Friday, 30 November 2012

Potted about and even got my hands dirty

Most mornings I am lucky enough to be able to have a fresh poached egg on a bit of Vogels bread.  Toasted twice to get crunch!!  I reckon a poached egg sets me up for the day and I always thank the girls for their daily efforts of providing my breakie!!!

Today I was off out taking in the Dumporium and one other op shop, before arriving at Dawns.

Poor wee Taz has broken her foot and is now sporting a hot pink cast.  She is in lock down for 6 weeks so is upstairs in her own room with an en suite (dirt box), smorgasbord (biscuits and water) and a comfortable bed to rest and recover from her injury.  I found her on the top bunk the little minx!!!
I got down and dirty with some clay today and made my salad bowl (which is upside down and drying) and an assortment of things to hang on my garden wall.  I am going back out tomorrow to  do some touch ups on my work and make the plate to go under the bowl.  During next week I may well get to under glaze.  Seriously a huge amount of fun, I also has a crack at making a plaster of paris mold, which I will check out in the morning.  If it has worked I will blog it.

The half Combie Vans top and bottom are presents and the Poppies and small van are commissions.  The small van is actually a bird house.

Before Dawn played with clay she painted.  These are all she has left in her house.  Very talented woman is my Dawn.

The Artist at work, and an assortment of bits she has made.  Except she didn't make the hairy guy in her garden but he is truely gorgeous all covered in cobwebs.  It was a beautiful day in the country side and I loose track of time when I am out there.  But I had to leave as I needed to pick up more pavers so I can keep going in my garden.  And of course a couple more shops were on my travel path and it would have been rude not to pop in. Here is my latest lot of goodies.

The groovy basket I did get the other day but forgot to share but the rest is fresh!!
The star tea light holders I have had for a while also, now I look like a fibber!!  BUT the hanging thing is new and perfect for the job of hanging the stars.

Healthy lunch of salad bits from Dawns garden with ham and a Passion fruit Vinaigrette. 


Wild flowers out in the country growing on the side of the road.  Just wanted to go lie down amongst them all but not sure how the farmers would have coped with such frivolity!!!

Happy Weekend

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Garden all done, so time for some oppies

All done and dusted with my laying of bark and I must say I am  pretty tickled with the end result.  I haven't told TOF that alot of his old fishing and surfing magazines are under the bark!!  Ran out of newspaper and I was on a roll so something had to give.  And it was TOFs mags that did the giving!!!
Added bark to the spot to the left so it all ties in and looks like it has been like this for ever.  
Oscar thought rolling about in the bark was a super idea.  Dirty wee bloke needed a brush and a bath after that!!
I have a planter box that my dad  made me years ago so I have put half a dozen lavender plants in it and placed it in a gap on the bark.  I was reading how it is important to have flowering plants like lavender in the garden so the bees come along and do their bit. So come on down all you Bees!!
My little Buddha head is resting in a gap on the fence and the Pottery Pixie head, made by Dawn is resting under a tree.
I also planted a black current plant opposite my blackberry so we will be in berry heaven when all of these berry up!!
I would love you all to come and do tea or some other beverage in my garden one day. There are so many, well 3, seating areas now so I can have me a party!!
Just wait until I get my fairy lights and candles in position.  My garden will be rockin'.

No play dates have been had this week as my mate is busy redecorating the rental cottage on their life style block.  But as I have been out doing things I have been calling in on some of my favourite haunts as I pass by.  Tomorrow I am heading out to play with clay so will no doubt stop off at a couple more.  The Dump or Dumporium as it was called the other day is on my hit list. But this is what I have collected so far.
Cute as pink flutter board was only $2 and will be very cool in my pool when I put it up this summer.  Embroidered bag $1, fabric $1, purple lamp $5.  3 climbing Geranium plants for $3 each, hot pink, white and blood red, perfect for my garden.  Assortment of tops ranging from $5 to $7.  Red Mary Jane shoes $6.

My little basket is very handy for collecting the gifts from my girls.  And it also shows the size of the basket, so very cute, perfect for egg collecting.
My next project is to have a crack at making my scare crow.  I have Googled for ideas and feel confident to give it a crack.  I have two branches, clothing, some where to put it, just need straw.  Might go visit Captain Compost and see if he has some scraps for me!!

Friday tomorrow, yahoo!!!  If you try really hard you can almost see the weekend!!

Good night

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I gardened until dark

My plan to get some bark went through perfectly, and I even managed the trailer part. The rather good looking young man at Captain Compost was most helpful.  I actually asked him where his cape and mask was, as in  "da da da daaaa, Captain Compost to the rescue"!!!  He loved the idea but didn't know what his boss would think.  Bugger the boss. He would look good in tights too, I might add!!! I had the assistance of my teenager with getting the trailer round the back, nothing like a bit of muscle provided by the youth to push it down the drive.  I need to go back today for one more scoop of bark to finish off this area and I have plans for another part of the garden which will be revealed on its completion.  Staging for a photo is all part of the deal so due to this gardening not finishing until early evening, I went for candles.  If you follow my blog you may well remember the candle holder I found at Vinnies some time ago and I think it looks perfect on this table.  Off to get more bark so toodle pip!!!

Monday, 26 November 2012

and on the seventh day we rested??

Not bloody likely!!  Me and TOF got cracking in the garden!!  He was armed with a saw and cutting branches off my two big old trees with a glint in his eye that could only mean trouble.  Me being the fun sponge put a stop to his pruning of limbs as I suspected he would get carried away and the trees could be at ground level if left unsupervised!!
We have one of those mulcher machine things and I had an enormous amount of fun feeding the small branches and twigs into it.  Ended up with some lovely jubbly mulch for my garden and for the girls enclosure.
With some of the big branches I have laid them out on the ground where I now intend to make another resting spot.  Hopefully tomorrow I will go and get some bark or something similar and set to and make this all happen.  Thinking along the lines of a Lavender Hedge across part of the front, so it is a secret but fragrant area.  I laid my cobbles along the edge of my buxus hedge and then placed mulch under the plants.  Sunday was such a primo day that I got the big sun umbrella out and put it up.  Fab sized brollie and quite like the floppy edge.  The other big table by the sweet peas has a huge Red umbrella.  I have a funky old floral umbrella for the wrought iron furniture.  While we were busy in the garden I realised the dogs were missing in action.  Guess where I found them?
Apparently our bed is their bed!
Today I managed to sneak into the Hospice shop on my way to work.  I quite like a cheeky look when passing by.  Lots of people in the my shop today but not alot of spenders.  Loads of teenage girls, I guess because the high school lot have pretty much done all their exams now, and they are free as birds to do what they want.  

I picked a huge bunch of Sweet Peas for the shop this morning.  My car smelt so nice after having them along for the ride!!
Today I wore an entire outfit of second handness!!  Another layered look.  Love my shoes, they arrived this morning in the post, having been purchased off trade me last week.
So hard to decide what to wear when the weather cannot make up it's own mind on what it is going to do.  In fact I thought it was quite muggy today, either that or I am still some what menopausal!!!

Today's scores are, 

Another set of Russian Dolls to add to my collection.

Small Buddha head for the Garden.

Set of three cute little paintings, in plastic frames that I will probably replace with wooden ones when I find some.

Just remembered if I want to get bark I will need a trailer.  Not sure how I will go towing one of them?!  But I shall give it my best shot!!

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Friends and Frocks on Friday

Sitting on my swing chair waiting for my shopping date to arrive I was taken back to my childhood by watching the clouds and thinking up what they could be.  My ever faithfully dogs were my companions until Sue arrived.
She reckons the cloud bottom right looked like my 1/2 chook Cassie the Bantam.  Now looking at it I rather think it is a rabbit!!
Don't you just love clouds that drift slowly and ever changing across the sky.  The swing chair is so comfy that I will admit to reclining and nodding off for a moment.
Before I even got to kick back outside I had taken Jak back to Physio and great news, he hasn't got a stress fracture, something else that is much easier to treat and manage,  so his Summer Holiday plans are back on track. Look out young ladies at the Mount this New Years, that is all I will say.  He is stoked beyond belief and with some more Herve Ledger Bandaging on his leg next week he is good to go with his Cricket training and playing!!  Phew!!!  Summer was looking grim.

Sue arrived in all her colourful fabulousness and we ventured off on our biz for the day.  We didn't seem to have our shopping mojo yesterday but did visit a select few places and still had a great time.  I figure if you get to have a laugh it is a successful day!!
We came back to my garden for a healthy home made lunch and our "Brown Son" as he calls himself, Jordan called in.  He had the hugest Afro which I loved but he finally got the lot shaved off.  So now sporting a close number cut with one cork screw curl rat tail thing at the back.  He is off to Oz early next year so the Fro had to Go!!  He calls us his other mothers.  We love him like he is our own and used to flat with our boys.
After lunch we zipped off to a few more of our favourite shops but not before we had the standard photo shoot. 

So this is what I gathered over the last couple of days.
Yesterday I got the divisional Italian plate (middle row left), the skirt, the pile of garden mags for more inspiration, and the extremely cute basket, a mini version of a big girls basket.
In Habitat I found the most gorgeous bag that I tossed up over buying, but anyone that knows me knows I own a substantial collection of bags already.  So I gave it to Sue and it looked so perfect with what she was wearing.  She got it, empty her old bag and hiffed that out, reloaded her new bag and we were good to go.  Hopefully she will share it in her blog.
My cousin called in late afternoon for Lemons, a cuppa and of course a catch up.  Then I got a phone call from my friend Vicki asking if I was going to hers or was she meant to be coming to mine.  Shit I had forgotten!!!  Written in my diary was 4.30pm Vicki's.  Re booked for last night after dinner.
Vicki and I met when Jak and her gorgeous daughter Melissa went to kindergarten together.  She is so much fun.  We didn't even drink any wine and we were roaring with laughter.  Missy (Melissa) is like a daughter to me and I adore her, and her mother.  Good friends are keepers and sometimes we forget to catch up.  But when we do, lookout!!!!  The stories I could share about us!!
I took them a bunch of my Sweet Peas as they are my sweet peas these two chics.  I didn't leave there until after 1am this morning so my day is going to be long, I am already keen for a nap!!!

The weather has clouded over so I may well just get that nap some time later on.  Well best go and do the domestics and look alert, because the world can always do with more lerts!!!  Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are.

Love to you all

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Summer dresses out in the country

The dress I scored yesterday all washed, dried and ready to wear!!!  Sheba couldn't find anything to wear except her flat ball.  I have gone and got her a new one but like a child with a pacifier (dummy) she prefers her old one!!!  It don't bounce no more!!!
So all dressed to embrace the beautiful weather I set off to get a warrant on the car Jak drives.  While that was being done I wandered across the T Straight which is part of SH1 really so I didn't wander I diced with death and sprinted!!!  Anyway I went to Look Smart a recycled clothing store (sorry Sue but I had to kill some time).  I got the cutest pair of Billabong boardies for my great nephew Kyden who is 6 for $4, a pattern for an A line skirt which hasn't even been cut out for $2 and some chandelier ear rings for $2.  Will put pics up tomorrow after I have been on a real shopping mission.
Back to my garage man for a quick read of his magazines and then I went next door to my old work and had a cuppa and a catch up with all the lads.  So nice to have a good laugh and feel like they all missed me.  Well I did entertain them all most morning tea times!!

The car passed its warrant of fitness thankfully because right now is not a convenient time for MORE BILLS!!  Tomorrow my car goes in for the same deal, but I will leave it and walk home because me and the Webber woman have a mission, Frock up on Friday for a start and a belated SuesDay.
Note the swing chair got dressed up today as well.  So nice to kick back on this with a cuppa and just chill out.
After lunch I went out to my good mate Dawns place for a visit.  She sent me home with some seconds, my favourite is my own mug.  I found a cute pottery soap dish today in an Oppy which I think could be re created larger into a salad bowl with drainer holes.  So we got sketching and the plan is to have a crack at making one.  So next visit my hands will get dirty in clay making a salad bowl and plate.  I found a lovely Carlton Ware one for $75!!??  I think making one will be so much nicer, so I shall keep you posted on that one.

Dawns goat has decided it no longer wants to be a goat so it has broken loose and now roams the main farm (her brother in laws) with three Alpacas that free range.  They were her mother in laws but she has passed away and none of the sons could be bothered so they wander the farm pleasing themselves.  So the goat has joined in like a gypsy and lives in the paddocks.  They have given up trying to bring the goat home, she is so happy cruising the land with her new mates!!
Goat is looking pretty small next to the Alpaca.

This is Dawns vegetable garden and where most of my inspiration has come from for my own gardens.  We spend lots of time fluffing about in this.  One day I will have a green house, I rather fancy the idea of growing seedlings and having all my pots and stuff in one of them.  I have reached that comfortable stage of my life where I enjoy to potter.  I now understand the buzz my grandparents got from their garden.  Theirs was the size of a tennis court and they grew everything.  Pretty sure they supplied most of the neighbours too.  My sisters and I spent hours sitting in the Manderine tree eating and chatting, or amongst the strawberries.  My grandmother was seriously green fingered and even grew Pineapples in her greenhouse, and her Turtle lived there too, amongst maiden hair fern and a small pond.  Give me the simple life any day, of chilling out in my garden with not a care in the world.  Well in my world that is.

Nighty night

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sweet pea, sweet pea, where for art thou sweet pea

They have arrived in all their fragrant beauty!!!  Masses of gorgeous fragrant sweet peas are breaking open to greet me with a "Hi Sue".  I love these so much so that a small bunch got picked with a few things from my wild flowers and placed in a small jug.  They are now sitting next to dad who also loved old fashioned fragrant flowers.  So these are for you Bruce!!
The sweet peas have been climbing up toward the sky competing with the poppies on the other side of the netting.  Both sides of this garden is just lovely and sitting at the table in the little gardened court yard is pure heaven for me now.  I can sip my Earl grey while hiding behind all the flowers.  The poppies are flowering fast and furiously  but they don't last long, especially if the wind picks up.  But they look spectacular during their short stay.  The seed heads are equally fabulous and hold next years crop!!
How fabulous is the scarlet red and black.  Each stage of the poppies bursting out into bloom is beautiful.  The poppy show will go on for a while as there as many buds waiting for their turn to open and show off.  I grew lavender ones as well, they were smaller, but just as beautiful in their own way.  I have been watching an English Gardener do her thing in her huge garden on Sky so have been inspired to collect seeds and clippings for next year.  I will have plenty so if any one local wants some just let me know. My carnations are just starting to do their bit in the garden so they will get the next photo shoot I imagine!!  I cannot believe my week is already at the half way point.  Monday was work  at the shop for me and another enjoyable day it was.  TOF came and got the car as he had to go to the Hospital and get some nasty old metal scraped out of one of his eyes.  Must have got it in there when grinding, but it wasn't looking pretty.  When he came back to pick me up he was well over Monday.  Apart from sitting waiting for a couple of hours for "his turn" he then cocked up the paying and leaving of the car park building.  He forgot to pay before getting to the barrier arm so the cars behind him had to all back up so he could go do that.  Needless to say he wasn't a very happy TOF when he got home.   All better now tho'!!
This is a selection of goodies from the last couple of days. The aqua top is actually really nice has all embroidery on the hem edges.  The pattern will be adjusted to FIT!!!  The dress I intend on slipping into tomorrow if the weather continues to be beautiful.  There was no SuesDay today as I had an appointment and Sue W is busy redecorating the farm cottage so they can rent it out again.  So we are now on for Friday, Frocks and all, so look out Op Shops!!  This will happen once I have taken Jak to his Physio, and dropped my car off for a warrant.  Jak may have a stress fracture in his right leg and not happy about the prospect of a cast for six weeks.  If he gets a cast then we can honestly say his summer plans are shagged!!!  So fingers and toes and whatever else you can cross, and lets hope for a muscle strain!!  We won't know until this time next week when we go to a sports doctor and have a scan done.  In the mean time it is physio and strapping.  Actually the strapping reminds me of those Herve Ledger bandage dresses.  Just saying.
Before I go I wanted to share my new garden ride with you all. TOF has my dads old contractors wheel barrow which I find cumbersome and difficult to navigate around the garden.  So I went to Bunnings (a man store) and got me my pimpin' hot garden wheelie.  I have filled it once already with dead heading and pruning and it is so easy to maneuver.  It must be a girl as it is so user friendly so she is gong to be named Black Betty!!  Wee Oscar has even been for a ride in her!!  "Oh Black Betty......"
Got to go so hope your week has been going fine for you all.  Catch you all later in the week with a round up after Friday Frocking!!!

I Sweet Peas!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Weekend Weather failing to impress

After such a glorious day yesterday I will admit to being some what disappointed with today's offering of RAIN!!!  And it was dam cold too.  Total indoor blob about and do nothing kind of day.  But I did have my fare quota of visitors and I did catch up on some things I had taped on My Sky, gotta love the My Sky!!!  Due to the lack of decent weather I am sharing more wondrous photos of yesterday at the gardens.
I love the fact that this black bird was having a fantastic time in the garden full of scare crows.

It is after midnight here so I am off to get my Cauldron out and make up a spell for the bastard that stole the good weather!!!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Just a bit of Frocking about in the Gardens

Such a beautiful day, far too nice to be spent indoors!!  After a quick trip to a "Shopping Mall" I know we were Mall Whores today, we came back to mine for lunch, armed ourselves with our cameras and set of to the gorgeous Hamilton Gardens. Oh and in FROCKS!!!
This was taken using the self timer setting, a stick to prop the camera up and thankfully I managed to do the dash to the tree without doing any acrobatic moves. Mrs W has just purchased Roses for her pending garden at hers, this is why we did the Rose garden first.  So many people armed with their cameras there today.  We therefore did not look out of place!!  Bus loads of Asians and other non English speaking peeps were every where!!
Our Gardens back on to the Waikato River and they are so beautiful.  We are so lucky to have such a gorgeous place to wander about at our leisure and all for free.  Well I guess us rate payers have already paid.  I am pretty sure these gardens rate quite highly with tourists too.  We started in the Rose gardens as all are out in full bloom and scent, just bliss.  From there we wandered off to the English Gardens. Seriously I took like 157 photos and I could not bore the pants off you with them all so they have been pruned.  After that it was the India Garden, the Italian Garden, the Maori Garden, the Edible Garden, the Herb Garden, and I think that was it.  All I know is we walked our butts off!!!  There are so many Grand things and small things to feast your eyes on.  I love this place.

I love the structures that have been built and the massive amount of attention to detail and planning that goes on.  We chatted to one of the gardeners who was staking and tying up plants.  Our City Council staff do most of the work but there are also alot of volunteers, called friends of the gardens.  I suggested to Sue that we joined, she laughed as she doesn't like weeding her place she informed me!!  Maybe I will.  Not weed her garden, join the volunteers!!

Mother Nature seems to have used every available colour in the Garden!!!

So many photos to choose from but I think you will get a good idea from here and if you visit Sue's blog.  But I will leave you with shots of my good self!!

Have a fabulous weekend, I have my good friend Leonie calling in en route from Wellington to Auckland tomorrow.  Could be blog worthy!!!

♥♥ Bye for now ♥♥

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cobble stones and cleaning for cash

I finally got around to going out into the country to pick up the cobble stones that I had bid on and won off trade me. Nice little drive out to Whatawhata and then turn left, then turn right and its the house in the middle with the black chimney. Didn't sound to difficult but thank goodness for google maps!!!  One nice thing with buying and selling on trade me is the people you meet.  Some are complete time waters and idiots but the majority are really nice.  Like today, the lady was totally lovely with the most adorable little boy with a head of cork screw auburn curls.  Could have taken him home he was do dam cute, then I came to my senses and remembered like kittens they don't stay cute for ever!!  Reality check!!  After the exchange of cash and a whole lot of chit chat I went off to load my 23 cobbles into the back of the car.

In the paddock next to where I was parked doing my thing was three calves.  This one was so nosy and could not help checking me out at the fence.  How come cows get to have great eye lashes??  Could have taken this home with me too as it also was in it's cute stage.  imagine TOFs face when this came bounding to the door to say "Hi you're home".  I seriously would love a few acres but I think we have left our run too late to be pretend farmers.  So I will stick to just my domestic pets and my girls and visit those in the country with stock!!

Took Jak to the Doctor today as his shin on his right leg is giving him grief.  It is his landing leg when bowling (cricket) and there is a chance it my have a stress fracture. Oh Joy!!!  That would mean a moon boot for six weeks and shag up his cricket season slightly.  We cannot get into the specialist until the 28th of November so in the mean time he will be having physio. CHING CHING!!!  More money spent, but most of this will go on ACC so I guess all the years we have paid tax we will get a little something back in the way of financial assistance with his bung leg.  But before he could rest up like the doctor suggested he was still in need of that petrol money.

Vacuuming with headphones blaring in his ears, and the odd text break of course!!!  He is cleaning the bathroom and loo in the morning as he knows the deal with me, COD as in cash on delivery and he hasn't quite delivered.  At this rate the lawns may even get mowed!!!

As for the rest suggestion she said no more running, so that's fine as you don't run when cleaning or mowing lawns.

Tomorrow is Friday which could mean Frock On around here, but all will be weather permitting of course.  It was pretty wet and cold today, so with a bit of luck who ever nicked off with our sunshine may just feel bad enough about that and return her in the morning.  I will let you know!!!

Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

SuesDay with Gypsy Rose

We do our best to scrub up for our day out and I think we did ok today.  Always time for a pic or two before we head off on our SuesDay.  I wore my favourite black slip dress, with my pink tutu skirt under, and the jacket scored last week topped off with colourful bead, orange shoes and a happy disposition.  Left instructions for Jak to mow the lawns for petrol in the car.  Lets just say we still have daisies!!!  And he has no petrol.  I'm bad cop round here and TOF is good cop who gives in.  Anyway, back to today.  I wrote us a list of the places we were going to go to, and I even remembered to take it with us, and parking meter money.  Seriously scary but I may try for Most prepared person of the year 2012.  May as well have a crack seen as I am going for Mother of the year.  Mind you I think I am in the running for Wife of the year as I get up early (6am) every morning and make TOF a healthy lunch, deliver him to and from work, and I even BAKED little sultana buns for him yesterday!!  I know!!!  I may well have to clear the mantle for all these awards I am lining myself up for.

We went to as many shops as we could squeeze into on our list and were both working on cash only.  I am still on the $1 - $3 mission when buying at the moment unless it is something that I would just die if I didn't get it!!
This is the shop window for the Salvation Army Family Store in the main street at the moment.  So retro and so scary as I am sure I have lived through this look before!!

The selection below is a combination of today's and yesterday's efforts while out amongst our local oppies.

Going down starting at the left, Table cloth $2, two small Royal Worcester dishes $2 each, hand towel and bath towel $2-50, Chicken basket 50c, Angel candle thingy 50c.  Centre, tea towel 50c, twin thermos flasks in carry bag $3, shirt for Jak $3 (we thought it would look great with his Chinos but he just laughed). Right, Plastic plate similar to Duraware 50c, wooden pick-up-sticks 50c, decorative comb in cute container $1 (Japanese?), two dress patterns that I realise are only size 14 but will be easy to enlarge!!

Now remember I said I got Sue W a gift?  My friends are never quite sure if they should be excited about the prospect of getting a gift from me.  But this just spoke to me in a shop yesterday and some how it seemed so perfect for her.

With Christmas being thrust into our faces every where we go it seemed appropriate that she get a Tambourine!!  If there is a vacant spot on the Salvos truck that goes around the streets doing Christmas carols I think she stands a good chance of being on it!!  
Now you have to admit that face says "Joy" and "Enthusiasm".

I am going to leave you with our very own Gypsy Rose who got into the whole Tambourine thing in the garden this afternoon getting her groove well and truely on.  Only wish I had videoed the dance routine!!


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Edible Garden and Poppie is here

When I wandered out to feed my girls this morning I was welcomed by "Poppie" and isn't she just gorgeous!!!  Of course this meant one thing and one thing only, PHOTOS!!  I marvel every day at what mother nature gets up to while I sleep.  Even tho' this is a temporary visitor to my garden I am going to enjoy the vibrant red each morning when off to feed the girls.  They didn't half kick up a fuss at me being late either!!!  When the rest of the Poppies pop out this part of the garden is going to be nothing short of spectacular, and I do like spectacular.

Finally made it down to the chickens to feed them and collect their eggs.  All around me we have edibles starting to show.  So much greenery with so much more about to happen and all in COLOUR!!!  So here is a collection of what is on offer in my back yard.

Going down in columns:
First, Thorn-less Blackberry, Raspberry, carrots grown from seeds, TOFs patch full of Spuds (because he is Irish) Leeks, Tomatoes, Capsicums, and lots of other lovelies.
Second, Passion fruit (new one as old one died off) Apple, 3 of my girls having a nosh.
Third, Lady bug visiting, Corn I grew from seeds, a very disgruntled and interrupted layer.
Fourth, Lemons, Strawberries, Cassie and Brucey having a late breakfast (you can see through to there own back yard) Raspberries and Garlic down by the Chicken enclosure.

I really enjoy pottering around at home in the garden, problem is that I don't get alot done inside the house.  Not that I really consider that a major problem.  Whilst out and about today I got Sue W a gift, but all will be revealed tomorrow on SuesDay.  I am sure she will show it off!!!  I have been busy parceling up and posting stuff I have sold on Trade Me, made a tidy amount that is going to go along way towards bills and things.   Panic not, I still have some cash for tomorrow.  Hope that the sun is out to play with us two.

I my garden

Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday is all done and dusted

Realised that I forgot to share the make up purchase I did last Friday when out Frocking around.  I have alot of sweet and innocent sort of lippies so threw all caution to the wind and went for a Tart Red!!!  Fell in love with this rainbow of eye shadows, pretty sure I did these colours as a teenager when trying to get into R18 movies when still only 16!!  I don't wear alot of slap but this stuff made me smile and I even did purple eye lids today!!!

So today with my purple eye lids I threw together a colourful ensemble. of recent finds.  Brown dress I op shopped last Friday, over top was op shopped the week before and it is exactly how I imagined it.  Underneath were HOT PINK tights as there has not been nearly enough sunshine to transform my lily white legs into an acceptable colour to be shown off in public!!!  Worn with  some shoes I have had for a few years now but I refuse to part with them, and a simple Mala topped it all off.  Before I even went to work this morning I had to go to the Sky office and get a new remote as ours was stuffed!!!  Finally took a photo of a bill board that always makes me laugh!!

Between Tui  and Hell Pizza the comical side to Billboards is well and truely covered!!!

So many of you lovely bloggers have shared pics of things like your dressing tables, wardrobes and other things.  Here is my dressing table which I have had for at least 30 years and I love the dents and dings it now has.

This corner is my side of the bedroom, but I have encroached into TOFs  side also.  My old printers draw full of tiny whimsies is on his side!!  The photo is of my dear old dad who passed away over 6 years ago, the frame was my great grandmothers and really gorgeous.  The other pic which hangs on the wall on my side of the room is my boys when they were little, like 2 and 4.  I love this photo of them they were so cute.  Now they are grown up and all manly, not nearly as cute, but I still carry a recent photo of them in my purse. Note Queenie is getting down and being quite cultural!!  She rocks!!

Monday was nice and steady in the shop.  Another happy day with lots of lovely peeps popping in and passing the time of day, some even spent money!!!