Wednesday, 9 April 2014

There is always enough time in the day for an op shop visit

One of the spin offs from working only part time is being able to slide on in to the odd op shop on my way home from work.  Over the last few days this exactly what has been happening.

I found the little lemon coloured frosted vase the other day which goes perfectly with my pink frosted one.  These are so cute and perfect for sweet peas and the likes.  The tin is Dutch and quite cute, add that to all the other tins I have - they are always handy for stashing little things in.  i am a container kind of girl.

I found this old blanket, the colours in it haven't photographed that well, but it is in pastel shades.  Isn't the Label cool, good old kiwi blankie here!!  I would like to have a go at making a coat this winter using various blankets and lining it with a vintage sheet.  There is a very clever lady out at Raglan that designs and makes fabulous blanket coats, my inspiration. You can check her stuff out here

Gorgeous little petrol blue vinyl bag, below is a  cool old bin, the cartoon leggings arrived via a trade me purchase today, small saucer/plate an op shop lady gave me, and a set of floral sheets.

My pile of lovely sheets is growing by the day!!
Oh and this is a new book I purchased out at Raglan on Monday.

Some of what is inside the book.
Might have to print and hang some in my
area at work!!

I normally work tomorrow but the bosses are off to a work related show on Friday so asked if I could swap days to man the office for them.  Why not I say!!  So tomorrow I have the day off, I have plenty of things to keep me off the streets and out of trouble.

Hope your week is cruising along gently for you all.


pastcaring said...

Yep, my week is cruising along in good style, thanks!
Look at all your sheets! I have sheet envy now... The leggings are cool, and I love finding old wool blankets too, the labels are always a joy. xxx

peaches mcginty said...

Look at those leggings!! they are flaming brilliant! and the Princess blanket, how adorable is that! the book quotes are perfect 'medicated and motivated' is hilarious - have fun tomorrow! x x x

Fiona said...

That's a great sheet stash. Hmmm, Schimmelpennincks ring a bell....I think I used to flog them on the duty free trolley when I was a hostie.

Francesca Edesia said...

Wow, you have a lot of sheets! We don't have any vintage shops here, but we have lots of shops full of Sicilian souvenirs:)

Goody said...

Oh gawd, I just used the term, "Rat's ass" on my blog and thinking no one outside of Boston has ever heard the term...and here it is! Love it. I had an elderly neighbor that used to say that, and I'd just die trying to hold in the laughter.

Those may be the best leggings...ever. Yeah, I think they probably are. What a score.

Angels have Red Hair said...

I love the idea of your blanket coat ... get onto that straight away ... I expect to see it in a blog post by next week ;0)