Monday, 24 September 2018

Week 38/52 - 'Nothing In Common'

Last week I had the best fun with my dear friend Denise.  She sometimes doesn't work Friday and last Friday was one of those.  We had arranged to go to the Waikato Cherry Tree Festival so she came down Thursday afternoon.  This encouraged me to dragged the old vacuum cleaner around the house.

Next I got the guest room sorted and
Wavy Envied the hell outta my hair.

Denise arrived with a bunch of Daffodils and loads of treats to eat and drink, she always comes with plenty of supplies.  This time I was ready, I made her one of my woolen hearts filled with Lavender.

We headed round to our friend Vicki's place where we chatted, laughed and pre loaded on nibbles before we went out to meet the rest of our 'Nothing In Common' ladies.

Here we all are, Me, Denise, Karen, Vicki and Cherie. We chatted,  laughed, ate and drank.  Nothing in Common except we get on super well and we have all known each other for at least 20 years, and we really enjoy each others company.  It got loud at times but we were all very well behaved and home by 10pm, that is early for us!!  We had a Festival to attend and the other three had work the next day so we were super grown up for the evening.

Friday morning arrived so after breakfast, showers and getting ready for our day we were out the door off to Matangi/Tamahere.  The Cherry Tree Festival was being held at private residence, the English Cherry Tree Manor, that opened its home last year to this festival.  

The couple purchased the land 22 years ago, apparently it was a flat empty paddock back then.  They planted 40 Cherry trees among other trees along the edges of their 125m driveway.  They would find people in their drive taking photos so they decided to start the Cherry Tree Festival.
The blossom was stunning and seeing our native bright yellow Kowhai among it was just gorgeous.  We walked the length of the drive breathing in the beauty with a gazillion other people, it was very busy.

Their home is an old 1930's house that was transported down from Auckland in 5 parts and sits on their 5 acre property.  I would love to have gone inside.  Opposite it on the circle driveway was one huge Cherry Blossom Tree.  Our timing was impeccable as we got to see some traditional entertainment.

After the Tai Chi
we decided to wander around
the rest of the beautiful gardens.

There were these beautiful stone walls and wooden gates everywhere , I was in heaven.

We followed a bamboo fence that lead us to the most delightful pond with a weeping cherry tree and Gazebo.  My photos just don't do this garden justice, it was amazing.

This stilt walker was getting ready to do her thing when we were leaving, so glad we got to see her.  Very cool outfit, and how she manages those tall stilts is a mystery to me.

We then drove to Hamilton Gardens as it was now Lunch time and the worms were beginning to bite!!  Also the Tulips were all on show as the Tulip Festival was on the following day.

As they are every Spring, SPECTACULAR!!  Of course we had to lay down as 'tip toeing through the Tulips' just isn't allowed!!

We also went into the Victorian Glass Houses where the flowers inside look so good they didn't seem real, oh but they are!!

What a beautiful colourful day it was, spent in the sunshine with a beautiful friend.  Denise headed back to Auckland and I carried on with my afternoon.  Back to my own very colourful garden.

When the boys were little there was a saying the teachers at school would say to all the children: "To have good friends you need to be a good friend".  How very true is that?  I think I must be a good friend as I have many amazing people in my life I can honestly call GOOD FRIENDS!!

So wear one!!


Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Week 37/52 - So many reasons to LOVE Spring!!!

Another week full of beautiful things and happy moments.  I really am living a dream!!  Last week began with a catch up out at the Whatawhata Cafe.

Mrs Webber had returned from swanning around in Rarotonga so we decided to meet in the sunshine and have coffee and cake.

Also enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather were these adorable babies that live out the back of the Cafe.

I also had a catch up with me delightful friend Vicki, we were messaging our mate Denise in Auckland.  We three and two of our our good friends are getting together this week and going out for dinner, lots of good fun to look forward to there.

Gorgeous days mean afternoons get spent out doors in the garden,
my 'Happy Place'.

Everything is starting to look fabulously colourful,
this is Heaven to me.

Colourful fragrant Fuchsias
are popping up everywhere I planted them. 

Then there are Gerberas!

The Kakabeak is in FULL bloom
and the bees are feasting.

Directly under the Kakabeak is my new spot to sit,
relax, meditate, breathe and enjoy nature.

It is such a peaceful little spot.

I came across and purchased three new Hydrangeas. 

Another Native flowering at the moment in the garden,
our Kowhai Tree.

I think this old bike may stay in the front garden.  Can you see Big in the left photo?  Well I ended up taking him to the vet last Thursday. 

He ended up having to have the abscess removed which meant an over night stay. This event ended up costing $415.  I'm thinking he went for a room upgrade, cleaned out the mini bar, had some young pussy over for the night and opted for the full English breakfast!!  He spent until yesterday caged inside resting and not overly impressed but he needed it.

The drains have been removed and he is now free again.  Hopefully once his fur returns he will think twice before entering into a disagreement with another cat.

These two were intrigued with the cat on home detention.  They too are enjoying the lovely weather and hanging outdoors with me.

I have planted Strawberries in this box garden.  They have pea straw around them and some colourful companion planting.  Of course I have to keep them covered with one of my garden cloches due to cats, dogs and chickens!!

Toebee of course has been on board
to instruct any gardening activities.

Yesterday I took the 2 hour drive to the East Coast, Whangamata, to catch up with my good friend Leonie who is on holiday there at the moment.

Such a stunning day to be at the beach and we nearly had it all to ourselves.  It was windy but I thought quite warm.

We went to my favourite shop Garuda where I bought some little Prayer Flags that I have now added to my Bliss part of my garden.  Garuda has been in Whangamata for such a long time and is always a visual pleasure to visit.

How different the sand is at my favourite beaches.

Back in my garden I decided my two large concrete urns needed to be planted.  So today I purchased to lovely shrubs called 'Viburnum Tinus'. I added some rather neglected Lobellia I had which should perk up as we have rain forecast!

Check out the colours when I plat my hair,
such fun colours.