Monday, 30 June 2014

Is it raining where you live? And whats in your handbag?

Well it is

And I will admit
that I am some what over it.
 The weather is not something that usually
bothers me
but today felt glum.

I am longing for

But to brighten up the gloom
of a grey wet day
look what arrived in the post
this morning!!

My very first pair of
Dr Marten's.

It has only taken me
52 years!!

I spent the morning out doing things like getting petrol in my car, good idea really as it is going up again in price over night, not that I knew that this morning.  I went to a couple of op shops but found nothing that tickled my fancy and ended up in Spotlight looking for a pattern to make a Winter coat.  I had forgotten how bloody expensive patterns were.  After going through every single pattern book I only found one that was remotely what I was looking for.  Guess I will still be tweaking it to how I want it to look.  At least I have something to start with.

I don't want double breasted, as it doesn't really work on breasts my size! And the collar is going to be reduced or removed, still to be decided, and it may be made even longer yet.  Plan is to use some of the old blankets I have been collecting.  

How cute is my Russian Doll sewing kit?  

To cute to not buy, that is how cute, and it is happily living in my handbag.  OMG I have a lot of crap in my handbag, useful crap, but a lot all the same.  Mainly 'just in case' crap, you know like a hanky, a pen......and now a cute as hell sewing kit!  Maybe I should tip my bag upside down on the floor and show you all.

Essentials only of course.

Your turn,
whats in your handbag??

So going backwards now, last night when I went to bed I found that the dogs had already made themselves quite comfortable, thanks very much and left me my side of the bed only.  I love my dogs but I would rather have TOF back on the other side of the bed.  I am so over him being away and he is so over being away.  Guess we both have to just suck it up and hang in there for another couple of weeks.  Oh and I told him about the trailer.  I asked if he was excited about it like me and he said, beyond excited!!!  

Good piss taker is TOF!!

Sticking with the reverse order of things, yesterday Jak installed the steps I got from the dump for $10 to the side of the deck.  So handy having a builder in training living on site.  Sheba was very cautious about going down them, so funny to watch. Now what else can I get the lad to do for me???  

Got to be some spin off from giving him life!!

 Today's inspiration.

I'm out.
Good night!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

So I went a bought a trailer

Want to see it???
Of course you do!!

I just hope that
TOF is
as excited about it as I am!!
(Yep he is still away so I will have to fess up on the phone about my purchase)

The lads think that their mother
is slightly

But I bet they use my trailer.

Max came with me to watch Jak play rugby today and his flatmates decided to join us on the side line as well.  Jaks team won and it was a pretty good game to watch.  The rain held off until after the game, but I got wet walking back to my car.

Thats my big boy Max.
(rolling up a fag, tsk!!)
We went out for lunch after the game.
Love doing lunch with my boys.

 I wore the silk dress I got yesterday.

Awe Mumsies boys!!!!
 (I love my boys)

And my other 
little boy.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Early bird truly does catch the worm

My sister was over as she  had an appointment first thing this morning in town that I was taking her to.  So I was up and ready rather early for my job as driver.

Today's outfit was 
purple Harem pants 
with black dress 
and multi cardy type top
held closed with
a fabulous brooch!!

Because we were in town so early
we managed to take in a few
op shops quite
close to opening time.

This really just proves that going early pays off!!

I got a silk dress, 
two absofarkinlutely gorgeous sheets 
and a book for weekend projects, 
like I need more things to start and not get finished!!

The weather progressively worsened as the morning turned into the afternoon.  My sister left to return back to her home and I got comfortable under a blanket to catch up on some TV viewing.  I have so many movies recorded to get through and a couple of series.  I managed a couple of things and then gave up and deleted a few things as I know I will never get around to watching it all.

It was really nice to hang with my sister
in my town
even if it was only for
half a day.

I plan to enjoy the ride!!


Thursday, 26 June 2014

My working week is done and dusted..... lets get on with the fun things in life.
Like my four day weekend.
After work today I did the rounds of the op shops in Frankton and did well at the Red Cross shop.  Two fabulous blankets for only $6 each with wicked labels.  And this blue glass ball in rope, just like the old glass fishing floats, only $3.  Then at St Vinnies I found doilies, pearls and a colourful hanky. 
Another crack at wearing BLUE because it is this weeks favourite colour!  
The weather was so mild today 
that I was in short sleeves 
for most of the day.  
I think we even got to 17 or 18 degrees.  

All that BLUE worn with my skull leggings, 
brooch from Threadbear Cottage.
Necklace from Buddha Lounge in Whangamata. 

A promising sight in my garden,
and a very nosy

I am not sure what I will get up to tomorrow 
but what ever it is 
it will be better than having to go to work. 
I love my job, 
don't get me wrong,
 but I love my days off even more!!

So get out there
have some fun!!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I don't let the rain make me BLUE

I wear it!!
that is!

Of course there were

I think my new favourite colour might just be

 Check out my Socks!!!

 Todays Op Shop of choice was
Habitat for Humanity.

Spunky old glasses case and some fabric.

My small deed was
donating money to a Charity
by way of shopping!!

And then there was this little chair.

How could I leave something
so bloody cute in the shop
for someone else.
 I LOVE it!

The lady asked if I have grandchildren,
No but I have a small dog.
Does that count?

 Some Sparrows had a meeting in the rain.

I think some of them where sitting on the fence
when it came to a decision!!

 Oh yeah I have a bit of colour!

 Those raindrops kept falling.

 But it makes everything look
fresh and clean.

Meanwhile inside we had the
Hope TOF forgives us when the Gas bill comes.

 Some of my favourite things.
My old printers drawer I have had forever!!

Cross stitches I did years ago
(thanks Megan for those lessons)
and other favourites.

That is actually a lamp on the right.
 These three have a place in my heart
for sure!!

Lolly jars with lollies in
make people happy.

So did the rack of lamb I fed my sons on
tonight for dinner.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Comfortable, practical, and they are Orange!

So what are they??

Something I found today
other things!

Coming home from work today I felt that stopping in at the Hospice was required, and I am glad I did.  Most of the clothing in there is only $2.50 a piece and those are the racks I trawl through.  Happy to say I found these to bits.  Obviously they are going to be far more fabulous on me than on the hanger!!  I have looked at the Swiss bells on numerous occasions and caved in today and bought them all, I couldn't leave one behind.  The tray cloth is absolutely stunning, the photo does no justice for the beautiful hand stitching that has been done.  The little velvet bag is super cute, I see that at an evening out, say another Burlesque show?  Yes yes the ORANGE comfortable and practical would be the shoes.  Sure I can make them less Nanerish with what I throw together with them.

Ain't that the truth!!

My sister has a Poodle
so this is for her.

I am thankful to wake up every morning.

Oh colour beautiful colour
how I love thee!

Mission accomplished!

The weather report for tomorrow is basically CRAP!!

Ever since I got hit from behind in the work car in the rain I get a little edgy when I know we are in for a wet day.  Complete Nuts really, because I cannot control who is going to run up my arse when I am out and about.  But I am so aware of cars behind me on those miserable raining days now, not that I wasn't before, but doubly so now.  At work they want a new car so say it is ok for me to right off the one I use.  Gee thanks guys.  Apparently I am to survive without a scratch, thanks again guys, so considerate.  Joking of course I am sure, or are they?  No of course they are, no need for paranorma as well.

Not always wise to verbalise what you are thinking.
"Filled out"??

There is 24 of these glorious little affirmation cards
Seeds of Truth.

Messages of inspirations
with the best

I am a sucker for books and things like this.

Hope your week is treating you well.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Two Sues meet another blogger

Today me and Sue took a drive out of Hamilton, through to Kihikihi where we went to meet a fellow Blogger from our neck of the woods. We are totally the blind leading the blind so I was surprised we actually found where we were going!! The very lovely Julie who sent me that gorgeous parcel of loveliness last week is who we went to meet. We were both welcomed into her lovely home where we met her mum who was visiting and busy knitting in the warmth of her home.  Chatter and laughter took over while we sipped tea and ate the yummiest muffins ever (yes I have the recipe).  

I love it when I meet a new person who I instantly feel comfortable with and connect.

Apart from Julie living in the cutest house ever she has a lovely garden and a shop.  This is called Threadbear Cottage and a must to visit if you are passing by. I will so be visiting again, hear that Julie!! The cottage is full of the most beautiful handcrafted treasures in every nook and cranny.  

Trust me we looked in every nook and cranny,
going OMG more than once.

Me and Julie outside Threadbear Cottage.

One of the sweet little kittens
that I would love to have snuck home,
and a couple of purchases
from the Cottage.

Pretty sure we behaved ourselves!

Armed with a map of the op shops on offer we left to do the rounds.  I found more sheets and I know I said I have enough and must not add to my stash, well my Mountain, but I lied, these were too gorgeous to leave behind.  And of course another blanket.  

Can you ever have too many blankets and vintage cotton sheets?  

I think not. 

I had a little spend in a favourite colourful shop of mine called 3G Teak.

Us Sues had a nice spot of lunch
or was that a big afternoon tea?

Whatever it was
it was so nice sitting outside in the sunshine
watching the world pass us by. 

Sue showing me her quilt, and her two Fur grandchildren.
I safely delivered Sue back to her home.
Well when I say safely
I mean we made it!!

Do not tell me to look at things when driving
as I tend to forget I am the driver
aye Sue??

Back home I decided I should show you my re-potted Yukka that fell over in the storm and smashed the pot it was in.  I have gone for BIG, BOLD and PLASTIC this time and slapped a couple of potted colour in one side.  The empty planter box was a score off trade me, $20 and I now cannot wait to put it into position, fill it with dirt and plants.

I had a blooming great day out with an old mate and met a new one!

Of course I was dressed
head to toe in

Thanks again Julie
it was lovely to meet you!!