Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It was all about the birds this afternoon

Today was nothing short on being gloriarse!!!  After a minus 2* start to the day, it evolved into one of those clear blue sky, sunshine, with a dash of icey breeze on the side types!! Bloody gorgeous!! I went to work for a couple of hours this morning, visited a couple of op shops and came home full of good intentions.  Good intentions slipped by un noticed and my camera came out to play.  I let the girls out to roam free in the garden out the back, and we had the company of sparrows, wax eyes, and blackbirds, all feeding off the last of the berries on the Idesia trees.

Blackbird feasting on the Idesia Tree berries.

My furry children enjoying the weather.

Winter colour.

More Winter colour.

The girls

Cheeky chicken heading up onto the deck!!
Sparrows perching in trees and on fences.

Sunbathing Tex!

Ladybird meeting on a lemon, hint of moon, and the cutest ever wax eye bird.

Neenish Tarts made by TOF on the weekend and thankfully they are all gone!!  And Daisies that grow where ever they dam well please.

Hospice had half price clothes today so I bagged a few bargins.

Dragonfly earrings for a friend, the cutest ever night light, and gorgeous shoes that arrived in the post today due to me winning the auction for them on trade me.
TOF is away with work this week so it is just me and Jak at home.  Tonight I made us a bacon, egg, silver beet, mushroom, tomato and cheese pie in filo pastry for dinner.  It was so yum!! Enough for lunch tomorrow.  We have been planning our meals for the rest of the week and thinking Pannines with chicken, brie, and cranberry jelly for tomorrow night.

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Vix said...

Glorious photos, your winter is a whole lot more colourful than ours!
Those shoes are gorgeous! x