Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another coat day, where has the good weather gone to?

Today was another dull grey day with a bite to it, and I am not liking it at all!! Upside I guess is my coat had another outing round town.  I had things to do today so while out and about doing them I went on a spot of op shopping.

At Habitat someone had got creative with the soft toys!  
And the window at Hospice is looking good.

I found a set of very gorgeous cushions for my outdoor chairs at $3 each, lighthouse to hang in a tree, old patterns, and a nice pair of Effegie shoes.

Today under my coat I wore black leggings with my purple boots, black slip dress with coloufulr tunic on top, double necklaces; a purple crucifix and Ganesha on a string of long wooden beads.  I found a couple of pieces of clothing for myself but they are in the wash so I shall share them when I wear them.  I also found a table lamp that I am going to recover the shade, so that is in my project box.

Last night the sky was ink blue and spectacular!
With naked winter trees,
a full moon and stars hiding,
behind stormy clouds.

I blow you all a kiss good night, 
but don't tell anyone,
it's a secret!


Helga! said...

Oo, loving those cushions!!
Bahahhaa, that's exactly what I like to do with any stuffed animals I come across! Or I punch them. As a child I was obsessed, but nowadays they make me feel aggro!!!
I so love that coat on you, it's total panache! Great patterns and perfect shoes for trolling about lots of oppies! They look like leather, too!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Great scores.. Love those cushions.. Op shops are going OFF right now!!

Love that coat. Cold alright!!!!

Vix said...

Love the cushions and I'm dying over that trouser suit pattern, what great scores! x