Friday, 23 March 2012

who's flatemates and more bargins!!...

...lucky I love these boys as much as my own!! (Max's flatmates not mine) Started with a text from Michael asking what time his mother (Sue W) was coming into town today.  I said she wasn't.  Next text, oh thought she might want to take me and her brown son (Jordan) out for lunch.  My reply, be at mine at 12 and I will make toasted sammies.  Last text, YES!!

Our brown son fell asleep after I had fed him, just like a baby really.  He had done a night shift so all is forgiven.

And the other one, well he just reclined in the lazy boy and watched Geordie Shore!!!

I left them too it as I had things to do, places to be, and people to see.  Well I had plans put it that way and this way I didn't have to lock up the house because they work well as cheap security!!

So what did I get today???  Well lets see shall we???

I am in love with this Mohair cape!!  I got another one last winter but the colours really aren't me and it is shorter, so it may have to go onto Trade Me.  This one is like brand new so I didn't mind paying $20 for it.  I also got a Mohair blanket which you will see in the pic below for $5 and a pair of Quiksilver Jeans for TOF for $10.  All of these were from Looksmart.
Sitting on the blanket is my best score from the church gala that was on tonight just down the road from us.  The Swanndri hat for TOF that was only $2.  He wore it home eating a snag in bread with onions!!  
The black lace top socks I got from a retail shop on sale for $4-95 so got two pairs.  The three pairs of tights came from Shanton or Shit-on as Sue W calls it!!

Also from Shanton was this gorgeous rust brown poncho sort of thing.  I saw it the other day and loved it but didn't get it, so  today I caved in and bought it.

I went to a place that sells off Books and things, like a wholesale place and got us a new NZ road map book and Ken Rings weather book.  Both were a good price and TOF is studying the weather one as I blog!!
I got these two tea towels last week from the salvo, I have washed them and now need to iron them, something I don't do alot of!! Me and my iron don't click!!  The only time I use my ironing board is when Oscar needs to be groomed.  The ironing board is the perfect height to have him stand on.  I am going to hang these on the wall in my sewing room.  They are quite bright and beautiful.

I was watching some wicked as Retro sunnies on trade me last week with a starting bid of only $5.  I posted them on Helga Von Trollop face book page and ended up bidding and winning them for the $5. She was too slow!!!  Arsebiscuit was the word she used when she didn't bid in time, but as luck would have it for her, they will be heading her way next week with some other treats.  Trixie had to try them on before they go.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another weekend round here and it is my Max's 19th birthday.  We got him a new phone for his birthday that he has already been using so I guess it is a box of Waikato for him tomorrow.

♥ Enjoy your weekend where ever you may be ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Oh that son of mine is such a charmer!! Sigh! I call it ShAton btw!! ;-D hahaha

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh look at your naughty boy flipping the bird! I do love a bit of cheek. Also LOVE that Warhol sheep tea towel - it's FABULOUS!! Sarah xxx

Sue said...

Shaton shiton so close!!

Vix said...

Love the Warhol-esque sheep tea towel and the cape (well I would, it's identical to mine!) Those specs are fantastic and that naughty boy of Sue's is very cheeky. x

Heather Jean said...

That cape is amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, you find the best stuff. I love the sheep tea towel.