Thursday, 16 February 2012

TOFs Toms and other stuff....

Remember the battle TOF was having with the bloody sparrows and his tomatoes??  Well he had quite the crop in the end, and we now have enough tomatoes to supply the entire neighborhood but TOF had plans!!

That is the first tray he harvested, he googled till his hearts content the other day and now is picking them earlier and ripening them on the kitchen window sill.  I have been informed that these are "beef stake".  To me they are big, red/orange and taste delish!!

Anyone that knows TOF knows that he is a dab hand in the kitchen!!  He made tomato relish last night!!

This stuff has a kick due to the chillies, onions and garlic in it, but awfully nice on cheese and crackers.

Enough about TOF.  I was supposed to achieve greatness today at home.  Well I have ticked only 2 things off my to do list and then I went out for a haircut and to get me some eyebrows.  Mine are ridiculously absent because I am fair headed.  So my gorgeous hairdresser Deb does some dyeing and some waxing and abra-cadabra-alla-cazam, I now have eyebrows.  A must when going to ones nieces wedding!!!   Sorry no photos of the new eyebrows, even I take a day or two to get used to them.  

Anyway, I told you yesterday that I had a wee spend so here are the purchases.

Introducing "Big Ears".  He is actually a key ring thingy but I am a sucker for CUTE!!  Hand made from string and stuff.

Two more bright coloured necklaces.  I now have four of these!!!  I ain't religious at all just like the style.  You can wear a couple at a time.

Got my hat last winter, love the Paua kind of colour that it is.  But for some Zingage I now can add my pink felt flower.

Could have worn this this morning, we had "FOG"!!  In February??

Showing you my other 2 cross necklaces, pre haircut and eyebrows!!

And last but not least one of my favourite plants in my garden, my Hydrangea!!  Don't you just love the colour. 

SuesDay tomorrow!!!

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Helga! said...

O,MG!!!! I adore tomatoes,my fave food in the universe!! And tom relish??!! Dying and going to heaven!!! YUM! AND with chilli?!Jaysus!
Pretty necklaces,sweets!! I was born blonde,but oddly always had dark eyebrows!Lucky,I guess!
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I really haven't had any shitty comments EVER!If you allow anyone,then any dickhead can comment,and then the gutless,nameless peeps out there might have a go,but they can't when they have to name themselves and invariably don't!