Monday, 19 March 2012

singing in the rain.....

...not me, I went shopping!!!!  A wet day didn't put me off, no sirree!! 

My good shopping buddy Sue Webber came in today to inspect my newly tidied up sewing/girls only room.  And she gave it the thumbs up!!!  I whipped up some scones with feta and basil pesto in them and we gnawed on them while we chatted and drank tea.  Civilized or what??  We were joined by the flatmates, her son Michael and Jordan, my Max was at work.  But we turfed them out so we could deal to some shopping.  They both declined the offer to join us.

Firstly we went to Habitat where I dropped off a boot load of stuff due to my sort out.  We managed to go in and get a bag of things each to go back in my car.

I get  glossy magazines for 50c there, because I balk at the idea of paying $10-50 for them when they are new.  Once I have had my fill I take them back so they can sell them again.  Works for me!!  Also got these black and grey striped footless tights that are going to be super duper with boots and stuff in winter.  Which I think will be here sooner rather than later.

Found this rather gorgeous top there as well, it is a Diedier Parikin which I think is quite pricey new.  Also got a long black peasant style skirt with an under lay of tulle to go with it.

From there we headed back out into the rain and went to The Base a huge shopping area not far from mine.   I was on a mission to get boring crap like vacuum cleaner bags and laundry powder, so once mission was accomplished we went over to Farmers.  Sue had been there on the weekend so we went to the back corner where the "Big Girls" gear hides that was on sale.  Funny how the "Big Girls" stuff is always in the back corner.  I guess shops think that if its at the front us "Big Girls" might block the door or something.

I discovered to my joy a dress I had tried on in the so called Summer, but wasn't prepared to pay what they want, was in the sale.  Originally $90, such a joke, but today, it was $10.  Trixie wanted to try it on, but being a skinny bint she  doesn't really show it off too well.  With my buxomness to fill it out it is great.  A blaze of colour and really floaty fabric.  I reckon I could chuck a black Merino and some boots on and wear this in winter!!

I also found some very cool leggings, black and white stripe one leg and black with white spots on the other.  Couldn't leave them behind!!

That's them!  (the leggings)

Upstairs in the home ware section they always have a cheap as chips table.  What do you think of my watering can??  Down from $20, like who would pay that, to $3!!  Then the best score was my paint tin sized tin with 8 coffee mugs in it down from $60 to $10.  We have such a mish mash of coffee mugs so the newbies are in and the oldies can go to the boys in the flat.

After that we decided it was time to hit home for a hot drink.  Another pleasant afternoon SuesDaying in good company.  I hung the curtain over the door like I said I would, and I must say I am pretty chuffed.

♥  Hope you all enjoyed your Monday  ♥


Misfits Vintage said...

That long bright floaty frock looks gorgeous - can't wait to see you in it - and HOLY GUACAMOLE stripey/spotty tights YES PLEASE!!! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Loving that Tibetan curtain! It looks gorgeous.
Those stripy tights are groovy, baby and your floaty dress and hippy cardi are going to look fabulous. xxx

Clara Turbay said...

Refreshing ideas i find here.

Anonymous said...

You always find the best stuff. Can't wait to see what you show us next.

Ulla-Marie said...

What a lovely dress on a beutiful lady!