Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Bung foot ain't gonna stop me enjoying myself!

Thanks to all you lovelies that offered your sympathies and good advise for my bung foot, you are all so special.  This is what I love about blogging, we share and we care, in fact we are a top notch bunch of birds!

Thanks Again!!

So today I went on my airport run and I decided that after work I would do the same drive because there are things I love on this drive that I wanted to take photos of.  Also it is on my way to Dawns place so why not kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes!

Every week I drive past this beautiful bull, in all weather he is out there grazing and cruising.  I am so happy that he has a mate and a paddock full of long grass.  Across the road today was a huge herd of assorted gorgeous cows, and believe me some were lined up at the fence teasing him.  When I parked the car he came to the fence and called out my name, 'suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue' which sort of sounded like 'muuuuuuuuuuuuuuue', but I knew he was saying 'Sue'.  

I could take him home!!

 I love the wild flowers that grow on the side of the road, to most people these look like weeds, but to me they are just as pretty as any fancy smancy thing you could line up in your garden at home.  In fact I do have the odd flowering weed growing merrily beside respectable flowers, which is how it should be.

 And how gorgeous is this fence, with its leisurely lean going on.

There was a paddock full of daisies and long grass and resting smack bang in the middle were these cows.  Well they could be bulls, I will never know as they stayed lazying in the sunshine the entire time I was there.  I think I need to live on a farm, well I know I should.  

Maybe in my next life!!

And this is the red barn I want to have.  A barn has to be red doesn't it?  I like the rusticness of the country, it sits well with me as I just cannot maintain perfection.  I am totally useless at keeping things perfect, hence my love of second hand and recycled things, and my very laid back attitude to housework and life in general.

Just before Dawns place are these horse.  Aren't horses so graceful, and they so know it to.  These two pranced about a bit while I was watching them. I have only ever ridden a horse once and that was when I was a slender young teenager.  I fancy the idea of giving it another go but they are so high up and I am so much more than I used to be, maybe too much for a horse to cope with.  Who knows some darling old Clydesdale might be the ticket!

Because I know most of you love Dawns colourful quirky creations here are some for you to feast your eyes on.  I love the sense of humor she has by putting a bath on the roof of a house!!  The flowers are the tops to short flower totems.

Some of these I would have shared
before they were cooked and coloured.

 Beautiful countryside at every glance.

 Yep, I need to live in the country.
 Flowering trees,
old bark and buttercups!!

 I think I am obsessed with

Mother Nature at her very best!

This is a bit of a 'PS' from the pottery, and aren't they wicked??  Made specially for a shop and they didn't sell, why I do not know.  But rest assure these three girls have loving homes to go to.

Milly and Webb are father and daughter and so bloody cute.  They love me and follow me around when ever I visit.  They are buggers for letting of a quiet fart while they are sleeping and they get the old heave ho out the door instantly!!  Just look at those adorable faces, butter wouldn't melt.

And what did I wear out today??
Good question.

The dress/top I scored yesterday over cobalt blue dress, black leggings and lovely sandals and jewels.  These were taken tonight when I had slipped into my modified sock and removed my jewels.  I got Jak to take the full length shot.  He asked 'why?' to which I replied, 'for my blog'.  He walked off shaking his head saying 'you and your blog, you love it don't you'.  

Yes, yes I do!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Life goes on no matter what.

We all get up,
we all eat,
we all get dressed,
and we all get on with the day ahead of us.

I am ever grateful that I work only part time so I can mix up what I do every day.  Sometimes it seems same old same old and others are full of complete surprises.  No surprises today unless finding a wooden foot roller I have been after for ever counts. 

Using this and alternating with the golf ball I have been using, massaging my dopey bung foot is much easier.  I asked my physio lady today how long it will take for my foot to heal, she told me anywhere from 2 months to 2 years!!  SURPRISE!!!  Wasn't expecting that.  I am aiming for the 2 months, or I will amputate the bastard myself!

I expect this look will catch on in no time!!  With my foot being strapped the tape gets all sticky, well hello, warm weather, shoes and strapping tape!!  So this afternoon I slapped a plastic bag over my foot and that sticky tape, toes exposed for comfort of course.  It stops everything attaching itself to my foot that is for sure.  Jak gave me shit when he saw it and said I should wear a sock.  In this weather? I don't think so.

But what about a modified sock, the old toes exposed for ventilation and comfort!!  This is actually one of TOFs new socks that the dogs had a tug-o-war with and the sock lost and was full of holes so I attacked it with my scissors.  Just can't see this working with sandals, but ideal for when at home and going bare feet.  Guess my sandals are going to get sticky tape stick on the inner soles AGAIN!!!


When I popped into Habitat this afternoon I found this Blue Flying Pig which is going to hang on my Christmas tree this year.  I always try to add to the box of decorations every year that I have been collecting for years now.  My tree is not very traditional in it's decorating, and that is just the way I like it.  Monday is the first day of December and that is when the tree gets dragged out of storage and erected.

I also stumbled across this Indian necklace that I intend to alter.  It is on a string thing but I think I can improve on that and add even more glorious colour to it.

And I rather like the colours in this dress.

This gorgeous silk cropped jacket arrived in the post today, I purchased it off Trade Me, and it fits perfectly.  In fact it is perfect as it has SPOTS! 

Last night after dinner I decided to bake, so bake I did!  More Cranberry and chocolate chip biscuits, and some Ginger crisps.  Surprisingly enough there are still some left.  TOF and Jak took some in their lunch today, and of course I took a wee stash for the lads at my work.  They are going to miss my baking when I leave. Only 3 more weeks after this one.  Wonder what my next work adventure will be??

 Sheba has got all snugly on one of the chairs in the lounge.

 Oscar is currently sprawled out on our couch.

 And Tex is surveying the room for his resting
spot for the night.

 Time to shut down the laptop.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Rambling about in my garden

Tuesday = work

Another busy day relaxing!

 A Bumble Bee was very busy.

All from my garden.

I think the Fuchsia looks
like a ballet dancer
with extra legs and the
best under skirt ever.

For years I thought this was a weed
and I kept pulling it out.

 Pink Geraniums take some beating.

 The Humble Bumble again!

Nature throws the very best
colours together.

I love everything about this tree.
Clusters of white flowers
and variegated

 The last of the Granny Bonnets,
soon I will be collecting the seeds.

I found these wide legged red pants for $2, I have no idea if they will fit but they were too fabulous to not bring home.  The shoe box full of 'stuff' I got for $8, want to look inside??

Not a bad little haul.
Rick Rack,
Bias Binding in a rainbow of colours,
embroidery cottons,
zip things,
domes and a green zip.

Fresh juicy home grown
from TOFs garden.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Why I Love Monday!

For starters I don't work on 
That is enough to make anyone

I got dressed already to face the day
after a quick faffing in the garden.

 Heard you loud and clear
so you can put your claws away!!

Then I headed off into central city
to meet my good friend

We went to see the movie
My Old Lady.
Good film with Dame Maggie Smith.
At my favourite
very posh and grown up theater
the Lido.

Centre Place Mall
We had lunch in a nice little cafe, then headed back to pay for our parking as both of us had parked in the car park building at Centre Place.  Mine was $6 and Diane got charged $10!!  We have now decided that we will be going to movies at the other Malls where the parking is FREE!!!

 On my way home I stopped off at the Hospice shop and found this!!
This could only mean one thing!!!

 Dress ups!!

 Sorry Oscar.

Mrs Wickam/Dorothy is a really good layer but at the moment she isn't laying, just clucky so sitting on every ones eggs keeping them warm.  She is quite a stroppy bird and pecks at me when I disturb her to collect the eggs.  I can handle that, but what she does to the other girls is out of line!

Poor old Joan was getting laid and not enjoying it at all.  Sue W told me some chickens think they are Roosters, so does this mean I now have a lesbian chook?? Not that I am bothered, but I hand fed Joan as she was slightly traumatised after the wee bit of drama.