Thursday, 12 January 2012

Angels in the sun.

Back when I was just a wee slip of a girl, on sunny days my sisters and I would lay on the back lawn and make animals or other things out of clouds.  We would pick daisies and make chains to go in our hair, and we would make amusing shadows on the ground.
Well now that I am an mature woman, laying on the grass was not an option as it was still damp and I simply cannot go out today with wet grass stuck to me so making up stuff out of the clouds was out.  Also couldn't make any daisy chains as the lawn has been mowed and no daisies to play with.  Bugger it all I thought!!!  But I did manage a shadow, an impressive one at that.  Yes I know amazing as it is, I am an ANGEL!!!!


Helga! said...

SO mature! (snigger!)
I love lying int he grass,when it doesn't make me itch!!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Okay, two things......Mature and angel! Tui Ad coming up!! lmao hahah!