Monday, 24 December 2018

Week 51/52 - We are almost DONE!!!

OMG last week was sooooooo busy.  The last week at work for the year is always like that, it is the big push to get work finished and invoiced, holidays pays sorted, accounts paid, etc.  I went in every morning to focus on one thing each day so by Friday we had it all in the bag!!!

There was still time for other things like:

Taking advantage of some free tickets to go to the Trees at the Meteor.  I have been going to this each December now for I would say about 5 years.  This year Alex came with me.  We both voted for the tree on the right, a Dali inspired one.

I quite like this large one covered in Pop Corn!!  Had cute little ceramic bird houses and crocheted doilies on it, and inside were some Elves.

A sneaky little Op Shop visit, which resulted in this small but fabulous finds.  The chair is ADORABLE!!!  The table cloth is too cute, and the egg cup, well, fun!

Of course time got spent in the Garden.  

Even at night when all things RED look fantastic!!

Day or night my sidekick is always on hand or is that paw?

On Friday I got a text at work from the ladies at my favourite Op Shop, Orphans Aid in Frankton to tell me I had WON there raffle, so this is my being SURPRISED!!  Huge haul of goodies.

Friday night TOF and I went to check out the decorated houses in a suburb called Harrowfield.  We parked and walked around the streets checking out the houses covered in festive lights.

As well as lights there are inflatable things, I think Santa on the right looks a little flat.

How lovely do white twinkling lights in trees look.

Saturday I picked up my friend Pam and we went out to Woodlands, in Gordonton. First we had a coffee and some very delicious cake @ the lovely cafe outside.  So many baby sparrows were hanging around waiting for crumbs.  We then wandered over to Woodlands Homestead as it was decorated for Christmas.

Pam had never been so that made it really good.

I am inspired by the shelf made from an old wrought iron headboard in the childrens room.  There was complimentary sparkling Cranberry and shortbread down stairs which we tried.

Then it was off outside to wander the gorgeous garden.

 The Hydrangeas were spectacular!!!

Well the entire garden is!

On our way back to Hamilton we stopped off at The Manderine Tree a Gallery in Gordonton.  I purchased the Christmas star for our tree.

Also the small pottery Chicken which is now Gnomes, and he has claimed the little chair.

Of course no trip out that way is complete without calling in to Wairere Nursery!! My lovely boss gave me a cash Christmas bonus so I had a wee spend on some gorgeous plants for my garden.

Not a bad selection of colourful things to join the garden.

And then with a wander around the private gardens.

It was TOFs 60th Birthday yesterday so our little family plus his sister, brother in law and his mother met up at our local for lunch.  Then friends joined us for the afternoon for a few beers and games of pool, and plenty of good banter!!

The presents are under the tree.

Even Reindeer Sheba is ready.

 Christmas advice!

So how ever you celebrate this time of the year, be safe, be happy and stay well.  Happy Festive Season to you all!!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Week 50/52 -A week full of colour from beginning to end.

At the start of the week I found myself going for an unexpected drive.  Only in the way that I thought I was going to one place and ended up going to another.  I had purchased some large jars off Trade Me and the seller stated that pick up was in Cambridge, not that far from Hamilton.  Then it turned out they actually were not in Cambridge but further out of town in Karapiro.  A pleasant drive so not that big of a deal for me.

I am still picking , saving and drying things from the garden, mainly petals and they don't take long to dry once I put them in the hot water cupboard.

They look so lovely in  of one the large jars I got.  The ones from my Trade Me drive.  I think it will end up as Potpourri, which I have no idea how to make, but a google visit should sort that out.

Later that same day I took another drive, this time out to Raglan for a spot of Christmas and Birthday shopping.  With a birthday in December and another one in January I like to get those gifts sorted before the Christmas stuff. Also I am trying to buy local, handmade, eco etc this year.

Of course no trip out to the beach is had without a stop out at Manu Bay and it was such a gorgeous day to be seaside.

There was a handful of guys out surfing and the waves were smashing into the rocks. I had all those rocks to myself too.

I headed back into Raglan as I needed a 'comfort stop'.  I also had a strong desire to paddle in the ocean.  So very glad to have been able to dip my toes into the cool sea and walk on that wet sand, oh and enjoy all the flowering Pohutakawa Trees.

 Stunning and very welcome sight.

Back in the garden a Blackbird took advantage of the bird baths new position and splashed around for ages, not bothered one bit at me watching and taking photos.

On sunny days Big is outside but when it rains he slinks in doors to find the ultimate sleeping place.

We had a week of lovely mornings and stormy afternoons.  Warm, then wet and wild.  So much thunder and lightening.  The garden is enjoying anything thrown at it weather wise.
Praying Mantis are everywhere so I guess they are all hatching.

If you are looking for Toebee, most days you will find him in this old basket on the dining table.

I have Straw Flowers about to burst open,
something else I can pick,
hang and dry.

So many things have appeared in the garden with all the rain.  I love Lupine and totally enjoying the huge Red Holly Hock that has shot up.

At the end of the week I had an appointment with a very talented Tattooist.  I took photos in the garden that morning to give him ideas as he was going to be free hand drawing and tattooing my arm. I had the utmost faith that he would do good as I have seen him working on Max's girlfriends tattoos. It was her cancelled appointment that I swooped on, so only having to wait 5 weeks not the 10-12 months as he is so busy.

So do you want to check it out?

He drew on my arm first,
then did very fine outlines,
then added colour.
All in 3 hours.

I am so stoked with how it all came together but I am super happy with the little Hammer, that is for my dad as he was a builder, now he is with me always.

The week ended for me enjoying dinner in the country last night.

It was Sue W's husbands birthday so we all took something out to theirs for dinner.  It was a lovely evening of good food and company topped off with a beautifully colourful sky.