Thursday, 17 April 2014

I am a few thousand short...

..of shoes!!

My summer collection is only 28 pairs.

Where as Imelda Marcos (former President of the Philippines wife) had a collection of close to a staggering 3000 pairs. OMFG!!!

(photo courtesy of Google)

Holy crap cakes Batman, that is a hole lot of shoes!!

(also courtesy of Google)

According to Google her stash of shoes was stored in the basement of the Palace in Manilla that they lived in before being transferred to the National Museum.

Now back to my collection, at least I can honestly say I have worn them all and more than once and all bought second hand or in an incredibly good sale.

All lined up for you and looking

Now safely back in my wardrobe
tucked under my

Some of my bags were
just hanging out!

Today was a Red, Green and
polka dot kinda day!
With a little side serving of
ruffles and lace.
Excellent for the dull wet, windy, wild morning that was delivered.

Hope you enjoyed the


Your turn!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Apparently I can cook!!

Who knew??

Well  I can bake.

Remember the little bench top oven I bought, well I baked scones in it last night.  When I say bake, I added water to the scone mix, added some grated cheese, mixed it up and made one big round scone and put cuts in it.  But look at it!  Dam fine  it was to.  We had this with some simply divine Mushroom soup and some little chicken nibbles TOF whipped up that hands down beat anything old man Sanders makes.  Take that you old grey haired bearded git!! 

On my way home from work today I looked in on the op shops in my works neighborhood, which just happens to be Frankton, home of a few favs of mine.  I also called in at the Dump shop and the Dinsdale SPCA.
Bag of lace and trims, old sheet and knitting doll, Purple wool cardy/jacket, green lace over dress, and the most gorgeous ever hand done table cloth.

Another linen tea towel very souvenir Kiwi stuff, another scrum of gorgeous old brooches, the 3 = $10.  I have taken a liking to a pot of tea in the morning but ours are all bigguns.  So I have been on the look for a 1-2 cuppa sized one.  Finally at the dirty old Warehouse (big warehouse style cheap department store) where everyone gets a bargain, I found this little one on a sales table. Perfect and only $4-97 which actually is $5 as we don't have 1 and 2 cent coins.  Why not just price it at $5? Anyway, I have had a brew in it this afternoon and it is just the bloody ticket, even pours well.

Oscar was so cute with this toy I got him at an op shop today.  He snuck up, licked his lips and then carefully extracted the toy from the chair and scarpered.  It has been goobed on so now wet, just got to keep Sheba away or this will end up de stuffed in seconds.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the last day of my working week but this week I have to share my short week with the entire Nation!  Due to Easter turning up.  Guess some chocolate eggs and hot cross buns will fall into the supermarket trolley tomorrow.

Just for you
something to print off and colour in
over the four days off!!

A lot of you have mentioned of late that I have an awful lot of shoes which got me to wondering if I have a SHOE ADDICTION!! I am reasonably confident that I am not turning into Imelda Marcos the 2nd so I am going to line all the gorgeous things up and take a photo or two or three..... and share them with you.  Only my summer ones because Winter is a whole other story or blog!!

 So Look out!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Get your Cartoon on.

Today was actually cool enough
to rock out my new
Cartoon Leggings!


Worn with Black slip dress, Red lightweight duster coat, kick arse new to me  sparkelishious brooch, and fabulous Blue shoes (I may have forgotten to tell you about these babies!)  Everything bought either on sale, off trade me or op shopped!! 


So glad I work with men,
they just don't
bat an eyelid
at anything I wear to work.

Because most men
subscribe to the above
words of wisdom
when it comes to us
and our choice in
(or they just take no notice!!)

I managed to stop in on a couple of op shops on my way home from work this afternoon.  My sister at the beach uses linen tea towels so here is one for her, might write the recipes down for TOF first seen as he is an Irish man.  Score, another Russian doll, and I love the key holder.  Patchwork pattern thing for Mrs Webber as she is party of the crafty women of Karakariki!!!

TOF got a new winter hat from my sister (who lives at the beach) whom is fondly referred to in this house by the blokes (and their mates) as Aunty H.  I certainly hope he wears it to Rugby on Saturdays!!  Thanks Aunty H :-0

PS: I took some of the Beetroot and seed cake into work today for the lads, I told them I was getting credits for up and coming cock ups!!  Work with men and you start thinking like them!! Also prevented me from eating the whole dam thing as trust me it is yummmoooooo!!!!! No chance of it going moldy in a cake tin in our  house.

Monday, 14 April 2014

I gave housework a go!

I know!!
(don't panic just yet, this won't happen again for while!!)
I stand a good chance at taking out the 2014 title for...

Well I am pretty sure I have
Mother of the Year
in the bag
after my efforts over the weekend
just gone!!
(see yesterdays post)

I went to Bunnings
(garden centre/man shop)
and bought
for my garden.
Instant Colour!!

I had a box garden in dire need of a mini make over.
Full of bulbs resting until Spring
now going to be covered
in Calandula, Viola, Lobellia, and Lupine.
All planted, watered, and ready to continue blooming!
Must do the other side now.

I do like
in my world!!

Then I baked!!

Two very delicous
Beetroot Seed Cakes.
(if you want the recipe, just google Beetroot Seed Cake by Nigel Slater)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A very Autumnal laid back Sunday around here....

Sunday around here is usually a pretty kick backed kind of day, and this one was no exception.  Not that I struggle to do very little on any given day.  I figure as long as the washing is up to date on Sunday it is total cruise control for me.  The temperature was slightly cooler but still not winter woolies time yet. It was a lovely lazy day to wander around the garden and take in all the changes going on at this time of the year.

Amazingly colour is still happenin
 out the back of our place.

Berries, buds, seed pods,
and twirling stems reaching out
for a new direction to grow.

My big feet shaped paving stones
are covered in crispy
aged leaves.

The last of the vegetables on offer.

I want TOF to plant his vegetable garden
in lupines and mustard
for winter.

 But the girls will want to have a 
scratch and a dig
before hand.

Coral was looking all beautiful
and glossy
on this overcast 
Autumn day.

A praying mantis arrived in the kitchen.

Oscar was fascinated,
Tex ended up playing with it
then eating it!!
(are they the insects that get eaten after sex? well bad luck, no sex was involved)
Out the front the garden is
quite bushy
and in need of some

Ivy creeping about
a lone pine cone.

A Blue Lady bird, a Sparrow, and a Clicky bug.
Obviously I am no Richard Attenborough
so Clicky Bug it is.

Even finished Dandelions can look lovely,
as to does the
and the
Flax seed pods!

 Everything is welcome in our garden.
(even visitors, nice to see you today Annette)
Meanwhile inside on the couch.....
slightly hungover and exhausted teenager and small white dog
both had a bit of shut eye.

Excuse Me!

I was up at 2.15am also
collecting said teen from town,
did I have a nana nap??

Another true story.
the day just passes me by.

Utterly Fabulous though!!

Hope you all had an enjoyable
very relaxing

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Far too Hot for a game of Rugby

The weather that is, was far too hot!!
Glad I was only a spectator!

My youngest hasn't played a game of rugby for a couple of seasons so he was a little wary of how he would perform today.  TOF and I rolled up armed with rain jackets and an umbrella as the sky was threatening to open on us and rain.

Didn't happen,
we got more SUNSHINE!!!

My lad in jersey 19 was on the reserve bench for the first half of the game, so while we watched the game we also wandered around the field.  How cute is the little ball boy? His rugby top was like a dress on him and he was taking his ball boy duties seriously, except when I took this photo, bless him.

I rather like this tree house!
I could happily play in that all day.

Most club rugby grounds in Hamilton are in Suburban parks so houses back onto the grounds.  Most have club rooms with bars and this one had hot food on offer, so we could smell it wafting over the field as we wandered.

He made it on for the second half of the game, don't ask me what position all I know is he was on the ground in the photo on the left and upright and walking in the one on the right.  Pretty sure they came second today, I was far too busy socialising on the sideline and taking photos to know the actual score,

 but second is good isn't it??

I think he may have knocked the ball on in this but big deal, he got to touch that ball more than once, that has to be a woo hoo moment in it's self!!  Seriously tho, he enjoyed himself and played well, but tells me he needs to improve his fitness.  Yeah yeah, so do I but don't look at me as a running buddy!! 

I don't have shoes for running or exercising!

I of course was the colourful supporter on the sideline!!

We came home and a couple of hours later a slightly pickled son rang to see if we could go get him and his car from the club rooms.  Being good parents (well we are competing in the parent of the year contest for 2014) we went and got him.  I drove him and his car home, fed him then dropped him off out at with his mates for what I assume will be a big night on the town, and no doubt a drunken call will be lodged in the wee hours of tomorrow for a pick up.  

Rather that than he drives drunk!

PS lovelies: my $3 shoes were might comfortable, practical for wearing on grass, and colourful!! 

And worth a close up!!

Friday, 11 April 2014

A good reason not to take the by pass.

My favourite F word is ?
Yep today is Friday and it is moving into the later stages of the day here.

After I had finished at work today I needed to go to a smallish town called Ngaruawahia, about a 10 minute at the maximum drive north of Hamilton.  You say it like nah-roo-are-wha-he-are, just so you know. It is a Maori word and I always remember how to spell it by saying the following rhyme, 'nine girls are running under a bridge and here I am', the only way for me to remember and I learned this as a child.  Anyway why did I need to go to this place? 

To collect the black dress on the left that I had purchased off trade me.  I haven't been to Ngaruawahia for some time and now that there is a motorway that by passes it the chances are reduced.  Glad I did today tho as I discovered one of those old fashioned cash only cheap as chips op shops.  A little on the whiffy side today but manageable.  I came out the door with a bag of braid, lace, bobbles and the massive amount of fringing.

Further down the road was this shop with a rather inviting name!  A community shop with good labeled second hand ladies only clothing run by volunteers.  Prices from $5 to $20.  Oh look I found SHOES!!!  And a skirt that looks like crap on the hanger, so use your imagination please.  Both things were wrapped in bright orange tissue paper then put into a paper carry bag.  Nice, but not really required.  Worth going back to check these little shops out on another day with more cash as neither had EFTPOS.

Back in town I called in at Habitat (hello Karon) as I had bid and won an auction for the three brooches that they had listed on trade me, I got them for $7, all quite beautiful and will be worn together in a 'scrum' as our darling Helga refers to such a thing.  So while I was there I had a look around and found a long bright cardigan and a velvet jacket.  Both useful for my winter layering that I will be doing when it is COLD ENOUGH!  I have a bad feeling that when Winter finally finds her way here to us in the southern hemisphere, she is going to deal to us big time.  Hope it snows!!  We don't get snow in Hamilton so that would be grand.

Found this today and had to share it,

another one of those true stories!!

I hope you all have plans to enjoy your weekend when it turns up.  I shall be going to a rugby game tomorrow as my youngest is playing and much to his annoyance I shall take my CAMERA!!!