Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Belated gift....

...well tonight, one week after my BIG day I got given another present.  This is from my sons and my eldest sons flatmates and a couple of groupies that hang out at their house.  Sue W note the art work from your son!!

Teenagers huh!!!

Today I did my first full day at my new part time job in the coolest shop in Hamilton, Remains to be Scene.  I shall see if I can get a couple of photos to share with you all.  Talk about a dream job, I get to play, I mean work in a Vintage/Retro/Recycled clothing and anything else shop.  Getting paid do be some where I have always loved is probably the best part.  Even tho' the weather was total shite today we still had plenty of eager beavers coming in to buy gorgeous things.  Who can blame them!!

♥  Hope you are all happy and healthy where ever you are ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

If my son thinks that that is a true representation he needs to see a doctor!

Vix said...

Sue's comment made me laugh! That's a brilliant card, cheeky buggers! x