Thursday, 31 January 2013

Paying homage to my favourite blogger chics!!

Vintage dress with square dancing petticoat, gorgeous Annah S cropped cardy, all second hand, and thrown together to pay homage to my favourite blogging chics!!  For Sarah the most gorgeous Misfit in the land of Oz, because I have a gate to swan about in front of, and in my bare feet!!  For Helga the most fabularsehole Trollop of the Southern Island because of the dress, petticoat and cardy ensemble and BOOBS!!  Sincerely hope I have done you two woman proud.  Will admit to not wearing this out today as it was a swetty Betty sort of day here in Hamilton.  But, this is destined for Monday at work!! And I will wear shoes and a bit of lippy and eyeliner.

Frocking up tomorrow because it is Friday and that is what you do!!   Off to the Hamilton Gardens to prance about.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Little shop called Glamour

So when we were in Raglan on the weekend I managed to slip into this little shop called "Glamour" (my sister manages the one at Whangamata) and came out with this gorgeous frock, and the colourful bracelet.  Now I know it's not Friday but I frocking well wore it to work today!!!  Just perfect for the 29* we had to endure.  Thank goodness I had fans, as in three of them!!! One on the floor blowing cool air up my frock, now that is Glamour!!! TOF gave up on the hanging of the gate, well it is hanging just doesn't open very far, bit of a design fault!!  Maybe next weekend he will have calmed down enough to give it another crack!!

That is all, as you were!!


Monday, 28 January 2013

Gotta love a long weekend in Summer

This weekend has been one of those 3 day jobbies  here in Hamilton.  Anniversary weekend and the weather has been fantabulous for the entire time.  On Saturday morning I collected my sister and took her op shopping.  I haven't shopped with her for years  but I am pleased to report that obviously age has mellowed us both and we had a very enjoyable morning out, and I would do it again.  Traditionally my other sister the one that lives at the beach is my shopping buddy (and best friend) but she is on a break from the family at the moment and that's fine.  I am hoping with all my heart that  she will want me back in her life soon 'coz I miss the beejezus out of her but I am giving her the space she requires.  Anyway, TOF and I decided to go out for dinner on Saturday night.
His boss had given him two $50 vouchers for the Casino in town, which included eating, drinking and bowling but no gambling!  I though a hundy in the casino gambling would have been brilliant!!  No no, so we had a meal instead. We only used one of the vouchers because we paid for our drinks, this way we can go back!!  We sat outside on the balcony and watched the comings and goings on the Waikato River, and looked into the backyards of some beautiful homes.  It was windy but nice, hence my wind swept look.  The green bag I found at the Hospice for $3 and it was perfect for taking out.  TOF was showing that he is my 10!  After we had eaten TOF gave in and we went into the casino, woo hoo!!!!  I got out $20 to play with and play I did on the pokies, TOF even had a crack but he thinks it is all a tad on the boring side.  But when I cashed up and we had $94 he wasn't complaining!!!! I love having a wee gamble every now and again, the trick is to set a limit, and not a silly one either.  We went to the supermarket on our way home and got a box of bevies and some other bits and bobs as we had a night out on Sunday.
On Sunday I had to pickle my gherkins as they were ready to be done.  TOF always calls them Ferkin Gherkins and won't eat them so this is what they have been labelled and I got 4 jars of them.  I also made some Basil and Cashew pesto, 1 and a 1/2 jars of that and it is delish!!!  Being the bargin shopper that I am I went out to the Base (shopping Centre) and got me some potting mix stuff and things from the Warehouse.  Then I wandered in to Briscoes were the Purple spotted jug was begging me to take her home.  Last one left and half price, so OKAY come with me.  Found some very cute and cool sauce bottles that were only $2-50 each due to being half price, great for apple or tomato sauce, but not together!!  The very last Sweet peas have been picked and placed in a vase.  The wildflowers have been stripped away now and I think TOF has put cauliflowers and or cabbages in the vacant spot.
On Sunday night we headed out to Raglan to our friends Diane and Grant.  We call Grant the G Rant!!  They have a lovely home out there with fabulous views out nearly every window of the sea (even the loo has a view).  We took spuds and corn from our garden plus some lamb snags and some steak, and plenty of beer.  So we cranked up the BBQ and ate out on the deck as the sun started to set and the moon started to rise.  Absolutely perfect.  I would live out there in a flash, but where I want to live is EXPENSIVE so visiting is what we will continue to do.
Another glorious day today so me and TOF have been pottering about in the garden.  I can hear him now hanging my gate.  But I will steer clear until I get the call to admire the grandness of the working gate!!  We have white bait and planning on making fritters with them for our dinner tonight. 

Does life get any better than this!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

A gate to just DYE for!!

The other day I remembered that I had my collection of dyeing gear stashed in a top cupboard that I used to use when doing batik.  Dragged it out of the gloomy cobweb filled cupboard and found I only had two colours and not really sure what colours they were.  Procion dyes you see numbered not named.  And then of course I no longer had my recipe on quantities, thank god for google!!  I had a pair of leggings in a pale blue that needed to be revived from nanasville and a top in cream that just wasn't working for me either.
A bit of tie dying took place and a few trials and errors with dying and ta-frickin-da, here is the result!!  Oh and my new gate scored from the Dumporium yesterday for $10, cheaper than making one and funnily enough the same colour as our fences so it was meant to be!!  TOF has the project of hanging the gate so it is useable over the weekend, lucky its a long one here!!
Of course I slipped into a few oppy shops while out yesterday and came home with this  little haul of goodness.  Scintilla skirt $$s, 2 brollies at $1.99 each, top $6, tray $3, cruet set and spoon $2.50 the lot, bangle $1, skirt $6.  The Scintilla skirt has a gorgeous hot pink screen print of Toi tois on the hem.
Moving right along now to the Gifts from my garden and others.  Tex and Sheba are checking out the Gherkins I picked from my sisters house, with Rhubarb from TOFs patch.  I platted up the garlic this morning so I can hang it in the kitchen and the girls had got serious about laying.  The jar of fresh Basil is from Dawns and my car smelled so nice after driving home with this in the back.  Thinking Pesto!!
This huge platter/bowl I picked up today for $6 from the SPCA and the Pink Hydrangea was $7 from Habitat.  I dropped of a big pile of magazines and a stash of plastic bags at Habitat this morning before going out to Dawns place.  It would have been rude not to have gone inside so I did and found the pink Hydrangea near the door.  It will go in a pot and I will have to find out what I need to feed it to keep it Pink.  Just want a white one now.  I called in at the SPCA on my way home from Dawns as it was en route because I had to get chicken feed which is sort of near by.  True it is!!

Long weekend here in the Tron so me and TOF will no doubt be pottering about in our designated gardens.  We have things to harvest and things to plant.  A drive out to Raglan to see friends is on the cards as well. I am keen to tie dye something else so that could well happen too.  I forgot to take a pic of the cream crocheted cardy I got for $2 that is now the most beautiful orange.  Maybe tomorrow.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I have been busy, time for a catch up.

The lovely lady I work for on Mondays, took a long weekend so I worked in her shop on Friday, Saturday, and then Monday and yesterday. Totally enjoyed every day but wasn't sad not to be needed today.   It was so nice not to rush breakfast and pack a lunch , so I chilled out for a wee bit before I was collected by two Poms and a French woman!!  Actually it was Sue and her English mate Liz and her French visitor Alice, and we were going on a op-shop-a-thon.  Except I only went to one as I had things to catch up on here due to being a working girl for the last few days.  So we went to Habitat and I wandered across the road to my local Salvo just before lunch, (new ladies running it so the pricing is  better). What did I find?  Well this is what I found:

At Habitat I found the vintage apron pattern for 50c, the cutest honey pot for $4, and a Thomas the Tank Engine container for my great nephew who is a TTTE fan at the moment.  Oh and the purple skirt for $5.  At the Salvo all shoes were only ONE DOLLAR a pair!!!!  I found some pale blue Minx Mary Janes and colourful Briarwood slip ons.  The Green bag was $6, the blue dress was $6 and the palest pink and sequined cardy was also $6.But my find of the day has to be my vintage sun umbrella for a mere $5-50!!!!! 

It's a beauty and I am pretty sure my eldest sister will want to borrow it to take camping, she has a caravan and just got some Pink Flamingos to go outside the door.  I was pretty casual today in 7/8 jeans, sleeveless top and my ultra comfy Birkies.  All second hand!!

Ok, I am working backwards with my catch up so stay with me!! The other night I was doing a spot of weeding out the front where Tex hangs out and he decided to join in.

Lets just call him CAMO CAT!!  So helpful.  Today I found him spilling out of the pet bed that he and Oscar alternate in using.  As in if Oscar has been sleeping in it, Tex decides it is his bed.

Yesterday I frocked up for work and went for Green and white!!  Change of bag of late, I have been using this gorgeous one my darling friend Lou-lou-belle made me.  Isn't it fabulous?  She is a clever old tart she is.

On Sunday, remember we are going backwards, I went out to visit my niece and her wee boys.  Kyden (6) has a go kart and a small motor bike that he can tear about in one of the paddocks.  He has a bit of a track and he was desperate for me to watch him.  Arlo (3) was awfully busy inside doing his puzzle!!
Kyden being a bloke!
Arlo puzzling out.
I think they have about 4 acres of land, so Jade has  two dogs, Lonnie the Jack Russel and Tank the big bitzer, some sheep and four chickens and two roosters.  Also a pretty good sized orchard that she has added to. Big old Plum and apple trees that are loaded with fruit.  It was so nice to be out in the country relaxing with her and her little family.
And finally before I sign off, a few flowers from my own garden.  Just loving the colour!!  Tomorrow I am off out to my Potter friends place, she has some new things to be photographed.


Friday, 18 January 2013

The fish survived

First thing this morning I whizzed outside to see if my 5 fish were still alive.  My track record with goldfish indoors isn't quite up to scratch.  Well I am pleased to say all 5 were doing swimmingly!! 

And I totally got frocked up for Friday and had a fabulous day at the shop!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crickey it's Friday already tomorrow!!!

Some weeks are just about over before you know it, and this has been one of those weeks.
I worked on Monday as per, and found a beautiful off white tunic top/dress that I felt the urge to own.  The pink leather bag I got last week and forgot to share.  This happens when you are over 50!!
Work was amazing, the day just went off, I was so busy and made lots of lovely sales to lots of lovely peeps.  I am working tomorrow, Saturday, then Monday and Tuesday as the owner is having a long weekend away.  Should be fun and the $$$s will be welcome in my purse!!
Tuesday morning I had to drop Jak off at the building site at 9am as he and one of the blokes he worked with had gone to see the "Red Hot Chillie Peppers" in Auckland the night before and were allowed to sleep in.  On my way home I decided to call in at the Dumporium and I was pleased with what I found.  Pond for only $5, such a score as these go for far too much on trade me, and an outdoor bench for $3.   know, only $3, what a bargin that was!!!  I found a couple of other small things but these were my best and a project just begging to happen.
After lunch I took a drive to Cambridge a very English little town only a short drive from the Tron.  I had the heart shaped bevel edged mirror to collect in the pic to the right.  $15 from Trade Me.  It is for a mate that wants one, if she isn't happy with it I will be happy to keep it.  I naughtly perched my camera on my steering wheel in the car to get the road shots!!  Tsk!!
Cambridge has gorgeous old buildings, fabulous cottage houses, Antique shops to die for, lots of lovely home ware shops with names like "Simply Divine" and it is.  And a handful of op shops. So I picked up the mirror, popped into see my lovely Aunty Jeune (dads older sister) for a quick catch up, and then felt it would have been rude not to wander about the shops as I was in the vicinity and I also missed my turn to get back onto the main road back to Hamilton.

I had a wee spend in the op shop above and that was it really.  I suppose with the school holidays still being on most of the op shops are being well picked over by holiday teenagers, and good for them I say.  I was just enjoying wandering about looking, but not looking lost or anything, which I wasn't.
Before I headed for home I stopped to take pics of the lovely old church that is iconic to the town.  It is smack bang on the corner of a major intersection so hard to miss in all its white glory.  I love old churches, I always think how cool it would be to convert one into a house.  Not this one tho' too big for me and TOF!!
I think I mentioned that I purchased a new toy for the kitchen.  The kitchen is not really room I spend alot of time in unless making jam or the odd pie or muffins.  Meals is not my bag, that is TOFs department!  Anyway TOF informed me that the leeks in his garden were more than ready and there was quite a crop of them.  I pulled the biggest ones out and set to with my Vacuum Sealer machine.  I liken it to laminating and it is hugely entertaining, or I am easily entertained!  I wanted to slice them, TOF wanted them whole, so bit of both!!  All now stashed in the freezer awaiting winter casseroles and soups.  Thinking this will be happening with the corn that is having a fabulous time growing!!
Wednesday I talked Sue W into coming into town for a quick going over of the op shops.  And a quick going over is what we did. She bought her lovely French girl Alice in with her and we were on a mission.  Above is a selection of goodies from then and Tuesday. I love magazines for 20c and 50c, all have had a thorough going over and now are ready to be re donated to Habitat.  The book is what I am going to be reading next, I have seen it before but not read it and I think it will be a goodin!!

Today project pond was implemented and I rather like the result.  I went to Petworld and got some fish, good deal of buy 3 and they gave me 2 for free, WHY NOT!!  So I walked out with a bag containing 5 golden fish of a good size, a pond plant, some food and plenty of good advise.  I have temporarily fenced the front so Oscar doesn't go swimming as he likes swimming in Ponds, and hopefully Sheba won't drink out of it.  Once the plants are established and the fish are bigger then the fence can come down.  The bench seat I have placed under my huge Idesia tree that my swing chair is under, but this is on the other side.  Not going to name the fish at this stage but TOF thought he would call them, Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha, Remu which is Maori for 1,2,3,4,5 (hopefully spelt correctly).  Ponds usually have Gnomes adorning the outer area so I thought my Tui Beer Gnomes could take on the job.  
I also made Jam I did.  6 jars of Strawberry and 6 jars of Plum.  I am the Jam Queen at the moment and they look super duper all lined up on the shelf with the other jam I have made.  We shall not run out that is for sure.

Oh big excitement, I have been interviewed on a blog called Coffee with a Canine, well I think that is what it is called but you can find it here, you may have to scroll down as this was a couple of days ago.  Well best I go and chill out before I have to deal with 2 days of work in a row!!!  Piece of cake!!

catch you later

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Friends, Family, and Food

This is me with my oldest friend ever Leonie and her daughter Sydel.  Leonie and I go back to when we were babies, yes that is how long we have known each other.  The lovely Sydel is my Fairy god daughter!!  They were en route from being at the beach to the in laws, then heading back to Wellington the following day.  So a quick catch up was rather welcome.  I made them sit on the front door step with me as these two ladies are sky scrapers compared to me and I didn't want to look like I should have been in the Hobbit!!  Our husbands get on well and our kids all get on great too, so we are lucky!!  Not many peeps can say they have had and still have a life long friend.  So THANKS Leonie!!  We have shared alot in our 50 years and no doubt will share alot in the next 50!!

I noticed the other evening that my Pink Lillie's are looking some what beautiful.  They almost look like they have been hand painted with water colour.  I was given some bulbs from a friend so I am not totally sure what other colours are going to appear in my garden.  Nothing like SURPRISE in the garden.

My tomatoes are doing pretty well.  I grew mine from seeds and have a small competition with TOF, but he doesn't know about it yet.  He is usually the Tomato grower and he purchased his plants, but  mine are doing just as well.  Our apple tree has a huge crop on it, and I cannot wait to be able to eat these.  The ones in the supermarket are soft and tasteless, so these scrum diddle apples will be welcomed with open arms when they are ready.

It was my eldest sister Diana's birthday yesterday, 54 I think.  I went to her place to drop off a gift and have a cuppa.  Her grandsons Kyden and Arlo were there chilling out.  They have a baby brother cooking at the moment that is due in April,  so their mum Jade was having a little bit of time out.  Diana had picked me a supermarket bag full of plums from Jades place, so today I set to and made some jam.

I have enough left to make some Plum sauce, just need to locate a good recipe and it will be job on.  TOF and I had bog standard, well not really bog standard, plum jam sarnies for lunch today.  Fresh bread with home made plum jam, Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!  I only have to go and pick Blueberries with Dawn and make jam and our pantry will be stocked with enough varieties of Jam to see us through the year. 
I bought a new toy for the kitchen the other day.  We have so much produce in the garden that I am going to be able to vacuum seal and freeze until my hearts content.  TOF has a good crop of leeks that are pretty much ready.  We had some for dinner the other night with spuds from his patch and some lovely home kill lamb.  I am thinking of slicing the leeks, vac packing and freezing, then they are ready for winter stews, casseroles and other winter warmers.  Might even make some Leek and Zucchini soup, a favourite of mine.

Hope you have all had a pleasant weekend where ever you are and you are happy and healthy.

Much love

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The heat is on!!

I love summer I do and I am so grateful that we have a pool that we can construct for the hot weather, then dismantle and store over winter.  Of course we are not suffering the extreme hear that our Australian neighbours are experiencing, but this is pretty warm.  But as for the wee pool, it is a very welcome guest at the moment, and I have even dunked the dogs in it so they get to cool off as well.  TOF likes to do bombs off the ladder!!  Men!!  Do they ever grow up??  It isn't very deep but it is enough to cool down considerably in the privacy of my own back yard, and it has a filter thing and I dose it with chlorine pills so it is basically tickety boo!!

Yesterday was the first SuesDay outing for the new year.  Dressed in my best Bet Lynch I was ready to attack the shops, my animal instinct was ready!!  The fabulous necklace I bought yesterday in a posh shop having a sale, scored it for $14 and wore it out of the shop.

The gorgeous wooden tray with folding legs and a clever little wooden thing that makes the tray tilt, was all of $5.

Pyrex type lemon casserole lidded dish was $5 and small pink frosted glass vase was $1.

Long strand of faux pearls was only $1, can go two or three times round my neck, or multiple times around my wrist for a fab bracelet.

Selection of books and a fancy key  holder.  $5, 50 cents, $3 and $2.

Old wooden tie rack $1, Hermes black leather bag $3, Chinese Jacket $7, and Line 7 fine long black cardy $4.

The dinkiest triple layered tin for $2 and the floral thing was also $2.  Not sure if its a necklace or a head piece??

Not sure if I have shown my purple flower jandals but they are the ultimate in comfort, even have a slight wedge.
Today while out and about I went into this Moroccan shop that I just LOVE, the purple shoes are hand made in leather and only $35.  Super soft and comfy as.  They had them in Orange as well, awfully tempting!!

Too hot to think, and TOF has arrived home from having a quiet beer at the local with a mate so we are now off to the supermarket.

♥ T'ra ♥

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

In memory of my Dad

Hard to believe that 6 years ago today my dad passed away in his sleep.  Just as he always wanted, to just not wake up.  He used to say to me, "one day I am going to wake up and find myself dead".  I always would say back, "Dad you just won't wake up, so you won't know",  and then we would laugh.  So 6 years ago when he got his wish to pass away quietly at home in his own bed I thought how nice that was for him.  He was born on the 20th of October 1929 and lived a full and healthy life right up until the end.  He loved life and he taught me alot of things and I am so grateful for that and all the memories that I have.

Before he was married and a father he was a true bloke that totally loved life and everything that came with it.  And even once he was married his enjoyment of doing things stayed true.  He was still riding his beloved motorbike in his last year of being on this earth.

As an adult I can look back and see that he was a great husband and provider, fabulous dad, fun grandfather and a top father in law.  My two older sisters and I never really wanted for anything, he kept it real.

So thanks dad for the memories and what you taught me in life.

Thanks for :
Taking me fishing in the harbor where it was safe and we ate sultana pasties that were melting in the sun.
Teaching me how to ride a motor bike at a very young age.
Building a beach house at Whangamata that we would go every school holidays from me being age 4.
Being with me when I went into labor with Max and was waiting for TOF to get home to take me to Hospital.
Always being a hands on dad and grandfather, always available to help out.
Helping on Saturday sports days with the boys at taking them to their sport when TOF was away with work.
Always meeting us when we went on holiday and spending a day with us all.
Buying a lazy boy for TOF to use when he was housebound when he had knackered his back.
Being not only the boys grandfather but a good mate too.
Welcoming all my friends, my boys friends and basically just getting on with everyone that visited our house.
Memories like:
Me going out in the surf with you but knowing that my neck was your waist and I was safe with you.
Me having to run to keep up with you when you walked as your stride was ENORMOUS when I was a kid.
Letting us 3 girls pick a hole in the fresh uncut loaf of white bread on the walk home from the bakery at the beach and only leaving the crusty bit.
Turning a blind eye to the fact that us girls would drink your cold beer and replace it with warm stuff.

So many good memories, too many to list but I think you know how important you were and still are to me.

See you on the other side Dad

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Summer really is here!!

First thing this morning, well not first thing, after I got up, dressed and fed, I set to with mowing the lawns out the back.  I am in love with my little hand mower, it is so easy to use, very relaxing and gives me a wee work out on the side.  Today had all intentions of being a beautiful hot day so after the lawn mowing was completed I dressed the swing chair and made plans to perch there later on after my domestics were done.  But before I could get my washing under way I had someone else s to deal with.  One of Max's mates asked if he could do some washing here the other day, and he would come back for it that night.  That was 3 days ago.  So I got it all off the line, folded it, made him an invoice and put it in my basket on my bike and delivered it back to him.

On my return it was time for a light lunch and a bit of rest and relaxation on the swing chair with my book and the dogs.

Just want to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book so thanks to Laura's hubby Llyod for writing a truely entertaining book about their life and choice to come to our beautiful country to live.  I am very proud to be a New Zealander!!!
The dogs have very different ways to relax.  Oscar was more than happy just to sit on me, sit next to me or sit by my feet while I read.  But Sheba, no, no!!  Her idea of relaxing is persisting in dropping one of her balls at my feet and sighing until I participate in the endless game of you kick and I will chase.  I am convinced she has a rechargeable battery in her because she is on standby for game time permanently.  Even when I was pushing the mower around the lawns she kept placing her ball in front of it.

The girls were also enjoying the summer sunshine.  They were feasting on weeds from the flat, apparently they are going for the unkept look down there!!  I also flung a few loads of lawn clippings in there yard to scratch about in.  They were all well pleased as they chattered on all afternoon.

Mid afternoon I went to catch up with some young friends of mine that moved house last year to something bigger and with a pool for their two kids.  So neat to catch up with them both and so funny listening to the 6 and 3 year old winding each other up, squealing and arguing.  Poor parents kept apologizing which I said not to bother doing.  I can now switch off to such noise but do remember that age and stage with my own boys.  I didn't visit them to see how they deal with their very normal children.  It is like visiting someone and them saying excuse my mess.  I don't visit to check on your housework, and if you come here to check on mine you will be sadly disappointed!!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Success in more ways than one

My eldest son nearly 20 finally got his learners license today!!!  I am stoked for him as it has been a bit of a monkey for him.  He is so much like me, in fact the poor bugger is always being told how much he looks like his mother.  No doubting the genes came through pretty strong from my side.  I never got around to getting a drivers license until I was 20.  I was driving and just couldn't be arsed going and doing it.  A family friend at the time who just happened to be a policeman booked me in and made me do it.  Yeah yeah!!  Slightly rebellious as a youngster.  So as you will see from the text from Max all my asking for a divine intervention from my Guardian Angel paid off!!  PHEW!!!  After I had dropped him back at his I whizzed home as Ms Webber was coming in.  We treated ourselves to a quick cuppa and then went out.  First to Early Settler, fab furniture shop, but too expensive for me, where she was picking up a chair and coffee table, she had already taken one home the other day.  Outdoor stuff, Hot pink chair for her, bright Orange for Joe and a matching white table.  Very cool and will be well used in this weather.   YES SUMMER REALLY CAME THIS YEAR!!  Well so far, so good.  Well done Summer, go you good thing ♥.  We then ventured around the corner to save mart where she had a purchase or 3 and I got TOF a pair of nice shorts.  Big spender me!!
I wasn't up for much spending as I had spent yesterday via trade me.  All this loveliness for $35, bone china and the lady got it for her 21st birthday (30 years ago) and it has never been used.  Anyone up for high tea in my garden??  This deserves cake and dresses this does.  Maybe even hats, yes hats!!
TOF is still up in Auckland working and home tomorrow.  Thought I was in for another home alone with the animals but Jak has returned from his alcohol fueled partying summer vacation from the coast.  Looking brown as a berry, totally knackered and complaining of now having a beer gut.  I wish my gut was the size of his so called beer gut!!  So my peace has ended, lights are being left on all over the house, dishes are on the bench above the dishwasher, his washing is strewn all through the laundry and he has gone off to a mates and the TV is still on and on Cricket!  Pets or kids???  Sometimes I really do wonder.  He starts work on Monday, all grown up now and I think it is fabulous.  I embrace each stage my boys has gone through.  I do not hanker for them to be small again, I enjoyed it but I enjoy them growing up and moving on in their lives, with me and TOF and without us.  2013 I think is going to be a good year, so I am going to grab it by its short and curlies and go for it!!