Thursday, 28 May 2015

I have gone to the dark side even tho' the sun is shining.

Yesterday was BLAH in the morning, it drizzled and was another grey dull day.  Then all of a sudden the sky cleared and out she came.

Oh how I welcomed her back.

Dressed in Cobalt Blue with black and white I breezed through the morning with my spotty jacket on and ditched it for the sunny afternoon.  I love this sort of weather, rug up for the morning and then enjoy some warmth for the afternoon.  Sure it goes cold again later on, but if it isn't raining, it is a good thing!

After a quick lunch at home I headed out to visit my friend Dawn the potter.  She had just finished this Ugly Beautiful face for a lady.  I love these with their copper wire hair, uneven eyes and juicy big lips.

Remember these?  I think I shared a photo of them before being cooked and made all colourful.  I am in love with them all.  Non are for sale as they have been made for her Grandchildren, but I seriously think Dawn needs to crank some out, I bet they would sell fast.  I have another box of goodies to take over to Whangamata with me when I go tomorrow.

Guess what I did last night?


After 53 years of being a natural blonde I decided I wanted to have a crack at being dark.  Poor TOF didn't know I was doing it so got a good surprise this morning!!  He likes it, I like it, and now I am going to see if I have as much fun as a brunette as I have done as a blonde.  I really think it is more to do with a good attitude to life, not the colour of ones hair, but I shall report back.

So what do you think?

Today was another day of rugging up in the morning and stripping a layer for the afternoon.  We had a hearty frost to wake up to, which is a sure sign of a bloody grand day to come.  I was not disappointed, the sun returned to grace the sky again.  One of the great things about working with all males, is they don't give a toss about how I dress, what I do with my hair, or anything.  Sure they probably notice but they don't have the urge to share their opinion, they just accept me for me.

Good thing to remember!

Time for a laugh?

And this one is for

I salute you sister!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

You won't believe it, it's still raining!!

But at least the sun is managing to poke her nose through the greyness every so often to lighten the sky.  I think the forecast is for improvement, I live in hope!

Yesterday I dropped off two boxes of stuff I had sorted and bagged for the Hospice shop in town that they gave me last week to bring home.  Thinking that was it for a while I was given another boot full of bounty to sort through.  I quite enjoy it as I can sort in the evening in front of the TV, and I just haven't had any Fridays spare to go in and help in the shop.  So I call this my 'HOMEWORK'.

Did you spot this amongst the stuff in my boot?  Well I picked it up for $5 and it is perfect for getting into the top cupboards in my kitchen.

I visited a dear friend yesterday, a visit that was well overdue.  Sometimes I mean to catch up with people but it just doesn't happen, so I made it happen yesterday.  We had a lovely catch up and she gave me these two gorgeous old patterns.  I always seem to leave her house with something from her.

I was top to toe in red, black and white yesterday,
and  I layered lots to beat the chill in the air.

My shoes reminded me of a Lady Bird.

I got baking in the afternoon and made Banana Bran muffins, which I tasted when visiting the lovely Julie from Threadbear Cottage a while back.  Mine weren't as fluffy as hers but still tasted pretty good.

I also made some no bake muesli bar, which some found it's way to my work this morning.  It looks healthy and it sort of is, apart from the honey, peanut butter and brown sugar that glues it all together.  But trust me it is divine.  If you want the recipe just ask and I will email it to you.

I had to dig out a woolen coat this morning to beat the chill outside.  I only need a coat for outside as work is pleasant and most shops are more than warm enough.  I really need to pack my summer duds away and drag out the winter woollies, this is when I have a major sort and cull of clothes and shoes.

Speaking of Woollies, I found this gorgeous cropped cardy today and had to have it.  The photo is showing it more orangey when in fact it is really more reddish.  I bought it in a cute little recycled clothing shop in Frankton.

Poor old Joan is in full on molt at the moment and looking pretty rough, if she looses any more feathers I will have to start knitting her a top!!  Seems so unfair that they molt as the weather is chilling off.

Check out that dark sky above the line up of sparrows.  This evening there was a slight pink tinge to it so fingers crossed tomorrow will be beautiful.

I will jump like that if it is fine tomorrow!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

All I can tell you is it was a wet and windy weekend.

Here in the Waikato we have had two days of RAIN RAIN RAIN!!  And OMG how the temperature dropped off, in fact you could be forgiven for thinking it was Winter.

It is Winter?
Bring back the SUNSHINE already.

Two days of doing sweet FA around here for me.
Except stand on the deck
and take photos of life continuing on
in the 

                         Semi naked trees did look good
                                 against the dull grey sky.

Raindrops everywhere
on everything.


The girls weren't put off by
a little bit of RAIN
and ventured in and out of their house
in between the showers
to the back yard.

But when the RAIN
did stop
how beautiful the Magnolia leaves

Dear old George has a new lease on life.

He doesn't mind one little bit
sharing his perches
with the new boys on the block.

Elton and Freddy are more than
happy with the new digs.
Both sing their hearts out daily.

Of course these three
were just ecstatic to have

Cold weather = the heater.
The heater hogs kept it company.

TOF whipped up
Kebabs and Peanut sauce
on rice for our dinner.

I constructed another batch of
Chilli Sauce!

Yes we did Dr Seuss.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Serious Shoe love

Hello lovelies, hope life is treating you kindly.  For some reason the days are whizzing past me and I haven't got around to blogging, so tiny catch up coming!

Way back on Sunday TOF and I drove out in the country to visit some good friends of ours.  This is just one of the glorious views they have on their property.  It is so peacefully in the country and Sunday was a glorious day to relax on their deck in the sunshine soaking up the endless green.

Oscar and Sheba came along to have a catch up with their mate Gus, the most adorable big Lab.  They wandered the paddocks with the lads while us gals sipped tea on the deck and chatted.

it's a play date!

The weather this week has been all over the place, so no wonder these three were making the most of being outside in the sunshine on Tuesday.  Monday it was wet and decidedly yuk! But I did take TOF out for lunch as he had a day off work.  We went to the nicest cafe called Mavis and Co.  My work does all their sign writing so it was cool to see it all.  Oh and the food was fabulous, likewise the entire cafe.

Perfect weather for cultivating the 'shrooms!!  This lot were growing in the chicken yard, but gone today, so does this mean the girls are trippin' out down the back yard??  Eggs seem normal!

Yay for SUNSHINE!!

These gorgeous shoes my fab sister got me at one of the op shops over at the beach.  I have worn them for the last three days and I think I am in love!!  Lucky Helen knows my size and what I like, and she only paid $3.50 for a pair of shoes that retail in the hundreds!!

 What, more shoes?

 Dads home and we're gonna tell!!!

A wet Wednesday arrived so I bloody well went for some long overdue 'Wave Envy' and some pom pom trim!!  My entire outfit comes from second hand shops, except my under wear of course, and my long sleeve t.

I gave Oscar  what I call 'A Poof and A Pamper', aka a hair cut and bath.  With his coat gone I had to dig out one of his jerseys, so cute and so warm!

Today turned into Tipping down Thursday, it rained and rained and it is still raining now.  Just hope it isn't tomorrow as a SuesDay is on the to do list.  Mind you it takes more than rain to put me and Mrs W off a SuesDay.

Thinking these three aren't at all bothered by the rain.

Quote time:

How very true.

Just for laughs:

Sounds like a plan!!