Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I am taking my fostering job very seriously

I am so enjoying being a foster mother to my excessive bundles of cuteness!!  I am super busy with them but they are such fun, huge time wasters, but fun.  My life isn't all about these fluffy babies, true, I still have work and other things to do.

If I was in a position to keep one of them it would be this dude! Toes has so much personality and just loves attention.  He would far rather be snuggled with me than playing with the girls and man can he whinge!! Look at that adorable face.

Our weather has still been quite lovely so TOF and I made an outside run for the babies using one of the garden cloches that we have.  We made a little house out of an old beer crate to go on the end, and they are enjoying their daily outside stint.  I have to take them out in the carry cage because trying to carry three kittens wriggling and meowing is nigh on impossible for me.

Share fluke this photo of Toes protecting his little sister from the big scary black dog the other side of the cloche.  She is desperate to play with them but I think she would kill them with her enthusiasm, where as Oscar just wants to lick them, he is being very paternal.

 The excitement is all too much for this girl.

The girls couldn't give a toss about the fluff balls and are going about their daily business as per usual.  We have about three dust  holes on the lawn thanks to this sort of goings on.  Guess we will be filling them in and throwing some lawn seed out soon.

One minute I had three french braids in my hair, the next I had dyed it again and feel my normal colour is just around the corner.

My Mammogram was a piece of cake and with good results.  So worth getting your girls out and getting them checked.  For a few minutes of discomfort you know you are doing the right thing for your girls, and they don't sit funny in your bra for the rest of the day  either!

 HA!  Society has gone mad I say!!

Met Sue W for lunch last week at the Village Cafe out at Whatawhata.  She had just had her hair styled in the hairdressers at the village so her new do deserved a public outing.

Lovely venue, we chose to sit outside, and the food was scrumdiddlyumpshish!

The heir and the spare are loving the kitties too!

The cooler evenings are fabulous, likewise the moon and my solar lanterns.

There is still time for the odd op shop visit, two new frocks for me.

Last week the hot air balloon festival was on.  No matter what age you are they are still pretty cool things to see.  There was only four novelty balloons this year and on my way to work in the morning I got to see them all.
Not sure how many there were in total, but they look so beautiful all floating across the early morning sky.

 Oscar is in love with the babies and they are in love with a card board tube.

I went to this gorgeous young mans third birthday on the weekend!


The sun is still shining but the legs need cover.  Rain has been predicted for tomorrow.  As long as it is back to sunshine by the weekend, as I have a wedding to go to!!

Instead of picking flowers I gathered Autumn leaves today, don't you just love all those colours.  I sure do, amazing how Nature still looks beautiful in death. 

 Every living thing eventually dies.

 Tomorrow they go to the SPCA for a weigh in and a check with the vet.

Words of Wisdom:

So true!!


Friday, 11 March 2016

I'm a mum again!!!

Well to tell the truth I have just become a Foster mother.  And the real truth is I am foster mother to three very gorgeous KITTENS!!!

These two bundles of fluff and excessive cuteness are sister and brother, girl on the left and boy on the right.  The little boy is one of those polydactal kittens, probably spelt wrong but he has extra toes!  The third kitten, not in the above photo is a little white girl.

Time for some kitten overload photos.....

So we have temporarily named this little one Gypsy,
just look at those huge blue eyes!!

This one was know as Toes due to his extra digits 
but we are now calling him Toby,
he just loves cuddles and sleeping on me.

And this is little Pixie,
quite shy but slowly coming round and getting braver by the day.

So how did I become a Foster Mother?  I called into our local SPCA on Wednesday on my was home from work.  Planning on applying to be a foster mother to kittens  and ended up bringing these babies home.  I have them until they each weigh 1 kilo, that is when they can be spayed and then they will all be up for adoption.  At the moment they are all under 500g so this might take a couple of weeks.  SPCA provided me with pretty much everything,  but I have added stuff to make their wee lives comfortable and fun.

Of course before Wednesday I had a couple of busy days.  On Monday my dear friend Louise came down from Auckland to visit and we basically just hung here and chatted and laughed.  It was as always bloody great.  She had made me the above bright and cheery basket, and isn't it awesome!!  My Louise is one talented woman and always busy creating something fabulous.  You may recall the Frida Kahlo doll she made me.

Poor old Cassie is the last left from my original girls, thinking she must be about 8 now.  On the weekend we had her buddy Aggie, the last of the Barred Rock passed away.

I adore old Cassie, she has got pretty old age pensioner of late but I love her heaps.  The rest of the girls are laying well at the moment and actually using their nesting boxes, I call that a RESULT!!  I noticed a lone sweet pea was blooming, late but appreciated.

On Tuesday I found and purchased this Russian Doll from the recycle shop I used to work in.  I was mighty impressed to find that there were eight dolls in total.  Even the tiniest one opens.

Tuesday was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was all black and white and hair french braided!

I scored well at the op shops in Frankton that day too.  The basket, book, pin and tiara were only $3 all up.  And who doesn't need a Tiara?  Then I found the black Minnie Cooper shoes tucked at the back of the shop for $6, mary jane style and they are going to be perfect when Winter shows it's ugly face later in the year.

On Saturday I got all excited about Spotlight having Vogue patterns for $10 each rather than the horrendous prices they normally are.  Anyway turned out that I was early for the sale so they put my above selection of patterns under the counter which I picked up on Wednesday.  I now have a wicked selection of things to create, and believe me I do have a cupboard full of fabric!!

I didn't have work on Thursday so it was good to just chill with my foster babies at home.

But of course I did dash out for an hour and came home  with this wicked Chess Set that I scored for $8.  I used to play Chess with my dad when I was a kid at our beach house.  It has been a while since I have played but I am sure me and TOF are going to have some good challenges.

The funny thing is I had an old lady trying her best to get this off me in the op shop.  Bleating on about how she had been searching for one at garage sales, blah blah.  Actually I had been looking for one forever!!

Snooze you loose remember.  It was just lucky for me that I spied it sitting up on a shelf.  
Oh look, that is the frock I got last week when heading over to the beach!!  I scored the mohair blanket from another op shop, perfect for the cooler evenings that are getting closer every day.

Autumn is definitely upon us in the Southern hemisphere.  Plants are changing colour and leaves are starting to drop.  The mornings are cooler and likewise the evenings.  Makes sleeping so much easier.  I suppose it won't be long and the winter woollies will be pulled out of storage and it will be all boots and coats!

Dawn gave me this set of bendy striped houses last week,
and they look perfect in my garden.

** Have a lovely Weekend when it arrives**
Mine is here!!


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Oops, I've done it again.

Taken a week to blog, and we have gone into another month, apparently it is now Autumn in my neck of the woods!  I do like Autumn and Spring, both provide my world with colour.

I love the changes that leaves go through, and I found myself collecting and stuffing them under a pile of magazines.  I remember when I was still at school, I had a massive heavy English book that was stuffed full of leaves and flowers being pressed.  Dad ended up making me a flower press when they all fell out onto the floor at home. 

At least when this colour fades from my garden there will be colourful leaves everywhere for me to get excited over.

I tried very hard to avoid going to any op shops last week as I was going on a wee road trip at the end of the week.  But I lapsed and found this useful rectangle cushion, and yes it is useful and being used.

I had a call from Dawn to say she had emptied her kiln and my things were ready.  This is my tiger onesie bunny, which I might have on my desk at work.

I am pretty tickled with my pet stones, just need to wire them and hang them in the garden where my two buddies are now resting.

Four yummy things on toasted Vogels bread 
makes for a divine lunch, just saying!

No op shops but some wicked purple shoes 
found there way to me via Trade Me!!

 Oscar impersonating a Russian dog doll, wish there were some inside him.

 He reminded me that he is a bloke and prefers the cow boy look!!

I gave TOF a haircut,
turns out he is mainly Salt with a patch of Pepper at the back!
On Thursday morning I did a little bit of sewing, lets call it Duvet Couture.  I made some harem style pants from a Batik Bali patchwork duvet cover, all this before I packed my car to go away for the night. 

En route to Whangamata I did stop in Morrinsville and visit the Hospice shop there, it is always good and I did find the frock on the left and another Winter tunic that is in the wash.  Then I stopped in Waihi as I wanted to have a proper look in Gevadi, which I did and only purchased more hair tie things.  I was parked by the SPCA op shop so it seemed like the right thing to do by going in!  Dress on the right is what I came out with.

Once I was at Whangamata I did a quick visit to a couple of places before heading up to my sisters where I was staying for the night.  I had such a lovely time getting plenty of snuggles from my gorgeous little great nephews, and cuddles from the dogs.

My sister has a fish pond with gorgeous water lilies in it.  I love the softness of the colour her pink one has.

The weather was gorgeous, warm and clear blue skies, it was so good to be on the coast again.

Somehow I didn't make it onto the beach this time!

My sister and one of her little grandsons,
so like his dad.

The reason for going to the beach was to help celebrate my god daughter turning 21.  Isn't she just gorgeous, and yes she is very tall and I am extremely short!!  Oh that is my improvised birthday cake, cream rice, fruit, nuts, and white chocolate, all I could find in the food cupboard at their beach house!!  It got some laughs!!

Me and my god daughters mum Leonie, this is what cradle to the grave friendship looks like.  We have know each other that long and I love it and her!

So it was a flying visit to the beach but I had the best time in the shortest time, I love catching up with these people and that place!

On Saturday TOF and I went for a drive to watch the Spares first game of rugby, well a pre season game, and OMG it was hot, not rugby weather at all.  That is one of his mates sitting injured already!!

The Spare is on the ground in the left photo, number 14, and stepping out with the ball in the photo on the right.  He said he surprised himself with how he went, I knew he would be really good, but then again, I'm his mum!! 

Today we went to Frankton to check out the Thunder!!  The vintage bikes remind me of dad, and the one on the right is actually one of his old friends bikes, Hugh Anderson, a racing legend round these parts.

It is the first time this event has been held and I think it could turn into something I might annually attend.  I do like the old cars.

Trillions of motor bikes were parked up as there had been a massive bike ride to it, a fund raising toy run.

We sat in a cafe and had ourselves some refreshments while watching things going on out the window. 

There was a Miss Frankton Thunder and a Burlesque show but we missed both of these.  There was also a Tattoo competition, maybe next year I will be better organised!

Who doesn't like a line up of old minis.  I learned to drive in a mini.
Each end of the main street were stages, and the band on the makeshift one above was bloody good, harmonica heaven!  Oh and who knew Batman rode a bike? 

This is me Tomorrow,
I have such a fun life!!