Saturday, 27 April 2013

Where was I?

I was all over the place, that's where I was!!
One place I was at was on Wednesday I did some helping at the SPCA Op Shop.  One of the lovely ladies lives in the country and had brought in a bucket full of freshly picked field Mushrooms!!  I knew TOF would be beyond excitement if I took some home and HE WAS!! Mushrooms on toast for his dinner if I remember correctly.  So many that I gave some away and froze some. Even got given some butter nut crunch lettuce plants that have been planted out with the silver beet and beetroot plants I went and bought.  I grow the silver beet mainly for my girlies as a thank you for all the lovely eggs they give me. They also helped in the garden after I had pulled out the last of my old beetroot plants by way of rotary hoeing for me only as a good chicken can do!!
I do love all my girls!!

My mate Oscar has been keeping me company today while I have been photographing more things to go on trade me.  I have furniture and clothing to list today so I best hop to and get it done.

Enjoy your weekend and keep happy and well.


This post unfortunately has been edited so smaller than originally due to a request to have pictures removed.

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Vix said...

I love your chickens, they are beauties. I had no idea you could freeze mushrooms.
That scenery is spectacular and the picture of the little lad helping his dad is just lovely.