Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I'm still here.

Holy crap cakes where have the days gone of late??

This was Friday on my day off.  I went out for the morning doing tasks like registering the car, all very grown up and responsible.  The weather was fine as far as I can recollect, but still required a bit of artful layering.  My sister and her hubby were over for the afternoon so I went out with them, bit like a co pilot as they don't come over to the Tron that often so where to go, where to park are made easier with a local on board.  Naturally it was a good time out.

I have been attacking the fringe again, it seems to grow like a weed, a dark weed these days.  I have publicly apologised to my hairdresser for giving it the hack.  I don't think I could maintain a perfectly shaped fringe anyway so my way ward one is all good with me.

I spent Saturday 'posing' as a Wedding photographer with this lovely young woman.  Noelle is beautiful inside and out, one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met.

She looked gorgeous and it was lovely  to have been a part of her special day.  How cute is her dear little daughter?

Her bouquet was simply amazing, and such a beautiful keepsake.

The wedding was held in one of my most favourite places, The Hamilton Gardens, so of course I was in my element.  I have one more wedding to photograph next year and then I can hang up my wedding photographer hat.  I now understand why wedding photography is an expense, it is a long day behind the camera and you never know if you are getting all the photos required.

On Sunday with TOF helping we went and collected this lovely Chaise and matching chair.  $80 for the both (trade me strikes again) and simply perfect in the ex sons room, now our spare room.  Comfortable enough to sleep on, I know this because I had a nana nap on it yesterday in the afternoon sunshine.  The curtains I scored last week, also from trade me.  I have a lot of sanding and painting to do but I do like the room to look like a room, hence the dressing of it, and I don't know when I will do the required work, but I know I will.

I stayed home most of yesterday and managed to sort and have ready for sale all the stuff for Hospice that I had bought home.  Being home I witnessed this sort of thing.  Some how Courier drivers thing our driveway is the perfect place to park when delivering to the school next door.  I am pretty tempted to drive the van down the road and park it still running like the drivers do in my drive way.  Be bloody funny to see how they would react, hmmm maybe I will!!  

That's it folks, hope your world is rocking along gently.  Take care and remember to take time to smell the coffee or the roses, which ever one spins your wheels.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Waffle, and such things.

Yay for sunny Winter days and may they continue!!

The weather was so nice yesterday that even Joan was found escaping the designated part of the garden for her and the other girls.  She is a cheeky tart, but a good looking one now she has grown all her feathers back.  Something else that is looking good is my Winter Roses.

In fact I think I was slightly
colour co-ordinated with the Winter Roses!

Yep I had that purple covered,
and some green,
and some aqua,
well I just went for it.

I have another boot full of stuff to sort for Hospice.

And an empty room to re decorate.
That green and blue is going.

Today I got a new cup from Dawn.

I took my car through a car wash.

With so many birds feeding of the berries in the Idesia Tree
I decided to add some variety to their diet.

 And hung that new to me bird feeder in the lower branches.

They ignored it.
Maybe tomorrow.

These two hung outside with me.

 The girls joined us for a close inspection 
on how well the lawn is doing.

Day time Moon.

 More of my favourite colour appearing in the garden.
Ok, so all colours are my favourite.

He was sneaking off for a drink at his local bird bath!

Heads down and fluffy bums up,
the sign of some very busy girls indeed.

In fact it was a great day for getting your
washing out on the line.
mine is all up to date
so the line was


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Well whatever it is, it sure doesn't look like it!

In my last post I mentioned having some crochet lessons with my mate Sue W, the crochet guru of Karakariki!!  Well I have been crocheting away and it is all going rather well, but it ain't looking anything like what it actually is.

This is it so far.

Oscar is fantasizing about it being
a bed for him.

At the moment it is looking like
an over sized hat.


I am making one of Lucy's bags from Attic 24 except mine isn't rainbow colours as I am using yarn that I had stashed.  I am thinking how cool a black and white stripe one would look with red spots.

So very pleased to find her photo of her bag looking like mine, I actually thought I had stuffed it up!

Best I get on with it and finish it as my edging the top and making handles lesson is penciled in for Friday.

Friday, 17 July 2015

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I reckon I will get the hang out of crochet.

When the boots I had bought off Trade Me arrived on Thursday morning before I left for work, it only seemed right to wear them. 

 And why wouldn't I when they are this YUM!

Of course I had to then  plan my entire outfit around the boots.  There was a Helga-tastic moment when I decided on YELLOW tights!!  It was foggy as so that is what the spots are, either that or they are orbs and I had shit loads of company, you decide!

By mid morning the fog had lifted and the sun was shining it's little yellow bum off high up in the sky, in fact it was quite mild.  I finished work early because I am up to date and bloody efficient, so I popped in to a few op shops.  Not alot grabbed me except the Purple jacket that went perfect with my outfit and some fabric bits.

Today I drove out to visit Sue W for a crochet lesson.  OMG she has the patience of a saint, I cocked it up a few times and she would just quietly undo and get me on my way again.  

Thanks Sue!!!

Oscar came out for a play date but not much playing went on, Max found a spot in the sun and Oscar assisted in my crocheting.

Max and Oscar.

Sue whizzed up a dam fine lunch of toasties and the small dogs joined us at the table when lunch was over.  Oscar hasn't mastered the art of sitting as nice as Max.

Sues grand-puppy Astrix was there for the day,
and he is so cute.  

We had an after lunch wander around the farm visiting all the animals who were moaning as they wanted to be fed.

Royal Frogs,
Daffodils in Winter.

Smiling goats.

Inquisitive sheep.

We all know to let sleeping dogs lie.

 Thanks for a lovely afternoon.

 I found the rainbow!


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What a difference a day makes

Like yesterday was nothing short of GLORIOUS!

One of those lovely Winter Days with clear blue skies and Sunshine.  Any day that doesn't rain is a good day in my mind.  I can handle the cold if the sun is showing in the sky.

My Idesia Trees had feasting birds in them all afternoon.

My Daphne is beginning to bloom,
I love the perfume that comes from these
pretty little flowers.

My bamboo wind chimes tinkled away in the gentle breeze.

The climbers have finally
made their way to the top and furiously flowering.

Nothing is quite as nice as an afternoon in the backyard.

The girls ventured out into the back yard to join me.

Plenty of these are growing!


 There are  flowers.


Dear little Wax Eyes
joined the berry eating
bigger birds.

Then along came TODAY.

And it was back to
hats, gloves, scarfs, and coats!

Grey, dull and COLD.

My resident Black Bird still came to visit.

 Tex decided the back yard was where
his business got done.

Top to toe in Red, Black and white,
paying homage to Lady Birds and Black Birds.

Good day to call in on a couple of Op Shops.

 Brand new Bird Feeder for $10.

 Brand new Dashboard Hula Doll for $4.

 Perfect layering pieces all $6 each.

Happy dogs,
Sheba has a new ball  $5,
and Oscar has two new soft toys $1 each.

The Spare read this book and said it was great so I read it too, like in under an hour.  I can recommend it as it is one of those thought provoking ones.

And apparently we are due for some