Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I took my Great Grandmother some flowers.

I managed to exchange the  photos for some from my fathers side of the family on Saturday, there were not many, some how an album has gone missing along with a fabulous photo of his dad in his flying gear from WW1.  Thankfully I had a few photos already, but now I have loads of photos to add to my ever growing album of gone but not forgotten to me relatives.  I started dabbling in my Family tree over 30 years ago which seems impossible to me because I was sure I was only about 25!!  It is so interesting getting back into it and so much easy with all the internet do-hicky thingymajigs.

Sunday was a gorgeous day so I picked some flowers from my garden and decided to go visit my great grandmother Minnie.  She is buried in one of if not the oldest cemetery in Hamilton.  Armed with my little map off I went.

Even tho there is a motorway nearby it was surprisingly quiet, well apart from a Rooster crowing and a bunch of Native birds having a good old conversation high up in some big old trees.

There is something lovely about a picket fence and a wide open gate inviting you in to wander up the hill and around.

Minnie was my dads Grandmother and lived most of her life as far as I know over at Thames. 

She was married to Charles Kerby who died very young leaving her with a big family to raise on her own in 1901 when my Nana was only 9 months old.  Some years later she re married a Mr Holden.

Following my map I found the section she rests in but a bird landed on a tall headstone next to her grave as if telling me where she was.

Minnie is right at the very back of the Cemetery and the graves are mostly covered in flowering plants, but I would have to say reasonably well maintained due to the age of them all.

It isn't flat land so it must have been a hard slog back in the day to bury someone. Imagine the ladies dressed in their heavy black mourning dress on a hot summer day or a wet and wild winter day.

Some of the headstones are very ornate.  Do we still do this for our loved ones? Most of my family have been cremated so there is no where to sit with them quietly and think.

The Children's Lawn, not a place I could wander being a mother myself I find it hard to see young ones laid to rest too soon.

Likewise with the soldiers section.  I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must have been to send a husband, father, brother or son off to a war that wasn't even in our own country.

The fence line to the cemetery has this row of strong tall old trees guarding over land.

Opposite the Cemetery is this lovely gate with Hardy Centre on it. I wasn't sure what that was but have since discovered it is to do with the Girl Guides.  "Hello, look at the clue Sue, the guide symbol either side, you were a guide once upon a time remember!!"

At the end of the road there were these wild daisies doing their thing on the fence line, so pretty.  The paddocks here are for some horse riding group, pity there weren't any nags for me to photograph.

Tagging alive and well on a fence! HBHS stands for Hamilton Boy's High School, where my lads went.  Rather see tagging on a fence than on a head stone.

I did an exchange, leaving flowers for Minnie but taking a slip of the plant growing on her grave to plant in my garden.  My Minnie plant!  I have a Daphne bush I planted for my dad.
I love this old photo. Back row is my Aunt, Great Grandmother Minnie and my Nana.  Front row is my Uncle, Mr Holden and my dad.  Seeing this photo of dad just shows how strong our family resemblance is, as many of the offspring have his look.

On Sunday night the dogs were causing a fuss rather loudly  out the back so I went to investigate.  I found this poor Hedgehog rolled up in a tight ball probably wishing they would bugger off and leave it alone.  So I scooped it into a bucket and put it out the front safely away from the barking mad dogs.

This blackbird is a resident of the front garden.  Every morning it sits on the roof of our garage waiting for Tex to turn away from his bowl of breakfast.  Then it swoops down and helps it's self to Tex's food.  Twice a day, every day.  I have noticed a second bird has decided being regularly fed is perfect so it has joined in as well.

Something else happening out the front is the flowering of my Fuchsia plants, flax bush, and Yesterday Today Tomorrow shrub.

 The Fuchsia reminds me of a dress with underskirts peeping out.

Oh look at my new to me sandles that arrived in the post yesterday, they match my eyes!!  Super gorgeous and will definitely be getting an outing this week.

Today when I got home from work I got stuck in and gathered up all the last of the pruning and loaded them onto our little red trailer.  TOF will be pleased with me! 

And because it is the first day of December I have put up our tree.  The decoration will happen tonight.

It has been confirmed, I am not 25 as this was taken of me in the early 1960's.  Bugger!!!

PS: In the photo of me and my sisters at the tram in my last post you all guessed wrong, I was the small child with the boy hair cut wearing shorts!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad.

Sorry Northerners but bugger me it has been hot the last few days, and it is only November!!  But tonight we have rain to cool it all down and water everyone's gardens.

Yesterday was such a nice day, and it was made even nicer by having my good mate Lulubelle (Louise) and her daughter Prairie drop in for a visit.

I whiled away the time before they arrived in the garden, big surprise that is, me in the garden!! 

I put all the squabs on the garden swing and was joined by the dogs.  I didn't let the girls loose in the garden as last time old Joan chased Lou around the back yard.

Plenty of faffing and twirling because a visit from these gals always warms my heart. Thanks for visiting my lovelies!!

Today was another glorious day that was slightly derailed for me as I wanted to borrow some old family photos from a relative and they weren't too keen on the idea, but did let me.  I wanted to take photos of them as they are pictures of my long gone relatives, people that interest the hell out of me as they were such a pioneering bunch.

The day was far to nice to be made miserable but someone else's shit attitude so I saluted those that try to take me down to their misery.

Is life too short to subscribe to the bullshit of others?  I think so, and after some relaxing among my flowers I was back on track.  Oh and I also had a wee bit of retail/op shop therapy.  As us girls all know, there is nothing like a bit of shopping to perk you up.

I do believe I got a bargain!  The Big Red Shed was having a nuts as one day sale on loads of stuff, so what was a girl to do?

I also got the prettiest lamp shade to hang over our dining room table. From Habitat I came home with some Royal reading, a cute as Xmas tree decoration, and a set of three old treadle sewing machine draws.  These are going to get a paint job, I only want the individual draws.

How gorgeous does the light look?

This beautiful old leather suitcase belonged to my dads father. His initials are the same as my sister Helen's so my dads mother gave her this suitcase.  It has been living at a relatives house and is full of the old photos that I borrowed.

Like some of me and my sister H with other family members and this one of my beautiful boys when they were small.

And old ones from my childhood like this one.  My grandparents took us girls away for a weekend up the Thames coast and we stayed in one of the old Trams that had been converted into a holiday home. It was such a cool weekend.

I love this photo of my grandmothers Pineapples that she would grow in her greenhouse.  She was an amazing gardener and her and grandpa had the best ever garden to hang out in.
My favourites are the very old ones like these.  I love the old studio staged ones.  But the day at the beach is so great, look at what they had to wear.  Quite different to the micro things worn today!!  I spent all afternoon photographing photos, I think I did over 200 and that is of only one side of the family.  Hopefully I can get the other half without any fuss and bother.

 Tex kept himself very busy sleeping.
  Bed one was his outdoor chair.

Bed two was in a cool breeze on a door mat, the deck was too hot for him today. He spent most of the day out the front of our place.

Bed three, and quite possibly his all time favourite at the moment as he is still in it and will be until tomorrow now. 
Someone else took advantage of the beds available and joined in on the slumber party.  Of course Sheba was far to busy to be sleeping!

They say that some of the white sheep in a family are not all that white!

Happy weekend to you all!!


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I stayed home!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I managed to tick a lot of things off my to do list, in fact I could well be in the running for.....

When TOF got home at the end of the day he was like, oh you...and you..and there's more!!

There was a line full of washing.

That wheel barrow of branches got mulched, and did you say lawns, why yes, I mowed the lawns (5 minute job).

And I baked! Banana and Walnut muffins, and a six pack made it's way to work this morning.

Thinking I stand a better chance at at week rather than a year, that would be a heavy crown to wear!!

Tex showed his support by waking up.

It was so warm that I wore my hair up, in fact I did a French Braid, I had to teach myself years ago as I had no one to braid it for me. Somethings you never forget, now I want to know how to do a fish tail braid.

The box garden full of lettuce plants is ready for consumption, lucky we love salads!!

Last week I wore this dress under a blue dress but today it was on top!

Just look at all those flowers reaching for the sunshine!

Today ended like this which should indicate a good day tomorrow.

I put solar lights on the garden swing late yesterday, and they got their sparkle on tonight for me.  Anyone up for a night swing??