Friday, 11 April 2014

A good reason not to take the by pass.

My favourite F word is ?
Yep today is Friday and it is moving into the later stages of the day here.

After I had finished at work today I needed to go to a smallish town called Ngaruawahia, about a 10 minute at the maximum drive north of Hamilton.  You say it like nah-roo-are-wha-he-are, just so you know. It is a Maori word and I always remember how to spell it by saying the following rhyme, 'nine girls are running under a bridge and here I am', the only way for me to remember and I learned this as a child.  Anyway why did I need to go to this place? 

To collect the black dress on the left that I had purchased off trade me.  I haven't been to Ngaruawahia for some time and now that there is a motorway that by passes it the chances are reduced.  Glad I did today tho as I discovered one of those old fashioned cash only cheap as chips op shops.  A little on the whiffy side today but manageable.  I came out the door with a bag of braid, lace, bobbles and the massive amount of fringing.

Further down the road was this shop with a rather inviting name!  A community shop with good labeled second hand ladies only clothing run by volunteers.  Prices from $5 to $20.  Oh look I found SHOES!!!  And a skirt that looks like crap on the hanger, so use your imagination please.  Both things were wrapped in bright orange tissue paper then put into a paper carry bag.  Nice, but not really required.  Worth going back to check these little shops out on another day with more cash as neither had EFTPOS.

Back in town I called in at Habitat (hello Karon) as I had bid and won an auction for the three brooches that they had listed on trade me, I got them for $7, all quite beautiful and will be worn together in a 'scrum' as our darling Helga refers to such a thing.  So while I was there I had a look around and found a long bright cardigan and a velvet jacket.  Both useful for my winter layering that I will be doing when it is COLD ENOUGH!  I have a bad feeling that when Winter finally finds her way here to us in the southern hemisphere, she is going to deal to us big time.  Hope it snows!!  We don't get snow in Hamilton so that would be grand.

Found this today and had to share it,

another one of those true stories!!

I hope you all have plans to enjoy your weekend when it turns up.  I shall be going to a rugby game tomorrow as my youngest is playing and much to his annoyance I shall take my CAMERA!!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'll come next time to Nah roo ah wah he are :D Love the brooches.

Angels have Red Hair said...

It's such good fun to annoy your children with your camera … have a lovely weekend.

peaches mcginty said...

Ahh I do like annoying the kids! makes me chuckle! your shoe collection is epic, you find the most divine shoes ever and another great haul - it's a great scrum of brooches, they are addictive! and I love the puppy, I think I'm like that over the weekend! have a great one!x x x

Vix said...

Cheers for the pronunciation tip, Helga sent me a vintage NZ scarf years ago and I love reading out the place names on it.
Most of our shops have a card facility but the mad look of panic on the volunteers faces is enough just to bring cash! xxx