Sunday, 28 September 2014

Another Beauitful Wedding!!

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Annette and her family as the official but seriously un professional Wedding photographer at her eldest daughters wedding.  Remember I had this job a few months back, for the younger daughter.  Spending a day with this family is always fun, having known Annette since we were babies, and her hubby since high school days, I pretty much know all the relatives.  This makes the takings of photos so much easier, and not a bridezilla in sight, just like last time.  Another bunch of beautiful relaxed happy fun people to hang out with for a day.

I wore my new favourite colour BLUE with my skull leggings and my freshly painted PINK shoes, which started to crack by the evening.  Guess I will be re coating them or re doing them, but hell they looked great!! TOF took this photo, and asked if I would bring him home a doggy bag from the Wedding??  SURE??  He is such a nut, but I did bring him home a small bag of Russian fudge as they were on the dinner tables for us all, and a Wedding cup cake which was part of the wedding cake.  He was more than happy!!

This is the beautiful bride Nicola on the left and her equally beautiful younger sister Ashlee that was her maid of honor.  With gorgeous young women like these how can you not get good photos??!!

The ceremony was in the Camellia Garden at the Hamilton Gardens which is an all time favourite place of mine in my city to be in.  The bride wore green and  looked so fabulous, the girls wore black and looked stunning.  The dudes were in very cool black suits, with green ties.  I feel very honored to have been asked to be part of another special day for  one of the nicest young couples I know.  They have two small sons that were very much part of this momentous occasion, that both rocked the hell out of being part of the wedding party in their mini black suits, very very cute!!

I had a brilliant time!!

Today has been a non event after yesterday and I have done not much and I still feel totally knackered.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and spent some of your time with people you enjoy being with, laughed a lot or a little, but most of all made some memories!!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

My life is not all Black and White...

...I have grey areas!!

Ok so I think I have thrashed the life out of colour one liners this week!

Friday is my most favourite day of the week
that starts with an F!

Before I headed out for the morning I selected some flowers from the garden and made a Tussie Mussie.  Not only do they look adorable they smell divine.  Fragrant flowers are the best, and my garden is full of fragrance.

I decided  on wearing Black and White today, with lots of spots, some stripes, and a dash of Orange.  The Arthritis collectors were out today and how convenient, the flower was Orange!!  Matchy matchy much! A worthy cause to support and as I have arthritis in my hands it made perfect sense to make a donation. I was heading to my friend Megan, to have morning tea and another catch up, but I got slightly side tracked at the Salvo store not far from her house.

A small selection of goodies was awaiting my purchase.

The teapot and mugs are Mexican and only $5 for the lot.  Such a cool shaped teapot and very hand made, and rustic.  A cupid key ring, a tiny Flamingo, rolls of braid, and the coolest wooden Indian pot stand.  Well I guess that is what it is, I don't really care, I just love the colours.

How true is the little heart sign I found for $2.

With a couple of hours pleasantly spent chatting and laughing with my friend I came home and mucked around outside in the garden, as I do.  

I had to cover my newly planted gardens with netting so I could let the girls out in the back yard.  They would have loved to get in amongst the salad garden,  but not on my watch!!

I constructed a delicious sandwich using vogels bread,
avocado, feta, lettuce, chicken, and piccalilli
for my lunch.

You should have heard the bitching from these two
when I took this photo!!
 I think this is called
Man Scaping!

I painted some grey shoes tonight,
you like the colour??

I haven't worn these for a while and felt they needed
some serious pimping.
They may well get an outing tomorrow as I am off to a Wedding,
just hope the weather is nice for the lovely couple.

It's after midnight here and I should call it a night.
These two are super comfortable!

***Happy Weekend***

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello Sunshine, why so Blue!

Nothing beats waking up to a sunny morning, 
except a day that continues to stay sunny.
Spring is good.
I am so an in between seasons kinda gal!!

When I got home from work
Tex and I hung out together in the sunny
spots in the garden
with the flowers and the birds!

Perfect day to wear layers of Cobalt Blue
which I think is my
favourite colour at the moment.

 Worn with Orange and some multi coloured accessories.

 I love the colours in my jacket.
The fabric is also very soft and floaty
a silk blend according to the label.

I am so loving my Lavender.
I have a small hedge of it growing.
Mrs Wickham 

Yes Tex
I know you are still there
that you are bloody gorgeous!

I had a look in the op shops in Hamilton East
and found this beautiful sheet
piece of fabric, yes fabric
because I have stopped buying sheets
I found another delightfully
colourful necklace.

Then I met my two lovely cousins
Annette and Jan
at this cool pub called The Cook
where we had dinner
and a few drinks.
It is opposite a park with a boundary
of huge old trees.

Always good to catch up with my girls!

Good advice!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tickled Pink but never Green with envy!

Yesterday after work I did my usual call in to a couple of my favourite op shops in town.

In the Hospice Shop I found this gorgeous hand painted wooden egg, all the way from Poland.  I love hand painted things and this is really beautiful.  The monkeys I suspect are Ivory, quite small and quite delicate.  Who doesn't love the monkeys and their wisdom, Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil!  The wooden mask is actually a key ring but I am planning on it being used in a necklace of joyous colour that I am going to make.

With Summer inching closer to us by the day, lots of delightfully summery clothes are starting to make their way into the oppies.  These two I got from the Salvo in town and the gorgeous length of braid came from the Red Cross shop.  I got a couple of books that were written for teenage girls to read, and yes I know I am no longer a teenage, but every adult woman has a teenage girl still inside her somewhere, even if only in her mind.  I am reading the first in the series at the moment called "Angus, thongs and full frontal snogging", and it's quite entertaining.  All the titles are pretty classic, like "It's ok, I'm wearing really big knickers".  Nothing like some light hearted entertaining reading when I have just finished a 1000+ pages book!!

It would be safe to say I was pretty much tickled Pink with my finds of the day.  Oh look I match the flowers!!  Hurrah!!  And I must have pruned my Rose correctly (thanks Julie for your pruning advise) because it is flourishing.

Remember how TOF had his water blaster out on the weekend, well huge thumbs up to him because the concrete between the house and the garage where my pots of colour live is looking mighty fine indeed.

I think TOF deserves a wee round of applause
feel free to join in!!

Summer Frocks.
$5 each from various places today.

I love this Green jacket, some people may be Green with envy over it as it truely is gorgeous.    Funny how colours are associated with emotions, I think of Green as how you feel when you are sick!  I don't do envy, such a waste of emotion, likewise is jealousy.

My take on What colours equal:

Red  = love, lust, danger;  Black = death, darkness or just plain slimming; Yellow = happy; Purple = passion; White = pureness and light but not for me, white is a magnet for stains; Lilac and Pale Pink = calmness; Green = envy, freshness, but if you look green you are most likely about to puke.

You all by now know how I LOVE COLOUR, bold and bright, or pastel, but colour it must be, and all the colours of the rainbow at once if I can.  Throw in some spots and I am ridiculously happy.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Look what the wind blew in.....

..... a baby bird.

The most adorable
brightly coloured,
super adorable,
one of a kind,
fresh from the kiln
clay bird.

I think I will call him
Ted for short.

Weighing in at a very healthy

Thanks Dawn he is
Perfect for my back yard.

With his garden orientation complete
Ted has settled into a
sheltered spot
on the stairs to the deck.

Visitors are welcome.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

I'm still here.......

.....somehow the week passed me by and today it is Sunday!

But on Tuesday....

....after work I poked my nose in a few op shops,
found some books.  
Roald Dahl is awesome,
and the M.I.L.K books are so nice.

More fabulous finds for the warmer seasons that are trying to arrive.

Then on Wednesday I woke up with
a nasty arse headache so rung work and went back to my bed.
 It had buggered off by the middle of the day

 ...I went and picked up my Wind Wops!
A friend of mine asked
"wop do they do?" 
to which I replied
"they wop about in the wind"

Thursday was just Work and then home, a quiet afternoon with Jak watching things we had recorded on the TV.  Highlight of the day was grocery shopping! No not really I do jest!!  The highlight was the scrumdiddleumpshish wraps we made for our dinner!!

Friday arrived and I went to work
to make up for having Wednesday off.
On my way home I...

..had to post some mail
and the post box was super handy to one of 
the Salvo stores.
Look what I found!!!

 After lunch I drove out to Dawns
and got to meet this very friendly sheep.

And my girls were ready to bring home!

Holy crap cakes Batman
next thing it was

Election day in NZ and for the first time our entire little family of four could vote, both lads old enough and both did their thing and voted.  The weather basically was shite for the day and so was tv that night!


An entire day spent doing things with water.
Water blasting concrete
and washing cars
in the RAIN!!

 Little Wax Eyes were enjoying the berries
in between the showers of rain.

 The clay girls got staked and put in the garden out the front.

 Rain makes everything looks so clean.

 Droplets never got a chance to dry.

 Fairies are out in the back garden.

 Thanks to Mother Nature watering the Salad Garden
it is totally thriving!

 More Tulips
but pretty as Pink this time.
Waterlogged Freesias,
bending under the weight of all the rain.

My afternoon nap was interrupted
by a wet nose.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.

My beautiful Hamilton City in all her glory!