Saturday, 29 August 2015

Be someone who would drive five hours to spend one hour with someone you love.

Yesterday I drove over the hills to the beauty of the seaside, my favourite golden sanded beach where my sister Helen lives.  But before I could go I had to do stuff!

Like hang all my washing out on the deck, just in case it rained while I was gone or got dark before I got back.  Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!!  One of TOFs favourite sayings. So I was PREPARED!!

Once I was dressed and had my basket packed I was almost ready to head out the door.  But first, photos in the sunshine! With some Wave Envy hair thrown in.

I stopped in Morrinsville which is only about 30 minutes from Hamilton.  The main street has brightly coloured cows like this one dotted along the street.  I only got a photo of this one but promise to go back and photograph them all, they are bloody amazing.  Anyway, reason for stopping was to check out the Red Cross and Hospice  op shops. 

From there I drove to Te Aroha and checked out two more op shops before driving on to Paeroa.  I stopped just out of Paeroa to buy some beautiful freshly cut flowers for Helen as she said don't bring lunch, but she didn't say anything about flowers!  Next stop was Waihi where I only went to the SPCA shop.  Finally I was back on the road to my destination.

 The hills between Waihi and Whangamata were YELLOW as a gazillion of these trees were in bloom.  Helen tells me they are Wattles.

Finally I was there!!  This fantastic new Mural made up from a series of large paintings greets you as you drive in to town.  The trip from Hamilton to Whangamata usually only takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours but it took me way longer due to my stopping to op shop!! Well, when you are on your own, you can please yourself, take your time, do whatever the hell you want!

I went straight to Helens house and had a scrummy lunch with her and the BIL (brother in law).  We mooched about for a while catching up before heading down town.  First to the St Johns Op Shop then to the shop Helen manages, as I had pottery from Dawn.

The Bust was an order and the Totem was for sale.  I have had a text today from Helen saying she put it up in the shop and is going to buy it because it is really that cool.

After we mooched around town we said our goodbyes.  I could have stayed, the offer was on the table more than once, but I had no overnight bag, I will next time, promise.

I always go down to the beach, and with it looking as perfect as this why wouldn't I.  The beach only had me on it and  was so peaceful and beautiful.  Look at that white sand, that blue water and sky.  I have never traveled out of  New Zealand as I have always been more than happy with my own part of the world.  My travel is via Sky Tv and friends photos and stories.  I am more than content.

The fresh sea breeze blew through my hair and my mind, cobwebs are all gone!!  The sand was soft and velvety and the ocean was COLD!  It is always hard to leave the beach but I know I can go back whenever I feel like it.  So worth the drive and I love catching up with my sister.

So over those hills and country roads I drove until I made it home.  And what did I find in those Op Shops??

Small Cane chair, as in small enough for TOFs old bear to sit on came from Whangamata St Johns.  The animal print dress came from the Hospice in Morrinsville where I also got a very cool old chair that I forgot to photograph.  The strainer pot was found in Te Aroha Salvation Army shop, I want to plant it and hang it in a tree outside.

This selection all from Waihi SPCA.  Wooden remote holder that is going to get the pimp-tastic treatment once I have had lessons from the lovely Julie.  The Jug is too wicked for words and looks quite old.  The bangle I saw as I was about to leave the shop and was worn all day.

With so many good op shops en route to Whangamata in all the towns you can drive through, a day could easily be spent calling in on them all.  Which is exactly what I intend to do next time I go over, and I will have my overnight bag packed!

Do you ever just bugger off and do things by yourself like me?  I love it.  As the youngest of three sisters I have had built in company from the day I was born.  I love hanging by myself, always have.  Don't get me wrong I love company too, but I think it is healthy to do shit on your own.  Like it says above, 'It feels good to be lost in the right direction' and on your own it is magic!
Have a fabulous weekend people!!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

A post full of pictures and sayings.

I forgive the wet days for I know they have been watering my garden.  The return of some sunshine certainly has been more than welcome tho.

Even the girls have got their laying mojo back up and happening.

The Kaka Beak is bursting into colour.

I visited Dawn who was busy creating
with her assistant not being of much assistance.

Meet Taz.

would you?

 My garden is waking up!

 Even the little Sweet Williams make me smile.

 Dafs always make me think of the poet Wordsworth

Even the tiniest flowers on weeds are welcome.


...and the girls.

I will allow SUNSHINE!

PS: Don't tell TOF we were dust bathing
in his Strawberry patch.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you anywhere.

Today the weather has turned to shit, pure and simple, it is a crappy as day here.  I left work when the rained eased long enough for me to get to my car without getting soaked so I am now at home under a blanket in the lounge with my 'Lappers'.

These two have battled for a spot on my lap since we first got them, and they still continue to battle for the perfect spot.  Sharing is not what either of them signed up for but they suffer along because  half a lap is better than none apparently.  My legs are going to sleep from the weight of them.

Thankfully Sheba is happy enough to stay on the floor.

Anyway, the last couple of days have been beautiful and I have been out enjoying the good weather.

On Sunday I decided to make a bamboo climbing frame above my garden swing for my climbers to climb across.  I am hoping they will grow lickety split across them because they will make a lovely shelter to sit under. 

I have attached the bamboo to the top of the swing and to the climbing frames using cable ties, I need something that will last in the outdoors.

Oscar and I took full advantage of the swing seat and dreamed of SUMMER!

Of course others joined in.

TOF joined me with a cup of tea and even managed to SMILE on the outside.
The clouds started to form so I quickly stacked up the  cushions and un pegged all the washing, just before it started to rain.  Well when I say rain I mean drizzle, which it did a couple of times and then stopped.

Yesterday started off lovely again so I headed out to visit Sue W and check out the lambs.  There is still only the two and they are still cute.

This poor Ewe is sooooo pregnant,
anyone that has been pregnant will feel for her.

Protective and proud mum.

This gorgeous Tui was sitting in a tree singing away,
such a beautiful bird.

The view from Sues gate across neighboring farm land.

We went to her neighbors farm to go see all the baby calves, so cute, all gangley legs and adorable eyes.

I could easily have taken one home with me.

We picked weeds for the goats to munch on in the sunshine.

Maximus Giganticus kept us company.

Well the look of Spring.

I am pretty sure this Humble Bumble Bee was asleep,
well there was no movement.

Max definitely was asleep!
Last night I started my Julie-ising (painting) of my $3 basket using the Amulet Green she recommended. I need to get another tester pot to finish it, but so far it is looking pretty fabulous.

The lads came over last night and I sneakily took this of them sharing a laugh.  They are such good mates which warms my heart.  They have what I have with my sister Helen, Friendship!!

My evening ended with a pot of tea for one.