Friday, 26 February 2016

The week that was and what went on.

Another week slipped by and it was been a busy little bugger.
My life in pictures is the easiest way to remember
what I may well otherwise forget.

 My camera gets daily outings in the garden,
but you already know that.

TOF and I took the dogs out to Raglan,
and they were pretty happy!!

 The beauty of Nature.

 I wore Blue on Tuesday!

Bugs in the garden are

Getting up Close!

It would appear it is not the bloody chickens
digging in the garden!!
 Wednesday was very colourful,
and things got purchased in the Oppies!!

Florence was doing the biz in the Lavender box garden,
now to find where the rest of them are laying.

 Black and White Thursday,
with a bracelet around my bun!

 Scored myself an old German weather thingy-ma-bob whose-a-whats-it!

Loving the detail and only $5.

Also found this huge fringed, beaded and embroidered
shawl/wrap for $6,

Was behind this van with a message on the back,
"As usual there is a great woman behind every idiot".
Remember I was following the IDIOT
which obviously made me the

I had a brief visit to the Taitua Arboretum and 
was surrounded with fabulousness.
 Tall trees and bush full of singing Cicadas.

 Gorgeous big roaming Roosters.

 Floral delights!

 Autumn is when I shall go back for the colourful change in the scenery.

 I took some chook food and fed the chooks!!

 Even in the dying moments of a flower,
beauty remains.
 And the Best Tail award goes to....

 Up in the top of the trees
is where I want to be!

 Eating an Ice block in the hot afternoon with an audience.

 Life in the garden is still wonderful.

 I have a Bazillion Gazillion Chinese Anenomies!!

Half price at Vinnies today!!

Yahoo it's the weekend,
and I am gonna let my hair down!!!


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Because the good girls did their homework!

Like I said in my previous post Sue W and I went to a photography course on getting our cameras off AUTO.  On Friday we headed out to do some practice, our focus was movement of water, learning to use shutter speed.  Of course I got side tracked by numerous other beautiful photographic moments.  So get a drink and sit back and enjoy a few snaps at Hamilton Gardens and Hamilton Lake.

 Moving water, tick!

 Side tracked by nature.

 Indian Char Bagh Garden.

 More Water!

Welcome to the Italian Renaissance Garden.

Plenty of moving water.

Side tracked by the peacefulness of this place.

Through the tunnel to the mini amphitheater.

The balcony above the tunnel.

 Lights strung up everywhere for the Festival of Arts.

Then it RAINED, I mean poured down.
We sheltered in the tunnel.

Also at the Hamilton Gardens in the big Pavilion there is this amazing wooden carved panel that I took snaps of with my little hand bag camera, I love this massive carving. 

 All behind glass to protect it and keep it clean.

What talented people!

There is so much detail that you just need a few closer looks.

Very cool isn't it?

We made it back to the car slightly wet but none worse for wear and decided to go and have lunch at the cafe at Hamilton Lake.

The rain stopped so after lunch we wandered about lakeside with all the locals.

These are older than me and still being enjoyed by young kids today.
The paint job is mint.

A modern new playground that meets all health and safety regs has replaced all the fun things we all played on when young.  I love the line of old pastel painted benches.

 Big old Palm trees that house bazillions of Pigeons.

Colourful planted traffic island.

Today en route to visit a friend a stopped off at an old iconic Fountain in Hamilton, a favourite of mine maybe because it has been around for so long and still looks good.

Simplicity of moving water.

Think I might just be getting the hang of water in motion!!