Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Perfection is an illusion of the mind

Funny how when you try something on in a changing room (especially in a charity shop) that you only get to see what you look like from the front.  If you are brave you will sneak a quick look at yourself side on holding in your breath for as long as you can to look PERFECT!  Its all crap really isn't it.  I mean to say, what is perfection anyway.  We all prefer photos of ourselves taken front on, just like the models in the mags, none of them are back on or sideways trying to looking normal.

Take this top I have on and wore on the weekend.  I think it looks fine, apart from being all tits, so of course I swanned out wearing it and feeling comfy and casual.  Then later on over the weekend I saw a picture of me and TOF on a balcony watching a game of rugby. SHIT!!  We looked so short fat and stumpy.  I of course am blaming the camera angle, not a flattering look at all.  But needless to say the photo will not be shared and it has put me off the top, maybe a bit too flowing for me, so it is being passed on to someone taller.

 Does Tex give a thought to how he looks?
I think not.

Mother Nature doesn't give a rats ass about what we deem perfect.  She throws colours together that we have been told do not match.

I like to think Mother N has it sorted.  All odd bod shapes and wild colours everywhere in my garden, my sort of perfect, sort of like myself.

An odd shape and wild colours.

I think Cassie is adorable, others would say she looks mad.

Yeah, Mother Nature ROCKS!

I may not be a delicate little flower,
or beautiful butterfly,
but I am very comfortable in my own skin.

Anyway enough of that, the girls enjoyed a lovely afternoon sun bathing in the garden on Sunday.  TOF and the girls chilled out together, and I went on another egg hunt. There are a few favourite spots.

I followed this Monarch Butterfly as she  flitted about in the blossom in the Peach Tree. Aren't the colours all amazing, colours of SPRING time.

Can you see the clouds and the house?

The gorgeous weather is hanging around at the moment which calls for strategic layering in lightweight things.  It also means no more boots.  This is today's little outfit, colours of Spring.

I have re filled the dog toy basket, all ready for Sheba and Oscar's destuffication program.  Care to place your bets on how long this lot will survive?

I have no intention of being anyone but myself.  The weather is so lovely that walking is back on the agenda and salads are back on the menu. Winter really is a bitch! Glad she has gone.

I am not SORRY at all!


Friday, 25 September 2015

My hairdresser might growl me this time.

Maybe I should hide my scissors, but my hairdresser is away on holiday and my fringy part of my hair was starting to really piss me off, so I gave it the CHOP!!

The best thing about hair is it GROWS so it doesn't matter if I have ballsed this fringe up.  I am thinking I might go back to my natural colour for summer but not sure how to do that, so maybe I will wait for my hairdresser to do that.  In the mean time I will hang out in my garden.

Why wouldn't I when all the glorious colour is coming back and the bees are out in full force.

So this is what I wore to work on Wednesday, pom poms, ruffles, spots, I was on overload!

The girls have been busy just like those bees!

Thursday the heavens opened and it poured with rain.  The sky went very dark and then it was all thunder and rain.  Needless to say after a mad dash to the supermarket, the rest of the day was spent indoors.

I had plenty of company snuggling up to keep warm.  Well, what else were we all going to do?

This morning (Friday) I went for layers as rain was predicted but the sun was out.  I decided to wear my brown boots before they get stored away with the Winter Woollies.  Oh yeah, that time is coming, we start our day light savings this weekend. WooHoo!!!

After work today, I stopped off in Frankton for a quick look at St Vinnies and I was not disappointed. I found the spotted pants, and the two items on the right.  The top on the left and the necklace I got from ReVamp, a recycling shop.  I had already unpicked the hems on the pants to lengthen them and thinking white pom poms.

By the time I made it home I  had stripped off my top layer. 

Who knew Bluebells came in Pink? Well I didn't.  My plant lady had them for sale so of course they needed to be bought.

This afternoon has been pleasant, and the girls were enjoying some out time.  It got quite warm there for  awhile.

The boots had to go and my hair had to go up!

Of course my ever faithful fur buddies found me outside and joined in on the R & R.  Oscar felt rubbing his face in chicken shit was a good idea so now I have to bath the smelly little bugger. 

Yes, your poo!  Don't try the innocent look with me, you are all guilty!

Then the sky started to change colour even tho the sun was still shining, those dark clouds gathered.  Fingers crossed that if it rains it is tonight, as we need sunshine for the weekend, there are things to do outside you know.

Maybell was doing her very best to blend into the garden, she prefers the back yard to the designated chicken zone.  Her and Autumn escape every morning!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.

When I woke up on Saturday I was pleased to see the return of the sun.  With all the rain during the week I had my fingers crossed for the good stuff to arrive on the weekend, I had plans!!

The last time I went to this festival was four years ago, as every year since I have forgotten or missed the advertising of the event.  So this year I was prepared!!  TOF decided he would come along with me, this could well be because I had sold the idea to him in the form of scantily clad Salsa dancing young ladies. I had no idea what would be happening, four years have passed remember.

This is only a smidgen of the gardens, Turtle Lake to be precise, and guess what, I actually saw a real Turtle.  I didn't know Turtles lived in Turtle Lake, I just presumed it was some fancy smancy name someone came up with for the little lake.  Anyway, it is rather lovely lakeside and I really did see a Turtle.

The weather was glorious and some people were in their traditional clothes, super cute!  I positioned myself opposite the little bridge that goes over the stream as the parade of flags passes over it.

I love the sound of the drums and whistles that accompanied the flag bearers.  They march over the bridge and into the Pavilion which signifies the beginning of the festivities.  Outside there were food stalls and a few craft stalls, the sights and smells were just lovely.

Pretty sure this group is known as Sambatron and they are amazing.  I have watched them before in town and love the beat, so much that I filmed it to share with you.

A group of small children sang a traditional song in Spanish (I think) and they were super cute.  There was a good sized crowd of people to enjoy the festivities which made me happy.  It is good to go and check out things in your own town that are foreign to you I think.

We listened to this 12 year old girl belt out three songs while the dancers were getting ready to perform.  She had a huge voice and no doubt will go far if she continues to sing and doesn't discover BOYS!!  The young dancers were first then a group of teenagers performed a Salsa, sorry TOF no scantily clad babes.

The gardens are very popular over the weekend and busy but I managed to film my favourite garden for you, the Italian Renaissance one without anyone getting in my way.  You will hear me go 'Shush' a couple of times to TOF, he was being ever so slightly politically incorrect in a humorous way of course.

The Indian garden is another favourite this time of the year as it is super colourful.  We didn't wander around for long as it was pretty crowded with people, and we can go anytime, and I do!

Farewell Hamilton Gardens
you beautiful thing you.

Some eye candy for the blokes was parked on the grass near us.  The car park was full so the grass was opened for parking.  Not sure I would drive a Lotus on the muddy grass.  We had the four wheel drive so we were sweet.

Look what came back on Sunday!!

The garden appreciated the drink it was given and you have to admit, rain does make plants look beautiful. 

Raindrops are amazing!!

 Monday was sunny again,

...I went and visited my friend Annette and her three super cute grandchildren.  We have known each other since we were born, grew up in the same street etc.  Such fun catching up with your old friends!!  I think myself blessed to have friends that I have known forever.

Guess what?
It bloody well rained today!

It will be fine by Friday,
because I won't be
at work.


Friday, 18 September 2015

More Bills than Wages


Another week has drifted by, but the upside to this is it's the WEEKEND tomorrow!!!

Every now and again there is a week that seems to have more window envelopes that need dealing to than numbers in my bank account. Just so happens it was this week, but no worries, I can work with that.

So what have I done and where have I been??  In between swapping my work days around I have only been out visiting.  Trying to do things that don't cost any hard earned $$$s. 

On Monday the sun was shining so a trip out to Webberville to visit Sue happened.  I picked up our mate Kerry on the way, and with advanced warning of our visit good old Sue pumped out a Marmalade Cake, trust me it was divine!!!

Of course I took my regulation tour of the land and checked in on the sheep and lambs. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Those hungry lambs are growing fast.

The following morning there was a battle for my lap going on.  Started with Tex who thought sleeping on me was the job.  Then Oscar wheedled his way in and Tex had to endure sharing.  Not to be left out Sheba decided there was still enough room for her on the foot rest part of my recliner.  ENOUGH!!!  I went to work.

Tex found sleeping on a White Dog was awesome.

 Cheeky bugger.

Look at that morning sunshine!  Yesterday was beautiful and as luck would have it, or was that my good planning I had the day off work, working today instead.  My girls meet me for breakfast at the gate to their enclosure every morning, I enjoy this part of the day when the sun is out and so do they.  If it is raining, they have to wait.  Anyway, I drove out to visit Dawn armed with baking thanks to TOF.

Hanging Fish, a street full of houses and loads of colourful toadstools graced the Gallery.

Striped house that looks slightly on the piss, and gorgeous Busts.

These two gorgeous creations are heading to an Exhibition Dawn is involved in next month.  They need to be fired and glazed yet so I sepia finished the photos.

The most AMAZING Bird Bath.

More gorgeous things waiting to be fired and under glazed, cannot wait to see these when they are finished.

It was so warm yesterday that sleeveless became a bloody good option. I am so looking forward to SUMMER and endless sunshine.  Sorry Northerners but us Southern Hemisphere folk are totally done with Winter and you are most welcome to it.

me, the pets and the garden
are all looking forward to Summer.

But wouldn't you know it, TODAY its fricken RAINING!!  Best get it over with today as I have plans for the weekend and they are outside.

So I get home from work today and all the dogs toys had exploded all over the floor in the lounge and Oscar and Sheba just don't know how this happened. Didn't take long to gather up the stuffing and bin it.  My dogs are lucky to be so loved.  Remember that little dog that arrived here and ended up at our city dog pound?  Well I went there yesterday to only be told she had been euthanized as she failed her re homing assessment.  I felt terrible, and slightly pissed off.  She was such a beautiful dog and well behaved here so I don't know what she could have done wrong to fail. I guess a week in a cage at the pound could change a dog, but any animal in that situation would be stressed.  Unfortunately I cannot change what has happened but put in the same situation I would not get the pound to pick up a dog as nice as she was.  I would make use of social media and advertise myself and then try to find a home if all else failed.

 Sorry baby girl, wish things had been different for you.