Friday, 29 August 2014

Drugs not Hugs!

I have Vicks VapoRub on the souls of my feet, Olbas oil on my hanky, and I am now popping drugs from the Chemist (Night and Day).  

All because I spent my day looking like this.....

Hankies and tissues were my best friends today,
apart from my buddy

We went to the Red Cross Book Fair this morning and had a successful time.  I love Tricia Guild books and at $3 each I swooped them up.  The Carters book is just packed full on interesting info and the midwinter pottery on '60s china is divine.  Then Dear Sue who could see I was fading fast spotted the Ken Follet for me. All the books were $3, except for a corner of collectables and new releases but they weren't to badly priced.  We unloaded our books into the car and then headed back to the $1 room where Sue found some more books.  Magazines were 50c, CDs were $1, and there were DVDs, puzzles, and old records.  I had lost the will so walked out of the dollar room with nothing.

The Monty Python book is brilliant, and even funnier when Sue was reading and singing from it for me back at home.  I love Monty Python and remember watching it on the TV with my dad and us just falling about laughing.  My Monty Python Foot is a key ring, and when you press the toe nails there are classic Monty P one liners, love it (purchased from Trade Me).

We left the book fair and only visited one op shop and that was Habitat were I got a bunch of Bamboo stakes for the garden and these gorgeous Dr Martin Boots.  Neither of us could be arsed with any more shopping so we went to a cafe and had a dirty old feed of fat, as in sausage roll and hot chips etc, with hot drinks and we took a table outside in the sunshine. 

I spent the rest of the day under a blanket snoozing and plan to do pretty much the same all weekend until I have kicked this head cold into touch! Weather forecast is very much indoor weather so I won't feel pissy about not being able to get in my garden.

Have yourselves a doozie of a weekend!!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Still full of snot!

My cold has now broken to a mucus cough and running nose,
too much information??

Sorry but I am seriously over it all.

...I still got up and went to work,
still enjoyed selecting things to wear for the day
and still got out in my garden.

The sun was still shining so cold or no cold
life is good!

So nice and warm that I slipped into a sleeveless frock/top
to encourage summer to arrive.

Forecast for the weekend is rain
so my encouragement went un-noticed!

my working week is over
I have a play date with the Webber Woman.

Red Cross book fair and op shopping is on the itinerary for the day.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Me and the spare went coastal

Heading home from work today I thought it would be super duper to go out to Raglan for the afternoon and take the dogs for a run on the beach.  But before I even got home I detoured to the Hospice in town.  My favourite at the moment as the clothing is all $2.50 per piece and always worth poking your nose in the racks every so often.

Who can pass up 3 religious statues for $5?
Even though I don't have a traditional religious bone in my body
I do like holy statues.

Of course there were clothes!
Like Hello??

Back on track I made it home, had a hot drink and a light lunch, got the dogs in the car, and Jak (the spare) and off we went to the beach.  Jak is off work at the moment for a reason that will become obvious in photos to follow and he is not happy, and we are only on day two!!

First port of call was Manu Bay to check out the surf, and yeah there wasn't any.  Perfect for boaties as it was reasonably calm, but a handful of surfers were enjoying themselves.

The dogs were beyond excited, and we had it all pretty much to ourselves.

 Just how I like it.

Yes, he has another cast on 'that arm'!  This is just a precaution as he can't get to see the hand specialist until 5th September, so hopefully it isn't broken again.  Long story but the result of more SPORTS!! At this stage he is off work until the 5th, and already suffering from cabin fever.

 Oscar just follow me into the water........then I will shake all over you!!!

Happy dogs.
So easily pleased.

 Just a little bit of fancy football.

 Hey Sheba, I'll look after your ball while you go swimming again!

 Oh nah Oscar, I'll take it with me!

Sheba could have done this for hours!!

Absolutely nothing beats a walk on the beach breathing in all that fresh sea air!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Those plants got planted.

Today was a mixed bag kind of day.  Before work I had to drop off TOFs lawn mower that won't start at a fixer-upper man who just happens to be in the same street as my work.  With that done I wandered down to work and did my thing!  After 4 hours I was knackered and sick of coughing so I bailed and came home.  Later on this afternoon, well early evening my gardening mojo kicked in and I got stuck in and planted all those plants I got yesterday.

 See, all in the ground.
And watered.
Grow babies grow!!

And for your convenience arrows to show the newly planted plants.
I know, so helpful aren't I?

Pretty tickled with them all
and looking forward
to going and collecting the other plants
on the weekend.


Monday, 25 August 2014

Down but not out!

The weekend had been and gone before I even knew it had turned up and left.

Most of it was spent outside in the sunshine in the garden or chilling out reading my book.  Since being inadequately dressed for Rugby on Friday night, I have been feeling fluish. Someone must have lost their cold because I have found it.  Well you know, sore throat, sneezing and all that jazz. 

But on Sunday morning TOF and I ventured off bright and early to the local Farmers Market.  He was on a mission to buy food!  As in Potato Bread, being Irish and all it had to be purchased off the most delightfully  funny Irish lady.  He also got an assortment of things from Volarie a cafe style bread stall and some snags (sausages) from a butcher called 'Wholly Cow'.

The creepers got planted either side of the swing seat and wee Oscar got a poof and a pamper.  He not only looks good but smells great too.  Unfortunately it won't last long as little white dog doesn't like being White!

Today I was grateful that I didn't have to go to work.  I needed to go to the bank for one of the lads so I got dressed for the day.  I still had a dry throat, still sneezing, and sounded like an 0800SPANKORWANK person. My voice was on the huskier side of things most of the day.

I made myself the yummiest cheese and onion toasted sandwich and washed it down with a cup of Earl Grey whilst in the company of my dogs.  It was so beautiful outside and so warm that I hoisted the umbrella.

I finished my cuppa sitting in one of the big blue chairs with the girls scratching about under my feet.  I finished my book 'World without an end' by Ken Follet last night and it was brilliant.  With no interest in reading today I decided to just sit in the garden, enjoy the fresh air and sun, and simply watch the world pass by, through my camera of course.

The only thing that disturbed my peace was a little plane!

Sitting under my big Idesia tree full of berries
I waited for this black bird to arrive.
(it kept coming and going)

 And watch it indulge in a banquet of berries.

 Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere.

 With the egg laying done the girls cruised out in the garden.

 The newly shortened lawn was being appreciated.
(another thing I did on the weekend)


 Nature was kicking back with us.

 Tex found a quiet shady spot on the deck to do what he does best.

 Anenomies or Ranunculas I can never remember which?

And these bastards are back!
This can only mean the warmer weather really is on its way.

 The washing shared the breeze and sunshine with the birds.

My instant colour is doing very well!

The view from the table I lunched at.

White dog trying desperately to make himself un-white and smelly!

Polianthus, got to love the Pollies.

My Yin and Yan dogs.
Big and small, black and white, female and male.

Late this afternoon I went out to pick up all these plants, 16 in total.  I won this auction on trade me on Sunday, $37 for all of them, and I am going back to get some more that haven't been dug up.  The people are in the middle of digging up their entire garden to replant and decided to flog the plants off on Trade Me.  Good for me, I don't mind second hand plants!!  

Guess I will be busy planting this week each afternoon.

 So I am off to work tomorrow
to sneeze everywhere.
Before I go...
 Oscar all dressed up with no where to go!

He really does need a Tiara tho'.