Monday, 24 April 2017

In a World where you can be anything, be KIND!!

We have had two short weeks in a row with Easter Break in the middle, and it is amazing how it messes with your working week.  Somehow the short weeks seem longer, why is this?  Anyway all I know is it has been a busy old time of things at work, at home, and SOCIALLY!!!

On Good Friday this event was on and part of the Parade was down our very street.  I decided that if they were going to walk past my house I might as well get out side and witness the parade.

I could hear the singing and music so I headed across the road to Vardon Park to wait.  TOF didn't join me as he isn't really into cultural things, and anyway I am quite capable and comfortable to do these sorts of things by myself.

All of a sudden the Parade came around the corner and it was one massive colour explosion!  I love colourful things so I was treated to a visual symphony.

The woman all looked amazing in their traditional colourful clothing.  Such happy people, all smiling as they passed me by, with some also inviting me to join them on their walk.

I was given flavoured milk, and ice block and some Almond nuts with what I later discovered to be sugar lumps.  My sons laughed and said trust me to accept a bag of white crystal!

The weather wasn't too bad, the rain seemed to have eased off which was good because the ground everywhere needed a chance to dry off.
Afternoons on long weekends are assigned to napping in warm spots and the warm spot we all found was in the sunshine in the spare bedroom on the Saturday.  

The sun is filtered by the net curtains, the couch was folded down flat for a siesta, and my fingers were crossed that no rain would come as we had an Engagement party to go to that night.

All these young men went to High School together and some of them I had not seen for a couple of years.  The Spare is in the front wearing a brown jacket, his friend next to him laughing is Weba, (Sue W's son) and he is the one tying the knot next year. Such a great bunch of dudes, oh the stories I could tell!!!

We all went so it was quite the Family outing, and a bloody good one at that.

Most of Easter was spent relaxing at home, we had visitors, we went for the odd outing, but most time was spent in the garden.  The lettuces were all done with the Wheel barrow so now it is full of all my bulbs that needed to be planted.  It has been parked under a tree and covered with netting to protect it from the pests pets.

Every time I venture off to  feed the girls, collect their eggs and pick up any Walnuts, my helper Toebee comes along.  He even gets in the coup with all the girls who are not bothered by him at all.

On one of these ventures I rescued a broken winged Monarch Butterfly and placed it out the front on one of my potted plants to let Nature take it's course.

The Fungi growth down in the chicken coup is on going, perfect conditions for it.

The girls all stand around watching the climbing antics of the extra toed kitten in action in their enclosure.

The climbing is getting pretty entertaining for me as Toebee tries his very best to squeeze through vines and climb along impossible things. 

He scaled the  climbing frame on the side of the garden swing and decided to walk along the frame like a gymnast balancing on the beam. But he lost his footing which had be shrieking with laughter as he went into rescue mode above me.  He may be a kitten but obviously too heavy for the bamboo frame I made for the plants to climb across.

He will have to take his lead from Nature and go around his obstacles in future. 

Of course the garden gave me endless pleasurable moments as always.  At this time of the year the garden is changing daily.

I saw this and thought how pretty much everything I wear
is second hand.

Some of the outfits I threw together over the last ten days, all second hand or Sale rack.  The only things I buy brand new are under wear, sleep wear, socks and slippers.  There is so much good quality second hand at such good prices it just seems utter madness to buy brand new.  I suppose because I am not a 'dedicated follower of fashion' and have my own way of dressing it makes it easier.  I usually find the fashion labels that cost a Kidney new for next to nothing, I look for colours and fabrics that catch my eye when pa-rousing the racks in the second hand shops.

After visiting a friend who had similar stars to these hanging in her home I remembered I had these two outside on my deck.  You could say I have 'bought the stars indoors'.

TOF set me up with a vice and some tools so I could make the above bangle out of some silver sugar tongs.  I must admit I am pretty chuffed with it too.  I have now enrolled myself in a night class starting next month at a local high school in Metal Smithing and Jewellery.  I am doing the beginner class and if all goes to plan I will continue with the advanced class.  Watch this space!!

On Friday while waiting for washing to be washed I had time to whip up some Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins.  I dropped some into the lads at work, and I took a few out with me when I went to visit Dawn. Oh and don't panic there were half a dozen left for TOF!!

The latest in her Native Bird range, going clockwise from the top left: Kakapos, Penguins, Kiwis, and Sea Gulls.

More Goblets, those Tramadol Birds all colourful and crazy, flowers and a lonely Morpork.

I love being in the country, such stunning views over rolling paddocks, a fence line of hives all buzzing with bees, and my good mate Webb keeping me company.

Back home this line up of lovelies joined me.

Pets love you NO MATTER WHAT!

Best buy of the week has to be these PINK, yes pink not red boots.  The colour in the photo is way off, they really are PINK!!  Purchased off trade me for $41 and just look at the original retail sticker that was still on these unworn boots.  Utter madness isn't it, who spends that amount on one pair of boots?

Last weekend on Saturday TOF, the Spare and myself took the dogs to a dog event called 'Paws at the Pools' which was held at our local Aquatic Centre a nice easy walk from home.

Small dogs and puppies were first to have a swim, but it would appear that wee Oscar was not too impressed with the whole idea of getting wet.  A lovely young girl held his lead so I could take a could of photos of him freaking out enjoying himself!!

Then it was the turn for the larger dogs.  The outside pool is now closed to humans and fully enclosed.  So dogs and their owners filed through the gates and were allowed to run free and leap into and out of the large out door pool.

Balls were thrown into the water to encourage some swimming, not that the big dogs needed much encouragement.

TOF and the spare took Sheba and Stella who had been whining about wanting to get in among all the action. It was like a big free for all, dogs were everywhere!!

Our Sheba LOVES WATER so wasted no time in getting wet.  She retrieved a ball with a number on which gained her a prize from a treat box, she got a BALL of course.  TOF was as wet as her as he had to help her out of the pool each time she got back to the side.

There were BIG dogs.

And there were SMALL dogs!

Such a well run event with such well behaved dogs and owners.

That night TOF and I went to a Pot Luck dinner at Sue W's home and I was on pre dinner nibbles.  I made a plate of NZ Lolly Kebabs for her English friends that had been staying and the teenagers loved them.  I did make some proper pre dinner platters of cheeses, crackers, fruit, pate, etc as well.  Now the Morph Suit!!!  I mentioned this to Sues son at his engagement party last weekend as I had seen it at St Vinnies for $6.  He said yes please go get it, which of course I did.  We told his bride to be it is going to be his Wedding Suit!!!  So very funny.

 Especially adorable ones like Toebee,
you will fall in love!!


That's me for now, there are more photos and stories I could share but lets leave it for another day. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and remember: