Monday, 12 November 2018

Week 45/52 - All who wander are not lost!

I have had a week of WANDERING and every one was perfectly lovely.

I joined The Friends of The Hamilton Gardens and as a member I was lucky enough to be able to attend a preview last Monday of the newest garden that will be officially opened tomorrow.  I jumped at the chance to go have a good look, and oh my my what a beautiful garden it is.

Introducing to you
The Katherine Mansfield Garden.

Absolutely gorgeous.

That old car is a permanent fixture
and lovingly purposefully built for the garden.

The gardens are just a dream, all so bloody perfect, and then those gorgeous old chairs, well they aren't old, they are concreted permanently to the spot but still ok to sit on.

Then down on the tennis court is this huge Marquee with a table full of goodies.  Guess what, none are real, and will be there, PERMANENTLY!

I found myself touching that food because it really does look real, but none of it is.  Seriously the detail is AMAZING!

When I saw the Piano with other accompanying instrument and music stands I thought "wow we are going to have music". WRONG this to was all concrete and pretend.  But the Fortune Teller (Gaye a committee member) was so real (not!! but very funny). Apparently Katherine liked to have a fortune teller and a pig drawing competition at her garden parties. Why yes I did draw a pig!!

After some speeches and thank yous, a WANDER around this incredibly lovely garden, refreshments were available.  All was served on a collection of beautiful old china, oh and the food was delicious. 

So if you are in my town, remember to go to our beautiful Hamilton Gardens as they are continually growing and something that just needs to be seen to truly appreciate them.

On my way back to my car I took a WANDER through the edible garden where the remaining Scarecrows from the annual Hamilton Gardens Scarecrow Festival were.  Remember last week Sue W and I were a day early.

This one although rather grim was my favourite, a bit like the fox gloves in the neighboring herb garden.

Meanwhile back in my own garden I wandered about happily seeing all the lovely new growth everywhere. The Blueberries are abundant.  Of course my helper was on hand.

It is so satisfying this time of the year picking flowers, gathering eggs and the beginning of summer fruit is here, starting with Strawberries.

I managed to WANDER into and around a few of my favourite Op Shops and walk out with a few treats.

On Friday Chris from Cambridge came over and we took lunch out to Sue Ws place. Of course photos, shenanigans and WANDERING around Sue's beautiful garden happened. The flowers came from my garden, a gift of fragrance and colour.

I threw together a pretty fabulous salad, just about as fabulous as that garden.  In a few more weeks it will be the venue for Sues sons wedding, I for one cannot wait, my eldest son Max is one of the Groomsmen.

Down the road from Sues is a farm with all these beautiful Highland Cattle (hope that is the correct name, I'm a townie remember).  With no traffic I slammed on the brakes so I could take their photo.  They loved it and posed away as model cattle do. Poor Chris, I forgot I had a passenger!!

On our way home I took Chris to the Taitua Arboretum as she had never been there, not sure she had even heard of it.  Of course we were welcomed by the locals crowing away in the sunshine.
I love these, and need them in my garden,
I may have to find a spot first.

We ended up going for a WANDER, the short one not the long one.  We were followed and greeted by bird life all the way round.  I love the big tall trees and the winding paths.

Bamboo arches and tunnels, metal sculptures, picnic tables and seats are placed everywhere.  Perfect resting spots to soak it all in.

And of course there are BABIES!!

On Saturday Sue W came into town as we were having a day out, lets call it a SATURDAY SUESDAY!  Both our husbands were working so we figured, WHY NOT!!  Our first destination was Te Awamutu to attend the annual craft fair. It was really good, I purchased some beautiful soaps, Vanilla Bean, Freesia, Goats Milk and a Gardeners one.  In my effort to reduce more plastic and waste I am going back to soap.  I bought the plant because I loved the colour and I need more plants!!!

I also wanted to catch up with the lovely Julie from Threadbear Cottage who has been busy forever making her gorgeous crafts to sell.  So lovely to see her and she pointed out her adorable little grandsons that had come to the fair to.

Yes I had a spend, one her delightful Tilda Angels found her way home with me and two of her Cinnamon Stick Christmas trees.  One for me and one for Alex my son Jak's girlfriend. Oh and lets not forget the green scrubber!!  Pretty sure it is for kitchen use but I am thinking in the shower for me.

Tilda Angel has made it to
 The Wall of Whimsy!! 
Can you see her?

Next we drove from Te Awamutu back to Hamilton, our second destination was the annual Rose Festival at The Hamilton Gardens. I have no Roses in my garden and was totally blown away with the variety and colours on show. It was a beautiful day for another WANDER but I was grateful for the lovely big trees that provided much needed shade every now and then for me.

You cannot tell from my photos but the garden was actually full of people, my timing is just so on point!!  Bahahahaha!!!  I should also mention all these photos were taken on my phone, I am stoked!! From there we drove out to Wairere Nursery as I decided I needed to buy a ROSE called Eye of the Tiger.

And this is it!

Then I found this one, BABY JACK and for obviously I needed that to as I have a son with that name. Now to find one with Max in it!

Oh oooops, how did that happen? 
I bought these as well,

Okay, so if you have ever been to the Nursery you will know the owners are the most amazing gardeners and you can WANDER one of their beautiful gardens.  So this is what we did, we have done it before but it was time to do it again.  Entering in between those tall statues.

Immaculately trimmed box hedging, sculpted trees,
and winding paths with colourful planting.

The brightly coloured Iris plants
were all around the edge of the large water lily filled pond.

If you have some spare time it is well worth the visit.
And it is FREE!!

We loved it and I know we will be back again.

I could have nicked of with the old wheel barrow!!
But it was keeping the gate open!

While we were out and about I picked up this gorgeous fully reversible wrap frock that I had bought off Trade Me.  Bloody bargain at $15 when I know what these Annah S frocks originally retailed at - hundreds!!!  The colours are perfect.

Right time for a funny:

 PS: not once in my WANDERINGS
did I get lost!!


Monday, 5 November 2018

Week 44/52- She who leaves a trail of glitter will never be forgotten!

So where did I trail my glitter over the last week? 
You know it is multi coloured
and very bright aye?

At the beginning of the week Hamilton had a mini twister, and believe it or not TOF got this photo.  We will teach him zoom on his phone next week! Baby steps with technology folks. Hope this isn't the new norm round here.

Seedless grapes are my new favourite fruit, who knew they were this good.  Thanks America, not sure we grow seedless ones here, but I am now keen to give it a nudge if it is possible. Feel guilty about buying something from overseas when I should buy local/seasonal.

Yes the op shops got visited and I found a few goodies to take home.  The basket will be great for taking baking to work or just here at home.  Russian dolls for our Xmas Tree, but NOT UNTIL DECEMBER!!!  The best table cloth put NZ as the best and biggest, most amazing place in the world.  Two small Masks to go on the Wall of you know what.

Now best buy of the week has to be my old gates.  These will go in my garden as walls/climber frames not gates.  I love re purposing things.

I found this trike at our Dump shop, and promptly bought it home, added a basket, planted and parked it up.

I was on a roll with baskets so added and planted a mini Fuchsia to my old bike.

Yeah I said I was on a roll,
my old trike got an additional basket too.

Actually I have been planting a lot of things lately but all is currently surrounded by protective netting to stop those girls of mine ruining helping in the weeding.

Thanks for the eggs but KEEP OFF the garden.  I should clip their feathers but I just cannot bring myself to do that, so netting it is.

So much is flowering at the moment it is hard to pick a favourite so I will admit to loving it all.  

All the fragrant flowers take some beating.

I love having a vase of them on my bedside table,
with the most divine smell 
wafting past my nose as I snore as I sleep.

Sue W came and got me on Saturday to go to a plant sale down at the Hamilton Gardens.  We were early so we went for a mini wander to kill some time.  We went to the Kitchen garden, the stuff of dreams, reminds me of my Grandparents vegetable garden when I was a kid. Huge!!!

Some of the Scarecrows were in place for the competition the following day, we again were too early for that!!!  I slotted in quite well I thought!!!

Back through the Tropical Garden to see if the Plant Sale was finally ready for us two.

And they were!!  Scabiosa, Mini Geranium, Love in the Mist and a few others found there way back to mine.

Because we all know I am lacking in plants in the Garden!!!

Kitten watch took place on Sunday, OMG so GORGEOUS!!!  Jaks girlfriend and I took the drive to visit the fur babies. Temptation, that is what kittens are.

But I have the dogs!

And Mr Big! 
And lets not forget Toebee the most Tobilicious cat of them all.
Apparently I have enough pets.

Call it Wisdom or a Funny:

Spotted on the wall in one of my local
Op Shops!