Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tiara day and a bit of crafting

Darling Sarah my favourite Misfit announced it to be Tiara day on Friday.  Of course one had to don ones Tiara even if it was a mini one.  Last night while wearing my Tiara I had a strong desire to be crafty!!  Living in a household that is male dominated which means SPORTS on TV on a Friday, I disappeared off into my bedroom.  Armed with wooden beads in a range of colours, cords, and my pottery discs I had made I got creative.  I put the TV on in my bedroom and watched, well listened to the new season of "The Voice" Australia.  I am  a lot like my dearly departed dad in the way that like him when I make something I don't usually make only one!!  Here's the proof.
I am pretty stoked with the end result too.  I am keeping 3 of the pottery ones, already given the red and white heart one to a friend that visited me today, and the necklace I made with the Buddha is so being kept.  And I still have more to make if I want to.  May take the spares into work on Monday and try and sell them or put them on Trade Me.  Speaking of which, I listed a couple of Crown Lynn pieces today that I picked up for only $1 each, featuring Disney characters, with in a few minutes the first bid was on.   Ching ching!!

Forgot to tell you that the book fair was brilliant, but I only came home with two books, at $3 each.  One is on English Heritage from the Air, and it is amazing, loads of fabulous old castle ruins and such stuff.  The other one "How to be a gardener, secrets of success" by Alan Titchmarsh.  I have watched a TV series by this man and loved it so why not I thought.  At $3 a book it would be very easy to be reckless but I did have limited funds, and I am more than happy with what I came home with.  There is another book fair later on in the year so maybe I will tuck some $$$s away for it.

Hope you all are enjoying a pleasant weekend.  We have RAIN and lots of it so it will be indoor activities for me tomorrow!!

* Toodles *


Vix said...

Those necklaces are absolutely stunning, especially the Buddha! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

I absolutely LOVE those fab necklaces especially the one with the pendant (what is it??? I'm too blind - we need a CLOSE UP please!


And jam.

Sarah xxx