Thursday, 30 January 2014

Are good manners a thing of the past?

Today at work, the job I am leaving next week, the bosses daughter came in, she normally stops and chats, but today she totally ignored me and chatted to the new lady in the office.  Inside I was laughing to myself because her father is equally bad mannered, he never says hello, kiss my arse or anything!  I shall be glad to leave this NEGATIVE place and move onto my next adventure.

Could this be true??
If so I am one major FLIRT!!
Woohoo for me!!

I will talk to anyone, I hold open doors, stop to let cars into the line of traffic, and basically FLIRT with everyone everyday!  My flirting has led me to being treated with extra attention in op shops as ladies keep things aside for me or give me a good deal. I say we should all be flirting, flirting pays off and is such fabulous fun and it costs nothing.

In the Hospice shop today I got these brand new pairs of EMU brand shoes for $5 each.  Fabulously comfortable but a size to big for me.  They are probably going to end up going to my sister at the beach.  The layered singlet top and the 3/4 denims were $2.50 each and go well together.  I am not really a jeans kinda girl but I will give these a whirl, no harm in trying.  

After this little visit I went to buy vacuum cleaner bags.  WHY??  Because I really should vac the house and I have run out of bags and excuses not to vacuum.  At the shop I declined a plastic carry bag so the shop assistant put SOLD tape on them so I wouldn't get nabbed by security.  This made me wonder, Who would steal vacuum cleaner bags??  Certainly not me!!

Meanwhile back home in the garden this afternoon I stalked a couple of sparrows having a Flirt at my bird bath.
Seriously they were flirting, this was not manners!

Such cute fat sparrows they were to.

Pleased to report that my adopted fish have survived their first night in the pond.  But I shall have to put netting over the top because the sparrows think this is another bird bath and I really would like them to stay alive.

It has been so hot and dry of late that I am already collecting dried seed pods from my still flowering Sweet Peas.  I love collecting and storing seeds for the following year.  By the end of summer I usually have quite a collection.

I so did this!!

I am pretty sure my boys did this too.  
Some of the best fun you can have is free.

So back to good old fashioned manners or Flirting,  is it up to us to teach the next generations what manners are.  Or do we simple just accept that some people will always be just plain rude?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Good friends = Good times

I am lucky that I have a rather nice amount of lovely friends.  I do not belong to a group or a crowd, I just seem to have collected an assortment of fabulous friends over the years.  My standing joke is that I have no room for any more friends so you now will have to go on my waiting list, as in waiting for someone to depart to make a vacancy.  

Last night my friend Rose and I went to the movies at the Lido, a very posh grown up theater.

All dark and dramatic with lots of huge Chandeliers, Mirrors, and comfortable seating to enjoy before going to the movie.  Then the theater itself is all rather beautiful too, very plush, posh and fabulous.  We went to "The Book Thief", and it was a nice film.  Slow to get going but a good story and based on fact.

The Lido is sighted in the central city so our walk back to the car took us past a foodie area called Dining on Bryce, all lit up with fairy lights.  I loved the huge star lights in the Mexican eatery.

This morning I awoke to a stunning summer day, so with a bit of time on my hands this morning I went and had a cuppa with the blokes at the Engineering firm I used to work at.  I try to catch up with the lads every so often as they are a good bunch and we all get on well.  From there I ventured off to a couple of op shops.

The basket on the left I scored for $3 as I need to secure one of the handles, not a problem!!  The wrought iron candle holders I got for $3 each and the glass lamp shades were $2 so they make for great outdoor lighting.  The tiny basket on the right was 50 cents, big enough for my wallet, phone and car keys so not that tiny,  maybe small is a better word.  Cat bag for a friend and the coloured tights I got off trade me and they arrived in the mornings post.

Apart from having a thing for baskets I have a thing for small wooden draws.  These are wickedly cool. Draws either side and quite heavy but thinking it will make a useful sewing box.

After lunch I went out to Dawns place as she had unloaded her kiln.

Amongst all her things were my white embossed hearts, very pleased.  And her brightly coloured vase is so unreal but unfortunately it has a crack in it so probably not water tight.

I found her two cats Blackie and Taz chilling out on her bed.  Typical that they were enjoying the sunshine on the White covers.  Two lovely boys they are to.

We loaded her van with boxes of goodies to take to a Gallery.  When we got there we installed the two bird baths in the top photos and the Totem pole bird bath in the bottom centre photo.  The others are things from a previous outing. 

The lady that owns this gallery "the Garden Art Studio" said I could take photos.  I explained that I have this blog and she was like "go for it".  And I did!!

The Gallery inside has a mass of beautiful things, a variety of art and it is all just brilliant.  Outside there is an adjoining cafe called The Lily Pad that serves divine food.

Outside in the maze like garden there is truck loads of fabulous art popping up everywhere.  Well worth the drive, it truly is lovely. Plus there is an organic shop that sells a variety of yummy things.

I had a little spend I did on this necklace that in a previous life was a spoon.  Looked wicked with all my purple clothes today, I had my embroidered harem pants on I did!!

I came home from Dawns with her three large gold fish that I have adopted.  I moved my little pond the other weekend so it was all ready and waiting for the fish.  Thinking I will have to put netting over the top to prevent them being eaten.  I have plans to put in planted pots around it so you won't see the actual pond.

The other thing I came home with is this gorgeous big bowl, the Turtle bowl and a second.  I had taken a box of clothes and things for Dawn and she gave me the bowl, very generous and totally unexpected.  There it is on the right with all the ingredients for tonights dinner.  One of my bacon, egg and vege filo pies.

PS:  The pie was Delicious!!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Because I am gifted at finding a good buy.

Yesterday TOF and I went for a drive to Cambridge, about a half hour drive from Hamilton and a really pretty English styled town.  As we drove in I noticed a fair was happening at the big church on the main road, but did we get to stop? NO!!

All I got was a photo of said event out the car window as we went around the corner.  Truth be known we were on a mission, one of my Trade Me missions so we were towing a trailer.  Parking that could have been an entire new mission so we stuck to the original plan.

I bid and won an entire lounge suite for ONE DOLLAR!!!!  Yes I did!!  I only wanted these two chairs so with a quick text to the sons flat the couch was ear marked for there.  Tex has fully inspected the new chairs and slept in both now that they are inside the house.  Thank goodness we have friends with a trailer!  I thanked them for the use of it with a jar of my plum jam and a bottle of wine.

They need re springing and covering one day, so maybe I might try and find an upholstery course so I can do it myself.  In the mean time a throw rug on each will do the trick.  They are certainly comfy old buggers, great for having a brew in "The Ugly Spotted Frog" mug!!

These are the shoes I picked up for $4.99 last week, pretty dam nice actually, and very comfortable to wear.
Who needs to pay full price?

I am off out to the movies with my friend Rose tonight, we are going to go and see "The book thief".  Both our husbands aren't big on the movies so we might make this a monthly outing and it is a good way for us to catch up regularly.  This year is apparently the year of the Horse.  Time to get on it and do things!!!  So far I have quit both my part time jobs, yes even the shop, and I am going to make do with just the new one.  This year for me feels like a year for changes and I am going to keep making them.  All negative crap can take a hike, I have only room for positive stuff this year, and it is feeling great to have cut loose from my old jobs.  I enjoyed the shop but I have slowly been getting tired of the general public and their rudeness (negative, had to go).  I will still sell things in the shop so my extra income is still going to be happening.

Are you making any changed this year?

Monday, 27 January 2014

YES!!! We had ourselves a picnic by the sea.

Yesterday TOF and I headed out to Raglan to catch up with friends, delivery some pottery to a Gallery, and watching a fishing competition weigh in (that last bit didn't happen, of course I was inconsolable).  So I took this opportunity to slip a basketful of goodies into the car.

Apparently it was not picnic weather, but when have I ever let a minor detail like weather get in the way of a fabulous plan??!!

So parked up at Manu Bay with no water sports happening we had our little picnic in the car.  I had made us croissants, well I didn't actually make them I filled them with ham, cheese and home grown tomato.  We had a bag of seasonal fruit, some chocolate biscuits because no picnic is complete without melted chocolate on your fingers, and a thermos.  It was rather relaxing sitting in the car eating our food and just watching the weather do its thing.  TOF of course was giving me a running commentary, mainly about how much two old girls parked nearby had eaten, like I needed to know this gem.  Pleased to say there are very nice facilities as in real loos at Manu Bay.  In my teenage years of hanging out at Raglan you shared the so called facilities of the days with wandering cows that would shit on the floor.  Close but no cigar!!

 We drove around to the next bay called Whale Bay but I only found a resident Duck on the rocks.

Another lovely part of the coast but  I slipped over and banged my knee while trying to save my camera, my camera is worth far more than my knee!!  TOF didn't see the great fall but thought it was incredibly funny, so supportive of me, true love.  We visited a lovely friend that lives out their and I tried to phone another friend staying out there but the reception was NIL (sorry Megan I did try).

Time to start thinking about going to our friends in Raglan Town so we did our usual drive along Cliff Street down to the Wharf.  Creatures of habit you see.  I dream of living on Cliff Street as the harbour is just across the road and the shops are a walk around the corner, but this is a dream as the real estate is what can only be called PRICEY down this road.  Trust me.  But you can park up and rest on a bench or dine at a table all for free and take in the views.

Our friends home is elevated so every window gives you an amazing view.  I never get tired of looking out any of them.  Seriously considering just moving in with them, there is talk of two bedrooms being vacated this year!!

Seaguls soared in the evening sky that was getting stormier by the minute, while we dined in doors in the company of four good friends.  We feasted on fish and all things of goodness and ended it with a very tasty home made plum crumble!!! you cannot beat an evening of this type.

As our evening drew to a close the views went from gorgeous to spectacular as the sun slowly set, this was the first time we had seen her all day so it was sort of hello and goodbye all in one.  

Raglan truly is a special place, and we are so lucky to have it so close and accessible.  We have Raglan on the West Coast and our beautiful Whangamata on the East Coast.  Why would we live anywhere else in the world??!!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sometimes I even surprise myself in the kitchen!

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day, the sort that makes me want to yell out how marvelous it is to be alive!!  I didn't, but I do think that most mornings.  Anyway the plan and may I add a very loose plan at that was to get jobs done before the cricket was on the TV this afternoon.  I will admit that I enjoy a one day game, the test matches confuse the bejezus out of me so I stick to the one dayers.  I have spent a lot of weekends on the side line watching Jak play in between snoozing, I mean reading!  I still don't totally understand the game but I like it.

In between hanging loads of washing out onto the line making full advantage of the sunshine and gentle breeze just like last weekend, TOF and I had a cuppa in the garden.  I have moved my two seater and now you get a whiff or two of lavender while resting your bum.  Mind you, when TOF moved Oscar moved in!!  I have moved my pond to another part of the garden, but I can show you that another day.  I am adopting Dawns gold fish soon, so you have to wait for the grand opening of the new position of the pond.

I love the morning in the garden, there is always so much activity.  The sound of all the birds discussing and planning their days events is soothing to me, they sound so happy.   Just like me, happy in my garden and I happy to share it with the flora and fauna!!  Oh and people to.

Next thing it was nearly the middle of the day, so with my tiny list of jobs dealt to I set up camp in the KITCHEN!!!  Not a favourite room in our house but I have been know to have a success or two in this room.  I can make a good Pavlova, a mighty fine bacon, egg and vege pie, and a few other things.

But today it was JAM!!!!
All named after the places the fruit was sourced from.

 And the secret to my success is this!!

With the all important words like "Quick & Easy" on the front, and "Super Fast Jam" on the back, I know I am onto a winner!!  So Thank you Chelsea for making such a life saving product that makes me look like a capable person in the kitchen and Thank you Lou Lou Belle for telling me about  such magic!!  Another packet of magic is Edmonds Scone Mix, I mean, all you do is "Add Water", even I can do that!!

Back to the cricket, toodles!!!

Friday, 24 January 2014

The cast is OFF!!!! I repeat, the cast is OFF!!!


So very pleased to report that Jak has finally got rid of the cast from his arm, and able to return to work next week on light duties.  He is more than stoked after 3 months of his arm in a cast.  Of course there will be weekly physio to attend but NO operation!  As a celebration the gorgeous lad took me out for lunch in Cambridge, near his place of work.  We went to his work to tell them the good news.  He asked me to go in with him but said to me "Don't embarrass me". That actually sounded like a challenge to me!!  Let me just say I had a good laugh with his workmates at his expense and I still got lunch.

As luck would have it, or is that my skill for finding the perfect park, we scored one right outside an op shop in Cambridge.  So after my delicious lunch was finished I had a quick look.  I came home with this commemorative Alfred Meakin Royal visit tea set.  Should be perfect for my sisters shop window when Brits at the Beach is on later this year.

I keep forgetting to show you this dear wee fella I purchased for $7 on Monday from the shop I work in.  He is a true kiwi dog as when I am driving his head nods in the "yeah, nah" motion!!  So cute, and TOF hasn't seen him yet so that will be interesting.  I have velcro dotted him so he is staying!!

It was such a nice day today that I whizzed out to Dawns.  I now have a boot load of pottery to take out to Raglan to a Gallery she supplies as me and TOF are planning on going out there on Sunday.  Fishing competition is on so we are going to watch the weigh in, YAWN, but at least I get to go to the beach!!

I came home with an "ugly spotty frog mug", a second, but still fabulous!!

How gorgeous do Dawns Sunflowers look?!

We have a long weekend this weekend, as Monday is an Anniversary Day.  Who cares, it is a holiday!!  We have plenty of gardening to do and I have a huge basket of plums from Sue to make into jam so I shall be a busy bum in the kitchen.  There is semi finals Tennis to watch on TV tonight, my favourite player Roger Federer is playing, and tomorrow our Black Caps are playing a one day game of cricket which we can watch on the box also.  Life is so tough!!

Go forth and enjoy your weekend people!!!
I intend to!!

***Love to you all*** 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

SuesDay 2014, the first of many to come!!

Yep we finally got around to having our very first SuesDay for the new year, much excitement!!!

And time to FROCK UP!!

So my vintage sheet dress I threw together got an outing!!

Sue got in early so we had a cuppa while strategically planned our day out.  With numerous Op Shops on our circuit to visit we decided on doing a loop.  We hit eleven of them, took time out for lunch and basically had a bloody great time out.  My little stash is this:

And I am pretty pleased with my scores.  My spots and stripes love affair continues but this time not in black and white.  The shoes are very cute and only $4, they will be worn possibly tomorrow.  The glass lamp shade is going to be used as a wind break for a candle outdoors, and the gourd pot was too gorgeous to leave behind.  The top is by Garb a NZ label I rather like. The colourful tunic is an all year round bit of clothing and the books with it are on Celtic stories and fables, thought TOF might like them seen as he is Irish. The two boxes have compact mirrors in them and are fabulous and funny.  How can I say no to vintage sheets at only $3 each??

We Sues both thought the new paint job on the public dunnies was pretty fab.  But we both have a fear of using such public conveniences for different but hilarious reasons, that involve those automatic doors.

There is always time for a post shopping photo session in the garden!!

I am off for my Mammogram tomorrow so have to plan what to wear as I will have work to go to after my boobs have been squashed and squeezed all in the name of safe health.  I also handed in my notice at work this morning as I have scored me a new job with another local sign writer in town with more hours and bigger variety of work.  I shall be the sole female with 4 blokes which is good for me as I just don't handle the working with women that well, men don't bitch! Where I am now don't want me to go but have accepted that it is happening. Change is always good so I am looking forward to a new challenge for the year.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A very laid back Sunday outdoors.

Making the most of the breeze and the sunshine, my line was full of washing.
(the choice was TOFs undies or my quilt, sorry the quilt won) 

TOF got busy in the garden, pruning, planting and tidying up.
The girls got up close and personal with the silver beet.
The Tui Gnome kept an eye on everything!

I got comfy on the garden swing with a cuppa.
Wispy clouds in the powder blue sky.

 Sunshine on leaves showing their every vein.

 Yellow Calla Lilies popping up everywhere.

 Fruit ripening before our very eyes.
Plums, Apple, Peaches and we still have Lemons.

The girls making the most of some back yard freedom.

 Tomatoes on the windowsill, a sign of summer.

 Colour in the garden and my old painters ladder.

Passionfruit starting to climb the arch to the Blackberries.
Jam making will be serious this year.

White Aggies being blooming gorgeous.
(we miss you Ben)

 Buxus Hedge trying really hard to grow UP!

 Where did the day go??
TOFs watching the cricket on the TV.
Fridge surprise for dinner!

The fluffies all chilled out.

Hope your weekend was a good one!