Saturday, 25 February 2017

You are never too old to make some new friends!!

What a fabulous and busy little week I have had, and very enjoyable. Monday I headed over to Cambridge to visit TOFs older sister.  We get on really well so visiting her is always a nice way to spend some time. I also visited the local Hospice shop and introduced myself to a fellow Blogger who lives in Cambridge, who I instantly clicked with.  More on her later!!!

In the Hospice I found some cool little flat shoes to put away for Winter, and the delightful glass clowns came from Habitat, I called in there on my way home.  Work was busy this week so getting out and about was very welcome.

I went out to visit Dawn one afternoon as she had some new things to show me and a swarm of bees she wanted my help with.

This is the swarm of bees!!

Some young lads stood under a tree over the electric fence and watched us hammer in metal rods into the ground to set up the swarm.

This swarm of bees will be heading off to a variety of shops and galleries so it was wicked to see them all as a group.

Cicada shells remind me of when my lads were small and how they loved to collect them.

I love these Sea Gulls, they too were destined for the big wide world.

Meanwhile back home in my garden the girls were having a meeting on the edge of the empty box garden that they think is there dust bath.  I have put the Cock in the garden, and not one of the girls has noticed.
Just when I thought the girls had stopped laying I discover Maybelle in the Vege garden having a snooze.  On closer inspection with a quick feel under her I was pleasantly surprised by nine eggs.  She on the other hand was some what miffed with the removal of said eggs and certainly made a song and dance about it.
I rescued some Daisies off the lawn as it is due to be mowed this weekend.

 Does anyone else think that leaf looks like a Tractor Seat?

After being out at Dawns place I did some rearranging of her creations in my garden.

Over the years she has given my numerous left overs and seconds that have found their way into the garden. I have mini totems, crooked houses, dead dollies heads, fish and other treats.

I have finally been brave enough to move the large totem from the pot on our deck out into the garden.  I love it out in the garden.

The Happy but ever so Humble Bumble Bee is the latest to join us.

Big loves the back yard but with the warm days but with the invasion of the kitten who now roams the garden on a daily basis, Big is hanging in the front garden. At night he chills in doors but always has one eye out for Toebee who just wants to play.  Thankfully we have Sheba who loves Toebee so much.  They have the most hearty style of playing in the evening.

These two are the most entertaining to watch.  Toebee ends up covered in saliva as he spends alot of time with Shebas mouth wrapped around him.

Being part Labrador she has a soft mouth and with her lovely temperament she takes the face grab all in her stride.

They truly are best friends, may it continue as Toebee gets older.

In fact as I type Toebee is asleep on the couch in between Sheba and Oscar and last night he slept on the end of our bed with the dogs.
Today I frocked up as Sue W and I were off to Cambridge to meet up with our new Blogger friend for a ladies lunch date, the one I mentioned at the beginning of this post. We turned our outing into a SuesDay so we stopped in Hamilton East to check out the op shops before heading over to Cambridge. 

We both had a good chuckle at this Fantastic Weight Loss device.  So easy, just dial away your tummy, yeah that will work!!!
We had a look at the op shops in Cambridge, had a coffee and shared a divine piece of carrot cake, followed by a good look in a very cool Antique shop. The sort of shop you need to be careful you don't knock anything over.  I was taken by the street art down an alley way, nice and bright.
I found these two bags in the Salvo.  Both a small, super cute and I could not resist either of them.

This is a large beautifully embroidered Indian shawl.  They make great light weight wraps, but it could equally be sewn into a tunic style top. I actually found it in the Hospice shop in Hamilton East.
So meet Chris from 'Diet Coke Rocks', such an awesome lady, full of life like us two, needless to say we got on super well. Birds of a feather flock together remember!! She has the most beautiful home, a sewing room that Sue W went weak at the knees, and a garden full of delights, oh and two adorable little dogs. How gorgeous is the Hobbit play house? If only I had taken the trailer!!

We had lunch at the Good Union which is housed in an old church that had a previous life as a Touristy art gallery and cafe.  The place is lovely and the food was to die for.  The conversation flowed freely like wise did the laughing.
One of the staff took this photo of us three on Chris's phone.
So lets raise a glass to meeting a new friend and having a bloody good day out with an old friend.  Life is far too short to sit at home, get out there people and have some fun.

 Time for this bird to hit the hay.

 ***Good Night***

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The First SuesDay of the year and a how to do thingy........a Tutorial!!!

FINALLY on Friday the Sues had a day out.  It feels like it has been years since we got a day out and about all our local charity shops.  There were great plans on my behalf to document the entire day but............. I forgot!!  Oooopppss!!!!

It was a dull wet day but I was so exited about the prospect of a SuesDay out that I was even waiting on my front door step for my Chauffeur to arrive. Next thing Sue slid into my driveway threw open the door and said something like "get in bitch" and we were off!!! 

Our first port of call was Habitat for Humanity as this is basically just around the corner from where I live. Very local indeed. Large place full of things and a good place to be when it was raining outside. 

Selfie next to the BOOKS because if I ever lose Sue she will more than likely be found near the books!!

From there we went to a couple more when I remembered the 'lets document the day'.

Once we left the big Hospice shop I once more completely forgot the plan!! Note Sue has an armful of BOOKS!  Blame it on what ever you want but I forgot.  We did the rounds of quite a few more shops, stopped for lunch at one of our favourite cafes, continued on, then called it a day.

The days finds were, gorgeous little hexagonal stool from Habitat $2.  There were two of them but I played fare and let Sue W have one.  Adrift brand top from Habitat, Monroe wrap frock from The Salvo in town and TS14 pants from Save Mart.

Best find of the day would have to be my vintage bathing cap at Save Mart for $5. I am considering joining a Synchronized Swim team now when I find some vintage togs and a peg for my nose!!
Best bargain was these wicked little boots that fit perfectly for $5 from Look Smart. Who pays the price on the right and then bins them? Well who ever they are I LOVE THEM!!! May they forever buy good quality and discard it so I can find it.

 And two more balls for the ever grateful Sheba as she always needs more balls.

Things that I have bought of late off Trade Me are:

Gorgeous colourful clothes of course L to R: Adrift, Neon Gypsy, Neon Gypsy and U First.  There are other things that are currently in the wash.

The dinkiest little filing draws that will be able to hold whatever the hell I wish to stash in them.  TOFs little eyes lit up when he saw them, but no no no, they are mine!!  The two temple looking shelving units were a super good buy let me tell you!

Turned out that the seller of the filing draws was a lady I sort of know, and she is a real good stick. Ended up hanging at her place for quite some time and coming home with this plant.  She had got quite a few from the garden of a house that was being demolitioned.  I call that a very smart move, rescuing plants and all for free.

Some of you were interested in the Wax Wraps I made and shared in my last post. So just for you and anyone else out there interested I made more today and took photos of the process.  

You will need an old Grater and a Pastry brush that you will never be able to use for anything ever again due to the WAX.  Tin foil, oven tray, and an oven!!  Cotton fabric and Bees Wax.  I used a Vintage cotton sheet from my stash and sourced my wax off Trade Me.

Grate your wax and put into a dish, looks like cheese but it ain't so don't be fooled and eat it. You cannot grate too much because what you don't use this time you can store because you will want to make more of these. I did this part outside as the grated wax can flick about everywhere.

Cover your oven tray with tin foil, make sure it covers the entire tray because melted wax will move and you could end up with wax on your oven trays if you are like me.  Tragic I know but nothing hot water and detergent didn't deal to. 

Place your cut fabric on top.  I use a piece the size of the tray because you can cut it into small squares or shapes when you have finished.

Sprinkle your grated wax on top.  You need enough that when it has melted the entire fabric is covered. Now place in your oven. We have gas and the lowest temp is 100*. My instructions said 80* but I watched a video where the lady used 180*. Whatever temp you use just watch until you can see the wax has all melted.
Remove from the oven and use your pastry brush to spread the melted wax, this also helps push the wax through the fabric.  Don't faff about to long as it will start to set.  Remove from the tray and hang up for a few minutes to dry.

This time I decided to make a round one, perfect for on top of round things!!  Squares are good.  Perfect for wrapping your cheese, and the best for that half an Avocado that normally goes brown in your fridge.

Make sure your student stays awake the entire time as mine fell asleep!!!

Meanwhile even the ATTACK CAT was asleep on the front door mat.  I am pretty  sure he was on an undercover operation!!!

I am relaxing indoors with some Sweet Pea and Vanilla in my burner, it is divine!

This morning was wet and humid.  You could think oh crap but I just grabbed my camera and went in search of some magic. Cup half full people!!

I found a line up of bugs sheltering from the rain using a large leaf as an umbrella.  Isn't Nature just the Best!!

Rain drops hung gently off all the plant life,
everything looked like it was draped in fairy lights.
Then I found a Fairy in a flower!!  
Told you there is magic in my Garden.

Two posts in a matter of days!!

Thought time: