Sunday, 20 November 2016

What keeps you awake at night?

For me nothing, I hit the pillow and I am in the land of Nod!  Usually nothing much wakes me either but last weekend I was woken to the bed shaking. First I thought Sheba was on the end having a good old scratch as you do when you are a dog. But when I got out of bed I soon realised we were having an EARTHQUAKE!!!  It was down in our South Island, Kaikora to be exact and yet we felt it way  up here in Hamilton in the North Island.  For you non Kiwi folk refer to my map below.

We are a tiny Island Nation so we all got to share in the shake rattle and roll in the early hours of Monday!!  No damage up here but down south it wasn't the best.  Must have been horrendous.  The next photos are borrowed from a news source but showing the coastal road damage which cut the Kaikoura off from the rest of the country.  But Kiwis just pull together and do the best they can and slowly, and I mean slowly, things will get better.

Railway line got moved onto the road.

Cows got stranded but rescued.

A lot of money and time will be needed to repair this damage.

I want to thank all you lovelies that asked after my families safety, we are fine up here in safe little Hamilton I am pretty sure the fault line that runs through our country isn't under us.  Well fingers crossed it isn't.

what else happened last week?

The garden continued to flower and greet me every day
with an abundance of colour.

Raspberries, Blackberries, Plums, Black Currants and Strawberries all in abundance.  At this stage we have the promise of a bumper crop.

Then there are Walnuts, Lemons, Peaches, Limes and Apples!!

All thanks to Mother Nature.

Of course when I am outside I have my followers!
They do tend to get under my feet.

Cassie's up do is very much like an opening flower most days.

Coral and Autumn are the most prolific egg producers in the gang at the moment, salad eggs galore.

 Yep he is still drinking from the bird bath.

Florence prefers to escape the coup via climbing whilst all the others just use the open gate.

Maybelle has finally discovered the new nesting house and made quite the announcement about it on her exit.
As the days get warmer we will be spending
more quality time out here.

The Heir has gone and got himself a puppy, meet dear wee Stella, 4 months old and a side walk special.  Some call them designer dogs, but at the end of the day they are just mixed breed.  Of course she has Labrador, most mixed breeds do, Labs must be the most active if you know what I mean.

Lets not forget the foster babies.
These two are providing us all hours of entertainment.

Bloody cute aren't they.

Last night TOF and I went to a 21st birthday for one of the Spares good mates. Such a good night with stories and party hard young-uns!!  I took photos for the birthday boy above.  We have another one to go to in a couple of weeks.  So much fun with such great young people full of life and ambitions.

This morning I kept hearing a bird singing outside our lounge window, turned out to be this little fella, a Wax Eye.
 Of course once the camera comes out I end up out the back in the garden.

We have a Black Bird that has built itself a nest in the Plum Tree,
hopefully that nest gets filled with babies.
My garden is my peace place.
What is yours?

 Poppy time!!
Every stage is beautiful.

This afternoon we took all the dogs

We have a park across the road from our home where the black dogs got to run free.  Fluffy white dog grows painted on ears in open spaces and can not be trusted to come when called so he stays 'on the line' so to speak!!

Meanwhile back at home the little balls of fluffiness and cuteness overload caught up on some sleep.

No op shopping took place last week,
I was incredibly busy at work.

Hope you are all happy and healthy in your part of the world.

Time for a LAUGH!!
So of course I gave it a crack!!

You have been

Sunday, 13 November 2016

It is that time of the year again!!

What time of the year I hear you say?  
I bet you were all thinking pre Christmas time of the year.
Well not in this house.


Meet little Madden, he is only about 5 weeks old and was so frightened when I first collected him from the SPCA. I even bottle fed him for the first few days so I was thankful that it was over the weekend when he arrived. Did you know you burp bottle fed kittens? I googled as I didn't now how often they needed to have a bottle, and then burping came up. So cute, a burping kitten!!

With unlimited cuddles and plenty of handling he turned into the most relaxed little dude within days.

Oscar slipped into his parenting role and escorted the wee guy down the garden path.

Big is confused as to what this new arrival is, I think he is hoping it isn't one of his that has finally found him!!  Sheba keeps her distance with a toy in her gob and just watches.

My garden is amping right now, with the rain, the sun and everything else that Spring has decided to throw at it, it is just doing it's thing.  The bees are making the very best of the plants on offer.

 Birds are feasting on the last of the Berries in the Idesia trees.

They are finding mates and setting up house in the tall trees.  I watched this couple for ages as the big one was feeding the other one berries.  That could well have sealed the deal to get it on!!

Moody skies made for glorious back drops to tree tops.

A drive in the countryside had me come across a paddock of bulls. They looked so good sunning themselves in the tall grassed paddock they were in.

In the neighboring paddock was a White Horse,
graceful majestically beast.

 On the same sunny day I discovered Big's secret sleeping spot.

 I also planted my Gerberas in this very heavy stone planter.

My beautiful big Poppies are flowering but lasting only a day as they are getting beaten by the wind we have been experiencing of late.  There are at least a gazillion of them so everyday more flower.

These Sweet Peas are providing endless happiness visually and in many other ways.  The more I pick, the more they flower.

Many a bunch has been picked and taken to work so my office smells divine, others have been given to visitors, or delivered to friends when I have visited them.

 My Dad gets a fresh bunch as often as needed.

And Autumn has decided to make a nest
under the cascade of sweet peas.

One of my favourite retail shops (Bed, Bath and Beyond) was having a SALE so I went to inspect what was on offer.  I know I don't need any more baskets but come on, look at that thing!!  Far too cool not to have.  The rag rug is huge, I am pretty sure it will end up in the lounge or the dining room eventually.

I Found lights!!  Large wire flowers that had been near to $80 but down to $20.  Perfect on my front entrance table.  The Flamingo ones are destined for the Christmas tree then more than likely they will spend some time in the garden over Summer.

I have had numerous visitors lately
I have been out visiting.

A trip out to Sues was made and my dogs got to play with her dogs.  Four dogs of various sizes and ages leads to mayhem among other entertaining moments.

Let us say there was an overload of territory marking!

I visited my lovely friend Anne who has just returned from 2 months in Holland, her homeland.  She surprised me with these beautiful gifts.  Tea light candle holders and the most gorgeous embroidered and pom pom scarf ever.  So spoiled!!!

I visited Dawn to take her a surprise, this photo of her grandchildren that I took during the week.  Such great kids and so neat to be able to do something nice for her without her knowing.  Of course there was pottery to be viewed.

Glorious colour!!

Then there was a get together at a cafe with Sue and Kerry for a cuppa and a catch up.  I got totally side tracked by the Cafe pets.

Smiling Kune Kune pigs and friendly sheep only to happy to be scratched between the ears.  

Obviously this Cafe is not in the city!!

Yesterday I went to Te Awamutu with my friend Diane.  We went to the annual Craft Fair where I found the lovely Julie.  She had a stall full of her lovely hand made crafts that she was trying to keep dry as it was windy and wet off and on. Diane bought fudge and I bought plants, yes more plants.

Across the road from the Craft Fair this lovely old Church beckoned me to visit.  I have driven past it so many times but yesterday I noticed the door was open.

Built out of Matai and looking very lovely with colourful Leadlight windows, some original and apparently shipped out from the mother land, England, back in the time of construction.  Of course I spent my time wondering how I would convert this into a home.

 The accompanying small cemetery was full of interest.

 I love the wrought iron railing that sat atop a block wall.

Inside the Church hall was a lady with some Christmas decorations from the local Trade Aid shop, so I purchased the two Angels.  Then we found out that the Church Op Shop was open where I found these gorgeous shoes for $4.  In another op shop, yes we visited a couple more, I found the Cat Warning sign for $3. 

In the middle of town we had a coffee break in this lovely Rose filled park.  Well I had a Mocha and Diane had a cigi. 

I have one Rose in my garden but I am rather tempted to get one of these. From bud to full bloom this rose is stunning.  Named after a Kiwi singer too.

Then I got a call to go and collect another foster kitten.  So meet Joel, I named him.  With Madden already I said how about Joel or Benji?  They  laughed and said yes, Joel.  Good Charlotte band here we come!

A buddy for Madden.  Someone to climb the cage with, someone to wrestle with, someone to keep company and give me some time out.  Kittens need company.  SPCA had three I could have taken but my limit is two kittens at a time, more than enough poo to deal to etc.

Little Joel is settling in and thinks he is a parrot!!

While we were all busy outside on kitten watch Oscar thought he would help out by finishing off a bag of potato chips, or crisps for your Northern folk!!

Some parting shots from my garden.

Time for a laugh!