Friday, 26 June 2015

The official Rules of a SuesDay

Make sure you have breakfast!
You never know when your next meal will be.

Read the dress code memo.
There is a chance you could dress very similar.

Pray to all the shopping gods
for exceptional bargains.
some divine intervention if you think you need some.

Stop for lunch.
You still never know when your next meal will be!

 Feed your addictions.
seek help if it is starting to look out of control!!

we are rule breakers
so don't follow them all.

Just remember to give THANKS!

Thank you shopping gods for providing my bounty.

Thank you parking gods for  convenient parks supplied.

Thank you mother nature for lovely weather.


Thank you Sue W for the days entertainment!!


 And thank you to the lady that made this gorgeous quilt,
listed it on trade me,
for me to buy!

Thanks Tex for letting me share
the warmth of the heater.

Have a grand weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!

It's definitely been a lot colder lately,
but I haven't been cold.
I have COATS!!

Like my PINK one.
Worn yesterday over a few layers of
summer and winter

Glad at least one of the girls
is still popping out
And a mighty sized one at that,

 Today my coat was RED.
You probably notice that I also have
this in BLACK!

Someone had a comfy soft bed on the deck
in the Winter sunshine.

Anything Tex can do
I can do better!

(Tex selfie)
The cat has talent.

Pleading eyes saying
"for god sake just play with me"

I saw this delightfully cute little caravan/coffee shop
parked up today.


PS: Just between you and me
a SuesDay has been booked for tomorrow,
don't tell anyone.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

There's been a bit of baking.

It's true,
I have been baking!
And none of it ended up at my work,
much to their dismay.

All started on Friday when I was filling in time while wee Oscar was at the vets.  We had a couple of oranges that everyone in this house was ignoring so I googled Orange cake and ended up making a one.  So much for non stick bake ware tho', bloody cake stuck to the sides and the bottom and basically fell out in bits onto the cooling rack.

Nothing that a good slap-age of icing didn't fix, and once displayed on the bench under the dome it looked even better.  Friday was a good day to visit me as there was CAKE!!  Oscar ended up getting 12 teeth pulled, which leads me to believe he probably has only 12 left, and the vet actually came in $2 under the lowest end of the quote!!  I nearly fell over, paid hastily and left.  Oscar is doing fine, in fact he carried on all weekend like nothing had happened.  On soft food for 5 days to give his gums time to heal then he is back on to normal eating.

The next think I constructed was on Sunday, an Upside Down Chocolate Pudding, a favourite of the males in this house.  I have to double the mix so they all get at least two bowl fills of this, and it is best straight from the oven with French Vanilla Ice cream.

Yesterday in the afternoon I got all creative with Lemons and Limes both grown in our garden.  Once again Google was used and the result was a Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake.  This time I sprayed the pan and all was looking good until I dropped the bloody thing when getting it out of the oven and it ended up getting all smoshed in the farkin' pan!! Again once displayed under the glass dome and smothered in the drizzle, no one gave a toss, and got stuck into the demolishing of it.  Note the recipe says, serves 10, not true.  So far it has served 3, and rather well!  Which is kind of like 10.  

If you want any of the recipes 
just ask 
and you shall receive.

I also got my hair tidied up on Sunday by my lovely young hairdresser, thanks Nicola!  I can't maintain straight and tidy so yesterday I gave it some Wave Envy, which boffed it up and made it more me.  

I took a drive over to Cambridge yesterday morning as I had bought a felt hat through Trade Me and the pick up was in Cambridge.  It was a glorious day, even tho' it was cold.  I found the rainbow flag in the Hospice op shop over there, well I got two of them, amongst other things you will see in a minute.

So the Bright hat at the top was the one I went to pick up and then in the Salvation Army op shop I found the white one.  I quite like hats in Winter, keeps my little old ears warm, I hate getting ear ache.

I know the lady running the Hamilton, Morrinsville and Cambridge Hospice shops and she is on to it!  Most of the clothing in these shops is only $2.50 each and then there is a rack or two dedicated to brand stuff but it is still cheap as.  Like the dress on the left was only $8, which is close to the normal price in most other oppies at the moment. Hospice is my fave at the moment because you can actually walk out the door with a decent haul of goodies for very little, which makes you go back.  Also, because the pricing is so good the stuff sells which means new things are getting put into stock all the time, instead of seeing the same old crap for months on end.  I wish other op shops would sit up and take note.

Everything here except for the little yellow brooch came from Hospice.  The brooch was $2 from the church oppy,  Those gorgeous purple pottery vases were only $1 each, from the HUGE $1 table that was laden with goodies.  If you go to Cambridge I highly recommend you poke your head in the door of the Hospice shop.

So what did I wear to Cambridge and for Monday?  Due to the temp being some what Wintery I layered up good and warm.  Under my vintage coat I had a chocolate brown frock with a polka dot light weight jacket and leopard print tights.  I went all black and brown, all spots and animal.  My ankle boots I have had for years and they never fail to disappoint, super comfy.

Good news, you will note that Joan has grown back feathers, so not looking so 'morning after the night before' anymore. 

This morning greeted and treated us to -2 and a hearty frost.  Pretty but bloody cold.  Not as cold as places in the South Island, I heard somewhere down there got a record breaking low of -22.  Think -2 is cold enough thanks.

When I left for work this morning these three were all snuggled up in a variety of spots around the lounge.  I wonder how long it took for Sheba to notice the heater had been turned off?

I was totally rugged up for the cold!  Hat, scarf and gloves and a coat that stayed on all morning even inside.

Oscar opted for Black and White like me today, 
just call him Adidog!

Sheba and Tex stayed with natural Black. 
Sheba added a touch of Fur to her gob
by way of her toy rabbit!

As the gorgeous Jon Snow keeps telling me, "Winter is coming" so my coats and boots are out.  Winter is here and dressing for the weather is what you have to do this time of the year.  I don't mind the cold days when the sun is shining like today.  You can keep those grey wet miserable ones tho.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Holy crap cakes it is Wednesday already!!
Another week is just fast tracking it's way to the weekend.

So what have you all been up to??

Apart from rugged up in a long coat to keep warm I have put together a Totem made from seconds that Dawn has given me.  And it is looking spectacular on the deck.  I have had to tie it to one of the deck uprights until I get TOF to make me a more stable pole.

Close up of the colourful

The days of late have been cold as in the morning, glorious during the day and then cooling off again into the evening.  I don't mind this weather, as long as it doesn't rain, well it can rain at night, but not in the daytime.  It screws up so many plans when it rains.

Other seconds found homes
amongst my plants.

Oh yeah I am quite good at that.
But am I really doing nothing?

Fishy business in the garden.

This is so very true, I have mine locked and loaded all the time, you never know when you need to pull out a smile.  It is the best ever response to a negative person, confuses the bejizzles out of them to.

Flying Fish?
These are now because they have
been added to those

I am having a no spend week this week as Oscar is off to the Vet on Friday to have his teeth seen to.  This is going to be expensive but it needs to be done, so NO OP SHOPPING for me.  I am hoping it won't be too much but I think I am barking up the wrong tree with that!!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

I've been back to the beach because I can!!

After a leisurely start to my day on Friday I packed an overnight bag and my camera and headed out of town and over the hills to the coast.  Destination, Whangamata to stay the night with my sister.

I love this view that you catch as you just start to go down the second hill, the best sight ever, signalling the beach is getting closer.

I stopped the car and saw a massive pile of feathers, which made me think chicken killing had gone on.   So I called out to them and only these three turned up.  Guess you only need one healthy Rooster and a couple of hens to re populate the chickens on the hills!!

My sisters Magnolia is in bud and her rambling fence climbing rose is looking gorgeous and colourful.

Outside the kitchen window she has a bird feeder hanging and I witnessed this little group of Wax eyes feasting on a Persimmon.

How gorgeous are they?

I love staying at her house, it is so peaceful and relaxing.  We spent the afternoon out and about, visiting the op shops and a couple of retail places, one being Budda Lounge, one of my favourite must visit shops.

I never leave Budda Lounge empty handed, just a little lighter in my wallet.  The wind chime is divine and sounds like church bells, expeny but totally worth it.  Made by Natures Melody and trust me, it's fabulous.  Going to drive the lads round here nuts, but I LOVE IT!

This came from the St Johns Op shop in Whangamata.
(just how it should be)

 These I got at the Waihi St Johns op shop 
on my way over to Whangamata.

My sister loves
colour and collectables
like me.
(I am colourful but maybe not collectable)

 The very cute Ms Febe the poodle
or poo-doll as we call her.

And of course there is Clutch
or Mr Boo.

We were all pretty stuffed
so we went to bed.
And it
Blew like a bastard
outside all night!!

Helen went to work this morning and I went to the wharf, there was no one there except for me and a Shag.

The tide was going out and it got me to thinking how my dads wish was to have his ashes scattered off the end of the Whangamata Wharf on an out going tide.  I so hope he gets his wish one day and gets out of the cupboard in my mothers garage.

I think when the world is done with me I want my ashes to be scattered in the ocean over here, I like the idea of floating out in the ocean forever.

Before I knew it the time had come to say goodbye to my sister and Whangamata, but we all know I will be back again soon.  I have been traveling that road since I was four years old and it ain't going to stop anytime soon.

I stopped to take a photo of a line of trees, you may think odd? But I love how trees are planted on farms in a line along a fence line.  One behind the other this way.

And side by side this way!!
The colour of the countryside is stunning.

When I got home the Spare was busy installing a new bathroom vanity I scored the other week at Habitat as our old one was crappy.  So good having a chippy in the family again.  TOF did the plumbing side of things.

I am not sure what the Heir did, maybe he was moral support and offered words of encouragement!
All I know is it is looking mighty fine.