Friday, 24 April 2020

Lockdown Life

Well hello all, after a month of being on Level 4 and self isolating at home with just TOF and the pets, I am pleased to say we are both well and still talking.  Imagine being stuck with someone you didn't get on with!!  Anyway stuck at home is not really what it has been for me, HOME is my happy place so not a big ask, and I can still go for walks so all has been great really.

On sunshine filled days lunch has been outside under the sun umbrella and I am never alone.

I have been out walking but most times Sheba comes with me.  I can still walk the Riverbank path but so many people are doing the same thing. It seems like everyone, their dog and their bike is down on the River making the 2m social distancing not any easy task.

So walking the empty streets in my neighbourhood have become my norm.

TOF and I have also been using the park across the road from our house as an escape from being indoors.  Funnily enough most times we go over it is empty, perfect when you have a couple of dogs, especially Sheba who always finds a stick to be thrown for her.

Of course there are pretty things in my garden to keep my happiness levels in tact.  As we gently slip into Autumn and then onto Winter my garden will slowly but surely put itself to sleep.  So I shall enjoy the joyful colours while they are around.

I have had a couple of sponge painting projects which have filled in a little bit of time. I like everyone else have also been sorting crap collections into three piles, keep, dump and donate. This too has kept me entertained.

I have been able to put my newly painted desk to good use with office work from home and my study.  Next week with a bit of luck I will be able to put in a few hours at work as we go to Level 3 instead of doing it at home and my study is going to be online, so classes return.

I have also been enjoying reading, this was book 2, I have just started my 5th book today.  My crochet from last year has been reintroduced to me and we are moving along nicely. I am patiently waiting for Spotlight to open so I can get some more yarn so I can complete this project.

One day while out collecting mail from my Works Post Office Box I took a drive around our very quiet central City and discovered Art down alleyways that normally would have cars parked in front of them.

This one was so beautiful, very local with my favourite Fairfield Bridge, Monarch Butterflies, and Native Birds and trees. I would say a commisioned piece.

But this Lockdown art on a residents property fence was nothing short of amazing.  I love how people were inspired enough to do something like this for anyone passing by their house to enjoy.

Anyway, from me to you, I hope you are well, happy and safe during this worldwide pandemic.  All I hope is that we all learn from this experience.  I would love to see people kinder, more compassionate to their fellow man, less materialistic and generally more humbled by the experience.


Nancy J said...

Sue, so good to know you and TOF are all OK. OK down here, but confined to our small section is a bit trying at times, we can walk the streets, Hugh goes out on his mobility scooter, we have had, since 17th March, one outing for our flu jabs, a friend does the groceries, and have now upgraded to a " Click and Collect" at first it was nigh impossible to get a. time slot or a delivery. But things must have levelled out, as this week and next was so easy. Hope the felines, chookies are OK, and can see the dogs are still enjoying walks.

Serenata said...

Wow, some amazing art for sure! So glad you are both well and able to get out for walks, even if not quite like you'd like to go.

Joanne in Massachusetts said...

So glad to read how things are for you. I've missed your posts enormously.
Being in the northern hemisphere, spring is underway for many. In my area it is still thinking about arriving.

Polyester Princess said...

I'm glad to hear that staying at home is no hardship for you. My home and garden are my happy place as well, so it's no hardship for me either. Like you, we've had the most glorious sunny days, although of course it's Spring here, and not Autumn. I've been enjoying your daily happy pictures on Instagram, but it's nice to have a round-up here on your blog. It's good that you're still able to enjoy local walks, too. That resident's property fence is heartwarming! xxx

Sparka said...

Sue, what a breath of fresh air, so glad you are back ( I have been checking all year) love reading your blog as I am fairly local can relate to the place#, weather etc. hope you can carry on, best wishes.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue so great to see you again. Ive missed you, I hope that you will continue to blog, You look well, glad to see that you are all ok. Love when you do outfit shots, please do some more

Hidden Magnolias said...

Good to hear from you and glad things are going well. Love the outside murals you posted. People can be so creative! Please keep blogging and know yuo h=do have a fan base out here!