Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shopping, Rugby and a little bit of R & R.

This morning TOF and I head off out to the shopping centre not far from us, know as Te Awa or The Base.  He was in dire need of some new track pants and another mobile phone.  As it is a long weekend here there were the 'long weekend specials' on offer.  Happy to say we got all the things on TOFs list and I found myself some rather cool socks.


Spots and Stripes
in nice bright
($4 per pair so I could go back for more)

We were only home long enough to have a quick lunch and catch Aretha who had gone AWOL in the school next door a few days ago but had wandered back home and was on the driveway. More on her later because we were off to watch Rugby.

Now I know there are 15 players in a team but my lens was firmly fixed on my own lad, who seem to be in the thick of all the action most of the time.  It was a good game and they were beaten by a very good team, so they came second.

It was a beautiful day for being on the sideline of a game of rugby.

Meanwhile back at home.

Aretha was settling back in.

The sun was shining on the lichen covered trees.

The welcoming committee gathered.

I happily discovered that my Daphne is in bud.

The girls were enjoying the nice weather.

Those hanging baskets full of Ivy Geraniums are flowering.

Out the front of our property where the garden needs a prune.

 Dogs waiting patiently.

Cuppa and a Squiggle biscuit!!

Off to have a Curry that TOF has whipped up.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Friday, 30 May 2014

If you were with us today you would have been in a Sue sandwich!

Yes indeedy
today was a SuesDay
and you know how much
me and the other Sue
love a SuesDay!!

Anyone is welcome to join us
but you may well have to change your name
just for the day!!
(make sure you have changes for the parking meters!!)

I did pretty well today and we had a great day out.  The oak tea wagon has a tray that slides out from under the top shelf, $45 and in very good nick. The roosters plates were too gorgeous to leave behind, the bright one is a Splashy plate which is a business out Horotiu and pricey so $5 was a bargain.  Love my plastic bangle all pink and flowers $3.  There is a long tale that goes with the tea cosy but that will have to wait until another day, "what?". Oh $2 for that. Now as for the fur stole I couldn't believe it was only $7, so going to wear this on cold days.

This van caught my eye, well the art work on it did.  
Parked outside one of the backpackers places in the main street.

Two fabulous hats that will soon be winging their way to the very lovely Helga.
I discovered the most beautifully embroidered table cloth and vintage sheet in St Vinnies, one of my favourite places to call in on.

Mambo T-shirt that was too small
for anyone in my house
so a photo was enough for me.

Good old Mambo clothing
with their poo-shooting dogs!
And toilet humor.

After a very nice lunch at Lola's, we went to another four places then back to mine for a cuppa.  Forgot to get a photo of both Sues but I took some of me before it started to rain and go all cold.  Black leggings and t-shirt under summer patchwork dress with Fuchsia Pink jacket and black Koru ankle boots. No wave envy today, but a relaxed and happy smile for yet another fun day out with my Sue.  Hopefully she will blog later on today so you may be able to check out her view of the day here.


Thursday, 29 May 2014

More boots, yes I have more......

...oh yeah there are still more boots to come!!

Groovy little ankle boots with Koru's on the front.
Worn with an overload of colour
and a Pearl brooch!!

Oh yeah
Colour overload!!

My backyard is looking all
Brown and Green.
No Colour
Except for Me!!

Ha Ha!!!

take that wrinkles
you have been

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I've added to my flock but lets not tell TOF!

This afternoon I went out to Whatawhata which is  about 10 minutes maximum drive West from Hamilton to pick up a couple of new girls. 

We started with a chilly -3 this morning but look what was on offer by the middle of the day.  I love the colours of the countryside, lush paddocks and all.

Does it get any better?

The place I went to was an acre and a half of fabulousness, my kind of sized plot of dirt with stunning views.  The man was a man of the cloth as in a Deccan/prison Chaplin and a very nice man indeed.  Originally from England, lived in South Africa and then he ended up in little ol' NZ with his family. I wish I had taken photos of his place and his two gorgeous dogs.  A Lab cross, with what I don't know, but it seems Labs will get it on with any dog!  Then the other one was a HUGE St Bernard, soooooooooooo lovely, and soooooooooo big!!!

So What did I get??

Two Frizzles, and they have serious Wavy Envy going on!!!

My plan was to get them home before TOF got home so he would be non the wiser to the new additions.  So far so good, not that he would throw a hissy fit, he is quite used to me just going and getting things!!

Introducing Oprah and Aretha!

The new black chics in the coup.

They seemed to take their new home all in their stride and even handled being checked out the others one by one. These two are not that old but they will be fine, they have each other.  Only $10 each.

It was a PURPLE kind of day for me today.



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! A cold snap has arrived.

Rumor has it we woke to -2* this morning!!!

So it was definitely a day for longer sleeves and more layers.

I wore a coat dress that I got off Trade Me with a slip dress under it, leggings, SOCKS with shoes not jandals and wavy envy hair. I am loving wavy hair!!

The best part about a cold start to the day is that when the sun comes out it is beautiful and it makes everyone happy.  Happy enough to throw dried old leaves in the air!!!

I pulled up the last of the Beetroot, and picked the chillies and capsicums.  Then I let the girls into TOFs garden for a good old scratch.  I am going to bottle the beetroot whole as it isn't very big.  The chillies I hope to make into a sweet chilli sauce.

Oh look my Sweet Peas are up and growing!!  Hopefully they will continue up and add colour and fragrance to my garden boxes.

Dear old Tex found a good spot in the sun on the stairs to the deck.  He looks so relaxed!!  Of late he has been peeing inside which doesn't please me at all.  He is getting on in the age stakes so I guess the laziness is part of the process but cat pee honks!!  Not sure what to do with him, apart from strapping a new born disposable nappy onto his butt.

Nearly forgot to share this little stash.  I found the above pile of trim at Hospice today, all for only $2.  Told you I would hit an op shop on my way home.  Sad to say this is all I found after going to two op shops, some days are like that tho'.

 Lets have a closer look!!


Monday, 26 May 2014

Get your socks out of storage Winter really is coming!!

Go ahead and turn those summer shoes into winter shoes by adding your socks!!!

Just joking,
but my hand knitted socks are not only beautiful,
they are warm.
(thanks Lou-lou-belle)

You may not be able to see Winter
with the sun being out today
you sure as hell can feel it!!

Good on you sun for still shining
your big yellow butt off today!

Sorry you couldn't eliminate the chill factor!

Meanwhile out the back....

The girls were having a meeting.

Lemons are getting ready.

The so called dog door was getting a work out.

Yep, it is time to think about rugging up!

I had to go out this morning so I layered on the woolies
and don't panic
I wore shoes not socks and jandals!!

I had to register the car
so I went to the shopping mall.

that makes me a Monday Mall Whore!!

I solemnly promise to visit some
op shops tomorrow
on my way home from work!