Friday, 22 July 2016

This house is kitten free...

Yes the last foster baby Sushi got returned today and will be up for adoption tomorrow.  Apparently the kitten season has been a really long way this year, so the break will be good for the SPCA.  As for me, I think I will miss those little balls of fluff and cuteness.  But give it a couple of months and it will all be on again.  Life goes on without kittens, work, work, chores, chores, and of course play time!  Oh and some sorting of old things for the Spares 21st which is next month.

Apart from going through a gazillion or so photos, I came across some of his story writing.  The one above is one of the best for sure, I think he was about 6 or so. 

Last weekend on our way to rugby (another good win) I finally got some photos of my favourite Bridge in Hamilton through the trees while sitting in a line of traffic.  There are 6 bridges that cross the Waikato River in town which connects the East and West parts of town.  But the Fairfield one above is my favourite one, I think it is the arches.

The only nice thing about the weather that day was the Rainbow above the University when it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy the game.

Saturday night TOF and I went into town to a 21st Birthday Party.  We scored a handy park near the Museum and got a close up look in the rain at the latest Sculpture to be erected in town.  Obviously I need to go back in the day light for some better shots of what looks like a Lego waterfall.

The Birthday girl is sitting next to me, gorgeous Melissa. She and the spare have known each other since Kindy days and Her mum Vicki, sitting in front is one of my awesome good friends.  Our other good friend who is equally as awesome is Denise.

Denise and I couldn't resist having our photo taken with the fabulous cousins from Canada, the nicest young peeps I have met for such a long time.  Makes you want to be twenty again so you can join in on all the fun they were having!!

Me and my girls, when we get together the laughter does not stop.  Some call us trouble, I say we are FUN!!!


At the beginning of the week I drove on out to Dawns and came home with a Tree necklace that I wired together.  Her Studio is full of stock all ready to be delivered to the numerous outlets that she sells through.

The Brown Boyz are very cool, the dude on the left split his pants so he will get sold as a second.

More of these Guys, now sporting earrings.

Inside and outside the Studio is full of colourful temptations.

I am in love with these Handle-less mugs!!

Taz was trying her very best to assist.

 I wore a new to me brick red over dress and multi tights,
with some old favourites.

Oh and I was beyond happy when I discovered flowers in my garden.  My Kaka Beak tree is smothered in buds like those in the bottom photo.  Just like Red Beaks, hence the name.

Our weather has been so mild that even the Spring flowers are flowering.

We are still getting the cooler evenings and poor Oscar has some competition for Heater position these days.  Big is so smug when he wins pole.

Today started off Foggy and the sun tried desperately to shine.  I went to visit Sue W at her place in the country where all is quiet except for the sounds of nature which by the way is in abundance!

I love wandering around the farmlet hanging out with her animals.

There were so many of these beautiful little Fantails darting around, so hard to get a photo as they just will not stay still.

Her Roses are still blooming and Maximus Giganticus dog followed us everywhere.

I am calling the bloke on the left, Donald Rump as he had a pretty good comb over.  The other two are Sues ageing pet cows, and old Isobel was enjoying her chin getting scratched.  When Sue threw hay to the girl Kara picked some up and threw it back, I did have a good laugh at Sue covered in Hay!!

We wandered across to the farm next door to visit the neighbours. 

And there was a barn with BABY CALVES in it!!!  So tempted to bring one of them home in the back of my car.

Before you know it the day had all but gone, so I waved good bye to the Lock Ness of Karakariki and headed back into town, feeling revived from my country visit.

Now the weekend is upon us and it is looking like a nice relaxing one.  That is after tomorrows game of rugby.  If the Spares team keep winning they stand a chance of being in the final.  GO EASTERN SUBURBS!!!  Hope you all yelled that out.

And remember this:
Hmmm, a Tutu at Rugby!!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Life goes on but No ManFlu for me

Well that dreaded ManFlu that was squatting in our house tried it's very best to infect me.  NO WAY was I going down without a fight and I didn't.  Couple of nights of hitting the Vitamin C and Echinacea Boost Bombs before bed and I was tickety boo.   
Bloody Man Bugs can't get me!!

I made this Health Pack up for the Heir, as he had a rather nasty strain of ManFlu happening and he is flatting, and it is what a good mum does, she gets the good shit for her boys.  You never stop looking after your kids.

My feathered pets are content to share their garden with the natives, and we have plenty of them.  I personally think they are hanging around listening to the Canaries singing on the deck.  

The Canaries have been renamed again, 
Cheech and Chong now!

 Just a good old fashioned 'Sparrow' tree.

Oscar got a new Manly Camo Jersey.

He had a lot to say about it too.

My outfits have been multi coloured this week due to some new to me things.  I have not worn the spotted scarf yet but there is rugby tomorrow, and the necklace arrived in the mail today (trade me).

I found this over dress at Habitat this week as I happened to be passing by.  Ok so I lie, I was picking up something that they were selling on Trade Me and I won.  

The Spares gorgeous girlfriend has just got back from a wee overseas holiday and she got me this fabulous large shawl/scarf.  I knew I could work an outfit around it easy peasy.  She knows me well, colourful, SPOTS and a Mandela print.

This wicked top I slipped under my blue dress today, but it didn't get much air time as it was a dam cold wet miserable day.

So this is what I won on auction from Habitat, a vintage dolls pram.  Oscar thinks it is his and quite enjoyed being pushed around the house in it.

Meanwhile outdoors I uncovered things in the garden that made me smile.  I love how the pottery house hill as aged over time.

Big follows me in the garden, wanders on the roof of the girls house and then sits on the fence.  He hasn't shown the slightest bit of interest in the girls, I obviously feed him well.

We had a couple of lovely afternoons outside, that is me and the pets, so we spent most of it on the deck in sheltered sunshine.  Me reading and them snoozing.

Sushi had a grand time even was relaxed enough to stretch out and break into a big yawn next to Oscar.  She has one more week left with us.

These boys are getting on famously, but poor old Sheba is still giving Big a wide berth after too many claws to her chops.  I believe in letting them work it out for themselves, a bit like kids.  Don't get involved unless you see the entire situation as it usually takes two!!

I finally got around to visiting my lovely hairdresser and getting a tidy up.  I don't like straightened hair, it is far to tidy for me so I gave it a bit of Wave Envy when I got home, much more messy me.

Judging by the above sleeping positions anyone might think it was COLD today.

Says the Heater Hogger!!

With our changeable weather we get some really cool skies, I love clouds.  It is blowing like a bugger outside now and raining, I am so glad it is the evening and I am tucked up inside.  Hopefully it will be all good tomorrow.

Happy Weekend!! 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Six days on......

...and I am still here.  Hey thanks for wishing me well, I was actually only crook for  a few days (poohs and spews) but I am back to fighting fit, well not fit really, to be honest, quite unfit, but WELL again.  Now this house is overflowing with Man Flu!!!  Of course I cannot catch it as I am not a man!!  But to be on the safe side cut onions are being strategically placed around the house and I am drinking Vitamin C and Echinacia boost bombs.

We are down to one foster kitten now as dear Mr Dylz went in for his op on Monday.  Little Miss Sushi is such a shy little thing so a lot of handling has been happening this week.  She is well now but still loves being wrapped and snuggled and I don't mind it one bit.

I wore my new to me $4 shoes that I found last week on Monday and let me tell you, they are so comfortable, but then again, they are Hispanitas, a Spanish brand.  Kind of a reddish pink colour that just went well with all the other  colours I threw on that morning.

Turns out that Big is a lap cat after all and you so know he is on your lap, especially when he starts to prod.  He has been spending more time indoors these last few days as it has been cooler, with a few favourite spots to snooze in having been selected personally by himself.

Two of my favourite things in the garden are in abundance, my Daphne and Lemons.  I love taking a bunch of Daphne to work to go on my desk.  Oh and the lemons are so good in hot water and honey to soothe sore throats.

Our old Peach Tree is covered in Lichen and Moss, such magical stuff, I keep looking for the Fairies that I am sure are living in the garden.

Of course we have had a few more wet days, well it is supposed to be Winter and Rain is a byproduct of the Season.  I am constantly fascinated with water droplets that get left behind and wet cobwebs, the one above was in a bucket full of water.

Orange, Black and White with Spots happened for me on Wednesday, a cold, wet, down right miserable arse sort of day.  I was thankful to be at work inside with a heater on.

Oscar was on the whiffy side of things so I gave him a hair cut and a bath.  Poor little dude was rather cold after his little poof and pamper session so I went and bought him a jersey.  He isn't overly excited about my choice but he is warm.
"I am a DOG not a doll!!"

Sheba has found her inner mother and has taken a shine to Sushi.  I think it is because she is so quiet where all the other kittens have been full on and quite confusing to Sheba.  All I know is it is real cute to watch.

Thursday was bloody cold thank you very much.  Lucky I have nice long coats to slap on over what ever I end up wearing.  Coats and Boots are my Winter Jam!  I haven't been to the op shops much of late, there hasn't been much on offer that has made me go wow.  But on Friday I did call into the SPCA shop en route to Sue Ws place, as I was being her rural delivery mail person.

This sweet little, and I mean little, apron was only $2.  I did also find and buy a merino long cardy/jacket and a nana coat.  I call it a nana coat because it is taupe, a colour I associate with being a nana, that and powder blue.  Apart from being Taupe, it was only $8, brand new and perfect for cold afternoons on the sideline at rugby.  In fact I wore it today and it did the job perfectly, nana coat or not I was warm!

Speaking of rugby, that is the spare getting his face pushed into the earth.  Another good game sadly resulting with a loss to his team.  They were coming second in their division but after today this won't be the case.  Never mind, there is always next season.  Glass half full, that's me.

This is what I ended up wearing today and to his game.  I am not the traditionally dressed rugby mum on the sideline, but today I tried my best and wore a pair of jeans.  I am not really a jeans person these days, when I was a couple of dress sizes smaller I occasionally wore them.  These are nana jeans!!  Elasticated top!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Seriously comfy for the job required, and far too long in the leg.  For some reason manufacturers think that the wider a lady is the taller she is too.  WRONG!!!  I just hacked off a couple of inches and left them raw, they aren't going to be worn that often so they don't warrant hemming.

Anyway, here is something to make you smile.

Okay then,
I am off to decorate!!