Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Haircuts and things....


...today I had a haircut booked with my gorgeous hairdresser Deb.   So for a laugh I thought I would wear my extensions so I could be all dramatic and make a scene about my hair being "way too long"!!  She is always up for a good laugh so off I went with my plan.

But before I left the house I thought I should show you today's outfit and yesterdays scores from a super fast op shop that I did.

Apart from my extensions I had a emerald green merino (op shopped) under a black tunic (Jean Jones sale)  over floral leggings (Glassons sale), Necklace from trade me.  Added to my head was a wicked wool mix hat that I scored yesterday for $5 and I was holding my two bags, $5 for the set.  My turquoise shoes I got off trade me.  Like wise the small pooch, he was a freebee off trade me 3 years ago.

So the hat came from Save Mart and it has a black flower on one side of it.  Quite the bargin for $5, which is unusual for Save Mart.  I found their prices have got a bit heavy of late.

These two cane bags are lined inside.  Big one in orange and the smaller one in red.  $5 for the pair from Salvation Army in Central City.  Far to good to leave behind!!

Anyway, back to today.  As I thought, Deb nearly wet herself laughing, more so when I started ripping the clip ons out of my head.  Told her to go for it today, do what you want, so she did and I am mighty pleased with the result.  I can guarantee it won't look like this tomorrow tho'.

♥  Good night  ♥

Monday, 28 May 2012

Been Busy doing stuff.........


...but stuffed if I can remember what the stuff was that I have been busy doing!!!  All I know is that by the end of last week being so busy doing all that stuff that I can't remember I was totally stuffed!!  See for yourselves!!

But today was Monday and a great day in so many ways.  Firstly there was the best ever cobweb in my front garden dripping in morning dew just begging to have it's photo taken.  So being the obliging sort of person that I am I did just that, took photos.

Then came the parcel in the post.  I was excited, and you should have seen Oscar!!  Well take a look for yourselves, he is stoked!!!


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batdog, Batdog, Batdog!!!!!

Doesn't Oscar make the cutest little super hero ever.  Even has a cape, and I may even make him a mask, then book him in for a few sessions with a dog whisperer dude!!!!

Bloody Cute!!!!

Now for the best news.  I went for a job interview today at an Oral Surgery place, doing office stuff just 2 days a week.  Apparently I dazzled the balls off the lot of them because they phoned me this afternoon and offered me the job!!!  Offered me more money than I was getting at my last job and I can sign a contract tomorrow and start next week!!!  I know I have my other 1 day a week job but that is a contra deal so this works fine.  I am feeling pretty dam good about myself even if the stuff I got up to last week I can't remember!!  Stuff it I say, and have a great week, mine is off to a ripper of a  start!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Date Night with TOF...

..well he got us a couple of tickets to go see a blues group out at Raglan last night called "The Mudsharks".  Made up of local old timers like Midge Marsden and some other old coots.  Raglan is about a 30 to 40 minute drive from here so off we headed of round 6ish.

listing to an old James Taylor CD

looking out for something?

thank god for arrows, who knows where you would end up!!

We have some friends out at Raglan that have an amazing house that they use only on the weekends, and will move there when moving into the semi retired state of mind.  We had a feed of burgers and chips washed down with a bit of beer ( I was the DIC  (driver in charge) for the night so only one for me).  Then we all headed off to the local Cosmopolitan Club where our date night was to be!!!  We had to sit through a shite load of auctions before the band came on.  Will confess to slipping off into the pokies for a quick gamble while that was going on.  Apparently it was a fund raiser event for all the local rescue services, like, fire brigade, coastguard, surf life savers and possibly some others, I wasn't paying too much attention.  Must say there were some hot young rescue men hovering about all night selling us raffles!!!

These old boys still new how to get a place rocking.  I think they must have had a good afternoon nap to be able to do the late night gig.  Quite like the blues music and us girlies had a we bop whilst the old boys went outside for a bit of devils lettuce in the carpark!!
Midge Marsden

We left about 11:30ish as TOF was well past his bed time so I drove us safely over the hills back to Hamilton.  Lots of fog and I never know, do I dip or do I not dip the headlights??  Don't really like driving at night in the country where there is no street lighting.  I'm too old for that crap now!!!

Just like a couple of teenagers we went through the drive through at Mc Ds and got ourselves a dirty old burger and chips!!  Sat in the car park with all the others out on dates and had our feed. 

♥ Romance is alive and kicking ♥

Friday, 18 May 2012

You never know what goes on behind closed doors...

...so I thought I should share what goes on behind mine!!!  Well actually I am about to come out of my closet!!!  Sounds great aye!!??

Sorry to disappoint but it is what's behind the doors in this cupboard that lives a quiet life in my sewing room.  The doors have stayed firmly shut for a while now.  There has been promise of great things to come out of this cupboard but alas, it has not happened.

But today I had to open the doors to add to the STASH!!!

OMG look at all the fabric!!!!

TOF should lock me in here for at least a year and maybe I might actually get around to doing something with all that glorious fabric.  Not to mention all the other delights that lie safely tucked away in baskets, boxes and bags just waiting to be made into something fan-feckin-tastic!

You see today I finally remembered to put a bag of stuff in my car to drop it off at habitat.  And as you know you can not visit such a place without going in to take something home.

Today's find was the fabulous green blanket for $7-50, that needed to be put with all the other fabulous blankets I seem to have collected and forgotten about.  They all seem quite content in their basket.  There are grand plans for these.  So today I have even ordered some wool dyes so I can get to and start creating!! And I did get TOF a magazine for -50c.

Now for my fabric STASH!!

Ready for your close up Darlings??

Top right hand corner is the new piece of retro super bright glorious fabric that is planned to be turned into a tunic dress of some sort or another.  I tend to make it all up as I go along pinching bits from patterns or shapes from existing clothes.

While pottering in my chick-cave (sewing room) I found other bags and baskets of neglected items.  Oscar and Sheba were hanging about like a couple of bad smells and decided to ham it up for you all with a mullet wig we have!!

Then I remembered to take some pics of some other things to share with you.  Like:  This super cool Mexican artwork that I got off Trade Me for a steal and now all the other stuff they sell is expensive.  And the garden bench seat I got TOF to help me pick up last weekend that I also got off trade me.

That's it bloggers, I have done faff all today but hey I'm 50 now and that's what you are allowed to do at my age.  It's just plain fabulous darlings!!!  Probably have Jak's rugby to go and witness tomorrow so with a bit of luck it will be gumboot weather and I can treat him to me wearing my Sloggers!!!  Oh the joys of being the mother to teenage boys, the "OMG what are you wearing mum" is great!!

♥♥  Have a wonderful weekend doing whatever spins your wheels  ♥♥

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another birthday in May......

..why yes it is wee Oscar dogs 6th birthday today!!  No special breakfast like me, no flowers, but he did get a very special present.

A new Duck toy!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!

The one he got for last years birthday was destroyed in record breaking time by his big younger sister Sheba.  This year Sheba has been given a firm word "NO".  Hopefully this duck will survive being tortured to death in Sheba s drooling gob!!

Obviously turning 6 was hard work so a wee dog nap was required complete with our new special duck!!!  Super cute aye??!!

After his wee dog nap he even shared his present with Tex.  Wise move really because have you seen the length of the old boys claws??!!

Not a lot else happened today really so in your own time sing:

"Happy Birthday to Oscar......"

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Belated gift....

...well tonight, one week after my BIG day I got given another present.  This is from my sons and my eldest sons flatmates and a couple of groupies that hang out at their house.  Sue W note the art work from your son!!

Teenagers huh!!!

Today I did my first full day at my new part time job in the coolest shop in Hamilton, Remains to be Scene.  I shall see if I can get a couple of photos to share with you all.  Talk about a dream job, I get to play, I mean work in a Vintage/Retro/Recycled clothing and anything else shop.  Getting paid do be some where I have always loved is probably the best part.  Even tho' the weather was total shite today we still had plenty of eager beavers coming in to buy gorgeous things.  Who can blame them!!

♥  Hope you are all happy and healthy where ever you are ♥

Saturday, 12 May 2012

My love of books and bobs.....

Today has been one of those nice autumn days where the sun has shone brightly but we have a cool breeze.  I was sitting in my rocking chair on my deck in the sun whittling, no watching TOF  potter about, (because now that I am 50 it's what you do) and remembered there was a big book fair on this weekend.  Every year one of the Rotary Clubs holds a 3 day book fair at the race course.  As luck would have it said race course is only a hop skip and a jump, or a quick jaunt in the car from my place.  TOF politely declined the offer to come with me so off I went.

 It was a ginormous, humugos,  egantic, well actually a good size venue and was so well laid out that you can just head to the spot that is of interest to you.

I have been watching a series on TV on Italian Renaissance Gardens with Monty Don and its been fantastic.  It took me back to my high school days of studying Art and Art History.  Got me thinking and wanting to read again on such things from the past.

The biggest joke about this lot of books is that the Michelangelo one is all in a foreign language so totally unreadable for me.  The pictures are great but I shall take it to the Habitat for Humanity shop so they can on sell it.

The Garden book is a History of Gardens from around the world and there is an entire section on the gardens I have just toured with Monty Don from the comfort of my couch!!!  The other one is on Italian houses, and I think now Italy will have to be added onto my bucket list.

All the books were only $3 each and I so could have got more but my poor OLD arms were getting quite tired lugging just the ones I had grabbed.

When I got home there was a parcel in my mail box.  A pair of shoes I got off trade me.  Orange Mary Jane style shoes.  They have pale lime stitching and dots and flowers on the straps.  I am in love with them.

TOF is currently have a nana nap, or should that be a poppa nap, but I shall be giving him a nudge and waking him soon as I need his help with collecting a garden bench seat that I got off trade me. Plus I have a book on Leonardo Da Vinci that I am picking up as well.   I shall try to remember these for show and tell for you all maybe tomorrow.

♥  Hope the sun is shining in your part of the earth ♥

Friday, 11 May 2012


Remember how I got a hundy ($100) from my mother for my birthday??  Well I decided I would go have a spend today and set myself a challenge to do it all in my favourite shop Zinnia.  So I booked my PIC (partner in crime - Sue W) as my wing woman and as luck would have it she was heading into town to have a make over.  Not really just a hair cut, but a make over sounds far more exciting!!!  She arrived looking all groomed and gorgeous so after the bog standard cuppa and potty stop we headed off.  

That hundy note was burning away in my wallet so ferociously that you could even smell it!!!

I spotted dear Liz or Queenie as some of you may know her, and she was waving to us gals to hurry up and get on inside the shop.  I nearly bought Liz as her handbag had a solar screen which enabled her to constantly wave royally at us.  But she was $30 which I thought may have been just a wee bit on the frivolous side.  But then again as my PIC pointed out, how cool would Queenie look mounted on the dash board in my car.  Mmmmmmmmmm!!  Might go back.

This is what I bought!!!  From Zinnia I got the floral glasses case, groovy pen and a Tamsin Cooper embroidered brooch.

The gorgeous rabbit fur scarf came from a shop across the road called Home Sweet Home.  Don't you love the dirty green colour??  It is real rabbit fur but obviously it has been dyed because I don't know about you lot but in all my life I have never seen a green rabbit hopping about.  I have seen some things in my time but nothing quite like  that!!!

We actually behaved ourselves rather well today, and went home after the spend-a-hundy-a-thon was over.  Sue W purchased some goodies also and no doubt she will blog them for you.  We both bought these cool necklace hanger things that our lads can give us for mothers day in exchange for the money we paid for them.  Saves so much stress and disappointment!!!  

Shall show you that on sunday when I get to open the present and be so over come with the fantastic job the boys did in getting there dear old mum a gift!!

♥♥  Have yourselves a lovely old weekend now  ♥♥

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Coz I'm a big girl now....

... I don't have pull ups but I did have a big number birthday!!!  (yesterday) And all I can say is turning 50 was a blast, in fact I am going to turn 50 every year from now on!!  That's how good it was/is.  All started with TOF cooking me a mid week bacon and eggs for my breakfast.  A girl could get used to this!!!  And he gave me a lovely bunch of flowers and a nice bottle of bubbles!!

He went off to work and Jak left for school so I opened 3 gifts from some of my rather lovely friends that had arrived earlier in the week.  Remember the parcel wrapped in brown paper with a floral fabric tie and bow??  Well just look what was inside!!! ♥♥

 My gorgeous and uber talented friend Lou lou belle (Louise) hand knitted these fantabulous socks for me.  They are devine!!!!  So Clever!!

By mid morning my partner in most crime that I commit Sue W arrived with a basket of more fantabulousness!!!  The clever old girl had crocheted up a storm and made me this ever so gorgeous cushion.  I wore the 50 cutout she had done as glasses because being of such a grand age that is precisely what you should do with such things. Spoilt or what!!

My mother arrived and flicked me a card with a hundy ($100) in it to have a little spend with.  And we will leave it at that.

My sister Helen (and buddy) and her hubby came over from Whangamata and bought a selection of goodies with them for lunch.  They gave me the most beautiful Indian fabric parasol heavily embroidered and just the best ever brollie.  I shall use it in summer instead of a hat!!  They also gave me a picture by a local artist of a couple of luscious women collect seafood in the ocean called "Kaimoana" and the artist has written on it for me.  Tis a lovely picture and I shall find a suitable frame for it.  We had a great feed and my mother left and then the fun  started.  Well Sue entertained my sister in the best way she can, story telling and jokes.  All without a drop of drink!!!

Anyway this is a selection of gifts that I got because a 50 year old was "in the house"!!

My dearest friend ever Leonie (the one in Germany) sent a parcel which arrived that day.  This is the card, so gorgeous, all handmade (not by her) on recycled paper.  She sent me a lovely bracelet, a book called "50 something and loving it" and a small box.  Inside she had made 50 "F" words, and yes fuck was there!!!!

After my sister had left Sue and I jumped in the car and went for a rather quick trip to a couple of op shops.  She got a shit load of craft mags and I got some glossy mags.  Home for a cuppa and a photo of us two birds and then she headed home.

TOF arrived home and got all cleaned up, my boys arrived and then we headed out for dinner.

Me and my lovely TOF who told me that he was worried about sleeping with an old woman!!! (me)  He told me he had never slept with anyone that was 50.  I said I'de been sleeping with an old man for years!!!

My lovely lads.  Jak nearly 17 and Max 19.

Trying to get a nice normal photo of the three of my boys is impossible, see for yourself.  GIMPS!!!!

Dinner was awfully nice and it was washed down with a couple of drinkie-poos!!   We came home to have cake that TOF had got for me.  Pretty sure he said it was a Moro Bar cake.  Trust me it was nice!!

The boys were bitching about me wanting to take photos but they were all over ruled as I was the birthday girl and what I wanted I got.  I think at least one of the following was ok.

So I had a great day with my family and my friends were so generous with their love for me!!  Anyone who is about to have a big number birthday should just grab it by the balls and enjoy it!!  That is my advice and as an elder now you should all take it!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Full moon......

...I saw you standing alone.......

Well actually the moon was just hanging about as she does most nights but she was so big and bright last night due to some phenomenon of some sort that I grab my camera and zoomed in on her!!!  Of course the moon is a she!!  Everything in the world that is gorgeous and fascinating is female.

The thing I love about the moon is that  where ever you all are in the world, we can all see the moon.  So we have something to share.

Another phenomenon is happening in the middle of this week.  I am finally having another BIG NUMBER birthday.  Woo Hoo!!!!!  Everyone keeps asking "what are you going to do".  I suspect I will get out of bed in my usual fashion and just carry on the day as per!!  Well I shall probably do lunch with Sue W (much more fun than relatives) and TOF and my boys are taking me out for dinner that night.  I have already found the mobility scooter that I want, it has ape hangers, comfy seat like a chair, and a box for your goodies on the back.  I told Sue W that we could attach a side car to it so we can still go op shopping together.

I already have a gift awaiting the BIG day from a very special old friend of mine that was down from Auckland on the weekend.  I am being so good and waiting til the real day to open it.  Such suspense!!

I have never had a problem with getting older, I just don't want to grow up and wear beige and powder blue, and sensible shoes!!

♥ Catch you all through the week ♥