Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Middle of the week

Today was one of those beautiful days where the sun shone and tried it's very best to make the day warm.  But it was competing with a very cold wind and quite frankly it lost, unless you found a sheltered spot!!  I quite like the middle day of the week as it is a full day off for me in between going to work and a day where I can do whatever takes my fancy!!  I fancied catching up with an old friend who has got married and added to her family since I last caught up with her.  Therefore I thought it was about time to play catch up.

Tash was a young teacher when I first met her and I was her teacher aid.  We had a good rapport in and out of school and have always kept in touch over the years.  Now many years later she is the mother of two very beautiful children.  We had a lovely catch up, ate home made piklets and of course I took photos.  I even managed to get some cuttings from her garden that are now sitting in water awaiting the growth of some roots.

This afternoon Sue W and I headed out for a drive out of Hamilton to visit The Lily Pad cafe and Garden Art Studio where my potter friend has an exhibition.  There was a sign that said NO PHOTOS so alas I cannot share how lovely this place is but if you click here you hopefully will get to have a look at what we saw.  It was such a nice afternoon to wander about the garden art outside, check out the gallery and then nip in doors for a hot drink in front of a roaring fire.  Well ok maybe not a real roaring fire, a gas heater that looked like one, but it was so comfy that it was hard to leave.  Of course when we headed back into town we managed to squeeze in an op shop before it closed.
I found this dear little  cross stitched cushion for $2 and a Happy Hen (Portabello) for a mere 50 cents to add to my collection.  I love Happy Hens and if I ever get to the South Island I will be visiting the place where they are made.  The plants are my clippings doing the best to grow roots, and the necklace I got on Monday and I wore it today.  I had a similar necklace when I was young so pretty tickled to have one again.  The little doll even has legs under her skirt!!
So what did I wear today? Well THIS!!!

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