Sunday, 25 March 2018

What made me happy this week - 12/52

You all know how I feel about my garden.  Well the new one I planted up not long ago has been on growth hormones or something as it has just blossomed. So much so that I have even picked a bunch of floral delights to go inside.  The reward you get from being a gardener!!!

Told you it had grown!!
This sight made me and will continue to make me one very happy lady.

TOF is home from Hospital and now has the long road to recovery.  Thank you for all your well wishes from us both.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

What made me happy this week - 11/52

So much has happened lately and the last two weeks have been pretty intense.  TOF has been in Hospital, well he still is but hopefully he will come home this week to start his long and slow recovery journey from having a Triple Bypass operation on his heart.  Trust little Toebee to find a way to lift my spirits and make me HAPPY.  

Today was a stunning sunny day
the sort you go mad on doing the washing.
Toebee heard the word WASHING!

Yeah that is him in the washing bucket on top of the washing,
washing himself!!

Thanks Toebee - I love you!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

What made me happy this week - 10/52

Getting a photo emailed to me that was taken a week ago of me with two of my cousins, Jan and Stephen.

Oh how my lovely cousin Stephen reminds me of my dad!! 

We are related through our Great Grandmother Minnie Kerby.  This is her with her brood taken in 1901, my Nana is the baby on her lap.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

What made me happy this week - 9/52

Well weeding the garden with the best companion ever!

My new garden has grown so much with all the warm weather so this afternoon I took down the chicken proofing and pulled all the weeds out.  My assistant had to be removed quite a few times as he thought laying in the soil was HELPFUL! With that done the netting has gone back up to protect these plants so they can continue to grow and make me HAPPY!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Allow the beauty of your soul to shine.

What a lovely sentiment.  I got it from the dearest little book I found whilst out among the op shops called 'Well-being, Creating a life of prosperity'.  What else did I find you may well ask?

The little cage I am going to put in one of my trees with the door wired back, someone may want to live there, or something may grown in it.
I couldn't leave this glorious old basket behind, or the black trim.

Vintage tin, that little book and a set of brass monkeys!!

All of this, including the wooden tray came from a trip to Morrinsville and Cambridge one afternoon.  The tray and the sifter were both $8 each and everything else I found was $3 each.

The garden is nearing the end of it's most productive time, some of the Chillis  have been artistically shaped.
Walnuts are starting to drop, and I have picked at least 3 kilos of blackberries, most have been re homes!!  Florence to the right had been secretly laying the pile of eggs and was unpleased when her stash was discovered.

As one plant finishes flowering another begins.

Follow the leader with Big at the front and Toebee at the end.

My favourite summer frock is getting closer to the end of it's life expectancy, and it will be a sad day when we have to say farewell.

I grew, picked and hung to dry all this beautiful Statice.  I think I will repeat the process next season as it is so pretty.

My lovely friend Anne painted this darling little picture and then gave it to me.

Clever pants Dawn had this selection of lovelies ready to head of to galleries so they could fine themselves a home.  

Finally a SuesDay happened and we drove to Te Awamutu to get among the op shops. Sue scored some bits and bobs.  I found nothing until we went into the Trade Aid Shop.  How I love the Trade Aid shops that have been around for so long now and never disappoint with such beautiful things for sale. The crosses are on the Wall of Whimsy now.

 So much love for this beautiful young man!

Upside down photos making Sheba look like she is laughing.
Unconditional love!!

Garden Wisdom,
my Mantra for this year.

from my little book

A generous heart,
kind speech
and a life of service
and compassion
are the things
which renew humanity.