Thursday, 29 May 2014

More boots, yes I have more......

...oh yeah there are still more boots to come!!

Groovy little ankle boots with Koru's on the front.
Worn with an overload of colour
and a Pearl brooch!!

Oh yeah
Colour overload!!

My backyard is looking all
Brown and Green.
No Colour
Except for Me!!

Ha Ha!!!

take that wrinkles
you have been


Leeanne said...

That's the best spot of colour ever!

Serenata said...

I have definite boot envy seeing your various different boots! This pair looks really comfy and you are wonderfully colourful and bright and cheery looking!

peaches mcginty said...

Your footwear is the stuff of dreams, it is! and your outfits too, I love this and your super awesome tights/leggings, you are the most perfect spot of colour ever! x x x

pastcaring said...

Beautifully colourful, and fab swirly boots! xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Love those boots with a view!

What a good idea to consider one's wardrobe as a bit of living color in a drab winter landscape -- you, plus the birds.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Umm ... I know we've already done the shoe thing ... but just how many pairs of boots do you have??? These ones are gorgeous and fun ... as is your bright colourful outfit.

Shawna McComber said...

I love the boots! I love the whole outfit of course! I really want to find some colourful leggings but never seem to see any in the shops here. I might have to try online!
Sue 1/ Wrinkles 0

Goody said...

What a pretty brooch. It really stands out against the purple/blue of the jacket.

Oh gosh, the photoshopping wrinkles gave me a good laugh. I'd probably crash photoshop if I tried it on my face.