinion meant diddle squat to me and I purchased the glorious '60s frock.

The pleating and detail, the label, the fabric, the colours, all rather lovely thank you very much.  Of course back in the sixties leggings would not have been worn and I seriously doubt a tattoo peeped out of a sleeve.

Talking of peeping, check out my nosy girls. Probably wondering what the hell I was up to and where was their breakfast!!

Peeping through shapes with my camera.

It was far to humid for a 3/4 sleeved frock and hair piece so I changed into this black and white outfit.  Much cooler and just the ticket for a trip round the supermarket and a few of my favourite op shops.

3.5mtrs of satin printed quilted fabric for $7, two layering tops $2.50 each and the most funny little book about MEN!! 

 But does he really exist?

 This is my lads,
they are at a Beer fest tonight!

 So funny,
and possibly quite true.

Lets just say a bit of lightening of hair went on this evening!

Me and my sister Helen in our Grandmas beautiful garden.
1967 I was 5 and she was 7.

And then there was the seventies!
Shorts and pig tails.

Monday, 2 March 2015

So much to do in so little time, but it was done.

Friday afternoon/evening was spent helping the Spare move out into his flate.  The Heir helped so the three of us nailed the moving in one trip using three cars and one trailer!!  So he is all installed in his new gaff now learning all about REAL LIFE!!  I was heading out for Sue W's birthday dinner and my lads ended up making me pushed for time, so it was a quick brush of my hair, a spray of some nice smellies, no time for a change of clothes and I was gone.  TOF arrived home as I was leaving so we were like ships that passed in the night.

I have stolen some of Sue W's photos, only the ones that didn't show all the chins that came out with me uninvited!!  Bastards!!

Her husband cooked a feast and her neighbour made some divine treats for desert.  Me Sue and Kerry were trying out a new look,  before the evening turned into a Sing Star event.  I am not a performer, my singing is for solo trips in my car only, but I manned Sue's camera and caught her in the act performing.  She can really sing too, next time I should film her.

With the Spare moving out we temporarily have a spare room, until the Heir moves back in whilst in between flats.  He bought a new second hand bed which we installed and Sheba is more than impressed.   Both TOF and I had nana naps on it as this room is so sunny and quiet.

Saturday afternoon we went out to Raglan to see friends.  The land is so dry out that way and in dire need of some hearty rainfall.  Paddock after paddock, hill after hill, is brown.

Our friends had been in a week long fishing competition and their son caught a 94. something kg striped Marlin, very impressive.  Most of it is being smoked and some is being made into Marlin Pate.  We went to the prize giving with them where their son won the Marlin section.  The cutest ever little dog called Minnie was dressed as a Pirate, as were the crew of the boat her owners were on.

Sunday morning I picked just over 1.5 kg of Blackberries, more than enough to make jam, and that was only one picking session.  There are gazillions more ripening as I type!!

TOF dealt to the bucket of Apples he had picked and stewed them all up.  This meant Crumbles!!

Five are in our freezer and a huge one was constructed for desert that night, smothered in cream and or ice cream.  Yeah it was bloody lovely. The rest of the apple has been bagged and frozen.

I bought this little old pushchair off trade me, from Whangamata so my sister picked it up for me and got it sent back to town with her boss.  I had one just the same when I was about three, so I was pretty tickled to pick this one up for $15.  My doll Hannah fits in perfectly!! (much to the horror of all males, they think I am mad!)

I also bought the little Boomaroo washing machine, that still works for $13, same trader.  I think this is quite collectable so I may well on sell if the price is right.  So cute tho' and so well played with over the years.  Apparently these were made in the sixties - my generation!!!

There was some stewed apple left over so I decided to make an Apple shortcake for TOF.  He laughed and said "that's not for me, you will take that into work for those boys".  Well he had left over crumble to take away with him for the week and let me tell you, the boys at work loved it.  Apparently it was like shop bought, but better!!

 and totally loving it!!



Friday, 27 February 2015

Back working at the best job ever!

So happy to be back at work and the lads
the cake I made them!!

My bosses lovely wife even left me a post it note!!
Yes indeed I am feeling the love.

I had a BLACK and White sort of week.

But today I went for some colour.
NOTE: the shoes.
Did you notice I have them in four colours!!!
Because they are so bloody comfortable.

Still have my afternoons for those op shops and recycle shops.
Three gorgeous new additions.

First week without TOF during the week,
but I still had plenty of good company!!

He's home tonight.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

I am back, did you all miss me?

Crikey, another weekend is all but over!!

I have been productive over the last few days, yes I have.  On Friday I did my volunteer stint in the Hospice shop and really enjoyed it.  They have the best system in place for sorting clothes and I am cranking out the stuff to go in the shop.

I found the most gorgeous floral cotton dressing gown that I think I will be wearing as a jacket, and another pair of fabulous tights like some I have owned for a couple of years.  I also got Jak a pair of skins.  All only $2.50 each, so very good shopping.

From the Hospice I headed to work to pick up my contract to look over and sign, so it is so official now, I am back employed at the best place I have ever worked at.

Friday night I got busy in the kitchen as it was SPORT SPORT SPORT in our lounge!!  Cricket then RugbyLemon Curd was one thing I made using some of our lemons and eggs from our girls.  I still have a gazillion lemons, might juice and freeze in ice cubes.

Next it was Red Pepper Jelly - this stuff I make every year and it is divine.  If you want the recipe just message me your email and I will flick it through to you.  Absolutely yumo on cheese or cold meat.

Saturday arrived dead on time the following morning and I wore plaits and a frock for the day.

Some of the girls were misbehaving in TOFs strawberry patch, I had a lot of tidying up to do before he saw the evidence!!

Not Coral and Dorothy,
they are clucky as hell at the moment.

Move along,
nothing to see here!!

Yes Saturday was hard work, I think Oscar and I spent a considerable amount of time watching recorded stuff on TV.  Bit of a catch up day for me as there has been so much farking cricket to watch live.  So I made the most of my viewing time that had been allocated to me.

Today, Sunday, I popped out in the morning and caught up with some friends, delivering Jam and drinking tea at both places.  When I arrived home I found TOF up a tree.

The Apple tree to be precise.  Now I have a bucket full of Apples to play with, as well as the Lemons.  So I can see a night of stewing Apple very soon in my future.

This afternoon I baked.  Well I have promised a cake for the lads at work, and I knew TOF would frown so I made him a smaller one.  Sultana and Cranberry cake.  When they were cool enough I iced them.

This is TOFs.  He is going away for the week with his work so he can take it with him.  The shapes are white chocolate, a cheats way of decorating and the squiggles are glitter gel icing that comes in a squeezable pen thing.  I had fun playing.

And this is for the lads!!

Wisdom time: