Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

A lovely friend of mine lives in  a gorgeous old house and every time I drive past her place on my way to my office job I think to myself how much I would like to take photos of her garden.  Today on my no work day I decided I would do exactly that but unfortunately she was at her work so I took photos from outside her property.  Isn't it lovely??

The Wisteria was looking particularly pretty this morning, it rambles along the front fence either side of a rustic old gate.

I love old houses, they appeal to me much more than a perfect brand new home with a manicured garden.  Old homes that have stories with rambling gardens that surprise you each season with previous owners planting.  I will be back to Anne's house to take photos inside as she has a natural talent for decorating the interior and I know her back yard is beckoning me to photograph it.  Her and her husband own a Scrap Metal business so I went there to visit and ended up taking a wander about the yard with my camera. Excitement plus!!

Lovely old Grills, I even found Brum!!  But somehow I managed to delete some of my photos, guess that means I have to go back!!

There are loads of amazing old things outside in the yard, hanging on walls, and tucked on shelves.

 I looooove the old phone, we had one when growing up and I like old tea caddies too.

Rusty old things that have survived for years, oh how I could fill my garden with these.

Of course on my way home from visiting I managed to call in on a few favourite haunts.  Another Pig, vintage sheets, fabulous dress, Spotty Skirt, and brand new shoes.  I would like to take the time to Thank all the people that have been Spring Cleaning!!  Especially those that have been busy hiffing out things that I like!!

I found this folder of gorgeous old slides,  taken from an Art Gallery of Historical Art work from the grand masters.  I shall have to dig out my slide view finder for a closer look.

The huge pot I found the other day but the clay pipes I got today for $2 each, all will be getting a make over via planting later this week.  Dawn my potter friend gave me a pottery Fairy Door so it is now at the base of one of my huge Idesia tress out back.  Of course when the sun made an appearance, guess who turned up!!

It is rather windy today and the girls are getting blown about down the back, makes them move faster!!  My lawn is covered in Daisies, so it would be down right rude to cut them off with my hand mower.  The can hang out together for a few more days.

I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my post yesterday.  It was very nice indeed to know someone liked my story, and it is true, could be slightly different to TOFs version of events, but it is true!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

OMFG! And where is this place full of treasure??? Love your friends garden too :D

Vix said...

What a gorgeous house. I do have a thing for architectural ironmongery and Jon adores bits of cars so we'd live there in a heartbeat!
Inspired use of downpipes and that fairy door is beautiful...I want one! x

Sandra said...

your friends garden is gorgeous! my dream garden where my rabbits don't eat everything has lots of interesting finds and now a fairy door and daisies, perfect! I love your fancy floral frock and great finds too! and Dr Seuss, he is the best! x x

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh where is this magical place! LOVE the garden and the bits n pieces and I will pay you handsomely to steal that red phone for me pleeeeeease!!!

I obviously missed something special yesterday so I'm off to catch up...

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

Nice score on the shoes, they're fabularse! Spotty skirts are always a YES,and I love the pink floral sheet!! XXX

Serenata said...

The wisteria across that wonderful front gate is absolutely stunning, what a beautiful place indeed!

Great photos of the scrap metal - so many treasures that with imagination have so many possibilities.