Thursday, 29 January 2015

Make a wish, or two.

Yesterday I got a parcel in the post, exciting stuff getting parcels, even if it something I have bought off trade me.  But the excitement is still the same.

The most gorgeous aqua coloured coat with the most amazing detailing.

I have one in black as well.  The first time I saw one of these fabulous coats was in a shop at Waihi Beach called Lotus Lane that was full of imported things from Bali.  These were retailing in the hundreds of dollars, no where near my price bracket.  The shop is long gone and I have never seen these for sale anywhere else, so when I found the black one on Trade Me last year I knew it was mine.  Then this one appeared!!  I think two will be enough, unless the most divine colour tempts me.  You all know I am weak!

TOF arrived home on Tuesday night and he produced what he likes to call 'Gifts' from the motel he was staying in. I know he spoils me madly with soaps and shampoos!!  Changed the Duvet cover in our room, which Oscar gave the thumbs up to.

If you had one tiny little wish
what would it be?

Or a handful, would you share?

All my wishes landed on darling Tex!!
I wish he could live forever.

 Today tho' I would wish for Rain.
The entire Waikato and most of our little Country
is in dire need of some.

Oscar is probably wishing I would put him down.

I got some very cool solar lights for out the front, they change colours and let of a lovely soft glow on the path to our front door.  I am very tempted to go back and get some more.

Today I frocked up as we were destined for 29* so I had to be cool.  I love this frock as the skirt is full and the fabric is cotton.

I even put my hair up and wore a bit of make up.  All this for supermarket shopping!!

My bracelet I got from Glamour in Whangamata, today I had the Clark Island photo, so the beach was with me all day!!

The girls gathered by the gate this morning getting impatient waiting for their breakfast while I was faffing about photographing myself in my spotty frock.  They didn't half make a fuss!!

I bought this book through the Book Depository website, such reasonable prices and postage was free.  Don't you just love the fox scarf?  I might just have to give that a go in Winter.

A Raccoon skin hat, Panda mittens, and Hedgehog slippers are just a few of the things you can knit.

Then there are some hilarious things for the house!

Now for some words of wisdom:


Monday, 26 January 2015

Togs that fit and summer crops

Today was a Public Holiday
so staying in bed
to read the paper with a cuppa was what I did.

Of course I was not alone!!

I wore Purple.

In a Spiders web was a Spiders snack.

Tex was busy patrolling the front yard.

My Creepers are climbing up the frames, in fact one of them is heading for the sky.  The plan is to train them to creep along the top of the swing seat frame, it's gonna look super pretty.

Spikes with a don't f*%# with me attitude!

Just look at all that food nearly ready to be devoured.

Daisies on the ever so dry as lawn,
still manage to look beautiful.

 The last of the Strawberries.

New Lemons are starting to grow while the old ones are hanging in there.  Must be time to bake with Lemons, make some Lemon curd, and juice some to be frozen in ice cubes for Winter.

Climbing Lily. Something from my Grandmothers garden that pops up once a year and reminds me of her.

Mmmmm pretty things and colours.

The gate is open but Autumn insists on her climbing act to get back into the Chicken coop.  She is my free spirit because she lets herself out every morning.

 Can you see all the tiny bugs crawling on my lovely plant?

They fit
they are fabulous.

I think I would like a sign like this, except you can have a swim when you kill some time.  Or just chill out on the swing seat, but whatever you do it will be very relaxing.

Nothing beats the feeling of the sun on your back
when you get out of the pool.

My apologies to all you Northerners experiencing the opposite!!
Your turn will come, 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Oh the joy of a long weekend

This weekend is Anniversary Weekend in our part of the country.  Which for anyone working means Monday off work on full pay - and no one says 'no thanks' to a day off work on full pay.  The weather is still nothing short of gorgeous so great deal of people will have headed to a beach for three days. 


Yesterday I was home alone (bliss) with my animals lovelies for my company and it was deliriously grand.  I was in my happy place.

 We set up camp on the swing seat.

 An awful lot of relaxing took place.

 We listened to the gentle tinkling
of the Bali brolly bells.

 Even the pole is pretty.

Life in the slow lane is addictive, so if you visit me you will form a bad habit of doing sweet fanny adams very fast.  I am a bad influence on being 'Lazy'.  Even lunch was a lazy affair of snacks.  I read a lot, napped occasionally, and generally had a divine time outside.

The forecast for the rest of the weekend is pretty much along the same theme.  Today we are supposed to hit 29 degrees so outside under the big trees really will be the best place.  I even have new togs, (that should fit less like a wetsuit, I'm not sure as they arrived in the post yesterday and I still haven't tried them on but they are bigger than the pink ones)  so I feel a swim could well be on the cards!!

I think I will continue
to learn
more about
enjoying doing zilch
and stick
with my wisdom of
letting go of the housework!!

PS:  We upgraded from McD's on Friday and went for Kentucky Fired Road Kill, well you never really know if it is chicken do you.  I stuck to a Burger, and washed it down with a cold beer!!  So no McShits.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Selling stuff and some SuesDay Sushi

With no income of my own at the moment yesterday I decided to flog a few things off on Trade Me, a kiwi version of Ebay.  I rather enjoyed taking the photos and setting the scene.  I figure it helps to sell your stuff and sometimes a bit of humorous banter gets the punters hooked.

Some of my things on offer.

 Folding table, folding chairs, and my Indian Brolly
all individually for sale,
put them together as a display.

Everything except the cushions and blanket to be sold.

That's right,
all up for grabs!!

My lowly paid but much loved assistant went missing, I discovered him chilling out under the trees in one of the gardens.  Such a cool spot for such a cute model.

Today being Friday turned into a Frock-up Friday for me and a SuesDay. 
Which meant that other Sue was in town!!

We did the rounds of a few of our favourite places finding all sorts of things.  Confession time, the cat broach and Massage thing I actually got the other day at Habitat.  I have been using the Massager on my bloody foot, and it is helping reduce the pain.  That 2 month to 2 year diagnosis is slipping into the later.  I cannot be arsed going to physio ever week so will massage it myself.

We bought ourselves some Sushi and went to the Lake to devour it.  Only had my wee handbag camera so you really can't see the wicked pink water lilies as good as I would like you to see them. Might have to go back with my bigger camera.

We were joined by just about every local duck, swan, goose and pukeko, one cheeky duck even jumped up onto our picnic table, but got the bums rush by Sue W!!

 Sues times two!!!

We visited the new Antiques and Curios shop around the corner from my place, it is full with lovey things.

More little purchase from today.

 Ahhh back home to the coolness of the garden,
the swings seat,
and a cuppa, we were parched!!

 Cheers Big Ears!!

I scored this necklace and bracelet today for $4 at Hospice, the bracelet is slightly too small, so it could be remade into earrings,  or not.  But the necklace is lovely, filigree, not sure if it is silver or if it is even old, but it is very pretty.

Sheba in and out of the pool,
what a wonderful way for her to cool down.

The spare was in the pool and looked after Oscar
who isn't as flash at swimming
as Sheba.

TOF is away for the weekend with work, back on Tuesday.  The Spare and I have debated what we will have for our dinner.  He is taking me to McDonalds, I know, talk about spoil me.  I wonder if I will get to have a play in the playground?  One thing for sure is I more than likely will suffer from the McShits later on tonight.

Toodles all,
have a jolly weekend!!!!