Sunday, 28 July 2013

Party in town

Last night we went to town and celebrated one of my extra children turning 21.  He actually turned this age a month ago while in Oz visiting his mother, and the one whos bedroom I filled with balloons while he was away.  So last night his dad and step mum hired the VIP room at Diggers, a local bar smack bang in the party zone in town. It was an entertaining night with a bunch of young people having a grand old time with an inflatable girlfriend.
The blow up girl greeted everyone at the door and was used and abused the entire night.  Instead of a key to sign everyone left a message on Porky Pauline as she has been named.  I added some vital information to 40 Urgent stickers for the birthday boy to hand out to unsuspecting females, not sure what his strike rate was like and how successful it turned out.
TOF and I were the only grown ups there with the birthday boys dad and step mum whom we just happen to get on with.  Thankfully there was a big screen so we could watch our team the CHIEFS win the semi final and now will be playing next week to take out the competition, Rugby that is!!
Me and TOF had our eldest son and girlfriend hanging with us for a while.  Our eldest is 21 next year in March so this could be a prospective venue to have a wee do for him.  It was upstairs with an outside balcony which was a great place to retreat to when my furnace would over heat. Pauline the doll got thrown off the balcony to the bar next door where she had photos taken with peeps in there then they threw her back up to us.  At the end of the night I was given the task of getting her home safely as they were all heading to the clubs. TOF wouldn't walk with me so me and Pauline found our own way back to the car getting stopped all the time with people wanting to meet the popular Pauline.
It was nice to get home to my slippers and a hot cuppa. Call me Nana if you like but my staying out late days are few and far between.

I wore my Trelise Cooper frock with a long sleeve top and leggings underneath.  Very comfy and pretty.  Topped off with pearls, and straightened hair!!  

Found Pauline still in the back of the car this morning and she was feeling a bit flat.  She has since been returned to her owner and now I am just waiting for one of the lads to pick up his car and gear from our place.  Have spent the afternoon in the garden shredding branches and spreading them in the chicken house.  Youngest son wants to take me and TOF out for dinner tonight.  Who are we to argue!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hey hey hey it's Saturday!!!

Just got back from catching up with two of my favourite friends, last time we got together for lunch it took 12 hours.  So 3 hours for morning tea isn't too bad.

Denise (in the middle and wearing high heels because she is actually as short as me) and Vicki (on the end who is always the hostess with the mostess) I have known since our youngest were all at the same Kindergarten.  We along with a few  other good sorts were on the committee and believe me we had an enormous amount of fun, and yes we raised a lot of funds for the kindy while enjoying the good company of each other.  These two are still only in there 40's just girls really!!  We always have a fine old time when we get together, loads of laughing, plenty of story telling, the odd tears,  a bit of mischief and we have been known to consume a bit of alcohol over the years.  Next time we get together we are thinking of an all nighter,  well Denise is from out of town so it would be rude not to stay over!!

Last night as I was about to head off to bed I found Sheba in a rather comfortable position on out couch, with that look of "if I lay really still she won't see me" on her face.   Talk about luxury sleeping, and yes you can stay there!!

And I keep forgetting to show off my new to me boots.  Pretty dam awesome don't you think?? So soft and comfy to wear, and not your average pair of red boots, Hispanitas, a Spanish brand.

Call me fast, but I remembered we have a Manderin tree out the front of our property.  Well down the side of the house really, and it has never done a lot, so I was quite surprised to discover that the bugger has actually produced fruit this year!!  Not the biggest Manderins in the world but Manderins all the same, free  and plenty of them.  Maybe that is the key to success, neglect!!  It works for me!!  So it is Saturday, hey hey hey, and a beautiful one at that.  Sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I should really be hanging out my washing.  So toodles for now, and with a bit of luck and good camera skills I will have a show and tell of tonights party in town.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Rules are made to be broken

I am seriously Menopausal at the moment and having numerous power surges so figuring out what to wear at the moment is proving a problem!!  Hence my love affair with layering continuing.

My mother always said that a woman shouldn't have long hair after 30. Well tough titties at 51 I am in the throws of growing it long again!!  Apparently you don't mix patterns with patterns.  Another set of tough titties, I put animal with floral and stripes!!  Show me the book that tells me how I should act and dress at 50+ and I will bring out another pair of tough titties, probably the biggest pair I can find!!  Of late I have read a few blogs with woman expressing their feelings on how us gals of a certain age are "supposed" to be, and I am glad you are all rebelling.  I am so happy that there is a world wide bunch of rule breakers out there in Bloggerland.  You all inspire me to be "Me".  When I was a teenager I always dressed opposite to everyone else, like if short skirts were in I wore long.  When raincoats were uncool I wore a long granny one. I have no intention of behaving as expected any time soon either.

I don't even feel the need to be a perfect size either. Not even sure what a perfect size is, I suspect it is the size you are happy being. I am quite comfortable being me and dressing to please myself, in fact it is fun every morning picking out a combination. The other weekend my eldest sister asked if a top and a bag she had just bought matched.  I told her it didn't matter and that I don't think anyone will look at her and think, OMG her bag doesn't match her top!!  I don't have much that matches even in my house, like we don't have a lounge suite we have a huge couch and two very different chairs.  My dinner set is a mix of two with lots of other colourful bits thrown in.  So I am enjoying not being to obsessed with matching clothes.  And I really don't mind what the average joe thinks because as the saying goes, 

“Those who matter don't care, and those who care don't matter.”
Dr. Seuss

Go forth Bloggers and have a fabulous rule breaking weekend!!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Trifecta of brooches and another gorgeous dress

Yesterday the Webber Woman came in to town so we got together for the afternoon.  Getting my outfit for the day sorted I couldn't decide which brooch I would wear.  I have a few but not as many as some of you lovely blogger gals.  Dilemma, I think not, I wore three of them, in fact these three.  Instead of necklaces I went for what has been called by Helga as a scrummage of brooches.  I forgot to take a photo of me all gussied up but I did get a closeup of the scrummage!!
The scrummage was worn in a line going down the front of a very long top that I ended up tying knots in to make shorter.  Worn over black and white spotted top, floral leggings, and purple tunic dress.
This lovely silk blend jacket I found and fell deeply in love with. It looks much better on. There were a few temptations on offer but I showed fabulous restraint which for me is sometimes difficult.

Now this gorgeous dress was waiting for me behind the counter in one of the op shops we visited.  If you are a Kiwi you will know of Trelise Cooper, and this is one of hers.  A little big but it is fab on and so gorgeous.  Made from Silk, it is beaded, ruched and laced and ribboned, very girlie girl which is so Trelise.  Worth hundreds and I grabbed it for $20.  Will be wearing this baby out on Saturday night to a 21st birthday party in town.  You shall see a photo of it on me then.  I just have to work out what to wear under it as it is incredibly low and quite see through!

The Union Jack bunting I picked up for $1 for my sons girlfriend, she is English and loves all things Union Jack.  The 2 rolls of trimming were only $2 each, and the cigar box was $4, pin cushion was $3, I have a few of these pin cushions now.  The picture mirror is small and was only $4 and to cute to leave behind.  The URGENT tickets are going to be turned into business cards for the birthday boy whose 21st we are going to.   They will have, "It's my birthday tonight so call me" above the URGENT and his mobile number underneath.  Needless to say these will more than likely be given out to some unsuspecting females later that night when they all hit the clubs. 
Today was some what dull and at times wet, but not cold, or was that my menopausal moments kicking in.  Anyway, I brightened up the day with colour, I love this top and with purple on top and black underneath I succeeded in being colourful.  One more sleep and it's the weekend again!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I buy summer dresses in winter

I am so over Winter, so over it that in fact while out and about today amongst a few of my favourite op shops I found Summer frocks that needed to be bought, so buy them I did.   If need be I shall put things on top and underneath until Summer gets her sorry butt back here!!

Both sleeveless ones have SPOTS on them, and the one in the middle is a now dress as in Winter and my best score of the day.  It is a Desigual dress which retail for Moonbeams, and as I don't have a good supply of such things I was beyond stoked when I found it was $10 and dam near brand new.  The other two were $6 each and will look much better when Summer arrives and I can shed my Winter coat and get some colour on my limbs.

This selection of goodies has been collected over the last couple of days.  A Dragonfly is for the Dragonfly collecting friend of mine Ms Webber, 4 fabulous heavy cotton place mats for me in the most fabulous colours.  The terracotta face pots I want to plant Mondo grass in so they will have outrageous hair.  The wooden painted bowl and pot are Russian and divine.  Four oblong and square fabric serviettes, these are going to be used in an up cycle project that involves a black jacket that is brewing in my head.  And lastly the edging on this top is all I want, also going to be used in an up cycling project.

I bought the two black possum skins off trade me that I am going to stitch together how I have them laying on the floor so they will be a possum wrap.  The cape which is totally reversible and has a small hole that can be repaired was $2 and the dress needs a new zip and was also $2.  Really should continue with sparing up the un spare room!!

So today I wore black and purple with my fabulous multi coloured scarf.  I was toastie!!  Oh and congrats to William and Katherine in England on the birth of their baby boy.  I do like happy news!!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

A whole lot of C's on Sunday

My little Companion Oscar had to go to the Vet today.  He had some swelling around his Cock area.  After the very gorgeous vet named something beginning with a C  according to her name badge man handled his bits he was given a jab and some medication with a Call back visit booked for Friday.  Then we get to the Cost, no surprise there that it wouldn't be Cheap!! ($141 so far).

My poor little mate.  Last night I tried to cool his swollen bits down with a cold cloth, and even resorted to putting a cone on his head to stop him doing some self administered relief.  But cone or no cone he was going to lick his *#@%s.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Queen of Trade Me shopping!!

My best haul to date would have to be today's lot!!  A bulk buy of potted plants in various sizes for $1, and an outdoor table with 6 chairs and a market umbrella for $50.  And yes I am feeling pretty proud of my effort.  Thankfully my eldest son had no work and helped with a trailer and loading and unloading my purchases.  Thanks Max!!! (payment by way of market umbrella from the haul).

Big plants little plants, corner table with glass top, and even a wheel barrow.

3 deck chairs, huge urn, table and chair set, coolest ever candle holder and lots of instant impressive garden in pots!!                                                                                             

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It was all about the birds this afternoon

Today was nothing short on being gloriarse!!!  After a minus 2* start to the day, it evolved into one of those clear blue sky, sunshine, with a dash of icey breeze on the side types!! Bloody gorgeous!! I went to work for a couple of hours this morning, visited a couple of op shops and came home full of good intentions.  Good intentions slipped by un noticed and my camera came out to play.  I let the girls out to roam free in the garden out the back, and we had the company of sparrows, wax eyes, and blackbirds, all feeding off the last of the berries on the Idesia trees.

Blackbird feasting on the Idesia Tree berries.

My furry children enjoying the weather.

Winter colour.

More Winter colour.

The girls

Cheeky chicken heading up onto the deck!!
Sparrows perching in trees and on fences.

Sunbathing Tex!

Ladybird meeting on a lemon, hint of moon, and the cutest ever wax eye bird.

Neenish Tarts made by TOF on the weekend and thankfully they are all gone!!  And Daisies that grow where ever they dam well please.

Hospice had half price clothes today so I bagged a few bargins.

Dragonfly earrings for a friend, the cutest ever night light, and gorgeous shoes that arrived in the post today due to me winning the auction for them on trade me.
TOF is away with work this week so it is just me and Jak at home.  Tonight I made us a bacon, egg, silver beet, mushroom, tomato and cheese pie in filo pastry for dinner.  It was so yum!! Enough for lunch tomorrow.  We have been planning our meals for the rest of the week and thinking Pannines with chicken, brie, and cranberry jelly for tomorrow night.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Country Market with my big sister

This morning my eldest sister and I decided we should go check out the Gordonton Country Market.  Gordonton is about a 10minute drive north east of Hamilton, a small farming community.  They hold a market on the second Saturday morning of every month and I have been intending on going but for one reason or another this hasn't happened until today.

Excellent signage that as far as I could tell was being adhered to!!

No $ shop crap here!!  All beautifully hand crafted, home grown and even some vintage was on offer.  Lots of food stalls and lots of colourful temptations and super friendly stall holders.  Pure enjoyment all outside under big old trees.

I purchased a bottle of Raspberry Vinaigrette and a jar of Rosemary Jelly from the stall in the bottom middle photo, that is my sister in the boots.  There was a delightful Hungarian woman selling baking, so I got a container full of treats for TOF (he likes his treats he does).  We bought some Almond and cherry croissants that we brought home to have with a cuppa for lunch, mmmmmmmm is all I can say about them!!

After lunch and a quick potty stop we went out to Save Mart which is a huge op shop sort of place, I think they are situated all through NZ.  Not the cheapest but if you have the time and prepared to look you sometimes can find a good deal.  I found the two tops above which look far nicer on me than a clothes hanger!!  The little book of wisdom is a good laugh and at $1 it was heading out the door with me.

So that is my Saturday just about done and dusted.  The heater is on, TOF has gone to pick up some Chinese for dinner (food not people) and we have a game of ruggers to watch on the TV from the comfort of our own arm chairs!!  Hope your day has been a goodie and make sure you enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Pigs, Pots, and Spots all on a Friday!!

While en route to my Pottery friends place I took a detour and called in at the Dumporium (dump shop).  I found a BIG PIG piggy bank that fits in with the two I already have.  The Piggy in the middle is mine and I was given it when I was just a young girl, so this has to make the other two rather ancient!!!
I also found two Tony Sly pottery mugs.  Tony Sly is a well known potter that has his Gallery on the Wharf at Raglan.  Very nice stuff he does but out of my price range so getting mugs for $1 each is excellent.  I scored one of his bowls at the dump shop for $4 about a month ago, real bargin.  Stopped off at a little church op shop but not a thing came out of the shop with me.  Next stop was Dawns.
These are the things I had made the last time I visited and they were all ready and waiting for me.  The Russian dolls were made by using a soap mold and  I just had to paint some glaze on.  The small dinghy was a bit of a cock up as I made it too short so it is now going to be a "life boat for my rings" in the kitchen for when I am baking etc.  The pinch pot is one of two I made, the other hasn't been fired yet, and can be used for numerous things I guess.  This one has my ventolin inhaler sitting in it next to my bed.

Dawns sweet little grand daughter arrived and decided she needed to do some painting.  I came home with one of her many master pieces that she pumped out in a short space of time.  It is firmly placed on my fridge.  I remember when my boys were small and used to have painting marathons that would be gifted to everyone!!

When I got back into town I went to Bricoes (home ware shop) that was having one of it's many 30-70% off sales.  My eldest sister had phoned and told me that the spotty things I like were actually 70% off. Oh and Yes they were!!  I got this stash of spotty delights for $54 instead of it all being $182, now I would say that is dam good shopping!!!   So I got the huge round platter, four cups and saucers sets, four soup bowls, four small dipping bowls, four plates, and one small jug.  It would seem my obsession with spotty things was feed today!!  Then I found the fabulous gardening caddy.  TOF always nicks off with my gardening tools and leaves them strewn through his man only vege garden.  Now I have my own set of fabulousness he can keep all the ones he has been collecting.  This was half price!!

The weekend is here so go forth and enjoy it!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Killed the MOFO cold I did!

Part one on how to kill the mofo cold took place last night with a lovely hot lemon, honey and double disprin drink, and I felt so close to tickety boo this morning it was scary!!  Then part two on how to kill the mofo cold came in the form of soup tonight that I made, pumpkin, kumara, onion, spud, garlic, ginger, celery, cracked pepper and a shake of salt.  It was delicious to say the least, hot and spicy and went down well with some scone toast. So take that COLD, you are GONE BURGER!!!
Apart from slaying my cold I swanned off to work this morning all comfy and cosy in lots of layers.  My mother knitted the shoulder poncho for me a few years back, perfect for keeping my chesty chest snug. Floral tights, woolen skirt, green merino, tunic, poncho and then topped off with a floral corduroy jacket and my purple boots!!
I put in just under two hours at work so I had another record breaking trip around the supermarket, all this before 12:30pm!!  
I forgot to share what I found at the op shops yesterday, so you get to see them with the few purchases that happened today, no not the groceries!
I found a bunch of crocheted flowers on a chain stitch vine with leaves for $2 at Mahana Road recycle shop which added some more colour to today's outfit by way of a scarf/necklace. 
This is the gorgeous beast lying flat so you can feast your eyes on it!! Apart from things from op shops I have had a couple of purchases off good old trade me. Then today while out purchasing a hair straightener for myself I went into a couple of cheap shops, not $ shops, but cheap.  Clearance Shed and Sunnies were their names.

Russian Doll nail files $2, bright coloured flower beads $2, and undies for TOF $5 each, with Hippos I think on them.


Hare skin came off trade me, so nice on my leather chair in the lounge for my head to rest on.  I have a bid on a couple of possum skins at the moment that I hopefully will get. The dark navy blue with lavender spot gum boots with heels are super cute, and great for winter.  The spotty ballet shoes came in the bag on the left, both from trade me.  As for my little concrete chicken, $3 from Habitat.  There was Gnomes and other animals for sale but the chicken got the nod from me.

Today I got a parcel from my friend Lou-lou-belle, and I was quite excited because she is such a clever lady with her needle and thread.  She had sent a set of new clothes for my Frida Doll that she made me which I posted about a while back.

With new clothes at the ready Frida embarked on a strip.  First she shed her skirt to reveal her gorgeous lace petticoat. Next was her beautifully hand knitted cardigan, then she dropped her lace slip, down to her bloomers and top.  Off they went to the soft sound of "you can leave your hat on" by Joe Cocker and she was starkers!!  Well not quite, she still had her floral head piece on as she has no hat.  Saucy minx!!  So now my dear Frida Doll is wearing her striped boat neck top and her braid and fringed pants. GORGEOUSNESS 100%!!!
***Good night***