Monday, 31 March 2014

Unsuccessful flirting on Monday

Remember me telling you how good manners is sometimes considered as flirting? Well by now you know I talk to anyone and I will also smile at someone walking towards me and say hello.  So on my way to collect the mail for work this morning I flirted all the way with no response from all these glum Monday morning people.  Why so glum, you have just  had two days off, and the sun is shining, and you are alive!!  I won't be put off and will give it another crack tomorrow so look out all you glum bums.

Would you flirt with me?

I am harmless!
Reasonably normal!!
And I won't stalk you!!!

Amongst my black and white today
I added my new
Tree of Life necklace.
(from Garuda @ Whangamata)

Two new famous faces have been added to the wall I drive past when going to work.  I discovered today that the artist has a studio near the wall which explains why this wall gets painted on. 

John Lennon

Bob Marley

I so hope he keeps adding to the wall.
(Artist = Bruce Maclachlan)
google him.

Today in Hamilton we reached a beautiful 26* and it was lovely.  Autumn is turning into the most lovely season for sure.  Normally when I get home from work I brew up a cup of Earl Grey but not today.

Neapolitan ice cream.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

On the road again!!!

Massive amount of photos.
(but they are pretty good)

I have been on a little road trip all by myself as TOF had to work this weekend, and he wasn't too pleased about it either. The part of him having to work, not me abandoning him.  So with him not coming I set off to Whangamata to stay with my sister on Friday morning.  Beach Hop was on so a good excuse to head on over for a couple of days. 

Absolutely gorgeous morning so I decided I would drive a different way this time, and my first stop was at Morrinsville, a farming town that we in our house fondly call Motown.

 What a beautiful main street, full of fabulous potted colour.

Are there any Op Shops?
Sure are!
And did I buy anything?
Sure did!!

Leaving Morrinsville and back on the country roads, I passed through places like Tatua, Waitoa, and Waihou.  All small communities with things like a town hall, petrol pump, dairy, church, primary school, pub and/or Dairy factory.  This is farming country, cows, cows, and more cows!!!  MOOOOOOO!!!

Heading in to Te Aroha another small town at the base of Mt Te Aroha, there was a mist everywhere.  Quite magical actually and I liked it alot.  Te Aroha is old and has loads of lovely old homes.  My grandfather lived there for a time as a child and always told me the best view of Te Aroha was in the rear vision mirror of the car when leaving!! 

The drive from Te Aroha to Paeroa is fun.  Long straight roads with those dips that make your tummy do flips.  Through Paeroa, past the big bottle, then into the Karangahake Gorge, I love this part of the trip.  Next thing I knew I was out of there and heading into Waihi.

A quick stop off at the SPCA Op shop, because the most hilarious Irish man works there and he always makes me laugh.  He is utterly naughty!!  Good scores there, more lovely sheets and YES I know, another pair of SHOES!!!  When you can score new shoes for $5 why wouldn't you buy them?

Between Waihi and Whangamata are two sets of hills.  In the middle is this gorgeous beach called Whiritoa, and I turned off especially for you readers so you could all cop a look at the beauty!!  You are welcome!

Being stuck behind old cars that only go 80 on the open road and farking camper vans, I finally made it to Whangamata.  I decided to treat myself to a visit to one of the op shops as it was on my way to my sisters shop.  Yes, I spent $4!! Reckless to say the least, I should be punished!

Town was already pumping, with people parked up watching cars driving by.  Top left picture is my favourite original cool shop called Garuda.  This has been here since I was a teenager and possible the first two storied place in the main drag.  Speaking of drag check out the guy that owns the cafe next to Helens shop.  He was happy to oblige me with a photo, but there are more to come, he is English with a fabulous sense of humour and great fun.

This couple of motorbike riders had their three dogs with them.  Yes you heard me correctly, three dogs.  Two small ones went into special dog pannier bags on the the blue motor bike and then the gorgeous big one jumped up into the special seat behind the rider.  Once harnessed in and wearing goggles they were off.  This little show drew quite the crowd of adoring fans, me included.

I hung out in the shop with Helen for a couple of hours and then walked back to the car that was parked miles away because poor little Whangamata was bursting at it's seams with people and vehicles.  I escaped to the harbour to breath in some fresh sea air as my lungs were full of petrol fumes, not pleasant.

How perfect was the weather? And the water was warm so I paddled in it for ages loosing myself in childhood memories of fishing and cockle collecting down here.  Bliss. Hasn't changed much either.

I actually managed to find a park under a tree amongst all the Freedom campers taking full advantage of a beautiful spot to park up and rest.

At Helens home I was in good company while waiting for her and her hubby to finish work.  Their two dogs.  We chilled out on the deck with a cuppa, well I had the cuppa, they were just happy to have ME!

 We were joined by a very busy Bee!!

Then the fuzz drove past.  And a red car and caravan.  In fact there was shite loads of retro caravans camping in the school grounds, but I didn't go look at them this year before I left because it was manic that end of town.

Then a massive procession of old cars and hot rods started going past, returning from a drive to Onemana, another stunning beach further up the coast.

After dinner Helen and I went down town to get a photo of her shop window on the left.  Shops do up there windows for the weekend and beach hoppers vote on best window, I am hoping she won as it truely was the best.  On the right is a hairdressers window, it was pretty cool, but not as cool as Glamour.

We both admired the shoes and sunnies in this shop window.

Cafe guy hammed it up for us at night outside the shop window, and these lovely ladies agreed to being snapped there too.

Town was alive with partying adults, and the cars doing the annual night drive.  Huge police present to enforce the liquor ban as previous years there has been the odd bit of trouble.  The State troopers weren't the real coppers, they were walking in pairs mingling with the crowd. It had a nice safe feeling about the night.

After a great nights sleep we got sorted and headed down town to the shop as Helen was working of course.  I was the extra set of eyes for the day as it was pretty busy at times.  Our good friend Annette took the photo of us, so thanks Annette, you did good.

Then it all started, first with the rock n roll dancers of all shapes, sizes and ages.  It was excellent.

 These two was fantastic, he flipped and flopped her like she was a rag doll.

I think this beach hop was even bigger than last year, just so many cars, bikes and people.

 Birdseye view of what was to come.
I'm thinking possibly the best seat in the house!!

 Chrome and paint polished within an inch of it's life.

Just some of the makes on show.

Lights, tail wings and white wall tyres.

People, my favourite type,
all dressed up!

 Parasols and beautiful women.

 Fabulous hair and scarves.

 Sun glasses and pretty vintage frocks.

Couples, friends and even families dressing up
and strutting their stuff.

The lady on the left works in the shop a couple of days a week and the lady on the right purchased the colourful and daring crocheted tunic from the shop.  The shop is called Glamour!!

I had amazing time and bought this chocolate brown with aqua spots frock from Glamour yesterday and wore it today with one of my old petticoats under it.  Awesome for twirling in, so I did some when I got home.  We sold quite a few of these frocks today because they are so YUM!!

So I am home now and bloody tired.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the beach with me.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

My magical bathroom scales

Most of us own a set of bastard bathroom scales.

Why we torture ourselves with the ritual of getting on these dam things with not a stitch of clothing on is actually beyond me.  I for some reason find myself stepping gently onto my bathroom scales before I get into the shower at the end of the day.  Why? I have no idea, but what I have discovered lately is that when I get out of the shower and are all clean and dry I weigh half a kilo less!!!  Maybe I should shower more than once a day.
Bloody magic!!
Other big round things are about at the moment.

Of the hot air variety.

Walking to get the mail this morning I got to see loads of them, even all the novelty shaped ones but my little handbag sized camera doesn't zoom that far. I quite like the Balloon festival that happens once a year in Hamilton.  I no longer have to take the lads to the lake in the wee hours of the morning to watch them launch, or be amongst the zillions of people that go to the night glow.  But I still enjoy seeing them floating high in the sky and I enjoy them even more when they float over my house.  Fingers crossed they head my way tomorrow morning.


Love it or hate it,
it seems to be everywhere.

The one in the middle reminds me of a drawing I did in 6th Form when our Art class went to the Auckland Museum to draw masks.

I think these artist are quite clever,
and it certainly brightens up a dull old concrete wall.

Every Wednesday I have to go to the job agency that employs me at the moment to hand in my weekly time sheet.  Every week I think how I should take a photo of this wall that is covered in colourful graffiti.  So today I did!!  I still think Graffiti is art but I don't believe tagging is.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and you can call me Sue

But you already know that!!

Our weather at the moment keeps arriving in the form of 'a beautiful day' every morning and it is so lovely.  I mean to say we are nearly at the end of March and it is still warm enough to be wearing your summer duds!  I am not sure how I will cope with Winter, but it will be fun dragging all my winter bits out of storage.  It is like getting new clothes all over again for me.

Yesterday I wore this gorgeous new to me dress that is second hand of course.  It is utterly gorgeous and so lovely to wear, also very colourful.

I wore it over a hot pink slip dress.
So I am not
trying to flash my
at you,
I am showing off
the slip dress!

Note I have hung the terracotta bird feeder up in the tree, not that any birds have paid it a visit yet.  The garden is going all shades of brown at the moment.  Leaves are trying to die off and fall and the lawn is still brown from being fried over summer.  I do like the colours of Autumn, and it could be time for TOF and I to go for a walk at the Arboretum soon.  Well it has been a year at least!!

So it would seem I am rolling in money!!!
I wish!

No I successfully sold my eldest lads motor scooter on trade me.  It doesn't go, which I stated in my auction but the peeps were still fighting over it.  Managed to get $445 so the money is going into an account for him to use on getting his restricted drivers license and car related stuff like insurance when he is able to purchase a car.

But I seriously could have some fun with all that money!!

So today I wore
an old favourite!!
Nothing borrowed as I don't do

Before I go:
Thank you for all your lovely comments regarding my last post.  My Jak is doing well and off tonight to see the family as his friend arrived home from overseas early this morning.  He is a bit concerned as they are bringing the body home today to be at the farm house.  This is a huge life experience for him at the tender age of 18.  You are not supposed to bury the young and experience loosing friends when you are Jaks age.  I am so proud of how he is dealing with this sad situation, I guess it can only make him stronger. I am also glad he is able to openly grieve and talk to me.

Again, thanks.