Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My very good friend Dawn the arty farty one invited me out to her place in the country today.  Her and her TOF have bought a business, Bouncy Castles.  And yes I got to have a bounce in one of them!!!  They set them all up on their front lawn and invited their neighbours kids and their own grandies and others for a photo shoot by me.  Loads taken for their website but this is one of all of them for you to see.

Dawn, me, and her tiny little grand daughter Paige went in the Dog one.  You seriously feel slightly pissed as you try to walk around inside them.  No wonder kids have fun. 

This is sweet little Paige the fairy.

Also Dawn had unloaded her kiln yesterday so her latest creations are complete.  I love her art work and usually I get the rejected ones which end up in my garden.  I take photos for her and she  pays me in rejects!!!

The Church is divine to say the least, but the caravan is so quirky.  She does quirky so well.
By the way this is Hermanie, Dawns new goat that arrived this morning.  I spoke a bit of goat to her and she told me she was trippin' balls with all those big colourful things on the lawn, but I told her it was cool where she was and tomorrow she could munch on that lawn till her hearts content!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

So much done in so little time ( and it is Tuesday)

Just seen how my blog has me a day behind when I post, so today is really TUESDAY!!!  Still have my trainer wheels on at the moment so keep that in mind when checking me out.

Well I went to work at 8:50am did what was there to be done, tidied my desk, stared out my window at the beautiful weather, had morning tea with the lads, and left at 10:15am.  Really don't think I could legally call that Work!!  Anyway as I always say, some hours are better than none and lucky for TOF, I am cheap to run and maintain!!!

So a quick trip round the corner from my place of part part time employment is a Habitat store, and sorry Sue W, I just went with my car that drove itself into their carpark.  Todays scores are:
2 dark rust coloured Indian bedspreads $5 each, batik and bamboo fan 50c, 3 sets of bamboo bag handles 50c per set, set of 3 Russian Doll tins $2.

Flowers are from the Salvo yesterday.  One can never have too many flowers when one may not have quite finished pimping ones ride!!!

Forget to share that my gorgeous friend Louise, or Lou-lou-belle to me and her TOF were down on friday.  She has bees, so gave us a big pot of Honey and a bag of carrots.  Sent her home with eggs from my girls, garlic and shallots from my TOFS vege garden.  The sacred vege garden that I AM NOT ALLOWED to touch.  But I have sneakily got some things growing on the edge in what I call the nursery.  The Honey is divine, I had it on my sunflower and barley Vogels toast this morning.  Sue W suggested slicing the carrots and freezing them so that is what I shall be doing this arvo.

Toodles for now and remember its TUESDAY!!!
PS: just worked how to change things so it really is Tuesday!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tea for Two

Today was one of those gorgeous sunny days with a crisp breeze.  Perfect for tea in the garden.  So being that it was a Suesday we decided to put the newly pimped garden swing to the ultimate test.  Grabbed my little wrought iron table, flung a crocheted cloth on it, got my flash cups and saucers (scored of trade me for $6 a set including plates) and set up out side.  I don't have a tea pot so settled for my rather lovely green enamel coffee pot, and Hydrangeas from my garden for decoration.
shall I pour??

bottoms up darling!!!

how lovely!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pimped My Ride!!!

Such a beautiful summers day so felt the urge to do something I have been thinking about doing for quite some time.  About this time last year I scored this garden swing off trade me.  I paid $21 for it and TOF did a few running repairs on it and it has been sitting under my Idesia tree since then.

So for a while now I have been gathering fake flowers from op shops with a plan in mind to Pimp My Ride.  Also scored a quilt from the Salvo free because it has a mark on it that won't come out, and I have an assortment of cushions, for comfort.  As you all well know, your ride has to be comfy!!
So what do you think?????

The all important test drive!!! 
All aboard passengers!!
Perfect place for a cold drink, read my book, or a quiet Nana Nap!!

Close up of the Pimping!!
My wee Oscar quite likes the  swinging chair, Sheba is not keen at all.  By Oscars bum is the gorgeous cushion my lovely friend Sue Webber made me for my birthday last year.  Dyed woolen blankets she cut into flowers and appliqued onto the woolen cushion.  Too gorgeous for a dogs bum to rest on but had to be shown off!!!
This is the new view from the Pimped  swing chair when reclining back, swinging gently in the summer breeze!!  Have a fab old weekend everybody, I have a date with my Ride!!!  May even get TOF on board!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Flowers don't bug me

Having survived being back at work now for two days I felt the urge to have a play with beads and things.  Found these funky wooden ones at good old reliable Spotlight which is A: a leisurely walk from my house or B: a handy drop off on my way home from being out and about.  Today I chose option B.  Popped in there to look at Tuelle  because I want to add a kick arse tuelle under skirt to a dress I have for my nieces up and coming wedding in Feb this year, but that is a whole other story.  As per I got side tracked down the bead aisle where I stumbled upon these wooden treats which I turned into these.
I do tend to get carried away when I make things so not satisfied with those I then made these.

They are rather gorgeous swinging in the gentle evening breeze in the SUN!!!  OMG yes we finally have SUN!!!  And not only have we got it, but it has actually stayed for 2 days in a row.  Just in  time for all of us that had to go back to work.  I cannot really say I work because my very part time job of 4 hours a day is down to a mere 2 hours a day on a good day.  But I am in the mind of some hours are better than no hours so I turn up and bless all the lads with being there for morning tea!!  And I love having my afternoons to do what ever my heart desires, which today included a power nap also known as a Nana nap.  Woke up as TOF arrived home from a hard days work, luckily the dogs barked which woke me up in time to make it look like I had been busy doing whatever it is I should be doing in the afternoon while he is at work.  Thank god the dogs can't talk!!!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Frock me two days in a row!!

Yesterday after making an Angel of myself in my back yard I ventured off to visit my cousin who had just got back from being at her bach at Waihi Beach.  Yeah the one with all the containers strewn all over it from that lovely ship RENA!!!  I did manage a rather fast trip round the city Salvo on my way to hers but not alot to report on.  But she told me I looked lovely, awwwwwwww so nice of her.  So here I am in all my Angelness.  
Apple Green frock TCD from their outlet store in Tirau, Trelise Cooper over top from Dressmart, Reikers embroidered shoes from trade me, Mala beads from Buddha Lounge at Whangamata.

Today the Russian Ballet.  A whole other story. was Suesday with my buddy the other Sue.  We met through or sons being mates when they were at High School,and they are great mates still.  Michael her son thought we would get along really well, now he feels we get along TOO well, and refers to us as Sue Squared!!  Anyway enough of him.  We had to go Te Awa the huge shopping Mall not far from mine.  The  other Sue is have problems with Vodaphone and they weren't too helpful today so they will be getting told where to put their broadband very soon.  To calm her down we took in a few shops.  I have been wearing these shorts things under my dresses that I got from Glassons and she wanted some.  They help with the "sweaty thigh" factor on hot days!!  When I was a slip of a girl we called these pants "Witches Britches" so being the Witch that I am it only seemed natural that I would wear them again.  While in said shop I found socks with Russian Dolls on, and I have a thing for Russian dolls.  Have a few very old ones that I have scored over the years, first one I got when going to see  So back to shopping we ditched the Mall scene and went to Save Mart, Habitat and a handful of other op shops we frequent.  I scored all of this.
Pastel paisley footless tights $4-99, beaded shoes $3, necklace $3-99, paper mache container $1-99, socks $3-50 a pair, butterfly scissors $1-99, Buddha hanging charm $1-99.

Today I wore another gorgeous new frock out with my favourite turquoise and red coral necklace that I have owned for at least a hundred years.  I thought of Helga when I was being "looked over" by a lady.  The funny part about this is that unbeknown to me I had some melted chocolate on the back of the skirt so to some it could of and probably did look like at some point in my day I had lost control of myself and had had an unsafe fart!!  I remember now how last night on the way home from the supermarket with TOF how he dropped some chocolate that he was eating between his legs while driving up home.  Well I found it or should I say my generous arse found it on the seat today!!!! And he thinks its funny!!
Well what goes on behind me that I don't know about cannot hurt me so chocolate impersonating a dodgy fart is not an issue!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Angels in the sun.

Back when I was just a wee slip of a girl, on sunny days my sisters and I would lay on the back lawn and make animals or other things out of clouds.  We would pick daisies and make chains to go in our hair, and we would make amusing shadows on the ground.
Well now that I am an mature woman, laying on the grass was not an option as it was still damp and I simply cannot go out today with wet grass stuck to me so making up stuff out of the clouds was out.  Also couldn't make any daisy chains as the lawn has been mowed and no daisies to play with.  Bugger it all I thought!!!  But I did manage a shadow, an impressive one at that.  Yes I know amazing as it is, I am an ANGEL!!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Look out world there will be no stopping me now!!

So I discovered that I am not as half witted in the grand scheme of things when it comes to my computer.  My good friend and partner in crime of Suesdays Sue Webber told me to "just do it" and I have.  But obviously to be able to really let my ramblings get rambling I need lessons, so be patient Petals for I shall get right to it.