Friday, 30 August 2013

My Friday begins with a "B"

B because, one I have a blocked nose, two I have been out to a Book fair, and three, my girls have got their laying mojo back and eggs are Bountiful!!  Oh and four, my garden even on this dull old Friday is looking Brilliant, with lots of Spring Bulbs and Buds everywhere!!

Two book fairs are held at the Te Rapa race course, horsey track place, each year and I go to both as it is just down the road from where I live.  Today it was Red Cross having a go and have a go they did! All books were $3 and this is when I get my big hard back jobbies.  When I have poured over each page I then donate them to Habitat to be on sold.  Magazines were 5 for $2 so I grabbed enough to keep me happy for the weekend as I feel I will be house bound with my snotty nose and husky cough!  They too will be passed on when I am finished.

I have been letting the girls out into the back yard most afternoons lately as their area is slightly boggy and damp under foot.  By way of thanks for this pleasure they have found their laying mojo and are popping out eggs by the dozen, well maybe not quite but they are putting in a sterling effort!!

 The beauty that is the different stages of a flower in bloom!
Mother Nature is the bomb!

 Beautiful Buds full of potential.

 Bird of Paradise and new growth everywhere.

A lovely Lemon destined for a hot drink for me.

Have a happy weekend wherever you are!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The instant Gardener

That would be me!  I struggle with waiting for colour in my garden this time of the year so when there is potted colour on offer I usually get some.  I found the most awesome Tyre planter on Trade Me ($35 + $5 to get it delivered from Thames, an hour or so drive from Hamilton) and bought it, had to wait for a couple of weeks for it to be delivered but it arrived on the weekend.  It is better than I even expected and today it got filled up, well mass planted!!

Yum or what??
I planted a Camellia I had lurking in my garden in the middle then over dosed it on small plants, some already flowering.  At Bunnings (hardware/garden centre/man shop) there was loads of  punnets with 6 plants in each for only $1.37.  What a daft amount? So I grabbed about 9 punnets and the tyre is now chocker block!  Plus I snuck the odd seedling that is coming up in my other garden planters so it is going to look more than fabulous when it is Blooming its butt off!! Off course while out buying plants I popped into two opish shops and was rewarded with purchases!!

All the clothes came from Look Smart, as they are having a 50% off sale at the moment.  The dress is actually really nice but difficult to photograph brand new without tags and $7.50, the top and the tights were only $4 each.

Then at Habitat I found the owl which has a tea light candle in it, the very cool pencil case for my sons girlfriend, and two good sized orange lidded jars.  I have got rid of all my plastic in my cupboards and gone back to glass, so a real mish mash of jars, but I love it because I can see what I have and they seal better.

Three projects!  All need a sand and recovering but ranged from $2 - $5.

Thought Tex might like the wee step to help him get up onto his favourite chair!

These two lovelies came via the post and were purchased off Trade Me.  I have lusted after this Briarwood bag forever so when one came on auction in my price range I pounced!! I have the matching shoes that I scored for $1 last summer to go with the bag. Even the lining inside is divine.  Russian doll salt and pepper set totally cranked my handle so it too was a must!

Best go check that my Chickens aren't in my Tyre planter eating my plants!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday smuesday, but no time for smuesing.

Early start to my day which meant I had to be organsied last night, as in clothes out ready to jump into first thing!  I am always up at 6am to feed the animals, make TOFs lunch and then read the morning paper with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey.  This morning I had to get up and ready because I had to drop TOF at work once we had dropped his car at a workshop.  From there I came home for breakfast, a few chores then off out the door to work. I will confess to visiting a couple of op shops on my way home where I am delighted to say I found some bits to go with the bits I found yesterday at the before work op shop stop offs!!

The dress I found yesterday along with the pink poncho, the multi patterned crop jacket, and the navy crocheted short sleeve cardigan.  Today I found the black skirt and this incredible coat, fully lined and fits like it was made for me.
Heading back out this afternoon to collect TOF and his car I stopped off at the Dump shop.  I got a flat ball for Sheba as she has to have a flat one in her gob and her last one is now stuck way up high in a tree.  She has been sitting staring up at it barking so she is now much happier.  It was late in the afternoon so the dump shop was well picked over.

I picked the two surviving cabbages out of TOFs plot and we have been getting into one of them as you will see.  I scored the basket they are in for a couple of bucks the other week.  My girls loved all the outer leaves.  Tonight I cooked us a bacon and egg pie with spinach, feta, tomato and Parmesan cheese all wrapped in filo with linseed on top for our dinner.  There is enough for lunches tomorrow and it is just as nice cold the next day as it is hot on the night.  Found this little wooden thing which is supposed to be used for remotes but I had other plans for it in the lounge!
Tomorrow I am having morning tea with the blokes I used to work with at the Engineering firm, one of them is a Tattoo artist so I have an idea for him to work on for me.  All will be revealed in good time but it represents my family, and my babies and my dad that have passed. I will be visiting the local op shops in the area in the morning while I am out.  One of them is half price so it would be rude not to call in.

Monday, 26 August 2013

I forgot about Friday...

..until today.  And it was lovely it was last Friday. 

One of the things I found last week when out and about at my favourite op shops was a curling iron.  Only $5, all electrically tested and a reputable brand.  So I had a play on Friday morning and did a bit of curling in my hair.  I wore the shoes I had scored teamed with some floral leggings and a chocolate brown frock, well it was Friday and we all know what Friday is all about.

After a wee visit to a few of my other favourite op shops I went and had afternoon tea with a good friend of mine, (one of the old kindy mums) called Karen.  She works at Wintec and took me for a walk around the Animal House area out there.  They have a variety of animals for the students that do the vet nurse and animal handling courses.  I fell in love with this Donkey <3 .
There was a horse, and some huge rabbits outside and housed indoors was a minargery. A turtle named Baldrick!! Chinchilla, Chickens, Parrot, fish, Guinea Pigs, and Rats.  Will admit I am not keen on Rats, or mice for that matter.  When I was a child my parents let me and my sisters have all sorts of pets.  I had a rabbit when rabbits were still a big no no, a friends cousin had been out shooting, shot the mother so came home with this tiny little baby bunny. We fed it with an eye dropper and it thrived but didn't know it was a rabbit.  I was given a hen sitting on 3 eggs that all hatched out into female chicks and were great little layers.  I recall a time when we even had a pet lamb! We had a dog and numerous cats over the years and we lived in town.  I guess my love of animals started when I was very young.  I cannot imagine my home without pets.

 I love my dogs, and they are always up for a cuddle with mum!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

TOF returned................

........and Oscar was waiting at the lounge window for him.

All three pets couldn't get enough of him..................

..........unlike the son!

Pets love unconditionally not like humans.  

The dogs are so excited when we get home, they eat anything put in front of them, we always know where they are, and they basically do as they are told and willingly.  The cat, well total different story but we know he loves us!

Children are seriously great but pets are unbelievably faithful, loving and silently understanding. 

So big shout out to all the pets out their in Blog land!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another coat day, where has the good weather gone to?

Today was another dull grey day with a bite to it, and I am not liking it at all!! Upside I guess is my coat had another outing round town.  I had things to do today so while out and about doing them I went on a spot of op shopping.

At Habitat someone had got creative with the soft toys!  
And the window at Hospice is looking good.

I found a set of very gorgeous cushions for my outdoor chairs at $3 each, lighthouse to hang in a tree, old patterns, and a nice pair of Effegie shoes.

Today under my coat I wore black leggings with my purple boots, black slip dress with coloufulr tunic on top, double necklaces; a purple crucifix and Ganesha on a string of long wooden beads.  I found a couple of pieces of clothing for myself but they are in the wash so I shall share them when I wear them.  I also found a table lamp that I am going to recover the shade, so that is in my project box.

Last night the sky was ink blue and spectacular!
With naked winter trees,
a full moon and stars hiding,
behind stormy clouds.

I blow you all a kiss good night, 
but don't tell anyone,
it's a secret!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nothing quite like a vintage coat

The upside to a dull day like today is being able to put a fabulous coat with a fur collar on over the top of the layers.  Seriously over Winter, so much for Spring being here, it certainly isn't feeling very Springish today!
I bought my coat from my Monday job, Remains to be Scene, and it is a perfect fit.  Worn over leopard print leggings, pixie boots, gorgeous orange slip dress (scored from city Salvo last week) and another leopard cardy.  Tex was hanging out in the garden out the front so felt the urge to be in on the photo op taking place. He is a big old beautiful boy!

My necklace of orange and black seemed the perfect accessory to add to today's outfit.  The boots I have had for years and are just so dam comfy!

TOF gets home tomorrow so I best set to and look like I have been doing stuff round home in his absence.

  I learned how to dance for you all, its called the flash!!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

He's all growed up now

Jak is 18 today, mummies little pirate, my baby.  Nah I seriously don't subscribe to that, I am stoked that he is growing up into a fine young man.  I am happy that he is as far as I know and this is the disclaimer, a polite, responsible, friendly, mature young man.  Lets wait for the drunken photos to pour in!!!  I loved every moment of my boys being small and I am now enjoying moments of them as they grow up even more and more and independent.
These photos have been borrowed from Boneless.

He and his mates "got on it" as they say last night.  I did the early morning pick up, stopped off at a Kebab shop then came home.  He isn't flash this morning. 
So Happy Birthday Jackson Daniel Peirson-Clarke
Love from Mum xx

PS: My pets have their very own blog and they started yesterday, you can if you like check in on them here.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Was it a waste of my time?

It all started when I was on Pinterest on the internet (my mother would straight up say that was a waste of time) when I found this. What a fabulous idea was my instant reaction so I then set to on the search for a Manrobe, or small wardrobe. 
Being the Queen of Trade Me I did not see this as too much of a challenge, and before you can say "what a waste of time" I had found one.   My only problem was that it was out in the country somewhere and I had to go and pick it up.

This is what I found and won on Trade Me.  Totally perfect for the job and from the measurements given it would fit in my wagon.  So this morning off I went armed with my instructions on where to go.  According to Google maps this journey was going to take me about an hour and a half.  I made sure I had more than that amount of time as I am crap at map reading and country roads.

 I was all good with the Country towns of Te Awamutu and Kihikihi it was when I turned off the main drag and headed to the boondocks that I had that awful feeling of where the hell am I going and I hope I don't get lost.  See I didn't take a map just a bit of paper with instructions of "turn left into..... then right into.......".
At one point I did actually stop and talk to a man who informed me I was going in the right direction and talked all country like, as in "just down there a bit, first right and past those trees you can see over there".
I am such a city girl when out in the country and I was more interested in the beautiful scenery than where I was going.  Thankfully the road wasn't busy.  Wish TOF had been driving tho' but he is away with work for a week. 
Pleased to say I successfully found the farm I was heading to.  The bugger of this all is that the dam thing wouldn't fit in my car. FUCK!
So they were going to get it into Te Awamutu for me to collect tomorrow, I now just have to find a trailer, and Jak said he will come help. Now most people would probably think "What a waste of time".  But not me.  I was so enjoying the countryside that on my journey home I stopped to take photos every so often.  It was so beautiful and colourful, in the gentle rolling countryside of Arohina.
I stopped to take a photo of this tiny little memorial church when a beautiful big Tui appeared in a tree above me.  So friendly, just stayed and watched me while I took my photos, how convenient.

I love the road signs in the country, wish I could have taken photos of more.
Heading back into Kihikihi I spied this cool gateway to a reserve.  It was across the road from a recycled clothing shop that I just happened to pop into.
Of course there was the cutest church that I could imagine turning into a home to live in. Unfortunately it is still in use, dam it all!!  Nearby was this giant Cicada that caught my eye, with a lovely bit of history.
Got a park right outside the Habitat for Humanity shop in Te Awamutu so it seemed I was destined to go in.  I found these cool as pants $5, two English themed mugs $1 each, they remind me of Sue who is swanning back in England with her family.  The gorgeous crocheted edge place mats were $2. After all my car was EMPTY!!  Could have filled her up with goodies.
In between Te Awamutu and Hamilton is Ohaupo a small country town with some very cool little shops and a school on a hill!  I saw this on my way through so had to stop on my way home.  Some lucky bugger is living my dream!!  How I would love to go inside for a sneaky peek and see what they have done to transform this church into a home.
Well it is fricken cold, very wet and windy outside now but at least we are not rocking up here in HamilTron!  Not like my friends down in Wellington.  So hope it doesn't keep rocking for them.  Have yourself a lovely weekend, I am off to make a few calls about loaning a trailer.  Wish me luck and cross your fingers that it's not raining in the morning.
Oh and remember:
"If you are having fun wasting time then it really isn't a waste".

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I went for a skate

Well not really but I went and watched.  My youngest Jak is into skating and not to bad at it.  In fact he got asked by one of my eldest son Max's mate to represent his brand.  Max's mate who he has known since primary school days has his own clothing label, Boneless.  He and his cousin and some mates have a small range of T shirts and Sweatshirts out at the moment and were doing a photo shoot and making a video at Wrong an indoor skate park not far from where we live last night.  Jak got invited to go along and Me and Max's girlfriend went and watched.
I am pleased to say this group of fine young men are having their range of gear made in NZ and it is of very good quality cotton.  I have a Boneless sticker on my car as the sizes are for the young ones. I think us girls may even appear in the video, not skating tho' just chillin out on the side of the bowl!!  I will share it when it is done and ready to view,  they have others on you tube. If you want to check out the clothes you can look on their face book page here.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Night Market and a Ginger Cat

On the weekend I finally got around to checking out a night market that has been happening every Saturday night in the middle of town.  It is held in the basement car park of a shopping mall and it deserved to be visited. My sons girlfriend wanted to come so we dragged him along with us.
I would probably go back but not with my son in tow.  His girlfriend was great but he did the old "how long will this take", so I knew then it would be a quick whistle stop tour. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety as I had heard it was mainly food stalls.  Sure there was lots, (well half the market) of food stalls but the smells were divine.

Of course I had a little spend.  I found this gorgeous little bag for my phone to live in for only $6.  Then I discovered a lady selling Copper jewellery.  I remember how my grandmother wore copper because of her arthritis.  I have it in both my hands, well at the base of my thumbs, so I got a ring for each thumb and a bracelet for each wrist.

I don't think markets are quite like they were when I was a lot younger My sister and I would drive to Auckland to go to the best market ever, Cook Street Market. OSH would have a fit now a days and the place would be condemned, but it was buzzing with people and it just had a vibe that I don't get from markets now.  We loved all the imported stuff from India and Bali, now everything is $1 shop stuff from China. Thankfully there are country markets now that only have stall holders selling handmade, local and or quality second hand.  I was going to go to a couple of them over the weekend but my market mojo had deserted me so maybe next month when the weather is warmer!

When I dropped of my son the flats cat, the ever gorgeous Ninja the ginger was putting on an act.  He is a beautiful big boy!!

My sister was over from the beach on the weekend and she and her hubby called in for a brew and a catch up before heading back to the coast.  She had brought over 3 Happy Hens for my collection.  So today when I popped into one of my local op shops I was well made up when I spied a flock of them on a shelf.  The best part was that today the shop was having a half price sale, so I got the lot.  Well I couldn't leave any behind, they were obviously a family!!
The tri panel picture I managed to get for $10 from another oppy.

The girls have been added to the others I have and my collection is looking pretty good, no wonder they are called Happy Hens, they make me happy.  These are made in Dunedin down in the South Island by Portabello.

Then there is my small collection of Pig piggy banks.

And lastly is my Russian Dolls or Babushka Dolls, one or the other.  Sue gave me the one with the old man as the big doll that she got in Oz when she was over there.

When I was putting my Hens in my china cabinet I rediscovered some old photos.  The one on the left is my Grandfather when he was about 4, with beautiful long curls and wrapped in chiffon.  He told me that his grandmother cried when his hair was finally cut.  The middle one is my boys when they were pre-schoolers.  They were wearing their dress up bug clothes in the garden of my parents.  Max was a lady bug and Jak was a bee.  Still have the lady bug wings!!  The photo on the right is of my Nana at age 9 months so taken in 1901.  She is sitting on her mothers lap with her brothers and sisters either side.  This was taken when they were in mourning as her father had just died.  Amazingly, the family stayed together even though these were hard days living over in Thames, NZ.

I have loads of gorgeous old photos, and have quite a lot of family history written down.  I had the good sense to pick the brains of both sets of my grandparents while they were alive and of sound mind, what ever that means.  I would say while they still had all their marbles!!  I have dropped a few of mine lately!!


Friday, 9 August 2013

I do love Fridays

Must be my favourite day of the week.  No work to go to, and the sun is shining yet again.  Rumor has it we are destined for some shitty weather over the weekend, but I don't mind as I have had today to swan about in the sunshine!!  Everyone at my place is making the most of the gorgeous weather.  My backyard is a haven for the birds, big and small.

I have been letting the girls loose in the backyard and they've been having a fabulous old time.  Nothing quite like getting amongst mums flowers, eating her winter lettuces, and having a dust bath in an empty garden box.  Oscar gave up rounding them up and took a power nap on the deck.
It has been so  lovely that I've ditched my boots in favour of shoes.  These beauties I scored off trade me the other day and were basically brand new, how I love the stars!!!  I have little jugs of Daphne all round the house so the fragrance is indoors and out.
How much do I love my new to me old deck chairs? Very!  Scored these two beauties off Trade Me for $10 each, and they have never been left outside so pretty mint for their age.  Cannot wait to rock these babies out with either one of my fringed sun umbrellas. I am so ready for summer!!

The last few evenings as the sun has been setting we have had the most amazing colours in the sky.  The pinkish clouds tickle my fancy, and according to the old saying of A red sky at night is a Shepherds delight, we have been getting the fabulous days following these sights.  Naked winter trees seem to make the whole picture look more glorious don't you think.

Apart from sunsets I have been enjoying the hard work the spiders put in at night.  The intricate webs they weave are so lovely especially first thing in the morning when they glisten with dew.  If only their webs looked this great inside the house too.

I don't particularly like spiders but I do appreciate their webs, so I do not break them.
I do hope your garden is full of fat sparrows and wax eyes and that you enjoy the weekend that is getting closer by minute.  If the weather is half decent I am planning on going to a couple of country markets.