Sunday, 26 February 2012

Things I love....

 Where the hell did that weekend get to!!!

Saturday was so lovely that I ended up going with Sue W to watch her son play rugby.  TOF and my Jak came later on and my Max turned up as well.  We off course where there en mass to give our support and have the odd snigger as at times all we could see were Michael s bright yellow footy boots at the bottom of a ruck, well I think that's what its called, to me its just a pile of big sweaty blokes on the ground.

 Jak, TOF Max and Me in full support mode!!  Yep backs turned to the field paying no attention what so ever to the game.

So that group of blokes above is one thing I love.  But some other things I love are as follows.  I have a bad habit of saving pics of things I love.  Kind of like a wish list.  Even when I was younger I would have a scrap book full of things I had cut out and pasted into it of things I LOVED!!  Found the scrap books in my mothers attic a couple of years ago.  Talk about laugh!!  Should have seen the fashion, and the so called what I thought was HOT guys back then.  Oh to be a teenager again.  Anyway, some of my things I LOVE now.

Gorgeous Bali jacket with embroidery and big 3D flowers on it.

The best wing back chair ever!!! Totally loving the colour!!

Colourful Chandelier, have found some baby ones in a very cool shop out at Raglan.  Not sure if TOF would let me hang that in our bedroom tho'.

The coolest set of drawers I have ever seen, just wish my dad was still alive because he would have found a way to make these for me.  Miss you dad!!

I love all of these so much that I have this one here.  But the others are so gorgeous also.  What a talented knitter this person is and these just sell like hotcakes!!!

The very latest Tui gnome!!!

Well that's some of my things I love.

Hope you all had all great weekend and are all ready for another enthralling week at work or whatever it is that you have to do for the next 5 days.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Flying Solo..

Today was SuesDay but half of the team couldn't come in to town today to play.  So it was a solo mission for me and I think I did quite well.  Actually, woke up to a beautiful sunny day.  Went to work, looked at my empty desk and said to my boss "might take the day off and see you on Monday" to which he replied "fill your boots up", or words to that effect, probably more like,  "sure that's fine".  But I like my version so much more.  So what is a girl to do on a nice day but take in a few of her favourite shops. 

 My scores today are as follows:

Black Colorado sandals for $7 almost new

Brick red Hush Puppies for $5, had the sale price sticker of $119 on the sole still.

Poodle brooch that I would like to send to a certain gorgeous blogger in England who loves poodles!! Need an address!!

Indian beaded star for my Xmas tree for .50c

All these bags were only $3 each.

Pale pink soft leather bag by Hermes

Lime green bag by Colorado

Rich brown leather bag by Landmark of Australia

This looks better on and was $12 from a recycle boutique but it is a gorgeous colour and  I just had to have it.

I love this, it is a size 10!!!!    What a farking joke that is and a big insult to someone that small.  Has ruffles at the hem, and made of a light stretchy fabric.  Might stitch the size on the outside!!  $6

Light weight knit fabric with ruffle at the hem, only $3.

But I save the best for last...

....Saw this ring the other week and decided if it was still in the shop this week then I was meant to have it.  $15

So even tho' my co-pilot was not on board today I had quite a fine old time doin' it by myself, because as we all know,

"sisters are doin' it for themselves"

Have a happy weekend
x x ♥ x x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Rain is good for....................

...the garden!!  Ours is just amping at the moment.  Everything is growing by the minute around here, even the lawn!!!!  If it drys out we may even make hay!!  I picked some of the crops yesterday and gathered some eggs and look, aren't they all just marvelarese??!!!

Will confess that the huge Walnuts came from my nieces place last weekend.  We parked under her big old walnut tree so it would have been rude not to collect a few!!  We have passion-fruit coming out of every nook and cranny, well not really but we have an abundance.  Last year I made passion-fruit curd, like lemon curd but with passion-fruit and soooooooooooooooooooo dam delish!!!!  Blackberries are ripening all the time so have to pick the buggars daily before the birds get them.  Pick and freeze is what I have been doing, they will end up in crumbles, and jam I suspect.  TOFs toms are doing it at last so he will be back in the kitchen (where he belongs barefoot and not pregnant) making more of his relish. I will try to sneak a pic of him with a pinny on cooking!!

Had to share my chair with you all.  Actually  I picked up two of them for $15, and the cool as seat cover for $5, a while back.  They need a little bit of maintenance (don't we all) but they are great on my deck and I do love the colour.  Old Tex is rather partial to sleeping on this one.

.......for sneaking into an op shop on your way home from work.  My car sometimes goes onto auto pilot and I just have to go with the flow.  Today my lovely red car took me to Habitat.  It bucketed down with rain while I was there so I was forced into staying longer. 

My inner Frida found this gorgeous black top with wicked embroidery on it for a nice little $5.  Fake blue Louis Vuitton for $5, another basket, very lovely and I am sure I will find a good use for it for $4, and a card of vintage petticoat lace for $1-50.  If I don't find a use for the lace I do know a gorgeous Red head down south who would probably go "squeeee" for that so it may just end up down there!!  There was an old wooden tea trolley with no wheels for $20 but I really don't need another one, thought it would have made a good coffee table for my son at the house (not allowed to call it a flat) but figured  it probably wouldn't be his thing.

.......watching DVDs or reading a good book.  Not sure which I will do this afternoon yet but it will be one or the other.

........lots of other things, I figure you cannot control the weather so you just have to work with it.

Off to have some farmhouse pate on toast and a cup of Earl Grey for my lunch.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Love - Hate

A couple of weekends back I went to one of my most favourite shops in town  Zinnia, which is situated in an older part of Hamilton.  This part of Hamilton (Hamilton East) is full of lovely old houses, wide streets and lush gardens.  Unfortunately parts have ugly blocks of flats!!!  But back to Zinnia.

This shop is full of all sorts of nic nacs of various prices.  Vintage, French, Kiwiana, just too much to list.  I love the fact that I have to walk around the interior more than once so I don't miss a thing.  But I bet I still do.  If I ever need a gift for someone who can handle a good laugh then this is where I go.  They wrap your buys in bright pink tissue and slip it into bags with big colourful spots on. BLISS!!

  So what did I buy that day????  For starters I got me this tin sign!!!  Sums me up really!!

And there were these coasters.  A wicked Frida Kahlo brooch, and lip gloss inside a Russian doll.  I could spend a fortune in here but I have to limit myself.  Have a few special number birthdays coming up this year so I will be back to Zinnia for sure.

Amongst some of the shops is a house that is home to this rather huge Buddha.  It sits amongst a shit hole of a garden ravaged with weeds but looks quite content.  



My pet HATE or biggest gripe is Tags!!!  I just don't get what drives people to tag, and I just don't get people that call tagging Graffiti??  I will show you the difference.


And again Tag!!

Why would someone or should I say something want to tag a tree??  A beautiful old tree that has survived for years just minding its own business being a tree.  How do you untag a tree?  Just mindless and destructive of something that is not harmful or bad.  A tree for farks sake!!

I would line the taggers up and spray them with words that are actually readable like, ARSEHOLE, or something equally appealing!!

Now this is Graffiti, in my mind ART!!!  Lets have more of this sort of thing on our walls but not our trees.

Feel much better now for getting that off my ample chest.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Nice day for a white wedding.....

..except this bride wore champagne and looked farking gorgeous!!!!  

Yes yes the wedding I have been counting down to has been and gone and went off without a hitch.  Mother Nature turned on a perfect day in the countryside and everyone put on their glad rags and went to help celebrate the day.

But firstly, what did I wear??  Well I wore all of this, that's what I wore.  Plus sunnies and had a jacket for ron as in later on when it got dark and cold like!!!

I even wore make up, no smile at this point, but make up!!

The silver shoes won!!

...and look at those nails, 2 coats of purple and a top coat of clear with glitter!!!

Now to how gorgeous my niece looked, and she did.  The whole thing took place on their little lifestyle block and she had arranged the entire thing.  Marquees, hay bales, flowers, lighting, and an awesome band.  Yeah yeah you want to check out the bride.

escorted in by her dad

done deal

I am not much of a drinker so it was one beer, one wine then water for me, but TOF got himself stitched up good and proper!!  But he was in a happy place so I left him to it, at a bar leaner with friends of ours.  The food was fantastic and the band was amazing.  It was a night to remember.

Late in the night when I was nearly ready to go home to bed.

Sunday was a right off for us both, TOF had a good old hangover and was on call for his work, pitty the poor clients.  Me, well I woke up to a migraine, with both ends wanting to part company with me so I was in bed all day and home from work today.  Still feel pretty rough but nothing a good nights sleep won't put right.

Last photo has to be my gorgeous little great nephews that were all dressed up for their mum and dads big day.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Projects and Purchases!!

Firstly I would like to say that I completed the last two tasks on my to do list last night, so excuse me for a while as I pat myself on my back!!  Thanks.  Right firstly I had a crack at a colourful headband, after being inspired by Helga and Sarah, and I got somewhat carried away, had super glue on my fingers, flowers all over the room and it turned out slightly OTT.  My model is Hannah, my doll I bought myself when I realsied I would never be the mother of a daughter, so as a piss take I bought me a baby.  So many stories to tell on that, but they shall have to wait.   The boys all hate her.

This is actually the back side of the headband, but its a wear either way sort really.

And this is the front.

My perfect daughter, still in the nappy she came in, never complains, always where I leave her, costs nothing to feed.......I could go on.  Another day tho'.

Now this is my necklace which I made ear rings to match the other week.  This is my Frida necklace as in Khalo.  I am stoked and hope to debut this little beauty at the wedding.  Have my dress sorted, tuelle slip to go underneath, 2 pairs of shoes to choose from and this necklace.  Just hope it all goes together as I envisage it all.  Let you know tomorrow, may even treat you all to a photo!!!

Anyway, off late I have been doing a bit of buying off trade me.  My most favourite thing would have to be my tea cosy.  There is this truly talented knitter out there that basically creates tea cosies.  I watch and watch and this week I finally got to win one.  So me and the Webster woman put it through its paces today before we headed off on our SuesDay. 

Isn't it GORGEOUS!!
The Tea Cosy!!!

These shoes I got off Trade Me and have to chose which pair to wear tomorrow, I am strongly leaning towards the ones with flowers but the silver ones are nice also.  Kind of a wait till I am dressed thing and see which I think is best.  I could ask TOF but he will go Yes to both pairs, he only gets interested if its showing a bit of boob!!

 So today was SuesDay so after our cuppa we set off to take in a few shops.  I scored this original painting for $6 at the Salvo in town.  The poppies are beautiful, may put another frame around it yet.  But I really quite like it and its a decent size and all.

At Habitat us Sues found 2 of these tops.  Often there is 2 of something and we always have a good old laugh because they are usually down right horrid, but these were an ok buy.  We have a cunning plan which involves us dressing identical and visiting our sons that flat together.  I only had kids to take the piss!!  Wonder if they will even notice??  

 Then I found this Caftan, in a Bali print cotton.  I may treat you to a photo of me in it if it looks alright but if it doesn't I shall pass it on.  Too good to leave behind at only $5 and it is brand new.  The fabric could always be recreated into something else.

We had lunch in town in Biddy Muligans Irish pub, and Sue chatted up the young Irish barman who was taking our order, slappa!!!  Just coz her Joe is away!!!  We went to Davids Emporium which is like an old general store/Aladdin cave all rolled into one.  It has been in the main part of town for at least 30 years if not longer and is such a cool place to check out.  If you have a fancy dress do to go to it is so the place to buy wigs, hats, fake boobs, you name it they have it.  Today we stuck to ric rac and other trimmings.  I bought some trimming to go on my standard lamp to Zhoosh it up!!!  Think I will have to succumb and use a glue gun for that.

Have yourselves a great weekend!!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

TOFs Toms and other stuff....

Remember the battle TOF was having with the bloody sparrows and his tomatoes??  Well he had quite the crop in the end, and we now have enough tomatoes to supply the entire neighborhood but TOF had plans!!

That is the first tray he harvested, he googled till his hearts content the other day and now is picking them earlier and ripening them on the kitchen window sill.  I have been informed that these are "beef stake".  To me they are big, red/orange and taste delish!!

Anyone that knows TOF knows that he is a dab hand in the kitchen!!  He made tomato relish last night!!

This stuff has a kick due to the chillies, onions and garlic in it, but awfully nice on cheese and crackers.

Enough about TOF.  I was supposed to achieve greatness today at home.  Well I have ticked only 2 things off my to do list and then I went out for a haircut and to get me some eyebrows.  Mine are ridiculously absent because I am fair headed.  So my gorgeous hairdresser Deb does some dyeing and some waxing and abra-cadabra-alla-cazam, I now have eyebrows.  A must when going to ones nieces wedding!!!   Sorry no photos of the new eyebrows, even I take a day or two to get used to them.  

Anyway, I told you yesterday that I had a wee spend so here are the purchases.

Introducing "Big Ears".  He is actually a key ring thingy but I am a sucker for CUTE!!  Hand made from string and stuff.

Two more bright coloured necklaces.  I now have four of these!!!  I ain't religious at all just like the style.  You can wear a couple at a time.

Got my hat last winter, love the Paua kind of colour that it is.  But for some Zingage I now can add my pink felt flower.

Could have worn this this morning, we had "FOG"!!  In February??

Showing you my other 2 cross necklaces, pre haircut and eyebrows!!

And last but not least one of my favourite plants in my garden, my Hydrangea!!  Don't you just love the colour. 

SuesDay tomorrow!!!