Saturday, 11 January 2014

Whangamata you are still beautiful

Yesterday I drove to one my favourite places, Whangamata.  I stopped off in Paeroa to visit a couple of Op shops and check out the amazing Antique shops that are on offer.

I met up with a friend and 3 of her mates that were on their way to Tirua another lovely spot on the Coromandel.  My next stop was Waihi where I went to 4 op shops and had a quick visit to a friend who owns a gorgeous shoe shop in the main street.

The jacket/top was half price so only $2!!  Vintage lace $2, necklaces $3 each and the pearls are pop beads, and the bow hair slides were 50c each.  Pretty happy with my baby haul of goodies.

I arrived at my friends beach house in Whangamata, unpacked and left a message on the fridge door.

After our dinner, one of my bacon, egg and vegetable filo pies, we went for a walk along the beach toward the harbor and wharf.  There are Aggies growing in the sand dunes!  Dotterals protecting their nest, and friends photo bombing my scenic shots!!

Seagulls soaring in the evening sky and everything was looking pretty darn fabulous in the early evening  even with a low tide.

As the sun slipped away we bumped into some old neighbours from our childhood who were walking/carrying these two tiny little dogs.  Then another blast from the past was a guy Leonie and I went to high school with who stood on his toe nails to look as tall as the girls.

It was a lovely evening and I had an amazing sleep.  I warned them I snore and apparently I DID!!  Maybe I should go stay up at my sisters house where the guest room is the opposite end of the house.  I hate to think I kept them awake, dilemma.  Anyway I am off down town to visit my sister at work, and then meeting my friends on the beach for lunch.  I find an entire day on the beach is not for me anymore so I said I shall meet these sun worshiping sand loving beauties around the middle part of the day.


Sandra said...

Whangamata you are amazing! and so are you woman! it sounds and looks like a perfect break, the tricycle is fab and the shops are brilliant - I snore too and grind my teeth, it's like constant drill noise apparently ha! but I sleep so well! have a fab weekend! x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Have you actually heard yourself snore? if not then you can deny everything. Hubby tried that excuse on me ... but then I videoed him ... surprisingly he hasn't denied it since ;0)

Helga! said...

How bloody splendid!!
I've only managed to get to the Coramandel once, and feck me, it's everything marvellous! I so need to go again, but I always seem to be going elsewhere. You're so blessed to have it closer.
Snoring isn't very lady like, darling!!!! I tend to snort, and frequently drool. Not a good look!